Mountain Mist Afghan

Mountain Mist Afghan
Mountain Mist Afghan

Using the double crochet and the cluster stitches, you can make this beautiful free crochet afghan pattern. Five different colors are used for a nice contrasting look, but you can choose your own personal color palette depending on your room.

This Mountain Mist Afghan is worked up in an easy crochet ripple pattern and will really remind you of the mountains. If you aren't familiar with the ripple stitch, you'll find that it's not that hard to master once you get going.

Editor's note: Thanks to jolie 5569817 for suggesting the name Mountain Mist, it's beautiful!


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge2 pat reps and 7 rows = 7" [18 cm]

Finished SizeApprox 49 x 55" [125 x 139.5 cm]

Materials List

  • Waverly® for Bernat® (100 g/3.5 oz; 180 m/ 197 yds): Contrast A (55008 Birch White) 5 balls; Contrast B (55013 Bark) 3 balls; Contrast C (55010 Colonial Beige) 2 balls; Contrast D (55205 Greek Sea) 2 balls; Contrast E (55200 Aqua Frost) 2 balls
  • Size 5 mm (U.S. H/8) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge.

For another option of a ripple afghan, check out this video tutorial for a Tricolored Crochet Chevron Afghan


Stripe Pattern

Stripe Pat: 4 rows A, 2 rows B, 2 rows C, 2 rows B, 4 rows A, 2 rows D, 2 rows E, 2 rows D. These 20 rows form Stripe Pat.


Ch 3 at beg of row counts as dc throughout. 

  1. With A, ch 157.

  2. 1st row: (RS). 1 dc in 4th ch from hook. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 3 dc in next ch. Ch 3. 3 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. *(Yoh and draw up a loop in next ch. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook) 3 times. Yoh and draw through all 4 loops on hook – cluster made. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 3 dc in next ch. Ch 3. 3 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. 1 dc in next ch. Ch 1. Miss next ch. Rep from * to last 2 ch. 1 dc in each of next 2 ch. Turn.

  3. 2nd row: Ch 3. Miss next dc. (1 dc in next dc. Ch 1) twice. (3 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc) in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1. Miss next 2 dc. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 1. *Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc). Ch 1. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 1. (3 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc) in next ch-3 sp. Ch 1. Miss next 2 dc. 1 dc in next dc. Ch 1. Rep from * to last 3 dc. 1 dc in next dc. Miss next dc. 1 dc in top of ch 3. Turn. Last row forms Ripple Pat. Cont in Ripple Pat, keeping continuity of Stripe Pat until work measures approx 55" [140 cm], ending with 4 rows A. Fasten off.

  4. Edging: (RS). Join A with sl st in bottom right corner. Ch 1. Work sc evenly up side edge. Fasten off. Rep for opposite side beg at top left corner.

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Have a problem with row 2 "cluster over next" (dc cluster dc) Whatever I'm doing it does not seem right (I have done a lot of chevron patterns but this point does not want to work for me. Have spent an hour looking for the tutorial/video, but no success, the link does not work "page cannot be displayed" can you help please

Hi greengables206 983 7355, we're sorry to hear you're having trouble with this pattern. There is a diagram and video on this page that you might find helpful: We hope this helps! - Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I bought a kit done in greens from Herrschners called Sea Foam Crochet Afghan Kit that is the same pattern. This is the 1st pattern I have ever worked with so I struggled at first but once I got the hang of reading a pattern it was a snap to make. I loved it so much I made a few more in other colors. The only part I found a bit hard was the ending of each row. It seemed off to me and i know I messed it up a few times but a board will cover it up nicely.

The picture I seen has drop down stitches at the points. Is this the same pattern? It doesn't read like it is. I love the pattern.

Hi jliesner, There are a lot of similar patterns out there for sure, but this one is by Bernat. Maybe you're confusing it with a similar pattern by Caron? Thanks Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

How do I print this pattern

Hi momlen, To print you can click the print button located below the pattern. You can also right click and click Print from the menu that pops up or by using your browser and clicking File -> Print. Hope that works! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Wow this pattern must be very popular because I see that it currently has over 600 comments. I have not read over the instructions yet, but with so many comments I think I will troll over those first to see if other are having any issues with this pattern or exactly what lead to so many comments on one post.

Wow, I love the look of this Mountain Mist Afghan! What a great name, it made me look at this pattern. After reading the written pattern, right here on this page. It is a nice basic ripple crochet pattern with great color choices. I have saved this one and will be making it with the colors picked and may give it as a christmas gift. ?? May just keep it.. LOL Thank you so much for sharing this sweet free crochet pattern.

there is a tutorial at this link http// == ghan/

Double crochet and cluster stitches make this afghan look life leaves in the fall. The coloring is great. This color palette is very pretty. The ripple pattern is a fairly simple way to make an afghan so this should work up with no problems. Bernat yarns are a good quality yarn and can be found almost everywhere.

How do I copy pattern writting on tablet?

Hi 2gocubsgoohyeah, I'm not sure I know what you mean. You can register for an account on the site by clicking the link at the top right of the screen and then you can save this pattern to your pattern box. You can also print out this web page or copy/paste the pattern text to a word document and save or print it that way. Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I very often highlight the text of the pattern and copy it. You can use ctrl c on the keyboard of a regular computer (not Mac) to copy it. Then I open a blank text document in Word or Google Doc. Get a cursor on the page and ctrl v. This should paste the text. You can print it very easily from there.

I have so far two patterns saved however HOW can I go to these patterns and PRINT??? When right clicking I do not have that option. Thanks for Beautimous patterns

Ok, so what can a crochet freak do when finding a fabulous afghan like but make it, right? My photo will not upload, I think my PC has an issue, but anyway I used exactly the colors shown although I make it about 50% larger for our huge bed. It is so delicious and snuggly that I am finding it very difficult to get up in the mornings now that Fall is arriving here in South Africa, lol!

Hope this helps others!

Update! I love this pattern. It took me a bit to get the first couple rows but after consulting with a few crocheters I finally "got it!" I have now made this in many different colors. I get the most compliments on this afghan.

what does yoh stand for

Hi bonnie, Yoh stands for "yarn over hook" Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I just finished this afghan. Reading the comments from other people really solved some challenges. I recommend trying the pattern on scrap yarn before investing in all the yarn needed. I'm now ready to make another one for a wedding present.

The colors shown for the Mountain Mist Afghan are truly beautiful. I hope to do this afghan soon. Thank you for the free pattern.

Hi. Where do I start the Row 1 for the second time?

Row 1 is the pattern for the RIGHT side of the afghan, so whenever you are on the right side, work row 1 and whenever you are on the wrong side, work row 2. Hope that helps!

I love making afghans, both knit and crocheted and this looks like one I would enjoy making more than once. It doesn't read like a beginner pattern to me but on the other hand going slow and making sure to do each stitch as instructed it will soon flow and end up as beautiful as the picture.

My problem was not with row 2. Got that, but the problem is the pattern ends on a WS which does not look good when it meets with the single crochet down each side. Anyone else had this problem. Otherwise, the pattern is easy and correct.

NOT an easy pattern

Hi fnaylor, The creators of this pattern, Bernat, decided on the difficulty of this pattern. If you are having trouble working it up, I would suggest contacting them or posting a question on our Facebook wall to see if any other crocheter has tried working this afghan up. Thanks - and good luck! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

this is not an easy pattern, but it is beautiful

Newbie at crocheting but I want to make this afghan. Having troubles understanding the instructions. Someone needs to put a short video out of the first 2 rows for all us dummies on this pattern. That would be a huge help! )

Made a total of ten in different colors. Also made with greens and blues in addition to the green and brown. They all came out beautifully.

Could you help me get mine started? I just don't get the instructions. I bought all that is needed but can't seem to get it right after hours and hours of working on just the first 2 rows. Yours looks fabulous! I'm super excited to make this!

I am in love with the colours in this afghan. It reminds me of a cabin in the woods. I don't think I would change the colours at all. It would be a wonderful afghan for the warmer months, as it's not a solid pattern. It might even make a suitable housewarming gift for a new neighbour!

Love the color scheme. It looks so clean, relaxing and serene. Thanks for giving us the pattern right here. That makes it easy for us.

I would like to make a wider version than the original pattern. Can anyone tell me how many stitches to add to keep the ripple pattern?

Don't give up its worth it and easy once you figure out the pattern. "On the first row, when you make the cluster, you do it on 3 chains... on the second row, when you make the cluster. you do it on one dc, the cluster and the next dc. pulling all those stitches together to make the valley"

How do you download the pattern?

