Beginner Squares Afghan


Beginner Squares Afghan

Beginner Squares Afghan
Beginner Squares Afghan

There is nothing better than the feeling of finishing a crocheted afghan. Now everyone (including beginners!) can experience that same level of accomplishment with this Beginner Squares Afghan. This free crochet afghan pattern is super simple to crochet. Plus, it's quick to work up using any color Lion Brand Homespun yarn of your choice. This afghan will keep you warm and toasty on the couch as you snuggle up to watch TV or read a book.


Crochet HookK/10.5 or 6.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge11 half double crochet = 4 in. (10 cm).

Finished SizeAbout 45 x 54 in. (114 x 137 cm)

Materials List

  • LION BRAND® HOMESPUN® (Art. #790): #417 Great Plains 2 skeins (A), #419 Tumbleweed 2 skeins (B), #398 Plum 2 skeins (C), #414 Amethyst 2 skeins (D), or colors of your choice
  • LION BRAND® crochet hook size K-10.5 (6.5 mm)
  • LION BRAND® large-eyed blunt needle

For a different easy crochet blanket, try this Quick and Easy Afghan Pattern!


Strips 1 and 5

  1. With A, chain 25.

  2. Row 1: Half double crochet in 3rd chain from hook and each chain across – 24 stitches.

  3. Rows 2-16: Chain 2, turn, half double crochet in each stitch across.

  4. Change to B, and work 16 rows in half double crochet.

  5. Change to C and work 16 rows in half double crochet.

  6. Change to D and work 16 rows in half double crochet.

  7. Change to A and work 16 rows in half double crochet.

  8. Change to B and work 16 rows in half double crochet.

  9. Fasten off.

Strip 2

  1. Work as for Strip 1, first working 16 rows with B, then 16 rows with C, 16 rows with D, 16 rows with A, 16 rows with B, and 16 rows with C. Fasten off.

Strip 3

  1. Work as for Strip 1, first working 16 rows with C, then 16 rows with D, 16 rows with A, 16 rows with B, 16 rows with C, and 16 rows with D. Fasten off.

Strip 4

  1. Work as for Strip 1, first working 16 rows with D, then 16 rows with A, 16 rows with B, 16 rows with C, 16 rows with D, and 16 rows with A. Fasten off.


  1. Arrange strips in numerical order from left to right and sew together along long edges, matching rows. Weave in ends.

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This is pretty. I would not use this yarn though to make it. There are so many other yarns out there which are a lot easier to work with. I took off a star for the yarn used in this pattern.

I know where you're coming from bambakes7! I'm rather slow at it myself so starting now will assure a Christmas delivery for my mom. She's always making and giving. Now it's her turn to receive. This one is sooo pretty! I think the most difficult part may be choosing the color of yarn. There are many!!!

I'm a beginner crocheter, so this looks perfect for me! However, if I want to finish this afghan before Christmas, I better start now. (I'm rather slow.)

Please excuse my gushing but, oh my word, this is possibly The Most Beautiful Afghan I have ever seen! Are the colors not just superb? And it looks so soft and cuddlesome that I can not wait to snuggle under it on the sofa with a favorite book, lol! I dont think Lion Brand yarns are available here in South Africa but I simply have to find them online because I am compelled to make this gorgeous piece.

I am trying to print the Beginner Squares Afghan pattern and the notice continues to come up right in the center of the instructions (Get the latest crochet patterns.) Who do I get rid of it?

Even though this is such a simple pattern, the yarn choice makes it such a pretty throw. I can see why it is labelled beginner. It is all half double crochet. This yarn can be difficult to work in if you arent used to working in fuzzy yarn types though. One way to make it easier is to feel your way across the stitches, rather than relying purely on sight. Another way is to include another thin yarn and work double strand. This makes your stitches more visible, but it will also increase the thickness of your throw.

Yes, I agree with the others that this beginner squares afghan from Lion is not a good pattern for beginners! I have worked with this yarn before and the yarn is very difficult to work with. I wound up with an extra or missing row here and there, but I'll see how it goes after starting over again and reading the directions very carefully.

This is truly the most beautiful and cozy looking afghan I have ever seen. For those of you who have made it, what would be your advice for a beginner trying to make this afghan? Is it literally in squares or strips? It looks like squares, the pattern name says squares, but everyone posting is saying strips? I am hoping with the advice and tips , I will be able to pull this off.

This afghan is so lovely, I would like to do it for my own personal use. The designer of this Beginner Squares Afghan painstakingly took every step to ensure that the finished product will be something that people would be happy to own. i love the color scheme used. The hdcs came out so elegant, you wouldn't think it's crocheted. This will definitely be included in my list of products. You may also use a color scheme of your own if you wish. Thanks for the pattern which has been clearly presented to us avid crocheters.

