15+ Free and Easy Take Along Crochet Projects


15+ Free and Easy Take Along Crochet Projects

Make traveling for holidays less boring with some easy crochet projects for airplanes, cars, trains, and boats!

15 Free and Easy Take Along Crochet Projects

The holidays are often one of the most popular times to travel around the country. Do you ever find yourself sitting on an airplane waiting for your long flight to be over when you just took off 10 minutes ago?

Whether it's during the holidays or not, when you're traveling anywhere, especially on long flights, you're going to want something to do to keep you busy. Why not bring some free easy crochet patterns to work on? 

With this collection, 15+ Free and Easy Take Along Crochet Projects, we are offering some of the best travel-friendly crochet patterns. Plus, many of these crochet projects make fantastic gift ideas, so you'll always have something ready when the next gift-giving holiday approaches.
With Christmas and New Year's Eve so close together, families might decide to stay an entire week or two to visit. With that stay, you can have a joyous time and think of fun Xmas party game ideas to keep you busy for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But before you leave town you'll want to look at these free easy crochet projects for planes so you have something to take along with you. It's so fun and easy to spend your time working up a pattern while flying or as a passenger in any form of transportation; you'll get to your destination in no time once you have your crochet projects to make while traveling. Not to worry, you're allowed to bring crochet hooks with you on the plane. To Grandmother's house we go!

Our Favorite Take Along Crochet Projects

You'll find at least one crochet project for the airplane in this list, that's for sure. While you're thinking of Xmas party game ideas to play on Christmas, food you'll be making and eating, and family and friends you'll be catching up with, you can also be making free easy crochet patterns to keep you busy.

Whether you're flying in a plane or driving in a car, time will always go faster when you're doing something. A skein of yarn and a crochet hook are easy to bring with you and don't take up much space.

90 Minute Scarf

A great free Christmas crochet pattern are these 90-minute scarves; you can work them up quickly and even wrap them just in time for gift giving.

On the Road Cloths

The designer of these cute dishcloths made them while flying, so this crochet pattern is tried and true for travel! Also, they are functional and handy.

Hanging Gift Card Holder and Luggage Tag

Not only are these quick, easy, small crochet projects but they'll come in handy for your next trip. They make great stocking stuffers, too!

Mesh Bobble Hat

Free Christmas crochet hat patterns anyone? Make this cute Mesh Bobble Hat to give to a friend or family member this holiday season. It's a cute one.

A Quick and Easy Crochet Scarf

This scarf is such an easy pattern to put together. If you make a few using different colors you can then nicely display them in a free crochet basket pattern as a fun gift basket.

Christmas Tree Bookmark

Dive into a good book this holiday season with this festive bookmark. Make it on the move, then use it during your future travels. These also make cute little gifts. Win-win.

One Hour Wine Bottle Cozy

This is a great last-minute hostess gift idea! I love bottle covers because they are useful and festive at the same time. Reusable wrappings are the best.

Ball Stitch Dishcloth

Dishcloths are a great fee easy crochet pattern to work up for the holidays. You can make many in just one sitting, including on an airplane or in the car!

One Hour Crochet Hook Case

Keep your hooks neat and tidy while you travel with this quick crochet hook case. You won't be able to do the felting, but easy to do that when you return.

Turquoise Slouchie Beanie with Buttons

Make this free easy crochet pattern while flying and wrap it up just in time to put under the tree. It's so trendy and awesome - anyone would want it.

Quick Little Bag

Not only is this tiny purse super cute but it's fast to make and easy to travel with. It's one of the best crochet projects for travel and you'll never need another purse.

Crocheted Car Pillow Pal

Inspired by the movie "Cars," this cute car pillow is perfect for bedtime or playtime at home, and it's also a must-have travel accessory for road trips if you have children.

Mini Roll Up Checker Board

Not only is this game educational for kids, but adults can use it too! The best part is that since the game board is crochet, it is also a travel game.

Star Stitch Bottle Carrier

Keep your water bottle handy anytime, even when traveling, with this ingenious crochet water bottle carrier project. Also, it uses the pretty star stitch!

One Skein Winter Scarf

This crochet scarf is made using the cluster stitch and worsted weight yarn in your color of choice. It's easy and beautiful, which are my favorite crochet qualities.

