Crocheting for Charity (What to Know in 2024)


Crocheting for Charity (What to Know in 2024)

Crochet for cancer patients, newborns, veterans, and others in need. This guide on crochet for charity will help you give more.

Crocheting for Charity 2023

Crocheting for charity is a thoughtful way to use your skills as a crafter. Giving the extra projects you work up to people in need is one of the best ways to show you care. 

Since many crocheters love to continuously crochet, there's a lot of crochet items that end up sitting around without a home.

Give your beautiful handmade projects to someone who will appreciate the thought and love that goes into your work, use up your yarn stash, and declutter your space as well.

One of the benefits of crochet charity items is that most are quick and simple to make, and don't use up too much yarn. So, even if you don't have a surplus of yarn or time, you can still give to those in need with the limited supplies and time you have.

This guide is going to walk you through what you need to know about giving in 2024. What type of crochet pieces are needed, the types and names of organizations, where to donate specific crochet creations, and the crochet community favorites.

At the end of this article, we're also sharing a list of popular crochet projects perfect for donating. These fit the specifications and needs of many organizations.

P.S. Many of these charities also accept knit, sewn, and monetary donations as well so this is not limited to the crochet community. Anyone can give!

Popular Crochet Items for Donating

No matter what type of project you love to crochet, you'll have your choice of crochet projects to choose from for charity. Though some organizations ask for very specific items, many will take anything. Or they're looking for the same type of project but will accept any style or size you want to send.

That makes it much easier to donate and to help those in need with the skills and materials you already have. Below, we're sharing the most common types of crochet patterns that organizations are looking for. This should help you narrow down what you want to make and for which organization you'll need to send your finished pieces.

  1. Hats
    1. Baby hats
    2. Preemie hats
    3. Chemo caps
  2. Blankets
    1. Lapghans
    2. Plarn sleeping mats
    3. Baby blankets
    4. Fullsize blankets
    5. Granny squares (for blankets)
  3. Shawls/Scarves
    1. Prayer shawls
    2. Chemo shawls
    3. Winter scarves (baby/child/adult)
  4. Clothing
    1. Preemie/newborn/baby clothing
    2. Children's clothing
    3. Burial outfits
    4. Winter clothing
    5. Baby booties/socks
  5. Pet Items
    1. Beds/blankets
    2. Toys
    3. Sweaters
  6. Baby Items (in addition to previously listed projects)
    1. Bibs
    2. Toys
    3. Layette sets (complete set of clothing, bedding, and toilet articles)
  7. Yarn/Crochet Supplies
    1. Skeins/balls/hanks of yarn
    2. Scrap yarn (or homemade t-shirt yarn or plastic yarn)
    3. Crochet hooks
    4. Accessories/notions (scissors, stitch markers, rulers, etc)

Popular Organizations for Donating

As far as the types of organizations accepting donations, there are quite a few. You might be interested in a national, larger organization or a local group that focuses on your community. A quick Google search will help you find what you're looking for either way. The list below can help narrow down your search as well as far as types of places that are nearly always in need of donations.

For recognized organizations and groups, check out the next section. Putting in the name if you know it will help you find the website of the organization. Using "national" will bring up those larger, well-known causes.

Searching "near me" will help you find places around you (if you have your location set). Putting in your state, county, or city in the search will do the same.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Nursing homes
  3. Homeless shelters
  4. Cancer centers
  5. Animal shelters
  6. Hospice care centers
  7. Churches
  8. Veteran centers
We also asked our AllFreeCrochet Facebook Community which charities they liked to donate to. We received a myriad of responses, from local chapters of their favorite charity to recognizable organizations. Be sure to take a look at their replies to gain insight on where to go.

Image shows the Cancer Support Motifs Lap Blanket.

National Crochet Charities

If you're looking for popular, accredited charity organizations and groups, then you'll find several options below. Obviously, there are thousands of charities so this list does not include them all. However, when it comes to the crochet world, there is a handful that involves the most common for donating. Below, you will learn about those.

These either have a specific charitable purpose or are basic enough that they could be made by and for anyone. We are also including beginner crochet patterns in the section at the end of this article for some of these charities so that even the newest crocheter can make a crochet hat or crochet blanket for the charity of their choice.

Check out our complete list of crochet charities to find other organizations you can donate to at any time. All you have to do is open your heart and start moving those hooks to crochet for charity.

The Crochet Guild of America also has a huge list of charities that accept crochet donations. Read through their Crochet for Charity list here.

Project Linus

Project Linus accepts homemade blankets of all kinds. They donate these blankets to children in need for many reasons such as poverty, serious illness, trauma, etc. Their mission is to give people a sense of hope, security, and comfort when they just can't seem to find that anywhere else.