Hi Carolyn, To you can print this page by clicking File and Print on your browser, or you can copy the pattern text by highlighting it all, right clicking and choosing copy. Then you can paste it into Word and save/print it that way. I hope this helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

The easiest way is at the top the little lines on the left of the link page title.Click on them it will take you Tom the readers version. IF You have a PDF converter En just click on that if not you can highlight and ghlight the whole thing and copy it it then print it out or just g

I have tried to do this pattern four times! the first two rows look fine and then when I start the third row it goes wrong?

I started working on this pattern after finding a free copy by Bernat at my local craft store I was struggling with it and so was the person who was teaching me to crochet So i'm rating the pattern as printed with star Luckily my teacher found another version of it in a book she had The solution is that the clusters should be done over stitches so at the end you should have loops on the hook to pull through to finish the cluster The pattern also suggests a longer starting chain The endings are also different for row stop when there is chains left then do the following YO and pull up a loop YO and draw through loops on the hook do this times YO and draw through all loops on the hook To end row when there's stitches left do the ending cluster skip next ch YORead More insert hook in next dc YO and pull up a loop YO and draw through loops on hook YO skip next ch and next dc insert hook into last st YO and pull up a loop YO and draw through loops on hook YO and draw through all loops on hook This pattern suggests that we should have sts and sps Since doing this it's looking great and is an easy pattern to do I hope this helps others

Can you post your pattern for us?

I would like to make this, but the comments concern me. Can you post a tutorial on it?

I am very confused with this pattern! I havent made it past row 1 because the instructions are not adding up. It says 3 dc in next ch. Ch 3. 3 dc in next ch, so this would be worked in 2 chains 3 DC in each according to the instructions. However in the photo it shows this worked in 1 h! Then it says rep from to last 2 h. Now if this is followed then this entire row would be cluster st with the exception of the stitches before the first ! I'm not moving forward on this pattern. It's a beautiful acfghan photoed, but it won't be achieved following these instructions. One star. And only because the photo shows a beautiful afghan! Perhaps if the writer tries this following their own instructions it can be corrected?

Do you repeat Row 2 throughout the pattern? Instructions could be more clear

My afghan is nearly finished and I have to disagree with Mush1963. The "cluster over next dc, cluster, dc" simply means yarn over, pull up first loop of the cluster in next dc, yarn over, pull up second loop in centre of cluster, yarn over, pull up third loop in next dc, yarn over and pull through all four loops on hook.

If you are confused about the "Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc)", this simply means that you will make your next cluster in the middle stitch of the cluster stitch in the row immediately below.

I believe if you put the instructions for the cluster separately if will save on some of the confusion. You would not need all the parenthese in step two.

I'll have to agree with the others, lose the word "Miss" ! Replace it with word, Skip!

I also agree with the others. Round 2 sounds like a mess, if I downloaded this pattern, I would give up after trying the second row. It does need to be written more clearly.

I agree, substitute skip for the miss. The cluster is described in the first row, maybe write it down if need be so you can refer back for the future rows. If you go slowly for the first row and follow the pattern, it should fall into place after that and the reps will be the same. All of the stitches in row 2 are made into the spaces of the first row and into the spaces of each row after that. Sometimes, it even helps to say the pattern out loud as you stitch for the first row or two when it's a confusing pattern... It's not the best written but I have seen and done a LOT worse and this one is worth the effort!

Miss can be substituted for skip. The 2nd row, do what's in the parentheses however many times the number after the parentheses tell you. For example, (1dc ch1 1dc)2 means to do this 1dc ch1, 1dc two times in a row. You will do it once where it tells you to and then do it again in the next CH or space.

Hello, all. I must agree the instructions are not clear. Perhaps, "skip" instead of "miss", and need to clarify what is meant by "over".

All stitches in row 2 are made in the ch1 spaces and ch3 spaces of row 1. You may be having problems with the cluster stitch (the Yoh draw through loop sequence). The cluster stitch is better written at this link https// == 06195104AApBAA3. Let me know if this explains it better or you would like it charted instead

I love the color combination. I agree as others have stated, replace the word MISS with skip, and clarify what you mean by "over."

Hmmm, instructions may confuse some readers. For example, instead of "miss" using the word "skip" is preferable. Also,the second row instructions need to be clearer. It is difficult to understand as there are terms of "over", and "miss" .

As I read this I would change the word miss to skip, it's a bit more descriptive and add the word then to the beginning of the second line. These aren't the clearest of instructions but I've seen worse and have had to go very slowly word by word to get through it. hope this helps.

Instructions sound very confusing. Terms are not standard codes such as miss. Does that mean skip? Nears more clarity.

Is there anything in particular that you cannot understand? Try replacing the word "skip" for "miss".

When I get to second I canot understand directions. Can anyone please explain it better?

some of your patterns need to be debugged! hope you can get this issue worked out. we all love you.

I emailed Bernat and according to them they are not aware of any issues with this pattern? Still can't get a straight answer regarding row two.

I am having difficulty understanding the second row instructions. Perhaps you can rewrite them. Thank you

Please rewrite the second row instructions. I'm not sure what to do with the first first two DC, before the Yo, or when to start the next YO. This is my third time attempting this afghan. I am determined to get it right. PLEASE HELP! I just love the look!

How can I buy this already made )

I would like to make this pattern for a twin bed how many more stitches do i need?

I would love to make this afghan, but I am having trouble finding the recommend yarn in the colors listed. Any help would be appreciated.

I too am having trouble with the directions. The rows seem to be increasing. Instructions must be wrong.

Hi, As the reader below stated: *Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc) instructions: Yoh and draw up a loop in next dc. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw up a loop in top of cluster from previous row. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw up a loop in next dc. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw through all 4 loops on the hook cluster made. Hopefully this will help. Thanks - AllFreeCrochet Editors

I contacted Bernat directly a couple of years ago and was given this explanation of the *Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc) instructions: Yoh and draw up a loop in next dc. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw up a loop in top of cluster from previous row. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw up a loop in next dc. Yoh and draw through 2 loops on hook. Yoh and draw through all 4 loops on the hook cluster made. It made all the difference in the world and this is now one of the easiest patterns I've ever followed. The afghan, in the specified colors, is georgous but I've done it in several other color schemes as well as making a smaller version for babies. I love to make this and give it as gifts.

I made this afghan last winter, purchased the kit from Mary Maxim. I had no issues with the instructions, but the ones I have are somewhat different than those appearing here. A truly beautiful afghan when completed...I just wish it was larger. I bought enough yarn to make two more of the size in the instructions, but will enlarge the pattern instead.

Could you share the instructions that came with the kit. I am totally frustrated with the existing instructions. I would be so grateful. Thank you

Hi everyone, Thanks so much for your messages. We have contacted Bernat and will update this pattern as soon as we have additional information. The pattern on our site appears to be identical to the one on Bernat's site. Thanks! -editors of AllFreeCrochet

Hello I like many others already got the wooll bought up for this afghan, but the pattern is misguiding. I get how to make the "hills" and "valleys" but how to do the edges. I first startet the row with a "hill" and ended it with a "hill" as well, but then I unraveled the whole thing, 'cause I had a feeling each row was increased. I do hope someone can explain it here, I have tried on ravelry but no answear there. thank you so much in advance

spent 50 dollars for yarn and can't make heads or tails of row 2..extremely disappointed..all that money down the drain. does anyone have a similar blanket with better directions?

I give up. Over 65 years of crocheting and hundreds of afghans this is beautiful but what a mess the directions are. No patients for patterns that are not right.

Where the directions above read *Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc).... it should have read *Cluster over next 3 stitches which would be making the cluster from the dc, cluster, dc stitches from the row below. I hope this helps.

I too am having trouble with the pattern and I'm quite miffed about it after spending the money for the yarn. I would be appreciative if someone would rewrite the pattern the right way!!

The rating I gave this afghan is on the directions not the pattern itself The pattern is beautiful if you can understand the directions without undoing and redoing the nd row a dozen times Then what do you do for row on decoded row and up just keep repeating row I have been crocheting for plus years and these are the worse directions I have ever tried to understand Once you understand the pattern and get going this is an easy pattern and goes fast and when finished is beautiful I changed colors on my first one so it would match my denin covered furniture using blues and mauve to match the carpet but I am going to start the original colors next Here is my understanding of Row the dc in next dc skip the next chain space dc in top stitch of the cluster skip the next chain spaceRead More and dc in next dc Chain etc br Hope this helps anyone else out there br E Hayes

I am sorry, I miss typed within the brackets above.... correction .. Row 2 @ the = (dc, cluster, dc) this means to skip the ch 1 spaces between the next 3 stitches in the row below and using the next dc, top of cluster and dc to form the a cluster. Then continue with the Ch 1 ..etc..., sorry if I confused anyone.

