Addicted to Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern


Addicted to Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern

This stylish chevron blanket crochet pattern is bound to be your new favorite!

Addicted to Chevron Afghan
Addicted to Chevron Afghan

Chevron is a neat crochet design that is so fun to crochet, it can even become addicting. Our exclusive Addicted to Chevron Crochet Afghan Pattern will definitely satisfy your chevron cravings and then some.

Use any two colors of worsted weight yarn you want to work up this free crochet afghan pattern - four skeins of each are needed. We love the bright blue and green used here but know it will look fantastic with nearly any color pairing you can imagine.

This crocheted blanket will look great in any room of your home. It measures about 47 inches by 60 inches, so it's big enough to cozy up with on the couch. It also makes a fantastic gift for anyone in your life. Especially if they love chevron as much as we (and you) do!

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Crochet HookI/9 or 5.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge10 sc across x 12 rows high = 3 in square

Finished Size47 1/2" x 60"

Materials List

  • I Love This Yarn in Jellybean and Royal, 4 skeins of each
  • Crochet Hook: I/5.5 mm
  • Yarn Needle

Addicted to Chevron Crochet Afghan

- The ch 1 at the beginning of each row doesn't count as a stitch. 

- You will begin every row with a hdc in the very first stitch. It's a hidden height adjustment. It brings your hook up to just below where it needs to be so that all your stitches are actual hdcs and you don't have any chains that count as stitches on the side of your work. I think that it makes the whole blanket look neater overall.
If you would prefer you can do a ch 2 and then skip the very first st with the ch2 and the next stitch then begin your count of 14 hdcs. Just remember when you come to the end of your row your last stitch will end in your beginning ch 2 from the previous round. 

- If you would like to increase the size of this blanket it is made in multiples of 30+4.

- Click on images to enlarge.


  1. Ch 214.

  2. Row 1: Hdc in second ch from hook, skip next st, *hdc next 14 st, 3 hdc in next st, hdc 14, skip one ch*, repeat across, when you reach the last two chs, skip one and end with hdc in last ch, ch 1, turn. (Work in BLO for this round and every subsequent round.)

  3. Row 2: Hdc in first st, skip 1, *hdc 14, 3 hdc in next st, hdc 14, skip 2 st*, repeat across, when you come to the last 2 st, skip one, hdc in last st, ch 1, turn. I worked 8 rows in each color. You can change more frequently or less frequently for wider or narrower stripes.

  4. Row 3-120: Repeat row 2.


  1. Rnd 1: Ch 1, turn, sc across top stitches starting with the very first stitch, in the same pattern as the blanket (Row 2 above). The only difference is that you no longer need to skip stitches at the beginning and ending of the row, just between the chevrons. 3 sc in first corner, sc down left side of the blanket.

    Just keep your stitches even you don't need to achieve a certain number. Just don't let the side pucker and pull together. You can lay it on your lap and see how it's looking as you go along. When you reach the bottom corner, 3 sc in corner, sc across the bottom of blanket following the same pattern of the blanket, 3 sc in corner, sc up right side of blanket. 2 sc in same st as first st worked, join to top of 1st sc, ch 1, turn.

  2. Rnd 2: Sc around blanket, keep working in pattern on top and bottom portions of blanket, on the top corners you are going to continue placing 3 sc in the center sc of the previous row's 3 sc. On the bottom corners, because they are more "pointy" you are going to work 2 sc in the previous row's 3 sc.
    (On the following rounds you kind of just have to eyeball it and find what looks like the center 3 sc would be and put 2 sc in each of those 3 st. At the end of the round, ch 1, turn.