Cash 'n Cards Case

Only a small amount of worsted weight yarn is needed to complete this cute case. It's easy to make while traveling AND great for traveling light once it's done.

Market Tote in a Cinch

The designer of this stylish market bag travels a lot and wanted something to make while on the move that would then be able to hold her future projects. Brilliant!

BONUS! Tips for Traveling with Crochet

Bethany Steiners from Jimmy Beans Wool has some great tips for traveling with crochet materials this holiday season.

Traveling season is upon us and I’ve just spent some time reviewing the TSA regulations before I hop on the plane! We crocheters are a creative bunch, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tips for working around those regulations so that I can finish all my holiday projects on time!

  1. Need a handy container for your crochet hooks? I like to use a traveling toothbrush holder! I find the ones with the smallest drainage hole, and you can find them for little money in most places (Just double check for length!). You can toss the container in your bag when not in use!
  2. Scissors longer than 4" are no longer allowed, and even then it's up to security, so I just take dental floss for cutting yarn.
  3. To fasten off your project, use a yarn needle instead of a hook to weave the ends back through. This secures them better and reduces the chances of unraveling during those turbulent flights!

We hope you have safe and happy travels this holiday season and wherever life takes you.

How do you travel during the holidays and which of these projects would you consider making?

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With so many of my family living far away (my closest sister is 2 hours), we make frequent car trips. I always take at least a couple of projects along so I can switch when I need a break. This is a nice collection but dont limit yourself to just these projects. Pack plenty of gallon sized slider bags to organize your bits and pieces and traveling with crochet is a snap.

I'm looking for a tutorial for the Christmas Tree Throw and Pillow pattern. Can you help?

Glad crochet hooks are allowed on planes. However, I doubt very seriously scissors are allowed on planes, but fingernail clippers work just fine to cut yarn in a pinch so you can carry your projects anywhere.

I love the quick easy patterns. I always crochet as we travel either by car or plane. I put my pattern,Crochet hook(& I usually try to put an extra one of the size I need in case I loose one.) in a zip lock bag. Will have to add dental floss to cut yarn--great idea! Patti

these projects are great for traveling . Have a Merry Christmas everyone

Trying to finish one more item.....a scarf....before tomorrow.....merry Christmas all

I travel by car and would make one of the 90 min scarfs because by the time I get there I'll have a present to hand over right away. Oh what fun!!

Whenever I travel it's by car and I think making the convertible cowl while traveling would be a lot of fun!

Great projects and tip.s I like to take easy projects that I don't have to think about like dishcloths.

Well I haven't been able to travel for a while do to recovering from surgery three months ago....have 4 more to go..... So I've adapted crocheting into my life and am loving it. Ive made a few basic stitch blankets, a baby sweater, headbands, several hats of all sizes, toddler sweater for my granddaughter, mittens, snowman mittens, a baby cocoon, flowers, Pom poms......I'm looking to add more things! I only knew basic stitches when I started and now so much. My husband thanks this site and others for helping with my creativity and as he says...."saving our marriage" ....lol. This because I cannot walk or drive right now. Thanks for all the inspiration!

I will be traveling by car and I'd make the convertible cowl in a deep red or purple.

Looking forward to trying that lucious blue hat. It's gonna be perfect for a certain someone I know

I usually try to pick "smaller" projects, ones that won't be larger than my lap. I just cut over 10" from my hair - so hats are the next on the list.

Any travel we do is usually by car, so we sing and play talking games like slug bug-for points- car bingo and quick draw games if I'm not driving

Dishcloths are a quick gift everyone can use. Nice pattern!

If we travel, we're usually driving, meaning I'm driving...meaning, I'm not knitting, unfortunately. But, once we're at my destination, I'm usually making small quick things.

i think the purple convertible cowl is quite lovely, though i would probably do it in another color

I rarely travel during the holidays. If I do travel, I do the driving and that doesn't leave much time to knit, crochet or craft, lol

Since I am afraid they will take away my "stuff"....needles, etc, I like to bring a book of patterns along and then look through them.....I pick something I would like to make...

When my son and I travel, it is by car and I drive. We sing and play car games and when he naps, I think of all the projects I have to finish and the new ones I want to start The beanie with buttons is on my list now.

It's summer here so when I travel I'll be taking some hand sewing...however in the winter holidays, I'd like to make a cowl so that's one of the patterns I'd choose...a bit of wool and a hook and the travelling times passes so fast.