I purchased the kit from Herrschners, as someone suggested. The second row is explained better and Pilar has it correct. I am almost half way through and it is such a beautiful afghan. I plan on making several more as gifts and I'm trying to decide if I will change the colors or keep the colors as the original. If anyone has suggestions on different colors that they found worked as well, I'd appreciate hearing from them. Thank you whoever posted this on Facebook.

could u share directions?

Ok, so after doing row 2 twice, and thinking that it looked funky, I started to read all the comments. Everyone was having problems with this row. I re-read the pattern word by word (a couple of times) and came up with this: On the first row, when you make the cluster, you do it on 3 chains... on the second row, when you make the cluster. you do it on one dc, the cluster and the next dc. pulling all those stitches together to make the valley,Ta da!!!!! now that made sense. Still working on it, so i'll see how it ends up.

Pilars is correct. I purchased the kit from Herrschners, as someone suggested, and the second row is clearer. I am about 1/3 done and this afghan is beautiful and fun to crochet. I'd love to make several more so if anyone has any other color combinations that really worked I'd love to hear from them. Working with the Bernat Waverly yarn is also very nice. Thank you to the person that put this on Facebook.

I don't understand *Cluster over next (DC, cluster, DC) ?

I don' understand the 2nd row, can you explain it to me?

I love this pattern, but as a newbie, its quite you have a video tutorial?

I found the video tutorials helpful here... as it's the first time for me using a crochet pattern.. I also started by just working around 5 of the ripples and then turned to make sure it 'looked' correct... I thing to use a foundation row instead of chain to start is also probably better as it needs elasticity for the pattern to sit correctly... again I found out how to do a foundation row on the site above ( everything is shown in left hand and right hand format.. hope this helps !!

It just looks beautiful, I will certainly make it, even though, there are no mountains here in Florida, LOL thanks for a great pattern. Christel

Can't wait for cooler weather to make this! All of my blankets were stolen so want to make this one the first of a new collection.

this is beautiful and different, love it

I am newer to crocheting and have read your comments on row 2 but am still struggling with "Cluster over next (dc, cluster, dc)". Does it mean you are to cluster stitch (which I assume is 3 dc) over the dc, cluster, dc that you did below? Or am I totally wrong in my thinking? Please help! Thanks!

The cluster is where you do yarn over, go into the dc below, yarn over, pull through 2 stitches leave 2 stitches on the hook and do yarn over, into the cluster below, yarn over, pull through 2 stitches leaving 3 stitches on the hook, yarn over, into the next dc below, yarn over pull through two leaving 4 stitches on the hook then finally yarn over and pull through 4... this finishes the cluster.. I watched a video on and found it very helpful to remind me of the names of all stitches as I usually crochet without a pattern. Hope this helps :-)

I want to try this Mountain Mist Afghan. It's beautiful. Where can I obtain this pattern.

I made this afghan with yarn I purchased from Herrschners with colors very close to what the pattern called for, some a bit darker or or lighter, before it was done my friends all wanted it. it was easy and fun to make. I have 4 more request for the same afghan!

Ive been trying for hrs to understand row 2 on the mountain mist afghan pattern please help with where my clusters going...urrrrr frustrated

is there a way to buy the yarn for the Mountain Mist afghan? The colors in the pattern are lovely but I am not sure I can find those exact colors in a store. Thank you

The Bernat website told me that the Michael's near me carried the Waverly For Bernat and I did find it there but not all Michael's carry it. I think you can also buy it online at the Bernat website. I saw it on Amazon. Re: the colors, I have seen it done with other yarn and it was not as pretty. These specific Bernat shades really give a "mountain" feel. Hope this helps.

If you go on the Herrschners website, there is a kit that is complete with the yarn and the pattern.

Started this pattern yesterday with fear after reading the reviews. I have to say I don't know what all the fuss is over on the second row. If you dc cluster dc over the cluster it will go like this, dc over dc, start cluster in ch space between dc and cluster, then dc over dc.

I would say the cluster is 3 dc together

ok, I have this written wrong. The cluster is over the (dc,cluster,dc) I'm sorry.

Thank You... ski gpsy I also have spent hours and hours asked every one I know and with no results. This is CRAZY. I am going to try your suggestions and maybe I CAN do this pattern. Thank you for trying so hard.

I think I've figured out one part of the problem I'm having with this pattern I have spent days scouring the net for help with this pattern I've spent hours watching YouTube crochet tutorials about ripple pattern I've pulled my work apart so many times my yarn is frayed So I started over and made a sample about wide using colors Finally I figured out on Row where it says Cluster over next dc cluster dc --- that in the dc before the 'cluster' I YOH and draw up a loop Then I YOH again and draw through loops on hook - leaving loop on the hook Then I do the same thing in the cluster And I do the same again in the next dc Then I YOH and draw thru all loops on the hook creating --- a CLUSTER I e Cluster over next dc cluster dc I can'tRead More say for sure that I have it all figured out I'm still working on it But at least now its looking like the picture If anyone else has ideas about how to make this pattern work please help us It's a beautiful afghan and I'd like to finish it correctly someday

I just cannot do this afghan...very frustrated!!! Row 2 doesn't seem to be valleys only peaks. I think I have the corrected pattern but I just can't get it to work. Suggestions please??? and Thanks!!

Started this pattern yesterday with fear after reading the reviews. I have to say I don't know what all the fuss is over on the second row. If you dc cluster dc over the cluster it will go like this, dc over dc, start cluster in ch space between dc and cluster, then dc over dc. Read more at

I checked the pattern on the Bernat site and its the same as printed here. I haven't started this afghan yet but hopefully will get to it next week. Maybe someone will have a solution to the problem quite a few are having by then.

can someone please help with this pattern I also am having problems with this, below they have said corrections have bee posted on the bernat site but I am unable to find any here's the pattern but you have to sign up and be logged in to view :)

Started this pattern yesterday with fear after reading the reviews. I have to say I don't know what all the fuss is over on the second row. If you dc cluster dc over the cluster it will go like this, dc over dc, start cluster in ch space between dc and cluster, then dc over dc. Read more at

Please tell where to find the answer to row 2? Maybe some one can make a Youtube video so we can watch how it is really done. I have been to and nothing there. Please help me get this done. Thank You!

okay just read more of the comments.. its not just me.. good to know...:)

I have reread this and reread it.. i am having trouble with the ends coming out to match.. can"t figure out what i'm doing wrong. I feel like the first group of 3dc, 3ch, 3dc, should actually be the first cluster. My starting end is shorter going uphill then my ending going downhill. I've crocheted many an afghan but I'm really confused. I'll try it the other way I guess and report back.. just wondering if anyone else is experiencing any probs with this..

This is so beautiful . love the pattern. Thank you

So beautiful colourful afghan crochet . I will crochet like that.

This is the pattern I've bee searching for for ages, but when I tried to create my afghan with it, it turned out totally different. I believe it has something to do with the cluster. Am I incorrectly reading the pattern? It doesn't even have the zig-zag effect!!!

I LOVE this pattern. I have done a bit on conversions to it and now I have used it to do couch throws, baby blankets, scarves, and even a king size afgan. I have gotten nothing but complements on this pattern and it is so easy and quick to work up. Thank you so much for posting this!

I would like to make this wider than the pattern states. Can you tell me how many stitches to add for the pattern please? Thanks.

I would like to print this pattern for the Mountain Mist afghan but don't see where I can do this... is it here ?

You need to copy/paste into a program like MS Word. Then you can reformat or remove any of the internet junk that comes with it & then you save or print. I save all the patterns so that I can find them again next time I want to make them. If you don't have MS Word, you can simply hit the printer at the top of your Internet tool bar, but you will get all the internet junk printed as well. Hope this helps.

Hi Skeeter, The Mountain Mist Afghan is listed as "Waverly for Bernat - Ripple Afghan" on the Bernat site. Hope this helps. editor, AllFreeCrochet

On the website how is this pattern listed so I can use it in a search to find the correct pattern?

I need help with this pattern. How can I get help?

Someone please provide the American instructions for row 2!!!!!