  3. Finish off and weave in ends.

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I really want to make this as a child sIed/large cot blanket, would I decrease the initial chain number by 30 stitches or 34 stitches at a time? Thanks

Absolutely love this pattern. I've made three different sizes of blankets, tried different weights of yarn, blo/not blo, and they all turned out wonderful. I misplaced this pattern between my second and third blanket and tried a few others - none of them I liked. I spent over an hour scouring the internet trying to find this one again. Only thing that I have done different is alter the border. I like a square blanket and so I use a dc/hdc/sc pattern to even the edges. I also like thinner color rows (though that seems to be a rare preference). Here is a picture of two of the blankets in progress. One is rippled (blo) with medium weight yarn and one is smooth with super bulky yarn.

I have been crocheting/knitting for 35 years and this is the first item where the directions are all screwed up....

If anyone has a solution to one stitch short at beg of each row, I am listening!

I've made three blankets with this pattern, all different sizes, with no trouble at all. For the first row, you need to hdc in the second chain from the hook but for every other row, you need to hdc in the FIRST stitch. Is that where you are losing one?

After reading the other reviews, I am glad I'm not the only one with stitch troubles. It will take some time and nerve boggling, but eventually I should figure it out.

I just started it and I am always one stitch short at the beginning of every row??? Very frustrating.

How many total ounces were used to make this afghan?

I remember everyone having an afghan similar to this, but this one has the classic look with a modern touch with the bright colors. It is so nice to have one of these nearby when you want to relax on the sofa at night to just Netflix and chill. No matter how warm it is, I still love my snuggly blankets.

Clearly, the I Love This Yarn! yarns are something I need to be working with, since they come in so, so many wonderful colors and I always hear how great it is from crocheters who have worked with it. How about the name Jelly Bean? I love that! Chevron blankets, for me, have a tendency to roll in all along the edges, left and right. I think this may be the reason why they put a border around it. I should have done that with mine! Thanks for the bright and fun chevron blanket!

On step 1 you say tohdc next 14 st, 3 hdc in next st, hdc 14, skip one ch . Is the "one ch" a typo? I thought you had to decrease and increase the same # of stitches. Row 2 seems correct. Shouldn't row 1 say to sk 2 chains?

Hi josie, Working through the pattern as written should cover all 214 stitches in that first row, so it appears correct to me. Is it not working out correctly for you?

I need help please. I am trying to make this but I am confused as to the end of row 1 how many stitches should be done to end? The begining has 14 but the end has only 7? What am I doing wrong?

Hi whip, Make sure you repeat what's between the two stars/asterisks as you're working the row. After you hdc in the second chain from the hook and sk a stitch, repeat the following down the whole first row until you have 2 chains left: hdc next 14 st, 3 hdc in next st, hdc 14, skip one ch. Then, when you reach the last two chs, skip one and end with hdc in last ch, ch 1, turn. Hope that helps! Julia, AFC editor

for some reason this does NOT copy correctly but believe you all know about the increase that is listed in the pattern. Yeah, that one.

Oops, forgot the there. I meant 304 increases.

I would love to make this for my grandson. It is so beautiful! If I wanted the finished size to be 56X84. how many increases of 30 4 would I add? Please help me.

I do love the look of this Addicted to Chevron Afghan. Once you try the pattern, you will be addicted to it. This pattern is well written and so easy to follow. The colors used in this one are so great for a young man or the old man in my family. I have made a few of these in pink for baby girls in my family and now I think it's time to make a few for the men in the family for sure. Thank you so much for sharing this free crochet pattern.

The pattern is not well written - directions do not work out evenly...

I love the sleek, simple, bright and modern look of this pattern! So nice to see the directions to make it larger. There are so many helpful people on this sight. I see answers to questions given all the time. Please do stick around because I'll probably have a few of my own. Thanks in advance!

I made a baby blanket in a chevron pattern before and liked it, so I think I'll try this pattern and make a larger one. Already thinking about Christmas gifts and this would make a nice one. My grandmother used to crochet chevron afghans so it's kind of a throwback pattern for me. Pinned this one!