I really get impatient traveling, I get too excited and fidget the entire time (anything over an hour). SO I crochet or knitt, epending on what project im workig on at the time. If I am driving, I'll create a playlist of music that lasts the entire time of trip. My daughter and I will sing the entire way, it really makes te time pass. My hubby and son will join in too! If its a particularly long trip, we make a list of places that we find interesting to stop at, it breaks up the boardum. As long as I have my kids and hubby, the trips are always fun.

I like listening to Christmas music on the radio, cds, or mp3 player when I am traveling.

My traveling is by car, I refuse to fly with the TSA thugs. Can't believe they allow crochet hooks when they confiscate knitting needles! Since I'm single...I do the driving. I like the Mesh Bobble hat the most...and plan to attempt it starting today and when I get to where I'm going tomorrow and Christmas.

I would be making a beautiful Afghan

I love small knit and crochet projects to work on when I'm away from home. I love the purple cowl. I would make that!

I love purple, so I wd like to make the cowl. I've never tried one before, but it looks like I could tackle it. Since we travel mountain roads in WV to get to our destination, I frequently can't crochet, but when we go to Winchester, VA (about once a month,) that's when I take my yarn bag and needles. I look forward to my monthly trips so that I can crochet!

Not doing any traveling this year, but I often take a small crochet project to work on. Dish clothes and caps are my favorite.

I like to make granny squares .I make lots of things with them. It's also an easy pattern to teach someone curious while waiting or what ever is going on. I also like to make cowls. Who doesn't want to stay warm!!

I have been on this dish cloth jag this season. I finish them rather quickly and whomever we are going to visit get left with the dish clothes. Most people think it is rather neat to see them come into shape and are delighted with the little gift.

I ALWAYS have some sort of project with me in the car when we travel or even if my husband just has a doctor/dentist appointment. I am the type of person who always has to be doing something creative!! I love the ball stitch dishcloth pattern, as it is quick and easy to crochet!!

I travel by air and always bring my plastic crochet hooks and yarn... I love the Turquoise Slouch Beanie and the Convertible Cowl -Oakhill53

I have a two bags that go with me..One that has a current project I work on and another that has more needles and yarn in case I finish that project and decide to start on another one. The only time we "travel" during the holidays is to go to the store and do our shopping. All of our family is local, so there's no major traveling to do. I still take my items with me -- I get 20 minutes or more of crochet/knitting time all to myself!

Usually when traveling we drive, and I do most of the driving. But now that I have taken up crocheting, when I am in the passenger seat I will have some yarn and hooks with me to make dishcloths or afghan squares.

I like bringing different types of yarn and combining them when I make scarves. It always is a surprise to see what the combinations will make. My scarves are also always one-of-a-kind that way!!

i like crocheting when i listen too music or watching a good movie its very relaxing for me :D

I have a bag I take everywhere with me. It always has a project in it.

I would take any of the scarf patterns to work on if I were going anywhere. They are easy and make great gifts

I can't work in the car but I love to look for wildlife. I love rural America! Sometimes I use that as inspiration for crafts.

Love the cowl pattern - but since I get motion sick, the only way I can pass time traveling is by listening to music - and singing along! Of course I take my projects with me - I've been knitting baby blankets in the deserts, sweaters on cruise ships, even a hat while at an Indian Tiger Preserve (we love to travel!). I take needlepoint projects on planes with me -- have found that different countries have different rules about what can go along. In Chile, they even took my needlepoint needles, while small (less than 1" rounded blade) folding scissors were taken in Singapore. Only take on board what I can lose and easily replace.

I agree with Member 14589! I have a backpack (that goes EVERYWHERE with me!) that I keep all my little projects in. I have a bag of thread, beads and hemp string for macrame or braided bracelets. I have my finger-less mitten-gloves and a pidge scarf that I've been knitting. There are also magazines for cutting out good pieces for decoupaging. It's hard for me to walk into a craft store without picking up at least two more hobbies! I seriously have a list of about 8+ things at the moment that are works-in-progress. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. =)

I usually work on scarves either crochet or knitting. The project is manageable and I can usually finish it on the trip.

