90 Minute Scarf


Stop searching for quick and easy crochet patterns because you just found one with this 90 Minute Scarf pattern. You'll learn how to crochet two strands of coordinating colors together as one, so it'll even get done twice as fast. You'll stay warm and cozy all winter long when you have one of these crocheted scarves wrapped around your neck. This is a unisex crochet pattern, which makes this crochet pattern a great homemade gift idea for the holidays. Make one of these free crochet patterns for every member of your family! You can use worsted weight, bulky, or super bulky yarn as long as you modify the hook size as well.


Crochet HookN/15 or 10 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Materials List

  • Red Heart Super Saver Economy: Soft Navy + Shaded Dusk  and  Cafe + Shaded Brown*


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On what pattern was this supposedly offending issue? I would LOVE to see what obviously only ONE person saw? lol...

The controversy of how the photo was taken is pretty dang funny. Open the like to the page to see the photo for yourself. As far as the scarf itself, what a perfect starter project for young and old alike. My senior aunt has been wanting to try her hand at crochet, so I think this would be perfect for her. Especially because she is always cold! I agree that the pic above is certainly not made with Red Heart Super Saver.

I can't wear scratchy things and I find the Red Heart is sometimes too scratchy. To SOFTEN Red Heart Acrylics wash completed item with regular Hair Conditioner......use 1/8th cup of hair conditioner. Im not sure why Red Heart changed their yarn, but I am sure it had something to do with either money or EPA.

The scarf material does not match the yarn used in the picture. The yarn used in the picture is actually Lion Brand Homespun in the color Pueblo.

This project is so easy it hardly even needs an actual pattern. You dont really even need to worry if you have an even or odd number for your starting chain. You just chain to your desired width and then work Triple Crochet back and forth until you get the length you want (or you run out of yarn). The only tricky part is working a Single Crochet around all four sides, but you can skip that if you want.

Talk about an easy quick project to use for a last minute gift. This is one of the best I have seen. It's so pretty too. I love the colors used in the example. After reading the directions I think I could make it in less then the time stated. Thank you!

Tried this craft? What did you think?

The color of this scarf is what first caught my eye and then I realized how easy it would be to whip up several of these to give as gifts to loved ones in their favorite colors. This looks like an easy pattern even for beginners. I'm loving all the pictures other users have uploaded of their projects!

Love the shade of color of this scarf. Here's the link to the patternhttp//craftdisasters.blogspot.com/2010/12/c == hristmas-gifts-90-minute-scarves.html.

I just finished making this scarf for a co-worker. Easy pattern to work. I used 2 colors together. Navy purple (Fed Ex colors) She works there full time.

Is the pattern free? I cant find it.

Yes it is free. Just click on "click here for crochet pattern" and it will take you directly to the blogger's site where you can find the pattern.

Someone was offended by this picture of a scarf?? That's ridiculous...

It took me a little longer but it was still fast to make. I love it. I wear this one all the time. I made it into an infinity scarf

Just want to say I love this site - I would like for you to show the open pattern - it is difficult to see then the object is held in a hand - please sort of spread it out so the pattern can be seen more thanks for all the patterns.

Wow, it's astonishing how rude people can be when they're hiding behind a computer keyboard. Pretty disgusting if you ask me; a whole lot MORE disgusting than what their filthy little minds perceived in the pictures. Honestly... >:(

OMG, grow up, enjoy the pattern. Thank you for sharing and your pics look great.

Hahaha!!! I sat here for like...30 minutes trying to figure out what was inappropriate about the picture. I had to go read the comments. Who cares what your background looks like and not EVERYONE is a professional photographer on top of being a lover of crochet. To hell with them. You are doing just fine with your pictures as can be expected on a free site and after having made something yourself. I love scarves and I super love free patterns. Thank you for taking the time to make something and share it with others.

still not seeing anything off

Until I read the comments I had no idea that the picture could be perceived as anything BUT a scarf (no pun intended). If you were offended then the problem was with you. Apologizes were not called for. The complainers should apologize to the rest of us for thrusting the gutter fodder that they see around them into our minds.

I looked at it quite intensely and I said to myself....self that looks like a Dragon whats the problem.lol

All three of these pics suck. There here to show us what the end product looks like. Can you tell?

Operators of this website - I apoligize on behalf of people who have their mind totally in the gutter. I personally had NO idea what "objectional picture" was all about until I read what they wrote, and had to relook at the picture. I, as I'm sure other mature individuals noticed is that the scarf was laying in the middle of 2 redish cushions. Please don't be discourged. I have just found your site, and plan to revisit often. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in suppling us "crocheters" with all of this good info!

