Solved: Can I Take a Crochet Hook on a Plane?


Solved: Can I Take a Crochet Hook on a Plane?

Updated for 2021: Can you bring crochet hooks on a plane? Find out here!

Can I Take a Crochet Hook on a Plane

A common question when crocheters travel is, "Can you bring a crochet hook on an airplane?" The answer is yes with a "but" as there are a few different factors to consider. On this page, we'll answer your question, "Can I Take a Crochet Hook on a Plane?" and explain the details of why or why not you can take hooks on planes.

Besides hooks, what about the related tools, like scissors? We'll also answer that! So, before you pack for your next trip, be sure to read this and be prepared. Though it seems like a simple question, it's asked a lot and the answer isn't as clear as we'd like. So, can you take crochet hooks on a plane? Yes but there are certain restrictions and parts to this answer, which we'll do our best to answer below.

Before you plan your next trip, be sure to read our guide, How to Crochet While Traveling. It will help you figure out how to plan, pack, and provide tips on crocheting while you're away from home. You might as well use that time to work up a beautiful crochet project, right? Of course!

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Can you bring a crochet hook on an airplane?

Yes, you can take crochet hooks on planes. According to the Transportation Security Administration's website,
Crochet Hooks
Carry On Bags: Yes
Checked Bags: Yes

"Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors."

However, it also states, "The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint."

Because of this caveat, we thought we'd ask our AllFreeCrochet Facebook readers if they have had any issues recently with bringing crochet items on a plane. We asked, "Were you allowed to bring crochet hooks through security last time you flew?"

"Yes. Crochet hooks have been officially allowed since day one with TSA (I was a screener for 3 years). Although it is called a "judgment call" whether or not to allow something through, so I would not take my expensive hooks, just in case." – Kris S.

"Yes, I just put my hook with my pens in a zippered pocket in my purse. No problem. Even crocheted on the plane!" – Jennifer A.

​​"It depends on the airport. We went through several (US and foreign) with no problem, then New Zealand security confiscated my stuff. " – Diane F.

​​​​"I do it often in Europe. They usually check it to see what it is exactly and that's it." – Maria M.

​​​​​​​"I flew last Christmas and didn’t have any issues with my Furls hooks (the metal ones) and my small foldable scissors. The only thing they questioned and had to inspect was my needle threader that has a vintage look and folds up.....I’ll admit, it does look like a tiny knife when I think about it, lol. But she let me keep it once she saw it and I explained what it was." – Paula F.

​​​​​​​"I used to only travel with plastic hooks just in case, but after actually asking a few TSA agents in airports I started taking my regular metal hooks and have never had a problem. I take nail clippers instead of scissors." – Diane L.K.

"I had a metal hook confiscated by Australian security. No trouble in the States. However, if I’m using a favorite hook, I’ll put it in my checked baggage and use another on the plane just in case." – Weezie C.

Overview: Most of our readers have had no issues with bringing metal or plastic crochet hooks on planes. It seems like it is rarely an issue if traveling in the U.S. but can be if traveling outside of the U.S. Most readers still suggest putting your nicer crochet hooks in a checked bag and inexpensive in a carry-on just in case TSA takes it away.

Read all of the responses here.

Can you bring scissors on a plane?

Yes, you can take scissors on planes, though there are restrictions. According to the Transportation Security Administration's website,
Carry On Bags: Yes (Special Instructions - see below)
Checked Bags: Yes

"If packed in carry-on, they must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point. Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors."

Scissors are also subject to the TSA officer's discretion. Here's what some of our Facebook community had to say about scissors.

"I have never had issues with my hooks. But my thread cutter is round its the necklace version and its a sealed unit you can not change the blade, and you can not see the blade it is not allowed or approved TSA. However, my bird shape embroidery scissors are."  – Mary M.
​​​​​​​"Had a small pair of “ripping” scissors taken one time. Now I take school scissors that have no point. " – Weezie C.
​​​​​​​"I've never had any problems with my crochet hooks...but, I did have small folding scissors confiscated once." – Edna H.

Overview: Most readers confirmed the TSA rule, that small scissors are allowed. Some have taken sharp small scissors, others blunt children's scissors, or folding scissors. However, again, it depends on the agent whether your scissors get through the security checkpoint. When in doubt, take less expensive scissors and store the nicer ones in your checked luggage.

Read all of the responses here.

Other Tips:

Since crocheting is allowed on planes (for the most part), be sure to bring your next crochet project to keep you busy while sitting on the plane for hours or when sitting at the airport for hours. We all know how common it is for delays when you're already through security.

Though, as we've seen, crochet hooks and scissors are not always allowed, so we would not suggest taking expensive or beloved tools through security as there is a chance they will be confiscated. If you have a checked bag, they will be safe there. Otherwise, leave them home and take the less valuable tools to be safe.

If you are curious what else is allowed on planes, check out TSA's "What Can I Bring?" page to help you avoid issues once you're in the security line.

Happy crocheting and safe travels!

What is your favorite type of crochet project to make while traveling?
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I have a set of plastic crochet hooks I take with me when I'll be on a plane. I've had no problems with them. As for the Scissors, I carry a small school size blunt end in my bag, No problem with them at all. This is great info to keep in mind when it comes to my life hobby! I've been asked what are you making and that is about it. So thank you for sharing this info.

Ive struggled with this issue myself because I make at least one trip out West to visit the Heathen Multitude, at least one leg of which involves air travel. As much as I love Southwest Airlines, they usually dont have any sort of entertainment (other than the stewards). Ive gone through several different airports, and since I have an active project on my hook, Ive never even been questioned. Still, I would leave any special or expensive hooks at home.


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