30+ Free Messy Bun Hat Patterns


30+ Free Messy Bun Hat Patterns

On the hunt for a free crochet messy bun hat? This page has crochet ponytail hat patterns for every style!


30 Free Messy Bun Hat Patterns

Bun hats, also known as ponytail hats and "messy" bun hats, have cropped up seemingly out of nowhere, and now you can't browse through crochet patterns (or knitting!) without coming across one of these unique hats with an extra hole for your hair.

With this ponytail hat collection, we've gathered up all of the most popular, awesome, and free crochet messy bun hat patterns.

All pictured and a few clicks away in one easy-to-find spot. Scroll down so that you can see what all the fuss is about!

Messy bun hats are very similar to normal crochet beanie patterns, but there's a hole at the top of the hat for you to pull your ponytail or your bun through.

Wearing a creative and specific hat like those in this collection is perfect for those days when you maybe forgot to shower but need to run errands (no judgment).

Or, perhaps you want to keep your hair up but want to keep your head warm. Whatever your reason, you won't want to go back to a normal hat once you have one of these in your closet. This way you can still wear your hair up and out of your face underneath a warm and cozy winter crochet hat!

These ponytail hat patterns are easy to work up and come in all colors and yarn weights, from worsted weight up through super bulky. Not to mention the various stitches and styles you will find below.

Take a look around this page, find your next favorite messy bun beanie or hat and join in the craze. 

PLUS! Want to watch a video tutorial for your very own crochet bun hat? Check out the video tutorial for our Quick and Easy Messy Bun Hat right below!

Free Crochet Messy Bun Hat Patterns (Solid)

These solid-colored crochet bun hat patterns are worked up in primarily one color, though can sometimes feature a small accent color here and there. These designs are best if you want to have a solid staple for the winter in either a winter white or soft neutral shade, or choose your own favorite color for any of these patterns.

These simple messy bun beanies and bun hats will be your go-to winter staple, from the Messy Crochet Bun Hat that features delicate buttons to the Block Stitch Bun Hat, which features a simple repeating stitch pattern to get you wearing your new crochet hat as quickly as possible.  

Puff Stitch Messy Bun Hat Crochet Pattern

A little extra bulk and texture is always nice, and this design makes it so easy to incorporate!

Easy Peasy Messy Bun Crochet Hat Pattern

No more fretting bad hair days when you have this easy messy bun crochet pattern at the ready!

Gina Messy Bun Hat

Adding some texture to your work, like in this messy bun hat, is a good way to add some easy elegance to your work. 

Big Button Messy Bun Beanie

Sometimes all that's missing from your finished piece is that one big accent piece - try adding a big button!

Seashore Messy Bun Hat

Try this enticing design made with simple shells throughout. 

Messy Bun Puff Stitch Beanie

Puff stitches add to the flexibility of this crochet ponytail hat. 

Classy Ear Warmer "Messy Bun" Pattern

A neutral and simple stitch pattern let the elegance of the design shine through on this one. 

Bad Hair Day Messy Bun Ear Flap Hat

This messy bun hat includes ear flaps to be that much warmer than your average bun hat. 

Cabled Messy Bun Hat

Try your hand at some cabling with this messy bun hat project.

Chunky Leia Bun Hat

This crochet ponytail hat is just right for the sci-fi fans!

Kip's Bun Hat

This ponytail hat features puff stitches and a ribbed row to ensure it fits perfectly. 

Simplicity Crochet Bun Hat

The beauty is in this ponytail hat's simplicity - use your favorite color and see for yourself!

Messy Crochet Bun Hat

For some extra flair, try a design that incorporates some buttons, like this messy crochet bun hat. 

Block Stitch Bun Hat

Try out a new stitch with this ponytail hat - and work in a little colorwork practice, too!

Ribbed Messy Bun Hat

To ensure the best fit, make your entire bun hat ribbed, like in this design!

Crochet Messy Bun Hat with Shell Stitches

This features some more open and airy stitches for a more decorative look. 

Unique Marshmallow Messy Bun Hat

Tired of the same old ponytail beanies? Learn how to 3D crochet with this unique messy bun hat.

Norwalk Pony Tail Key Hole Hat

How about one with a brim and a lower ponytail hole? Plus, you can make the brim as tight as you want with the button placement.

Super Bulky Oversized Messy Bun Hat

This thick and cute crochet ponytail or bun hat is oversized without being slouchy.