Did anyone make the Ashlea crochet scarf? It is very pretty, but I get more stiches as I go. Started with 32 chain but in the 3rd row had 54. I don't know what I am doing wrong.

seriously this is a leather table skin does not look like that

Quite honestly, I am looking for an easy pattern for a scarf using Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I am so glad I was able to find it so easily! PS and as to the "objectional" picture--I looked at the scarf only and didn't even see anything until I read the comments! Honestly people! Get a life and stop looking for this that aren't there!

I only saw one cposter who thought the picture was inappropriate. She was probably an uptight old prune with no sense of humor. From the beginning I thought it was just an accidental picture where the photographer did not pay attention to the background. I was not offended and neither were any of my friends in a yahoo group where I shared it. Everyone just chuckled. You have to admit that it produced the most comments I've ever seen on these patterns!

I agree, however, "uptight prunes" are not always "old". I've met a few that were under the age of 30. Depends on the person, not their age. On the photo: I didn't even notice it, until I read these comments. I looked again and then saw it, and then laughed.

I was wondering if that was a chiropractor's table! Thanks for the pattern, am going to try with chunky yarn.

As a beginner, I was glad to find something relatively fast and easy. I discovered a wonderful video that taught me the stitch, and off I went! Thanks for sharing.

I'm making this scarf right now as a Christmas gift using the Turqua and Monet colors of the Red Heart Super Saver It's coming out beautifully Many thanks for a pattern that works up quickly and looks great As for the original picture being offensive - I had to look back in the comments to figure out what the heck that was supposed to mean The only thing that offends me is the negativity towards someone who was nice enough to share their pattern with fellow crocheters The scarf itself shows better on the original pic than on the new ones anyway good on ya if you can afford a professional photographer to come over and take pics of your patterns and I really need to stretch my imagination to see anything other than a couch beneath the scarf in the original pic I mean who ever heard of a bootyRead More with square cheeks lol Anyway great pattern I know my niece will love the scarf

I have been looking for a pattern that I cold use bulky yarn for a scarf, I ran into your pattern on alllfreecrochet & read your pattern....& guess what! You ansered my question!! & I got a new pattern to try ! I needed something fast to do for X-mas presents for my sisters as time is runng out! Plus they will need to be mailed! Thank you so much for coming to my rescue! Crochet mom. PS: I'm going to get on your site for tha hat pattern also!

going to try it.

Love this scarf! The only change I would make is to make it wider, so will probably end-up using 2 skeins. It's definitely on my to-do list.

I have printed off so many patterns from this sight that it will take me a month of Sundays (or any other day) to get them all completed. Thank you all for sharing your patterns free. God Bless you all.

I am really pleased with all of the patterns that I have tried from this site. I always have to view the pictures with an open mind for my own design taste and color taste. I am just mortified and appalled at ANYONE that insults these designers for their lack of picture taking skills or color sense. Thanks to all contributors for keeping me great projects!

well since I'm new to crocheting, it would be nice just to see how the pattern looks, to see the beauty of the work, the colors are nice but not visual enough for me, I have to skip this one, sorry

Actually I am concerned about being able to SEE the pattern!! In each picture the scarf is bunched up and I can't determine what the pattern is about!! Hope you display a better picture. At this point, I wouldn't consider making this pattern

Uhhhh, I don't know how to say this, but the scarf is nice, but WHAT's the background? I know it's not what it looks like, but we can't figure out why it's displayed that way ...

I think your scarf idea is great and I will try it this year to make gifts. As far as being offended, I couldnt understand what was upsetting about it and it took me almost an hour of reading the comments to figure it out. OH COME ON, THIS IS A CRAFT SIGHT and anyone that was looking at the pic in that way needs to stop it! I was thinking of the colors in the scarf only, it looks very pretty.

Nothing to be offended about in the scarf pic.

I was so busy looking at the scarf (in a 6 shape) that I didn't even notice the background until someone mentioned it!!!

so excited to try this with Bernat Changes for Christmas presents this year

For those of you having trouble getting the pattern to print, copy and paste into Word or Notebook. No problem. To those offended......get a life!

I also had to look really hard to understand the "offense." Never would think of crochet as an x-rated hobby...how about we keep our minds out of the gutter.

