How to Crochet While Traveling


How to Crochet While Traveling

Can I crochet on a plane? Plus other tips you need to know.


How to Crochet While Traveling

Do you have some big trips planned for this year? If you're also planning on crocheting all year, you know you'll want to bring your favorite hobby for long car rides or flights. This page about How to Crochet While Traveling will give you some great tips and tricks on bringing your crochet patterns along on your travels and having them make it through the trips safe and secure.

You don't want to lose any work, especially if you're trying to finish something when you're traveling, so make sure you read through these pointers. You'll be surprised by how many things for which you didn't think to prepare. 

Depending on how long your trip is, you'll want to judge what kind of crochet pattern to bring with you. If you have a two-day drive ahead of you during which one day you won't drive, plan on taking a bigger project. If you're on a plane and it's only a few hours, bring a granny square or potholder pattern for the short ride and to minimize the amount you have to carry on with you.

You might want to also consider taking a pattern with techniques you already know because learning something while you're traveling might be difficult.

What should I bring with me?

There are some necessary items that you'll need when you're crocheting on-the-go, but you can also make choices based on how well some materials will travel in comparison to others. The size and type of your crochet pattern that you're going to make also warrants some decisions on what else to bring. Don't worry, it'll get easier to know how to crochet while traveling the more you do it.

  1. Yarn, of course! - You'll want to choose your yarn wiselyWashable yarn is recommended just in case you spill something on it or it gets dirty with the hectic nature of traveling.  Worsted weight or lighter yarn is a better option than bulkier varieties because it takes up less space and you get more out of a skein for the crochet pattern you're working on. 
  2. A crochet hook! - It's best if you have it or multiple hooks in a designated case or holder. Avoid steel hooks as those could cause issues. Check out our guide of types of crochet hooks for more information. 
  3. Other helpful tools like a yarn needle, sewing materials, and scissors - Avoid long scissors or a circular cutter as those might cause problems at security, but you could bring plastic child scissors, which will still cut yarn. 
  4. A printed copy of your pattern - This is important unless you're designing your own crochet pattern on the fly. Print out the picture of the end product as well as the instructions. Make sure you're familiar with how to crochet all the stitches involved before deciding on which crochet pattern you bring.
  5. A stitch counter and markers - While you may not use them normally, there might be interruptions during your travels, so you'll want to take care and keep track of where you're at in your stitches.
  6. A project bag of some sort - Place all of these tools in a designated project bag, a pencil case or even just a Ziploc bag for safe keeping and organization instead of floating around in your purse or carry-on bag.

If you're worried about traveling with your crochet and getting your yarn tangled, keep this article handy in case you need to untangle yarn later!

How to Untangle Yarn

How to Pack Crochet Projects While Traveling

  1. The best way to pack your crochet pattern is to put it in a separate bag within your carry-on at the very top. This way, nothing gets lost and it's easily accessible.
  2. Be sure to pack your yarn in the plastic bag and keep it in the bag while you're working so that the yarn doesn't go everywhere and get tangled. Always do everything with care if you want your crochet pattern to be intact when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Make sure that your yarn is ready to go, like as a center-pull skein, so that it's not a mess to work with in your lap.
  4. Don't bring too many colors because that means more yarn in your bag and the bigger chance it will get tangled.
  5. Crochet thread is NOT recommended to bring because you'll have to use a steel hook to work it, which might cause problems at security if you're flying. It also takes more concentration to work with, which you won't be able to do well on a bumpy car ride or turbulent plane ride.
  6. Just in case, travel with hooks you'd be ok parting with. Even if you plan ahead, your hooks might get confiscated or your luggage could get lost or damaged.

Are crochet hooks allowed on planes (2021)?

If you're flying, you know that the TSA has specific rules regarding certain instruments and what you can and cannot bring onto a plane. 

Luckily for crafters, crochet hooks are allowed on planes in 2021! According to the TSA website, make sure you place anything containing actual blades in your checked baggage. Crochet hooks, short dull-pointed/child-sized scissors and plastic yarn needles are all allowed.

Just a note, everything going through security can be subject to additional screening. The final decision always rests with the TSA. Learn more and hear from crocheters on their experiences with our guide, Can I Take a Crochet Hook on a Plane?

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I have been travelling with crochet projects since I was 10-almost 64 now--Yay!!!-all of these tips work-one more tip---I find it helpful to re roll loose ends of thread -or half skeins of yarn--from leftover projects- on toilet paper rolls that have been cut in half--and secure them with a rubber band--stops yarn from getting tangled with other yarn--

Good article, although I don't travel by plane, I do travel by car and I also take some projects to work on at work on my break. I do have a specified small canvas craft bag with everything you mentioned that I take with me. Won't travel without it......

I enjoy reading articles like this. Just when you think your have your system perfected, you read what someone else does and then you update/revamp your system to make it better. There is always room for improvement I always say.

I always bring a crochet project while travelling. A ziplock bag is handy for up to 2 balls /colours where the yarn comes out from both sides of the bag.....closed in the middle. Travelling from Canada to Mexico , crochet hooks were allowed, not so from Mexico to Canada. Three different crochet hook sizes were confiscated there. I was sad.....good thing they were inexpensive......still !

This is incredibly useful information! The rules regarding travel always seem to be changing, so it's nice to have the most updated information all in one place.

Wow! This How To Crochet While Traveling tips is so useful. I read here that the crochet hook might be an issue with customs but you just gave me an idea of which crochet hook to bring to pass customs. Enjoy your trip, fellow crocheters!

These are all wonderful tips, but I have an additional suggestion for packing along your patterns. Instead of printing out and fumbling around with sheets of paper, I keep my patterns on my electronic devices. I do most of my work on my laptop, but when I travel, I use my small tablet. Its easy to transfer text and .pdf patterns between them, and I even use a memory stick as back up. That way I can call up the website if I have any questions.

I use my iPhone. iBooks works for this and DropBox is great too!

So helpful! I never know about crafting supplies and travel. Going to keep this bookmarked so I can check before getting on an airplane.

These are great tips to read and reread often when you are planning a trip. Since I first read this a couple of months ago, I have purchased a set of plastic acrylic crochet hooks. Im not sure that knitting needles come in an acrylic option I havent really checked but I wouldnt think knitting needles of any type would be allowed in your carry on. I will have to further check that with my airport.

I always start off with good intentions when I say I am going to take my crochet or knit project with me when traveling to work on while on the road. That being said, so far none of my projects have ever left my tote when I have gone on a trip. With the frequent stops and the staring out the windows to see new places that I dont want to miss, for me, taking my crochet has not paid off so far.

All of these hints are useful in one way or another. You do not have to be traveling to take advantage of them either. Thank you to the person or persons who put this together because we can always use tips to make life easier as crafters.


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