I have done this pattern in single crochet and frogged it because it wasn't working up fast and the tight stitch would have made the blanket extremely hot. I decided to follow this half double crochet pattern but the "dips" in the points where you have to skip two stitches are very obvious. You can obviously see a gap where those two stitches are skipped as pictured. However, I did NOT decide to crochet in the back loops only but that wouldn't have changed the result of this pattern. I am happy I am doing this pattern with a dark colour where it isn't so noticeable but I was wondering, is there anyway I can make those gaps not so noticeable because I plan on incorporating pieces of white into this blanket and it will pop out with the white?

I love the chevron look for blankets so much, but every time I try it ends up looking terrible. I am going to try another time and hopefully make something as beautiful as this pattern!

Don't look right probably because directions are incorrect...

I would like to adjust this pattern to make a lapghan. What is the "mulitple" for this pattern please?

Never mind. I see buried in the pattern that it is 30 4. I'm used to seeing it in a more prominent place, not having to read the entire pattern in order to find it.

HI, I would like the Addicted to chevron afghan pattern. Please and Thank you.

Hi there, the Addicted to Chevron Afghan Pattern is actually location on this page. If you scroll down a little bit, there is a section entitled "Pattern," and the pattern begins there and goes on through Round 2 of the border. The pattern is a repeating on, so it might look short, but it's there. :) Hope that helps! Editor of AllFreeCrochet

I would like the pattern Addicted to chevron afghan. thank you!

I cannot get pattern to print. help?

I tried to convert this pattern to a child's size afgan with disastrous results! Please help. ( BTW, this works up beautifully)

I would also like to know about increases and the 4

So if I want to increase the size I add 30 stitches? I do not understand the 4

To increase the size, add a multiple of 30 chains and then another 4 chains. EX 60 4, Increase 64 stitches (30 4, increase 34 stitches). This is to make the pattern come out correctly.

To decrease do we then subtract the total in 30 increments and then minus 4? Thanks x

What does BLO mean

It means you crochet into the "back loop only". Hope that helps!

Which round do you start the BLO? Row 2 or row 3?

Kat, it looks like the pattern wants you to start working in the BLO starting in Row 1 and then every row after that. That way you get that rippled look on the blanket. Hope that helps and good luck when trying out this project!

Thank you so much for this pattern. It's the first (of many, many) ripple or wave patterns that I'm actually able to follow. Maybe it's the hdc instead of ch to turn. Whatever it is, I love it! Also, thank you for including the number of stitches in the repeat so I can size it as needed!

how do i save the patterns i like. I press the hearts and nothing happens

Did you crochet the border twice? Meaning two sets of the two rounds once in the green and then once in the blue? Also in the very first round of the shawl at the end it says work in BLO for every subsequent that starting round one working BLO or round two?

Im a little confused on where you start BLO too.... Any help?

I would like to make this in a baby size. How many chains would I have to make?

I want to use this pattern to make a baby blanket. Do you know how many I would chain to start it for a baby size?

I have made one of these blankets and want to start another. Now, I am unable to see the pattern. Help!

Could you please add me as a blog follower. I have started this blanket and need the rest of the pattern!!!

I viewed this pattern via the link earlier today. I just went back to open the pattern again so I could print it, and I keep getting "access denied" message and it says I have to be invited to read the blog that the pattern is posted on..... (

I love this chevron pattern and guess you could say I'm addicted...have made three and working on my fourth!!

I love to crochet - BUT - I'm over 70 and have no idea what a pdf is - why can't I just print this?? Convert to pdf and then back to doc? What??????? - I've been crocheting for more than 60 years and will just create my own chevron pattern. Thanks, for nothing.

Hi grandmarocks, Thanks for your message. To get the full pattern, simply click on the link that says "click here for crochet pattern." A new window will open up with the full pattern instructions. There is no PDF or anything to download. Simply scroll down a little bit to find the full pattern. I hope this helps! -editors of AllFreeCrochet


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