It isn't that our minds in the gutter, some of us are more perceptive. Sorry but I couldn't help but see it. Just happened. The scarf is very lovely and would wear it. Nice job of making also. Glad it is all over and no one had to be upset. Funny to me!

Oh come on!.....I really had to stare to see what the hullabalu was all about! Really people! I have seen worse things to be affended about. (plumber's crack). I love the pattern.

OMG...I had to STARE at the picture to finally figure out why someone would find it offensive.....heaven forbid if I had taken the picture on my taupe colored couch !! Grow up people...

Seriously, people - whoever saw a bum THAT shiny and red?!? And if this WAS a bum, then what on Earth is it we're getting a glimpse at in the crack? Please.... I immediately thought it was a couch. People are WAY too easily offended nowadays - no wonder there are still wars being started. Can't we all just get along? I like your scarf, original poster. Happy crocheting to everyone!

Mine turned out great. I couldn't get Adobe to print out the dang pattern on paper, so I had to note down how many to chain, then what stitch, then how many to chain up on each row. Did it on my own after that. Simple pattern. And to whoever whas offended by a couch and a scarf, grow up. It's not like it was lewd. Quit being ridiculous.


I can not get the instructions to come up please send.

Thanks for good entertainment! I laughed so hard I cried and then laughed some more....my tummy still hurts! Like another poster said, it took me forever to figure it out..Hahahahahaha Great scarf...probably will start on it when I stop giggling

Good for you, girl ! I hadn't read everyone's comments before I sent mine. I thought I'd offend, but as I scrolled thru the comments I saw that others thought the same thing. I wasn't "complaining" per se, but if someone spent the time to make something, my thought was WHY in the world would they display it that way??? LOL, glad you think like me, too.

Why is anyone offended by the picture? I don't understand. To get directions, you simply click on the underlined phrase: Click here for crochet pattern. The link worked for me so I hope it works for you as well.



I can not get this pattern to come up. Will you please send it to me. I think it is very pretty!

I can't wait to create this scarf!

What picture?

I cant waite to try this

I have made this scarf for my daughter-in-laws. They loved it and it was so easy to make. Too bad they are so many on here with their minds in the gutter. Grow up!


Seriously?! That has got to be the biggest Muppet booty with the tiniest scarf draped across it I have EVER seen! lol How anyone could mistake the original photo for a real butt is beyond me. I love the look of this scarf, and I'll be trying the pattern soon. :)

I think it's a great gift idea., when your time is limited. thanks for the idea.

Offended over what? Someone has a dirty mind.

Not a dirty mind, dear. Just curious -- curious as to WHY someone would display a nice project over top of a couch crack . . . why not the cushion itself? Geez.

I'm sure it is a beautiful scarf. The "butt" didn't bother me. I figured it was a set of couch cushions. What throws me off is the quality of the photographs. In one picture the scarf is all wadded up. All photos are dark and dull. Stepping outside, using ambient light (and NO FLASH!) would help show off this piece to its full potential. And you don't have to have an expensive camera to make great shots. I'd say experiment, play. Photography is fun!

THANK YOU, THREADMILL . . . basically I was trying to get across the point that everyone's camera or computer screen does not show the same coloring. Things look different. Obviously it couldn't have been a BUTT, however, I was just curious as to WHY anyone would display a project over a "distraction". No harm done, really!

I had no idea what anyone was talking about when I read your comment. I love the pattern and have just recently started using patterns..I have always made my own up since I was 11 and now I'm 48. Some people need to get a life and appreciate what people like you are doing for them trying to help. God Bless you.

I like this pattern, I can't wait to go yarn shopping again.

Had to take a long look to see the "Butt" of the joke. Really? I have never seen skin that pink on a bum.

Seriously??? It's a scarf on a couch, PEOPLE!!!! How can anyone (including MY mother-in-law) see ANYTHING weird in this picture!!!!!!


It's not that our minds are ANYWHERE -- the whole picture just jumps out at you instantly. Some folks are "focused" and others see the whole picture. A "crack" that big certainly couldn't be "that", but it certainly was a distraction and the coloring (which could be different on different computer screens) surely gave it that appearance tho the dimensions were absurd. So, everyone, don't go crazy -- we can't help what we see -- get over it...

OMG!!! I am laughing so hard I have tears streaming! It took me forEVER to figure out (even after reading previous comments) how anyone could see anything other than a scarf on a couch in this picture! AND I loved one of the previous comments "I always take pictures of my newly crocheted items draped across my butt." AAAHAHAHAHA!!! Great Scarf and Great Giggles!!

