30+ Crochet Patterns By Hook Size (6 Best Hooks!)


30+ Crochet Patterns By Hook Size (6 Best Hooks!)

When it comes to most used crochet hook sizes, these 6 are the most common. Learn about crochet hook sizes and then find crochet patterns by hook size.


30 Crochet Patterns By Hook Size Using the 6 Best Hooks

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced crocheter, have you always been unclear about crochet hook sizes or the UK size conversion? We have an infographic below and another simple crochet hook guide here.

We also have lots of other information to clear everything up for you! After you're done reviewing our 30+ Crochet Patterns By Hook Size, you'll know the difference between crochet hook sizes in both measurement and conversion.

You can even print out the crochet hook size chart below and get crocheting on different free crochet patterns depending on what hook is used for each one.

We're using the six best crochet hooks because they are the most common and popular amongst crocheters. Then you'll see what you can make with each hook because there are various crochet patterns by hook size in each section.

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Below, you'll find F Hook Crochet Patterns, G Hook Crochet Patterns, H Hook Crochet Patterns, I Hook Crochet Patterns, J Hook Crochet Patterns, and K Hook Crochet Patterns.

Maybe you have a preference for a certain kind of hook, or you don't have a full set of hooks yet. Either way, you'll find all kinds of good stuff in this collection.

PLUS! Check out this video to learn all about the types of crochet hooks available (at least most of them). Chris will walk through everything you want to know before purchasing your next hook.

Crochet Resources

If you're a beginner, learn the details you need to know for mastering crochet basics and getting to know your hooks. There are more resources lower on the page, too!

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Crochet Hook Size Chart

F Hook Crochet Patterns

F is the smallest hook size in our list of top crochet hook sizes, but they go all the way to B in reality. "Smallest" means that you're getting tighter and more stitches in a chain.

On our conversion chart, F is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 8, and the metric is 4.00. These crochet patterns can be anything from shawls to crochet cozies.

Besides the patterns below, find more F crochet hook patterns here.

G Hook Crochet Patterns

The G hook is a very common crochet hook size for many of our patterns. On our conversion chart, G is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 7, and the metric is 4.50.

You can find crochet patterns that make everything from sweaters and cardigans to baby hats and blankets.

Besides the patterns below, find more G crochet hook patterns here.

H Hook Crochet Patterns

The H hook hugs the middle of the spectrum of crochet hook sizes. Like G, it's extremely common to find crochet patterns that use the size H crochet hook.

On our conversion chart, H is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 6, and the metric is 5.00. From crochet afghans and washcloths to applique, you can find a lot of neat crochet patterns for this hook.

Besides the patterns below, find more H crochet hook patterns here.

I Hook Crochet Patterns

The I hook is very versatile, though bigger than the other crochet hook sizes. It's fairly common to find crochet patterns that use this crochet hook size.

On our conversion chart, I is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 5, and the metric is 5.50. You can find everything from crochet dresses to crochet afghan patterns, and tote bag patterns that can be made with this hook.

Besides the patterns below, find more I crochet hook patterns here.

J Hook Crochet Patterns

The J hook is less common and usually used for bulkier yarn or more open crochet patterns. Nice and warm results.

On our conversion chart, J is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 4, and the metric is 6.00, which is why you may also hear it referred to as a size 6 crochet hook. Many cozy blanket patterns are made with this crochet hook size among other things!

Besides the patterns below, find more J crochet hook patterns here.

K Hook Crochet Patterns

K is the biggest crochet hook size on our list and much less commonly used than the rest of the hook sizes. You'll use either a bulkier yarn weight or you'll have a more open weave in your crochet patterns with the K hook.

On our conversion chart, K is the USA size, the UK size conversion is 2, and the metric is 7.00. You'll find scarves made with this hook as well as other crochet patterns.

Besides the patterns below, find more K crochet hook patterns here.

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The crochet hook size chart has a lot of useful info for me especially to see how American sizes differ from UK sizes. I think the best crochet hook to use for any particular project is the hook that is shown on the label of the yarn you are using and not determined by project. The yarn manufacturers recommendation usually is the best way to go.

Clever idea to group these by hook size.

This is a wonderful book. I am going to try to get all my crochet friends to down load it. I am trying to teach them to crochet but this is even better, they can get an idea of what hooks are best for different projects and they can reference back to it.


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