Ok, after reading some of the comments and my over 50 years of crotcheting, I do not feel like a total fool!!! Someone please let me know about the second row asap!!!

I was up all night trying to duplicate the picture - I think it must be a wrong pattern for the picture as I have accomplished much more difficult crochet patterns than this. Can anyone help me? (I love the picture)

I cannot seem to get the ripple affect on my afghan. The ups are present; however, the downs are not.

It is beautiful. But I couldn't save it, print it, or download it.

this very same pattern was at Michaels as a tear-off free pattern on a rack with the yarns which were from Bernat I went nuts trying to do it then finally called Michaels they had me come to store to meet with their crochet class teacher who immediately told me the pattern as printed was incorrect she showed me how to go to the Bernat website and look for their corrections to their previously printed patterns of course there was the pattern corrected but by then I was so disgusted with the pattern I just ran a few rows to be sure the corrections corrected it and put it away in a bag for a rainy day when I am bored out of my skull and want to pull out and rewind all the yarn I used then start again I haven't got the corrected pattern handy we're away for summerRead More but if you think it doesn't make sense you probably have an uncorrected version go to bernat com you'll have to join free the correction will be there and you will be a lot happier

Could you please share the info? Bernat on line has not responded and I'm getting frustrated!!! Please!!!

I am having problems with row 2, does any one know if you make your cluster in 4 ch. or cluster into 1 ch.? Is there any corrections made to this pattern? Any tips with row two would be a great help.

check out and look for the corrections they made to this pattern. the original version was plain wrong.

This is a beautiful afghan and very easy to make.. Love the color combo I wouldn't change it at all.

jbug who is the desiner of mountain mist afghan

i like the mountain mist,the one with green in it ..i like both but mountain mist just looks cleaner

For those of you having trouble, we recommend contacting the pattern designer directly for help. Thank you!

ginakatt im jbug waiting foraquestion answer .but i can help you the way you start this afagin where it says note read across there it will say chain 157 do that and then start the 1 row with1 dc in 4thch fromhook if you need any more help my e mail is

my problem is you don't show how to start the afgan I mean the only stitches I know to uses is the one to make a doyle and I would like to make the mountain mist afgan so please could you please tell how to start the afgan.

I love mountain mist afgan. i am making it now the problem im having is when you start the 3 row neither row 1 or 2 tells you what to do on the cluster section if i go back to 1 cluster in row 1 the pattern repeat is not rite can you help?

Do you know how to start the afgan and if so could you please send me a picture to my email @ and show me how to begin because i am having troble getting started. 911 person in distress.ahah, gina

I'm totally lost with the directions starting in row 2! I'm new to crocheting... what does "Miss next dc mean. (1 dc in next dc...)twice" (Miss next double crochet? but what does that MEAN?) 1 dc in next dc. Cluster over next etc. I've turned my work and started the 2nd row, but I just don't see what I'm supposed to do and I can't find the answers to what these abbreviations mean. HELP!'s British directions...are all the patterns on this website with British directions? That's great...I just need to know. I'm new at this!

I'm stuck @ row 2 also, did you figure it out???

I have made this afghan. I loved the colors and the Waverly yarn by Bernat is fun to work with. The directions were a trial at first, prefer American directions. I would do this with other colors als.

i like this one because of the slightly different pattern than the ripple, it kinda looks like leaves on the peak area and not a sharp turn, nice touch. the colors would go with any season.

Any combination of colors could be used for this afghan, but I love the ones used in this photo. It reminds me of the mountains in the winter with the greens, browns for the trees and the white for the snow.

I like this one the most but probably would change the green and brown to red and possibly gray or another color compatible with red. Love the whites, though.

I just finished the Mountain Mist afghan, so easy to do but I used Red Heart Yarns, and Vanna White yarns, it came out beautiful! My friend is making this same afghan but in Halloween colors!

I know you could change the colors and make some beautiful afghans, and I probably will, but the first time I make it I intend to use the colors shown. I make afghans for the homeless and I think this would be a nice pattern for people that live in a place that doesn't get too cold.

I like this one the best but they are both nice. I like these colors but I think I would take out the browns and either do just greens and white or add some soft blues.

I would do the Mountain Mist in those same colors. It could be for guy or gal and I like the effect of those colors together

I like this one's texture.

I like this one vs. the other one you asked about because I like the lacy texture. I also really like the colors shown here.

Wow! I like this one much better! Kind of reminds me of my mom working patterns on monks cloth....

Both are very pretty, but I would choose this one over the other one. I agree that you could use other colors.

I would chose this pattern over the other! You could use many other color combinations as well.

I love this pattern, it's a ripple but prettier. I also like the colors. This is a much better pattern than the other ripple.


Beautiful colors and pattern. I love ripple afgans and this slightly different pattern.

I would love to make this afghan. I love it in the colors shown. I would have to change the colors according to who I was making for, if other than myself...I really like this one...It has such a nice delicate look to it...Different...

I'd definitely pick this one over the other and these color choices are nice.

I like the colors of Mountain Mist. It doesn't look as heavy as most ripple patterns. I plan to use this pattern for a baby blanket for my great niece's baby boy due in April. I will probably do it in blues and tans with cream. The shower is in 2 weeks so I better get moving on it.

I . I LOVE this afghan. Soft, light and delicate appearing! I love the color combination, too. I have already purchased yarns in these colors to make it! This is not the usual 'my Grandmother's" tightly, crocheted ripple that you usually expect. I would love to make it also in white w/pastels for a baby afghan.

I would make The Mountain Mist afghan. Its gorgeous! And I would use the exact colors shown!

Wonderful earth tones in The Mountain Mist Afghan, would change the green yarns to pale blue - medium blue.

I think I would make this one...I like the other one but think I like this one just a little more. I would probably use different colors as I normally don't put green/brown together....I normally just put different shades of one color together. I can't wait to try this pattern though.

I like the Mountain Mist the best. It looks like evergreens with snow on the trees and the mountain.

I think I might try this one. I think my oldest daughter would love the design.

I like the Mountain Mist the best. It is different than the other ripple afghans. I saw this one last week on line and decided that I am going to make it using the same colors.

This is a beautiful the colors...would make this in a heartbeat

I love the Mountain Mist Afghan, the colors look nice together. It would make a nice throw to have over a chair or on the sofa. jcg1224

I love the Mountain Mist Afghan, the colors look nice together. It would make a nice throw to have over a chair or on the sofa. jcg1224

The Mountain Mist has fantastic Colors, it's awesome!

I love the Mountain Mist. Wonderful colors. The other one is very pretty but this one is more to my liking. Very beautiful!

I love this just as it is, colors and everything. I will probably end up crocheting this afghan.

I really like this pattern. It's light and airy without being too "holey". I would use these same colors as they look like nature to me.

This is beautiful. I just started crocheting about 9 months ago and I hope I can make this--I LOVE it.

I personally prefer the mountain mist, however, my colors are ivory, lavender and sage green, so would make it accordingly. The colors shown are very pretty too, though

I like this one, especially the colors. The ripples are different than any other one I have seen. I'm going to try it. Thanks.

When I first saw the Mountain Mist Afghan, it was "No Name Afghan." I thought it was so beautiful I could not wait to crochet it, and did so, but with different colors (wish I could attach a picture). I love this pattern, but will probably try the other one next, but with different colors. I work on the phones, following a script, and have many hours to multitask and crochet, but need easy patterns where I don't have to count stitches. Mountain Mist Afghan was like that, and I think the Lace Ripple Afghan would be as well.

I like the pattern - as for the colors, if I think it would depend on who I was giving this to and perhaps where they lived. If this was for my Georgia house, the Mountain Mist would definitely be my choice but if I was making this for my Grandmother then the other would work.

I like the Mountain Mist pattern and would never make the other one. It looks outdated and the colours are too brash. I like afghans that are nice to look at and interesting to crochet.

I love the Mountain Mist Afghan.

I love this one! The soft colors go with most everything. The other reminds me of those three part, old-fashioned coconut candy bars in those exact colors. Limited appeal for most folks.

The Mountain Mist is the prettiest, love the earthy tones.

I love that choice of colours because it is earthy - peaceful colours. I would crochet this afghan in these beautiful earth tone colours. It is very striking in those colours.

The Mountain Mist pattern has much more character :)

I like this one the best!

I like the Mountain Mist too. it is very pretty but I will make them both.

Mountain Mist is my favorite. I love the lacy look combined with the ripple effect--they just go together.

what does "miss next ch" or "miss _________" mean?