Oh my goodness some people really have a problem - even if you saw an a..e, why why why would you take offence and to the degree of writing in? I had to look at it for a good 2 minutes after reading it was the 'background'. My husband and 2 sons - 18 and 24 (Policeman) could not see it - and we are Londoners used to seeing everything and more - not some rural community. Why be so abusive to someone who has had the kindness and energy to share thier work with us all - from USA to UK and beyond? If you have a mind like that, and take offence then I feel sorry for you

What is offensive about the original picture. Cannot see why anyone could possibly be offended.

*giggle* Love the scarf...but the background issue? Are we little kids here seeing dirty when all is innocent? It took me a sec to even see it, wow...I really couldn't imagine a rear quite that shade of color so I would have never made that leap from looking at the true subject of the picture to impressions of what may also be in the picture. Thanks for the laugh and get your minds outta the gutter ;)

I enjoyed this quick and simplistic pattern and have made several scarves in the last few weeks for charity and to give to friends. I never noticed the "butt" in the picture until today when I read these comments. I have to say the whole thing had me in "stitches" ha..pun intended. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

LOL @ The comments about the background! Looks like leather sofa cushions to me:D

LOLOL You have to admit that is FUNNY I don't care who you are.

Right attitude ! ! ! LOL...

I looked at that picture for a very long time before I saw what everyone was talking about. I kept looking at the scarf when, in fact, they were concerned about the background, REALLY!! Give me a break, those people are just looking for problems.

No we're not. It was humorous. We saw the "whole picture".

Well, I didn't see what everyone else saw until I read some of the comments. I was looking at the scarf and I saw a dragon lol It is the way it is laid out on the cushions.

Knitty knifter

bwahahaha! Scarves and bums, what a great thing to read about over morning tea! Hubby will be wondering what I'm giggling about over this pattern!

To all those with their minds in the behind, get a life. You are too easily offended. That would be the pinkest butt around. Third degree burns I guess. Maybe you should visit the eye doc.

Get a grip. We (at least I wasn't and seems like most found it funny) were OFFENDED, per se, and coloring comes across differently on different monitors. We realize the dimensions were absurdly out of proportion, "butt" we were just wondering WHY someone would display a project across a "crack" -- why not on a COMPLETELY smooth cushion. It was just an unfortunate placement on an unfortunately chosen color . . . LOL Lighten up.

It does look like a butt...and that's funny. It made me laugh so hard this morning, and I needed that. Thanks!

was not offended , actualy dint really notice til was pointed out.... someone needs a day job///hehe have a great Christmas

I gotta tell ya....I too couldn't figure out the extra picture 'because those who may have been offended by the picture' comment at all!! I really thought that was some kind of joke that I didn't get so I looked & looked & just couldn't see what was so offensive until I read some of the comments. And then my first thought was...."SERIOUSLY??" I saw a scarf laying across what appears to be two cushions on a couch. And I'm thinking that was what MOST crocheters saw. By the way......very nice scarf and great photography!! Thanks again for being my main crochet site!! :0))

I always take a pictures of my newly crocheted things draped over my rear end. Really now. I believe there are lonely people out there that search out silly stuff. I do not see a butt and I do not believe anyone else does either. No apology necessary!!! Get over it people.


I'm not lonely AT ALL -- just perceptive. I'm not dirty minded or any such thing. It was an unfortunate selection of location and coloring for the background and it comes across differently on different monitors -- so lighten up.

I made this scarf in Dallas Cowboy team colors and it went pretty fast and turned out great. Never noticed the "background" til someone pointed it out. "But" seriously not like anyone's behind "but" does look like the chiropractors table she described. ;o) Thanks for the laugh!

Butt I don't see it... LOL Seriously, I don't see the whole "butt" thing, but then again I guess I'm looking at the scarf and my mind is on the pattern. If I wanted to look at butts, I'd go to some porn site. Thanks for the pattern! I've been looking for a very quick scarf pattern!

um if this looks like a butt then its been a LONG time since any of you have seen a naked one. people have taken photos in worse places and you don't complain.

I see a seahorse. I suppose it could look like a dragon but they don't have butts, do they? As long as we keep ou minds clean the picture can't offend anyone unless they WANT to be offended.

I had not even noticed the butt cheeks until I read some comments. I guess I was more focused on what I was wanting to see. Maybe it's some kind of folding table,... like who really cares anyway??!