Love in the Language of Yarn

'LILY' sews together squares sent in from all over the world to give to people that had to flee to refugee camps. These camps are not exactly comfortable or homey, so quilt, knit, and crochet blankets help show both children and adults that they are not forgotten.

Compassionate Creations

If you know someone who has been affected by assault and/or abuse, then Compassionate Creations might be the charity you want to crochet for. They accept crochet scarf donations as a way to support those survivors who are fearful and vulnerable to help get them through rough times.

Guardian Angel Animal Rescue

Even animals need all the help that we can give them. Guardian Angel is a no-kill rescue group of volunteers that always appreciates donations of pet toys, blankets, etc. They take animals off of the streets and out of dangerous situations to make sure they are in a loving and safe environment.

Halos of Hope

Halos of Hope focuses on those battling cancer and needing support by providing chemo caps and hats to hospitals all over. All of the hats that they donate are handmade so crocheting one is ideal!

Knitted Knockers

Their mission is to connect volunteer knitters and crocheters with breast cancer survivors to offer free Knitted Knockers to any woman who wants them. There is a huge demand for Knitted Knockers that can't be met by any one group but together we can do it! 

Images shows Free Crochet Knocker Pattern.

Warm Up America

Warm Up America distributes warm crochet afghans, crochet hats and knit caps and other items to tens of thousands of people. This fabulous organization started in 1991 and has been going strong ever since.

Knots of Love

Crochet a pattern for a great cause. Knots of Love is a fabulous charity that helps out kids and adults of all ages. Their mission is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing traumatic hair loss, no matter the cause. 

Warriors for Hope

In an effort to bring cancer patients, survivors, and their family and friends together and bring a little inspiration and hope, this charity was born. Warriors for Hope was founded with the purpose of creating a safe, inspirational space for cancer patients and their families to tell their stories and has since grown into a project of love and kindness.

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude forges strong bonds between Americans and Military & First Responders through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements. Their care packages often include crochet items that will help those in need.

Loose Ends

When a crafter dies mid-project, or is no longer able to do handwork due to disability or illness, they will likely have unfinished items they were making for friends and family. These tangible, handmade expressions of love could get lost, donated away, or thrown out. Loose Ends matches unfinished projects to volunteer finishers who complete and return the garments, blankets, & accessories, to their loved ones.

Where to Donate Yarn

If you're looking for places to donate your extra yarn (or crochet supplies), then check out:

  1. Angels for God
  2. Binky Patrol
  3. Bow Dazzling
  4. Charitable Crafters
  5. Crochet Friends Charity
  6. Ellie's Angels
  7. Newborns in Need
  8. Pine Lodge Pre-Release Facility
  9. Prayer Shawl Ministry
  10. Project Hope Afghan
  11. Sewing for Babies
  12. Support Virginia Tech Comfort Shawl Initiative
  13. Teeny Tiny Treasures
  14. The Pink Slipper Project
  15. Warm Hearts-Warm Babies
  16. Webb-Babies 

Where to Donate Crocheted Baby Blankets

If you are looking to donate baby blankets, afghans, or throws, then you will want to look up the following organizations:

  1. 1000 Stitches
  2. Afghans for Angels
  3. Bundles of Love
  4. Crochet for Comfort
  5. Heart to Heart
  6. Keep Babies Warm
  7. Miracles Happen
  8. Project Hope Afghan
  9. Sewing for Babies
  10. Snugs Hugs for Kids
  11. Warm Fuzzies of Love
  12. Warm Hearts-Warm Babies
  13. Warm Up America
  14. Welcome Baby!

Images shows It's a School Night Child's Blanket.

Where to Donate Lap Blankets

Lap blankets are essential for people who are ill, unable to walk easily, or bed-bound. To find charities in need of these smaller afghans, take a look at these:

  1. 1000 Stitches
  2. Afghans for Angels
  3. American Angels Heroghans
  4. Aubrey’s Angels
  5. Bundles of Love
  6. Caris Healthcare
  7. Crafting From the Heart
  8. Ellie's Angels
  9. Happy Hats (Lids for Kids) & Lapghans
  10. Parent to Parent
  11. Prayer Shawl Ministry
  12. Warm Fuzzies of Love

Where to Donate Preemie Hats

Preemie or baby hats are needed for newborns because it helps prevent extreme exposure to the air and to keep them warm and cozy. Help them heal and grow in comfort by donating to any of the following:

  1. Bundles of Love
  2. Caps for Kids
  3. Charitable Crafters
  4. CLICK for Babies
  5. Cozy Cuddles for Kids
  6. Crochet for Comfort
  7. Crochet Friends Charity
  8. Knots of Love
  9. Loving Stitches for Preemies & Newborns
  10. Newborns in Need
  11. Parent to Parent
  12. People That Care Center
  13. Teeny Tiny Treasures
  14. Touching Little Lives

Images shows Little Textures Newborn Beanies.