It means to skip nezt chainand go in to next.

I like the lacy look and how easy it is!

I love the lacy look and the colors. I'm going to make this one.

I really like the pattern and the colours of this afghan and would definitely make it

I really like the colors of the Mountain Mist Afghan but I especially like the pattern.

Mountain Mist Afghan is my first choice. I made it with very similar colors and it looked awesome!

Land and Sea or Land Meets Sea

You can contact Bernat via to inquire about this pattern.

I am wondering how I can reach the person who made this pattern. I need to clarify how to do this it is not working for me. I thank ou in advance for reading this. Lori

I am trying to crochet this but my results do not match the picture. I can't seem to make the pattern work for me to match up to the picture. Could you please help me as I would really like to make this. The part I am really having trouble with is the 3 dc in next ch. Ch 3. 3 dc in next ch. It just doesn't look like the picture. Pleeeease help!

I have been doing this pattern and it is not working out as the pattern states. could there be mistakes in the pattern. I followed it as exact as I could, but I am not getting that look that looks like branches on a tree.

I fear I've finally gotten a password and logged in too late, but just in case, here's my suggestion for a name for the afghan.....Autumn's Forest, for all the little trees that dip into the row above (or below as the case may be), and I made one for my granddaughter whose name is Autumn!!!! Heidi DeWitt

How about "Forest Dream"? It is so calming.

How about naming it Green Tea and Chocolate? (always food on the brain) ;}

This is beautiful! Thank you! I just put it as #1 on my To-Do list!

Thanks to everyone who participated in naming this project. The winner is jolie 5569817 for the suggestion of Mountain Mist!

I would name it ... "Grasshopper Pie" . It reminds me of green creme de mint, chocolate and whipped cream .

This beauiful afghan should be named "Fruit Ripple". In the colors shown its reminds me od beautiful "Pineaples". I am currently making one in shades of purple and greens. The "Grape" verison. Thank you for all your wonderful Free patterns!

I think this is one of the most beatiful afghans that I have ever seen....and like some othe comments showing it also makes me think of snowy mountains-br the name I would to submit is "Snowy Mountain in Spring"

Snow in the Woods would be a good name for this afghan.

These colors are beautiful - they remind me of a snow-covered forest. I think the perfect name would be "Aspen Forest."

My suggestion is to call it "charlie brown' because it reminds me of his shirt. : ) alicia

Since this looks to me like like fresh snow in a pine forrest my suggestion is: Snow on the Pines.

The second I saw this afghan I thought of Salt Water Taffy and a walk on the Boardwalk.

I think it should be called Mint Mocha Cream. It makes me think of a quiet winter morning beside the fireplace drinking Irish Coffee!

I believe this afghan should be named Wintertime Bliss! Carolyn T.

My suggestion is New England Winter -

Fireside Mountain Lodge Afghan

Definitely something ocean related . . . maybe Sand, Sea & Whitecaps???

My suggestion is COZY BEACH WAVES

No Name Afghan should be renamed Desert Evening, because the colors are those of succulants, cacti, sand and rocks. Brenda B.

Mint Chocolate Dream - the colors remind me of mint chocolate ice cream, which is dreamy!

I suggest the name of this afghan be Rocky Mountain Winter; that's what it reminds me of.

This afghan is so lacy that I think Winter Lace would be a very good name for it. I love the colors and think they are well suited to each other. Thank you for this pattern... I can hardly wait until I can buy the yarn to make it! Carol Bromund

Winter Woods Ripple Afghan.

Piney Woods warmth !

I think this is so pretty and reminds me of autumn colors... I think Autumn RIpple was a name that came to my mind about it. thanks for all the nice patterns..and enjoy the site! sincerely, donna beem, oakwood, ga

This pattern looks like "Winter Warmth" Afghan. The warmth of an afghan along with the subdued colors of winter snow and the forest.

I think it should be called "Apples and Cinnamon"

Minty Chocolate Ripple because it reminds me of yummy icecream, which I love in the winter!!! Terri Timmons

When I saw this afghan the first words that came to me were Sand and Surf. Judy Russell

A Walk in the Woods seems appropriate and catchy.

I think Northern Thoughts would be a good name. The green is for the Northern Lights, white is for the snow, browns are for the trees and earth and animals up north. Pattern is great I am trying to print it out so I could see if I can make it. Having some problems doing this.

Not poetic, but it looks somewhat like a "Multi-colored Snowflake Lace Afghan" to me. (Or should that be Multi-colored Lace Snowflake Afghan?) It does look like both snowflakes and lace.

I would name it Yukon Gold Ripple Mining!

I think Snowy Pine Forest should be the name for this afghan pattern. Deidre Pickett

"The Five" would be a good name for this afghan. The 5 different colors helps a creator know how many colors there are without counting them all.

Misty Waves - like the ocean at dawn

Shoreline Ripples would be a great name for the afghan. The colors remind me of the reeds and cattails that grow near the shore of a lake with the water rippling through them


Beautiful and Delightful design very appealing. I think it should be named Dreamy Winter Delight.

It reminds me of Chocolate Peppermint - hence the name could be Chocolate Peppermint Cream.

I think it should be named Winter Whisper.

I think the name should be "Spring Growth" because it reminds me of spring when all the new flowers, leaves etc are starting to grow.

"Autumn Lace" -- it reminds me of the end of Autumn/beginning of winter, the colors of Autumn & the first fallen snow!

It looks light and airy so my name would be : light and lofty cluster ripple afgan Liz Lewis

My suggestion for a name is Comforting Ripples. Thanks for a great site.

It looks like an "Ocean Tide".

I would call it "chocolate sorbet" the green reminds me of mint sorbet and the brown, well chocolate of course.

"Aspen Afghan" -- it reminds me of trees and pine cones in snow.

* Four Seasons * - a year ago our family moved to Florida's Space Coast.......well, being from New England, I miss each season bringing on their individual beauty of sight, smell and when I saw this afghan, and its' colors, my first thought were of the four seasons........(fall and winter are my favorite)

Bargello Winter Landscape

I think the name for this afghan should be "Snow in the Mountains". It's a beautiful pattern.

Rocky Mountain Pines

Winter in the woods

Very nice pattern, I would call it The Ripple Effect

Thi is a lovely design. I think a good name for the design is "Rippled Snow on Fall"

I think the afghan should be Northwoods Wonderland. Nona M.

I think it should be Peppermint Pattie.

Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

"Sea & Sand Ripple". I have been overseas, and this shade of greens made me think of the mediterrain sea.

I think a fitting name for this afghan is; Fall into Winter!

My suggestion for the name of this afghan is "Through the Forest"

My suggestion for the name of the afghan is "Lacey Forest".

"Soft Ripple Afghan"

I see the pattern as "Amber Waves Afghan" It is like looking at the trees, grass, & sky with a soft breeze blowing.

Cozy Harvest Afghan

My suggestion for the name of this afghan is Soft Lacy Ripple

Name suggestion "Snow Mountain" or "Snowy Mountain" or "Early Season Drifts"

My suggestion is "Big Sir" Ripple

My suggestion for naming the afghan is "Winter Forest."

My suggestion for the name of this afghan is CHOCOLATE MINT

NATURE'S PURITY AFGHAN, the colors fit together for a clean, natural look.

The colors green & brown remind me of the woods .... So, I submit the names: Woodland Fantasy Woodland Ripple Woods and Wonder

I like the name"Waving TreeTops" because they look like tree tops.. I think it is beautiful.. Thanks for sharing

It looks like "Canadian Scenery" to me.


How about "Greek Forest"??? Thanks, RJillOK

These colors are excellent. I would name the afghan "SILENT HUES" Really enjoy your website. Thx.

A day at the beach. And I love it! Susan Baxter

this looks yummy makes me think "Chocolate & Peppermint Delight" thanks Sharon

I would call this afghan, "Winter Spruce Trees" I live in the Colorado Rockies and these colors remind me of our big beautiful spruce trees!

I would name it ALPINE RIPPLE as the colours make me think of the sun shining on a crisp snowy mountainside with fresh pine trees glistening and complete calm surrounding the scene.

The thought that came to my mind was Winter Woodland Waves...beautiful colors for winter!