Dashing Messy Bun Hat

No frills or special stitches needed here - just the basics in a solid color of your choosing. 

Beehive Messy Bun Hat

This quick bun hat that works up in less than an hour. Made with super bulky yarn, it'll keep you warm and trendy.

Quick and Easy Messy Bun Hat

Did you watch the video above? You can use a variegated yarn in a simple stitch for a cool self-striping effect!

Free Ponytail Hat Crochet Patterns (Multi-Colored)

Whether you work with multiple skeins of yarn in different colors or with a nicely variegated skein of yarn, multi-colored crochet ponytail hats (aka messy bun hats) will definitely stand out in the crowd and wow anyone who sees it.

Let the yarn do all the yarn in terms of color changes with the Simple Textured Messy Bun Hat, or work with multiples colors and put your color joining skills to the test with the Linen Stitch Messy Bun Hat. Mix and match your favorite colors or stick with some coordinating neutrals for a unique winter look.

Em's Messy Bun Hat

Add comfort and style to your outfit with this cozy ponytail hat! Pair with jeans and your favorite casual sweater for a classic "cool girl" look.

Peek-a-boo Messy Bun Beanie

Brighten up your winter wardrobe with this lovely messy bun hat. The lavender hues are as beautiful as the northern lights!

Easy Crochet Messy Bun Hat

When the name says it all, it's just nice and easy to work up, and using a variegated yarn, you can easily show off multiple colors. 

Snow Drops Messy Bun Hat

The combination of calming variegated yarn and the attractive star stitch make this crochet ponytail hat a must-crochet hat for anyone! 

Simple Textured Messy Bun Hat

Using simple post stitches, you can easily create a textured work of art, just like this ponytail hat. 

Easy Crochet Messy Bun Hat Pattern

An easy design made with a multi-variegated skein. 

Be Mine Messy Bun Hat

This design is almost slouchy giving it a cozier feel - the ribbing certainly helps!

Linen Stitch Messy Bun Hat

Use the linen stitch to make this simple design

Pick Your Pony Crochet Bun Hat

Most ponytail hats require you put your hair up exactly so - not this design! Choose where your ponytail is with this bun hat.

Bibbity Bobbity 3-in-1 Messy Bun Hat

This bottom-up design features three possible finished looks, so how it ends up is up to you!

Snowflakes Messy Bun Hat

Add some colorwork snowflakes to your ponytail hat crochet pattern by following this design. 

Simple Double Crochet Messy Bun Hat

Using two colors and a simple construction, this piece just can't be beat. 

Twisted Messy Bun Hat

If you have a lot of hair, then this is the trendy hat for you! Not only is it stylish and unique but there is little extra space for the ladies’ hair mass that laughs at the typical elastic hair tie.

Alison Messy Bun Beanie Crochet Pattern

This messy beanie is full of texture. This easy crochet hat is worked flat and joined at the end. It's perfect whether it is your first hat or you want something that works up quickly.

Messy Bun/Sun Hat

Show your patriotic side with this messy bun hat that also offers some sun protection with its wavy brim.

Jellybun Crochet Hat

Alternate triple crochet and single crochet stitches to create this effortlessly stripey design. 

Let Your Buns Hang Out

The bold geometric pattern definitely stands out from the rest of the hats you see - and it's not that tricky to do! Click and see for yourself.

Bun Up Crochet Ponytail Hat

What do you get when you combine shell stitches and some colorwork? Well, an option is this ponytail hat - give this intermediate pattern a try!

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I noticed that this collection is divided into Messy Bun and Ponytail hats. Im a little confused because just looking at them, I cant really find any distinction other than what the designer chooses to call them. Some of the patterns in this handy collection are new to me, while others are old friends. Kudos to the editors for archiving these patterns.

I dont think you should give a bad rating based on this not being your style. The rating should be based on how well the item is presented and whether the patterns are clear and easy to read, all the needed supplies are listed, and there are pictures or illustrations to support the project. One of the commenters is being unfair to the designer.

these are so pretty

love these! so cute ) thanks for the chance

I would say they are out of fashion with the young people.

Thank you for the great blog. I would like to thank you for giving us this chance to win the giveaway today.

these would be awesome for all kind of presents during fall winter and spring great to make for missionaries that are in the cold areas of the country .A great project to do. It would be awesome to win to be able to do this great mission project. Thank you for the giveaway . God bless you.