OMG, and you people call yourselves women, what a shame, get your minds out of the sewer and back into the gutter. I can't even believe you would worry about something so childish. With everything else going on in the world and you have to make a mountain out of a mole hill. That is just plain RUDE. Go back to knitting or crocheting or whatever it is you do and quit thinking dirty.

You people are cracking me up. The picture was taken on a chiropractic table (much like a massage table) since at the time my couch had a horrible floral pattern. New picture will be provided....

You people are cracking me up. The picture was taken on a chiropractic table (much like a massage table) since at the time my couch had a horrible floral pattern. New picture will be provided....

You people are cracking me up. The picture was taken on a chiropractic table (much like a massage table) since at the time my couch had a horrible floral pattern. New picture will be provided....

Andrea What a hoot! It will soon be two years (in October, right?) since you posted the picture & people are still commenting on your famous chiropractic table. Isn't it unbelievable? You must think, "People!" every day ;o)

Well, at least I am not the only one that locked up on the picture.... Looked like a crocheted dragon on a butt.....lol

With all do respect, the picture looks obsene to me. So, if it is not a butt then what is it?

This picture does not look like a butt to me. It looks like the space between two sofa cushions. I have looked at this picture many times and until I saw these comments I never even thought of that possibility......and still do not believe it is so.

I can understand that the pictures come to you from the designer, however you are the one that posts them and you are responsible for what you post. Also I have seen this scarf pattern posted another place minus the BUTT. I would pull this pattern and picture if I were you.

I sell fabric on fleeceandfabric. The background looks to me like they put two bolts of fabric together to have a plain colored background to show off that pretty scarf. Mary

This is my first time on this site - of course I land DIRECTLY on the "butt warmer" comments. Thank you all so much - I needed this laughter today. :)

Not sure whats in the back ground, is this a neck or butt warmer......: (

Had to go back and look at the pix, you are right that is exactly what it looks like with a closer glance... Thanks for the chuckle/Kitty

OMG, at least I am not the only one that thought this scraf was laying on someone's behind. I had to look it over and over to even notice the scraf.

@gracejkwm, Here is a link to all of our other great scarf patterns: http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Scarves To all readers that commented about the background, I am sorry if we offended anyone. All of the images we post on our site are submitted by the original designer of each pattern; please direct any questions/comments/concerns about the image to the original pattern designer. Thanks! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I don't care for this one. How do you get to the next one?

hi excuse my demented mind but what ever the scarf is lying on looks like someones bum. :-) sorry, but it does. Arlie

Who was the model for this scarf? LOL

Love this pattern! I was looking for ideas to use up single skeins of different colors. This is a fast, fun and useful projects. Yep, looks like couch cushions to me. People get your minds back on crochet!

(copy and pasted from previous) Rated on: Oct 10, 2011 by jzedalis 4116021 Is it me or does anyone else find the background on this pic inappropriate?. It's you! I find that the scarf is really cool. Never even notice the background until YOU had to point it out with your negativity. I find this comment that I copy and pasted inappropriate. What was on your mind at time? Certainly wasn't on crochet.

Thanks so much for sharing this cute scarf pattern. And for those who need to complain about the background, get a life, and stop being so negative.

Love it!! Thank you, very much for sharing it with us.

I think the scarf is very nice and I so appreciate that it's being shared with us all! OMG...can't believe there are such snobs that have nothing better to do that to whine about the background! To me it looks like the scarf was photographed on the cushions of a sofa----it's too bad that some people's minds just rolls around in the gutter!

Perhaps a few styling classes would be in order so this person could make a more attractive display of her hard work. Not cute or clever.

Who cares what the background is? Really! Pretty petty. I'm here for the patterns, and I appreciate this one is free. Perhaps those who don't like the background could expand on their gratitude instead of spreading ill.

I love this scarf and it is crazy that what people pick up on is the back ground. I think that we could grow up a bit.

Crazy cute scarf!! I wanted to know if I could maybe use a crochet hook that was like .25 of a mm off?? Would it make a huge difference?? I am new to this and very excited!!

Inappropriate background? Because it looks like a booty crack? Are we in 1st grade? What a silly thing to fixate on or be offended by.

definitely inappropriate, novescotiagirl

Cute scarf!! :) I can't wait to make it!! :)

Tile and grout is inappropriate background?

Never noticed it!! Maybe find something else to look at.?

Is it me or does anyone else find the background on this pic inappropriate?


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