When I travel--even just to my sisters--I always bring my "Bag". There is always a project ongoing in it--sometimes many! My bag has all the necessary things to craft--patterns, yarn, hooks, scissors, markers, bone folder--and anything else for what ever I happen to be working on. Right now I am working on (in my bag) a cowl for my niece, tea bag folded cards and socks. Having a variety means I never get bored with one thing. And I usually change out what is in my bag weekly! I keep telling them at work---I have too much crafts to do to have time to work!!! lol (love my work!)

I usually travel by car and I dont do anyhting creative. I enjoy the scenery too much

When I'm flying I crochet like a crazy woman (no phone interruptions!) I work on small projects such as afghan squares or a scarf, nothing too big or bulky. On road trips, my husband drives and I crochet then too, provided there's plenty of daylight. I've found I can get a lot accomplished while traveling.

We travel mostly by car and I always have something to knit, crochet, or tat with me while I travel. I love the easy cowl. I will have to make that since it is so quick. Scarves are always a quick gift. I am always looking for a fast quick gift to make since I like to make a lot of my gifts. I usually have something in hand when my hubby and I go to the VA clinic since there is usually some time spent waiting.

All quick and easy projects ,especially for a great last minute gift, or an extra gift, for the unexpected guest. The easy scarves could be universal for either sex. Love the purple cowl and the slouch hat is so in with the young crowd. I like them too, because it doesn't squash your hair, but keeps you warm. We are driving this year to our Holiday destination. My sister-in-law and I take turns being the hostess. This year is her turn. I love watching the scenery and take photos along the way, so I don't get much crocheting or knitting done. But my sister-in-law is a spinner and knitter, so we get knitting in during our visit. It is always a wonderful 'country Christmas celabration' experience.

When I travel, I crochet or hand-piecing. I don't travel much though.

I plan on catching up on a few different crochet projects while staying at my mother in laws house - it's a good thing to do as there's not a lot else to do there!

I love that chunky cowl and the slouch hat. I'll be making those after Christmas! I don't travel for the holidays, it's home for me. My son is home for the holidays, and my daughter/family live here, as does my mother, so it's Christmas at my house!

Being new to crochet, these patterns are awesome. I cannot wait to get started on them just as soon as I finish my scarf I can get started on these lovelies xxx

I always travel by car for holiday, and when not driving I have 4 or 5 projects ready for knitting and crocheting. 1 sweater, 1 shawl or afghan, 1 hat, and 1 bag or purse. I usually don't use patterns, but if one of my daughters or family members has seen something they like they will send a picture and I will make it for them either on the way to their house, or during the stay for the holiday.

When I'm traveling I love to crochet or read a book. I'd like to make your 90 minute scarf.

I love to crochet when I'm traveling. The time flies by and I'd love to make your 90 minute scarf!

Now days I can only travel in a wheelchair inside a handicap equipped van so the trips are usually just a few miles. I love all the free crochet patterns, but the one that really sets my heart to going pitter-pat,pitter-pat is the turquoise slouch beanie with buttons.

Sewing by hand, reading each other headlines from gossip magazines! Oh and sleeping of course!

We like to listen to audio books, it passes the time and helps to keep you awake when driving.

For short trips, we crank the Christmas songs on the radio and sing loud. For longer trips, we'll bring a Christmas story and the girls and I will take turns reading it aloud. When I'm not driving and not the current reader, I usually have my ongoing English paper pieced project handy.

I can't really do much in the car (I get headaches) and our drive is only a little more than 1/2 hour, but I just like listening to Christmas songs with my family!

Love to read, crochet, knit or just look at the different scenery!

I always take my unfinished projects on long trips and usually get them finished in the car.I take my books and MANY magazines to pick out future crochet projects.

Whether traveling by car or plane, I always have my Kindle reader along. I'm not sure I could get through the inspection with the crochet hooks, etc....so I've hidden my crochet hook case, my patterns and yarn in my luggage; hidden underneath clothing. Once I was traveling with a 14" crohook and the yarn to complete an afghan. I made it!! It was more difficult to get the finished afghan in the suitcase than the crohook. LOL I read, rest and relax. Of course, if traveling by car - I can always crochet, read, and watch the scenery. Thank you for this giveaway and the chance to win. I hope I do! Merry Christmas to all.

I try to do something like crochet, sewing(quilting), or talking on my phone. I like to make sure the driver is awake. I would love to win.


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