How about "Ivy on the garden fence." Barbara

I would name the afghan "Cedars and Cinnamon in the snow" JjKiser

Winterskol, or Aspen's glow, it reminds me of John Denver's old song where I imagine the beautiful landscape of browns and greens of the Aspen trees covered by a blanket of snow.

i think the name should be RIBBONS OF JADE AND JASPER beautiful gemstones. thank you barbara

I would call it : "Leaves and Lace" --- the fall colors of greens and browns remind me of the leaves of fall changing colors and the white reminds me of lace in all its purity of white .

it looks like a ski resort area I would call it 'Winter Wonder". I see the trees, snowy mountains and snowflakes.

I suggest "Seaside Ripples" for this afghan.

I'd like to name the No Name Afghan as followsbr br Springtime Romantic Lace Ripplebr br

"Go with the Flow" Afghan. Seems fitting for the design.

This is a GORGEOUS afghan - I suggest calling it 'Anticipating Spring' or 'Spring Glory'...

I would call this pattern Angels Lace.

I would call this Spring Moss because of the colors.

My suggestion to name this beautiful piece would be "Alpine Mint" Ripple Aphgan.

I think this pattern should be called "Tiny Pinecones"

i think this should pine snowflake rippleafghan

I like Lacy Forest Afghan.

Good name = winding winter roads!

Fall Evenings

This afghan should be called 'Sand and Sea'

I would call this beautiful afghan Woodland Beauty.

My suggestion for the name would be "Echoes of Winter".

"Winter Frosty"

I would call this afghan "Snowflake Cluster Ripple"

Cool Mint Ice Cream Throw

I think it should be called "mint ripples". The colors remind me of the different flavors of mint.

"The Minty mocha ripples" for this warm afghan.

I think ripples of fall, or hint of fall.

Trees in the Forrest or just plain Forrest

I would name this beautiful afghan "Frost on Pine Ridge".

Winter Woodland is what I think would be a good name for it.

I think it should be called Alpine Lodge Cozy.

"Peek-a-Boo Ripple" fits this lovely afghan due to the open work.

I would call this lovely Afghan "The Four Seasons" due to the Spring Greens, Summer Tans, Autum Browns and Winter Whites... peebee3

peppermint patty- it reminds me of a thin mint cookie

Frosty Winter Woods

I see the pattern as I would call it Snowflakes Delight....

Forest Ripple Dream

winter time in the forest

I like the name "Rustic Elegance" for this afghan. It uses rustic colors, but it is a lacy-looking elegant stitch.

I would name this afghan "Frosty Pine Forest." It looks like my beloved Ponderosa Pine forests covered in the heavy frost from the riverbottom.

I thought of --Walk Among the Follage Patsy

"Autumn Bliss" It looks so soothing and peaceful.

This reminds me of my favorite ice cream "Chocolate Mint" & sometimes I put Marshmallow Cream on top of it. YUMMMM

I believe a good name for this afghan is, "Over the Waves". Rated on November 19,2011 by member 5814061.

I would give this beautiful afghan the simple name WINTER. So soft so peaceful.

Navajo Spring

What came to mind when I saw this was Pine Needles and Pine Cones, so that is what I would name it.

Earthly Pleasures comes to mind when I look at this afgan.

Autumn Glow

I would call this afghan "Changing Seasons" because the colors seem to represent spring and summer(greens), fall(browns), and winter(white for the snow). I have got to make this one.

spearmint christmas

How about "Lacy Ripple"

The first name that came to my mind was "Whispering Pines". It's like walking through a pine forest in the winter.

Forest Glade

snowy mountain ripple

This afghan reminds me of "My Spring Garden". What a lovely pattern

This afghan reminds me of " Acorns in Autumn Trees" by fayneal

I would call this project"Desert Dreams Afghan"...the colors remind me of the sand,cactus and camel one would see in a desert.

I thought Sand and Sea when I first saw the picture. Very soothing.

I would call this project Sea Foam.

I think Elegant would be a good name. It is very elegant looking.

Pines in Winter

This reminds me of "Early Autumn Snow"...The snow has fallen on the leaves that are still on the trees and the sky is the winter blue..sooo peaceful and new.

Celery and Mustard Ripple

"Frosty Forest Pathways" is what came to mind when I saw it. It is Lovely.

Caribbean Autumn, reminds me of the dry and wet sands, sea oats and the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean.

This reminds me of the First Forest Snowfall.

I would call this project "Autumn Leaves"

Zen Garden looks very comforting

Mountain Waves

Winter forest fantasy.

I would name this afghan Railroad Ties

Yosemite Beauty comes to mind - a frozen waterfall in a softly falling snow. Definitely a beauty, this pattern is a great project for winter evenings in front of the fire!

Winter Woodlands Afghan

Autumn Sand Dunes comes to BABSY C

I would name this afghan.....AUTUMN BEGINNINGS!!

Snow in the forest-the first thought that came to me.

Waves on the beach is what it looks like to me. Love the colors!!

It should be called "Brain Waves Afghan". My first thought was brain waves when I looked at the picture. Our brains are always busy working to create, solve, think, and rest. Each colored ripples represents the different aspects how are brains are constantly working.

Mocha Mint Ripple

The first thing I thought of was electric waves. Beautiful color and design.

Autumn Symphony really says what I saw when I looked at the finished photo Terrb

I would name this pattern "Fall Seas" because of the deep aqua waves and the deep colors of wet sand in the fall light.

Winter Forest first thing that popped into my head when I saw it.

Snowflakes in the Forest

WINTER FIR should be the name for this afghan

"Fall to Winter Afghan". I sat and looked at this afghan for awhile and tried to think what does this afghan make me think of? This was an odd pairing of colors I thought, but in made me think of different seasons. The browns made me think of fall when the leaves change and fall from the trees. The pale greens and white made me think of winter when everything is snow &/or ice. That's my suggestion. Carol @

I think the name should be "Parfait", because of all it luscious layers!

I would call it "Autumn Leaves" because of the fact that some of the leaves in Fall are still shades of green and some are shades of brown.

Walk in Winter Woods is the perfect description of this afghan pattern! The frosty greens are the pine trees, the brown is the tree branches and trunks, and the white is the snow covered paths between the trees. It is the only name for this afghan that perfectly fits the design and colors used!

I would name this project "Chocolate Mint Truffles"

Snow-capped Pines

Name it "Ripples at the Seaside"

Three season afghan from summer, fall and winter white

I would name this afghan Mint Chocolate Waves.

I like green tea and chocolate

Winter Woods. This afghan reminds me of the primary colors you would see in the winter. Also the pattern reminds me of the branches on the trees in the winter.

This reminds of of the woods in winter, so I believe it should be named Winter Wonderland.

It reminds me of Aspen trees with white snowcaps......How about naming it "Aspen Peaks".

The first thing I thought of is the forest with the deer and greenery and the beauty of nature it holds. I think the name should be "Nature's Throw".

The colors in this beautiful afghan remind me of what I see when walking in the woods. The colors transcend the seasons, so "Woodland Path" would be my choice for the name.

I like Forest Snowflake.

My suggestion is "Tranquil Breeze" - I don't know - It was just the feeling I had when I saw it, apart from the beautiful lacey/breezy appearance of the pattern. One I will definitely want to try! Thanks for the fun!

My immediate respnse was "Icy Waves". It definitely is a beautiful pattern!

I think the name could be Transition... it reminds me of trees going from summer to fall with snow arriving before its time. My husband says The Storm

I thought of "Winter Wonderland" as a name for this afghan. It's beautiful!

The first thing I thought of when I saw this pattern was "Snow in the pines" What a gorgeous color combo!!!

the afghan should be named "forest through the trees"

I think "Tides of Ocean Seaweed"

I think a good name would be breezy waves, just right for a little warmth when it weather turns cool, has the look that the wind can breeze through and make the waves.

This reminds me of the winter as well... The evergreen trees against the sleeping trees... the snow drifting.. gorgeous work.. my name for this would would be- 'Winter Breeze' Lovely work sj

Spruce 'n' Snow *or* for the South (where we live now) Spanish Moss. This pattern is beautiful and really appeals to me.

This afghan pattern reminds me of being cuddled up in a cabin with snow covered trees in the mountains. I think a good name for this pattern would be Cozy Cabin Comfort. Can't wait to make my own. Thanks for the free pattern.

I think "Winter Wilderness" would be an appropriate name. It really is beautiful! I live in Alaska and it really reminds me of the street I live on!

I think Cool Breezes would be a good name for this afghan. The colors are beautiful together!

It reminded me of winter in the mountains , so I like: Alpine winter.