I would like to win.

I think as long as its cold and windy, people will wear them!!

I think the bun hats are still hot but with the warmer weather coming we may not see them as much for a while. I think once winter comes again they will be just as hot as before.

LOVE these hats! I've had so many ppl ask me if I could make them one!

the hats all have special things about them and would be great for anyone that wears winter hats

Made them for my girls, they are great. With a lighter yarn they'd be great for fall or spring. A must for those days when your on the run

this is all the raves this year can be for girls and boys .God bless

Very popular this year. I made at least 30 of them. And while I thought the teenagers would go wild over them, I had more orders from women over 40. If not for the mild winter here in Ohio, I think I could have sold more. Still some left and will make a few more for the upcoming fall craft show season.

I made a messy bun hat as a birthday gift and posted it Since then have done about 20 more. Love doing them and from the expressions in the photos know they are well liked.

wear a ponytail every single day and I live in Michigan, so when I have to go outside when it's cold, I wear ear muffs because hats don't work with my pony. I absolutely love this, it's perfect for me! 3

I do think these Bun Hat Patterns are still very popular. My best friend and her daughters love theirs and now my daughter wants me to make her one too! These would have been perfect for our latest weekend in the snow )

Yes I think these Bun Hat Patterns would still be popular. When you Have your hair in a bun and do not want it messed up by a regular hat. These bun hats work perfect for that. I give it 5 stars.

Nice ! I know a few friends and family members that can use them !

thank you for the giveaway. I would make these for my daughter and the girls at church to wear with there ponytails and when they were a bun . I think they are great could make in so many colors . God bless you .

These patterns are still sizzling hot....perfect for walking or running in cold weather for us long, haired gals!

I would make them as wear my hair in a bun or ponytail and so do my daughters and daughter-in-law. They may not be as popular as they once were but for us they are more practical than trying to get our hair stuffed under other hats.

I think these will always be popular-easy to work up-nice ear warmers too!

I wouldn't make one. Definitely not my style.

I dont think you should give a bad rating based on this not being your style. The rating should be based on how well the item is presented and whether the patterns are clear and easy to read, all the needed supplies are listed, and there are pictures or illustrations to support the project. You are being unfair.

These are ok, but not my style.

this is definitely on my to do list!

Haven't made any and don't plan to. I lost my hair to chemo and haven't been able to grow it thick enough for a bun or even pony tail...so why bother making a holey hat?

I not sure about the look. If that is what everyone wants I would make them.

This is the first time I have seen these! SO AWESOME! I can't wait to make them for the long haired women in my life!

I have made many but I think they have died out in popularity. I still love to make them though!!!

I have not made one of these yet but plan to do so for a couple of my nieces at Christmas time.

I love these! So cute! I've made 2 for my daughter and will be starting one for each of my 3 nieces.

The bun/ponytail hats are still in. I made my own pattern and sent the hat to my future granddaughter-in-law as a Christmas gift and she loves it. I wish she would send me a picture of herself wearing it! I finished the top off fancy with a shell stitch.

They are wonderful and much appreciated by those with long hair.

This is the messy bun hat I made - I love them and love looking for new styles!

They're a novelty type of thing, so I think these hats will not be the hot style next winter. They're cut for kids, but even with my long hair I didn't make one for myself.

These really aren't selling for me anymore.

I am so behind the times. I haven't seen these before. LOL

After being inundated with these patterns for months (everyone's got a version!! Or five...) I am sooooo over the messy bun hat. Definitely time for a new trend....or not. I am not a sheep!!!

Even though my hair is short I've made over 45 hats since December. Most of them were messy bun hats.

I've made 2 different ones. Next time they get to pick something so I'm not stuck with the unwanted hats. I have short hair so they're not for me. A good idea for those with long hair.

I will happily crochet one for my daughter or granddaughter but for me???I must grow out my hair )

I am LOVING all of these Messy Bun Hats! So many choices, the hardest part is figuring out which one to make first.

I love them and make them, wear them. I have lots of hair to hang out.

Have you noticed that Ponytail Hats are trending just now? My granddaughter has long hair and would love this style. It's also good over your ears for wintry weather. Looks like I'll be making some just in time for Christmas. Is there a little girl in your life who would love this hat?

making for two nieces i think... they are adult sizes... so some extra rows for sure and increases... but they love handmade hats! :D

Grand daughters with long hair will absolutely love this one.


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