Where to Donate Chemo Caps

Chemo caps help those having to undergo chemotherapy for cancer stay warm and comfortable. These cancer hats also add to their confidence during this difficult time. Find charities collecting them here:

  1. Aubrey’s Angels
  2. Crochet Friends Charity
  3. Halos of Hope
  4. Hat Box Foundation
  5. Head Huggers
  6. Warm Fuzzies of Love

Free Crochet for Charity Patterns

We challenge you to use your talent for the greater good. It's easy to get caught up in our own lives and only do things that benefit us or those close to us. Instead, we have included a collection of crochet patterns solely for the purpose of being donated to a crochet charity.

These blanket patterns are perfect for Project Linus or other organizations that need afghans and throws! Help show that kindness by working up one or multiple crochet blanket patterns right below.

  1. Charity Pocket Lapghan (pictured below!)
  2. Double Diamond Baby Blanket
  3. Neutral Plaid Blanket
  4. Reversible Baby Shell Blanket
  5. Polka Dot Baby Blanket
  6. Daydream Summer Blanket
  7. Plarn Sleeping Mat (or use this free pattern from Ravelry)
  8. Reversible Unisex Afghan

Charity Pocket Lapghan

All of the patterns below are beginner scarves that work up quickly and easily so that you can make multiples in no time. Great for Compassionate Creations or other groups in need of scarves.

  1. Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf (pictured below!)
  2. Universal Infinity Scarf
  3. Soho Bulky Cowl
  4. Purple Maureen Scarf
  5. Love You For Infinity Scarf
  6. Beginner's One Hour Cowl
  7. Easy Peasy Winter Scarf
  8. Classic Crochet Cowl

Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf

These easy crochet hat patterns are perfect for working up a few and shipping a box to one of the many charities accepting hats, such as Halos of Hope. It's easy to send as many as you can assemble to the chapter closest to you. You can make a crochet hat for a child or an adult, since people of all ages are constantly battling cancer and going through chemo.

  1. Easy Chemo Caps
  2. Breast Cancer Awareness Slouch Hat
  3. Prayer Hat
  4. Pink Ribbon Chemo Beanie
  5. Summer Breeze Beanie Hat
  6. Ava Hat
  7. Blossom Bucket Sun Hat

If none of these seem like exactly the right organization for you to donate to, then work up one of these other basic crochet patterns. Crochet gift baskets, mittens, shawls, and more could be just the right thing for you to give back to the charity that is closest to your heart.

  1. Crochet Gift Basket
  2. Amazing Grace Crochet Tote
  3. Emil, the Preemie Crochet Octopus (pictured below!)
  4. Matching Crochet Cuff Headband
  5. Beginner Mitts for All
  6. Sweet and Simple Shawl
  7. Free Crochet Knocker Pattern
  8. Adult and Child Slippers
  9. Striped Cozy Poncho
  10. The Simplest Toddler Sweater

Images shows Emil, the Preemie Crochet Octopus.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. If you're unsure that your charity of choice is still accepting what you're looking to donate, it wouldn't hurt to contact them via email or a quick phone call.
  2. Some charities do not accept donations from homes with pets or smokers as this could trigger allergies or other illnesses. Contact first before donating if this applies to you!
  3. Along the lines of triggering allergies, remember that some people are allergic to wool or other yarn materials. Softness is also important, particularly with baby items.
  4. Think global, act local! It might save you time, money, and energy to find a local chapter of a national organization or a small local place in need of charity items. Contact your community organizers or ask around in your neighborhood groups to donate to someone close by. That way you can drop it off and see their smiles in person!


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I'm looking for charitable organization that will accept my donation of crocheted hats for the homeless in Scarborough Ontario Canada. The hats are of different sizes for infants/babies, toddlers, teens and adults.

Thanks for this article! I am subscribed to Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club and each month I receive a kit that includes the yarn, pattern and info about a charitable organization that I can donate my item to. I love how giving and caring the crochet/yarny community is! 3 3 D

Ripbeams here in Brighton Colorado, is a charity that donates hats to kids with cancer.

There are so many awesome ideas for crocheting for charity on this page, and helpful tips on organizations that accept donations! I love the idea of donating a made-with-love item to a person or animal in need. I plan to use leftover yarn to crochet hats for charity this winter.


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