Pinetrees and Pineones is what I would call it. That's the first thing I saw when I looked at it. So very crisp looking. Beautiful!!!

this ripple afghan reminds me of pine trees in winter with the snow around. I could name it "winter pine tree" pattern

The colors are eye catching just like the first snow of winter. So I think it should be named. THE FIRST SNOW OF WINTER

I think you should call it Autum leave afghan

Autumn Leaves

I think it should be called Fields of Grains, it has a flowing feeling when you look at it. Beautiful pattern, one that would look great in most any combination of colors.

Snow Falling on Cedars

I think this afghan should be called Fall Splendor

The moment I saw this it reminded me of walking on the beach of Lake Michigan during the winter which is kind of funny since I live in Oregon and Lake Michigan and the Oregon coast are pretty similar. My name for it would be "Drift Wood." Isn't it interesting how many people connected this afghan with the sea? Debra A-B

I think it should be called Autum Tones

The name should be "Mint-Chocolate latte."

I think it should be called Ripples of Fall

My thoughts of a name is "Ripple surf and turf" as it reminds me of sea and land. good pattern.

I thought of Easing into Winter when I saw the afghan. Still a little Green, but the brown reminds me of the leaves drying up, and the pine cones on the ground. But here comes the snow. The colors go very well together.

It's a beautiful pattern and the colors remind me of the water lapping up on the beach so my suggestion would be Sea Foam on the Beach.

When I first looked at this afghan my thought was of a cabin in the woods. So my suggestion would be Cabin in the woods afghan.

I have croched several of this rippled pattern afghans,but this is the most beautiful color scheme. I would name it as "Pleasing colored rippled Afghan" I love this pattern it is my favourite thing to make.

This afghan reminds me of a winter forest of dark pine trees covered with snow, with a bit of the trees' greenery peeking through, so I'd call the the afghan Winter Forest.

When I first saw this afghan it reminded me of pinecones in the winter and the thought of pinecones brings to my mind of" Jaycee Dugard", her last thought was seeing pinecones on the ground before her life was stolen, so I want to name this afghan after her, "Jaycee's Winter Pines"...

This afghan reminds me of "Snowflakes Among the Pines", so that is my suggestion for the name of this beautiful afghan. So delicate like snowflakes.

Love the colors... absolutely gorgeous. The first thing that came to mind were pistachios. The pistachio ice cream with nuts and chocolate flakes. My suggestion is: Pistachio Dream

Chocolate Mint Cookies & Cream Afghan

I love the colors and the pattern of this afghan. It's a warm feeling to have it on a cool and brisk evening. Its a "Blustery Winter" afghan.

I think this afghan looks like "Natural Beauty", very lovely. Hope I can make it after the holidays are over, I'll have more time then. Thanks for the great website.

I first saw the picture "Snowflake Ripple" popped into my head. Beautiful afghan!!!

This looks perfect for where we Lake Tahoe, Nevada... I'd name this one "Woodlands" because it so reminds me of the trees, their trunks and the snow that we're actually getting right now!! Lovely.

Forest Ripple: love the earthy colors!

I'm thinking "Snowy Spruce" ... the colors remind me of spruce trees and the lacey eyelet reminds me of a soft snowfall....pretty afghan to snuggle next to fireplace with

The colors in this afghan remind me of a Winter Wonderland. The white snow, the brown of tree trunks and the different shades of green of the evergreen trees. I can't wait to make this one.

Coral Reef...... white waves tips, white coral,rocks, and sea.

My sister made this afghan for me! I call it " MY CHERI AFGHAN", because my sister is named Cheri. Perfect!

As soon as I saw this I thought "yum, mint chocolate!" So I would like to suggest Mint Chocolate Ripple for the name. Mima Cyndee

Sea 'n Sand, the afghan is beautiful - reminded me of the ocean waves and the beach.

Since I am a country girl, the design looks like "Country Frost"

Mountain Pines

I will call it "Alpine Waves".

The first thing that came to my mind was "Pine Tree in Winter" because of the lighter colors of green, which pine trees seem to be a little lighter then, brown for the branches and bark, white for the snow of winter. Very pretty pattern and colors.

I think because it looks so lacy and it looks like there are tall pine trees in it, it should be called "Lacy Woodlands"

I would call it a "SNOWFLAKE CLUSTER AFGHAN". I love the look of the variated colors. I think I will make one for next year in rainbow colors.

I would name this afghan "Brick-a-brack" as it reminds me of the zig-zag brick-a-brack we sewed on aprons and dresses for trim. It really brings back memories for me.

It reminds me of the woodlands. I would call it "Woodsy Ripple Afghan."

I suggest the name for the afghan should be Indian Summer because of their legend the Lakota Indian legend says that Many moons ago when the world was still very young the plant and animal life was enjoying the beautiful summer weather But as the days went by autumn set in and the weather became colder with each passing day The grass and flower folk were in a sad condition for they had no protection from the sharp cold Just when it seemed that there was no hope for living he who looks after the things of His creation came to their aid He said that the leaves of the trees should fall to the ground spreading a soft warm blanket over the tender roots of the grass and flowers To repay the trees for the loss of their leaves he allowed them one last bright array of beauty That isRead More why each year during Indian summer the trees take on their pretty farewell colors of red gold and brown After this final display they turn to their appointed task-covering the Earth with a thick rug of warmth against the chill of winter I suggest the name for the afghan should be Indian Summer

I would call it "Frosted Beauty" as I could use it with white, pink and green to mimic Roses Frosted Beauty or like this one with white, green and brown to mimic Mountains Frosted Beauty or with shades of blue to mimic Lake Frosted Beauty etc.

These colors remind of sand and surf, and the white foam of the ripples on the I suggest "Beachy Ripples".

How about Wintery Woodland Splendor

How about --A Ripple Through the Forest.

"Driftwood Rolling on the Waves" or "Snowflakes Blanketing Waves and Driftwood"

I would name it frosted pine neddles

Pattern looks frosted, I would call it frosted leaves

I would name it "Snowkissed Wildwood" or " Snowkissed Wildwood Lace"

My first thought was "Autumn Bliss" so that's what I would name it. The soft colors remind me of the leaves before and after they fall from the trees in anticipation of being covered with a blanket of creamy snowflakes.

Feather Ripple Afghan. I assume it can be made in many colors so I would choose a more general name. Margaret

Change of Seasons ripple afghan. (makes me feel as if I'm wrapped by the sea, autumn and winter) It's like 3 vacations in1.

My first thought was "Forest in Winter"

It shows just a whisper of country and trees so I would name it "Country Whisper."

Mountainside Forest - first thing I thought of as it reminded me of the Western Maryland mountains.

I would call this "Mountain Snowflake Lace". The snowflake lace was apparent right away and the pine green and browns remind me of the forests in the mountains of the Cascades, Rockies, Sierras and Tetons. This is a beautiful afghan and I look forward to creating it for my home and curling up in front of the fireplace to keep toasty warm on a winter evening.

Alpine Lace Ripple

This immediately made me think of a Robert Frost poem, so I would call it "Snowy Evening."

This makes me think of the hills of Oklahoma and my youngest granddaughter, a Pawnee Indian. I would name this Pawnee Prairie Wind.

the afghan shows winter summer and fall I would name it " 4 seasons"

I would name this pattern: Clusters of Winter Colors Afghan

The first thing that came to mind was "Woodland Wonder".

This looks like either "Mint Chocolate Chip" or "Chocolate Mint".

prairies and hills

I would name this pattern, simply winters lace.

I would call it "Snowey River" has the earthtones, tree colors, snow colors etc. in it. reminds me alittle of walking along side a river bank. crochet mom

When I seen the pattern the first thing i thought was the beautiful "Winter Hues" combined in one setting.

Would love to name it after my granddaughter. Reminds me of her beautiful hair when it is braided. Her nickname is CC. The name I choose is...........CC's Weave.

My first thought on seeing this beautiful afghan was "Fairy Wonderland" It looks, light, lacy and wonderful. I think that the fairies must have made it.

I would call it Waves of Grain. That is what I thought of the first time I looked at it.

I would like to name it Cozy Cocoa Mint

I would call it Cairngorm which is the ski capital of Scotland. I am thinking snow, heather and chilly mountain streams not to mention red deer and mountain hares.

Because of the peaks and dips in this beautiful pattern, I would call it "Mountains And Valleys".

I Would call this Pattern " Crystal Lace Afghan".

I can see that I was not the only one whose first impression of this beautiful afghan was that of a snowy forest. I would like to suggest naming it "A Walk in a Winter Forest." It's beautiful!

How about Snow on the Pines, or Alpine Winter Snow.

I would like the name Spruce Forest.

Name: for afghan= Snowflake Ripple

Suggested name Winter's Harmonybr It reminds me of sitting in a cabin looking at the pine trees with snow. I might add a little red to it for the cardinals!br Gloria Evansbr

I would call it Snowflake Ripple, really pretty pattern.

I would call it "Rhapsody in Bargello". No matter what you decide to name it, I am making it this winter. It is absolutely beautiful. Marilyn

I would call this pattern Snowy Pine. The afghan reminds me of the Forest in the winter time. It is just gorgeous. I can't wait to make one. I have been looking for a pattern to make an afghan for my oldest son, and daughter-in-law. Deborah has just been diagnosed with MS., and hopefully all the love put into this afghan will remind them how much love and support they have from our family.

The first thing that comes to mind is "Snowflake Forest". It is calming and serene to look at.

"Evergreen Afghan" - it has the beautiful evergreen colors with the winter snow color.

I would call this afghan "Winter Landscape" ! It reminds me of freshly fallen snow in a field.

I would call this pattern "Sand and Sea". It reminds me of the beach with the warm sand and clear ocean water.

What about "Beautiful Ripple Window Topper"? It is lovely!

"Pines in the Snow" - it reminds me of snow on the pine needles. You can almost smell and feel the oiney woods on a winter day.

How about "Mountain Mist" it is beautiful!

This pattern should be called FALL BEAUTY.

I would call this afghan "Chocolate Mint". It is layer after layer of smooth rich taste. Barbara O., NY

Mojave DayLight - reminds me of the Mojave desert with seablue skies and white clouds above

I would call this pattern Sandalwood. I look at it done in those colors and I think of that fragrance. It has the beauty of the rich brown woodsy tones; the light touch of airy green mosses; and surrounded by a soft white cloud. The stitch pattern has a feminine touch of softness. It is truly beautiful.

I would call it "Winter Day". It looks like a forest with snow on the trees.

I suggest "Forest in Early Spring".

Looks like FALLING LEAVES to me.

I would call it "A Walk In The Forest. It makes you feel relaxed and almost able to smell the pinecones.

Considering the way the darker color intrudes into the white area and the pattern it makes, I think it should be called Antler Ripple.

I would call this afgan The Forest of Snowflakes Dolly F of PA

It shall be called "Sherwood Forest", the colors bring you walking through a forest and wondering what is around the corner

"Mocha Mint" sounds like a perfect afghan to snuggle under with a yummy hot cocoa.

This is a gorgeous afghan. I'd call it "Winter Tranquility."


I would call it Autumn ripples.

Looks like a perfect Winter Solstice to me. Warm, relaxing, dreamy and comforting in front of a crackling fire. Dotsy H, Georgia

Autumn Breeze

i would call this afghan autumn blaze. i love the beautiful colors

Pine Forest Ripples!!

"Spring Forward & Fall Back into Snow Drifts" is the name I like.

It was love at first sight with this "Sylvan Shores" afghan. Reminiscent of scenes from the Pacific Northwest, where white-tipped waves crash against cliffs that are crowned with fragrant evergreen forests. Gorgeous pattern; this one has it all!


I'd call this afghan "Rippling Snowflakes". by Jan Rosa

I suggest the following name for this afghan: Shock Waves

Fantasy Forest is my suggestion for naming this beautiful afghan. Rebecca B. - Little Elm, TX 11/18/2011

This lovely afghan should be called "Chocolate Mint Ruffle". That is what it reminded me of chocolate and mint.

"Autumn Frost Throw" It makes me think of leaves turning in fall.

Woodland Christmas - I LOVE this afghan. Will be getting the yarn this weekend for my next project! BEAUTIFUL!!!

This is a very pretty pattern. I would call it pine needles.

This should be called "Fall into Winter"

"Winter Woods" throw. Love it!

I think ' Winter Desert' would be a good name. The colors remind me of the first winter storm at the edge of the desert. The ripple effect makes me think of sand that has been windblown. the lacy pattern reminds me of the lace of snowflakes.

My first thought was Rocky Mountain High!! Love this!

It looks like "Fern" to me. I'll be making at least two of these, it's incredibly beautiful.

My first impression was a Shaggy Ripple and this is certainly meant in a good way....beautiful. Mary Jo Moody

Taffy Candy

It makes me think of an "Enchanted Forrest" ... trees and's beautiful!

I suggest Ripple Delicious.

my choice would be open view ripple afghan

It reminds me of a Winter Forest.

For love of evergreens

Since it reminds me of a pine tree in the snow, I suggest SNOWPINE.

It is the ocean on a windy, cold day; therefore, "Ocean Whitecaps."

reminds me of falling leaves, so thats what I would call it "Falling Leaves"

"Aspen Winter" Throw. Reminds me of walking in the forest ona snowey winter day.

Since it looks like waves to me and the brown... Surf and Turf!

I would call it Mint Chocolate Dream!

This is really beautiful. I would call it Autumn Clusters.

I suggest"Winter Wonderland" for the pattern name

I love the beautiful nature colors-- I would call this pattern "Woodland Lace"

this pattern reminded me of on winter i was in wyoming. the pine needles on the snow is what this pattern looks like

I would call this lovely afghan..........AUTUMN LACE.......

This is beautiful! When I first saw it I thought of the word splendor. The colors remind me of nature, so my suggestion for a name would be "Nature's Splendor Ripple Afghan".br br Sheila Walkleybr

I think it should be called Mystic Cluster Beauty. reason is as mentioned in how it is made in cluster in description.

The no name afghan should be named chocolate and vanilla mint.

The earthy colors and lacey look inspired the name "Mother Earth Lace". Beautiful pattern!

This afghan should be named "Ice Dreams".

To me, it looks like "Snowing in the Pines"

This afghan should be named "Autumn Leaves". It looks like the changing of seasons and time to keep warm.

This beautiful pattern looks like" Angel Wings" and this is the name I offer.

I think Snowflake would be a perfect name since that is what the stitch reminds me of!

Forest dreams. This is so calming. Love the patern and the colors. Very relaxing.

lacy ripple

Snow on the mountain

My first glimpse of the afghan reminded me of lichen and moss so I would call it "Moss and Lichen".

Greek Isles Afghan

"Surf 'n' Sand" Although it may not be keeping with the season I see waves lapping at the shore...

THREE SEASONS AFGHAN The color combo reminds me of Fall, Winter & Spring.

It reminded me of a pine forest in winter.... so that's what I'd call it... Pine Forest in Winter

"Evergreen Frost"

My first thought was Wilderness Ripple

"Early Winter Snowfall" describes the appearance of the brown and tan earthtones still waiting to be covered.

It reminds me of a pine tree covered in snow: WINTERLAND.

I would call it ecologically complete ripple!

I think "Glacier Pine" would be a nice name for this afghan.

Featherlite Ripple Afghan because it looks wonderfully lightweight and breezy looking like ocean waves.

When I saw this afghan my first thought was "Autumn's Winter". It is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of cozy nights snuggled by the fireplace with this afghan.

When I saw this afghan my first thought was "Autumn's Winter". It is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of cozy nights snuggled by the fireplace with this afghan.

My first thought was "Wintergreen Woods". I love this color combination. It makes me think of walking through the snow to a little cabin in the woods and wrapping up in the cozy afghan by the fireplace. Susan Kasten

I love the afghan, I think it should be called "DREAMY HUES", colors can be changed for each season, it is so pretty, can't wait to try making it....

I think you should name it pearl island! I see the beautiful green water, warm sand and the wonderful pearls.

It is very woodsy, artistic and playfully enchanting. How about: Winter Enchantment Afghan

nature's best

I thought of the "Transition" from summer to fall.

My first thought when I saw it was "Winters Warm Wrap". Love the colors.

My title for the afghan (NO NAME) isbr Pine Trees in Snowbr br Marlene Wardbr

when i saw this pattern i thought of "majestic fall leaves"

Chocolate Mint Taffy Pull

The colors remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream, my favorite. That is what I would call it

Forest Reflections. This pattern is like looking into the reflections in the lakes in the Tetons near Yellowstone Park. It carries that same feeling of "which is the reflection, which the reality?" along with a sense of wind coming through the trees across wide open spaces. I really love the elegant simplicity of the pattern carrying so much meaning.

After seeing the colors in this afghan, I would have to name it "Ripples of Fall." Just that when I first saw this afghan this is what I thought of.

Forest Frost