This was not a beginner pattern The yarn itself took a little time to get the hang of working with but looked beautiful with the texture colors together To keep track of my rows I kept a notebook and made a line every time I finished a row I had major trouble trying to keep my strips straight I guess I was stitching tight on some squares and looser on others My edges were so far off that when I laid out the strips I had to fold the strips together on the back to make it look straight on the front which narrowed my strips I then did a basic straight stitch down the long ends and knotted weaved in the ends Not perfect for my first time with this pattern but have some ideas to work this up as a solid afghan without the strips If I do theRead More strips again I may try the safety pin trick Kathychris mentions below I'll save this one for when I feel more adventurous

Question how did any of you "sew" these strips together? Sew with a needle or single crochet together? Thanks.

dont look like granny square to me

This is NOT a beginner's afghan. The yarn was incredibly difficult to work with, though the finished product in the photographs is gorgeous. I sent the yarn back. Anyone have ideas about using this pattern, which IS easy, with another type of yarn?

I am on strip #4 of this afghan and it is beautiful. Trick is to get the first row started. I finally put a safety pin in each chain on the starter row and then was able to do the first row with no problem. After that it is a piece of cake. The HDC leaves a nice hole to find for the rest of the strip. then I start again with the safety pins for the next strip.I bought the kit and the colors are really nice and look great....Kathy

This pattern is NOT FOR BEGINNERS I started this pattern different times but simply could not work the yarn but I loved the idea of the strips to create the color block effect - very elegant and easy to do I finally just used two strands of yarn to make a very substantial blanket - not the light and comfy that was probably intended but I like the result any way - it's for a teen boy so sturdy is good D Oh and I thought I counted my rows carefully each time Each dozen times in fact and still ended up with an extra row here and there I realized this when I was a strip and a half into the project Since I'd already made the strips wider chains stitches I decided I'll border the strips with Color A of my colors and then try to put it togetherRead More I'm on the rd strip now so I'll see how that goes But I will repeat - this is not a pattern for beginners at all Not with this yarn and you really need to know how to count rows LOL

This is not a good pattern for beginners The yarn is so difficult to work with I gave up different times but couldn't resist what seemed an easy way to do up an afghan I finally used two strands of regular worsted weight yarn And somehow despite counting my rows over and over I ended up with an extra or missing row here and there When I realized that I had already done up an entire panel and was halfway into the second so changed what I was doing I'd already made the strips a bit wider chain stitches and so reduced the number of panels to - which I have made and I plan to use color A to make a substantial border and then stitch the panels together guess I'll see how that goes But this yarn is NOT for beginners It's probably not as light and cozy asRead More this pattern was meant to be but it's for a teen boy so maybe substantial is better

Sorry this posted twice - thought I'd lost the entire post when it asked for password and I couldn't remember it - but it posted anyway. :((

I am in the process of crocheting this pattern. Almost done with the first strip. I almost got a different type of yarn because of the difficulty comments but I loved these colors. As others stated the yarn is difficult to use for the base row. It is hard to see the "V" for inserting your hook. I struggled with it and then inserted a quilting (curved) safety pin into each of the beginning chains as I made the chain. Still had to go slow and find the right insertion point. I will have to do that 5 times, once for the beginning of each strip. After that, the crocheting is really easy, you can see and easily feel the insert hole for rows two and up. The colors really are pretty.

I am returning to crochet with a desire to stay busy after becoming disabled It's amazing what the brain will put in storage for later reference Anyway I've noticed that the patterns that I've looked at don't leave room for those of us who've bought large lots of worsted yarns with an idea starting only to find that the colors just don't fit Thankfully I can still read write and plan but I'm all out of the beginners patterns and I feel like I want to sink my teeth and hooks into something a bit more time consuming When I d l your well planned beginners EBook I was certain that I had found a place I could grow with Please how and where can I find a pattern for an Afghan or some other project that doesn't tell me that I must use the colors in the pattern I amRead More not demanding a project that uses my colors just one that is a little more flexible I love your projects I would love to get to them using my grab bag of yarn Thanks for opening the windows to a beautiful way to show how we love crochet

These instructions (including the specifications of the wool used) are rather incomprehensible. Who could I contact to make sense of them? This is clearly not for beginners.

"Tweed Stripes" by Lion might be a good alternate choice for a beginner for this project. It's a self striping yarn that works up beautifully and you can see your stitches easily. (I would wait till it's on sale though because it is a bit pricey and you'd need quite a few skeins.)

This yarn can be difficult to work with, especially if you're a beginner. However, it's also great at hiding mistakes :) Using a similar yarn might give you the same results, but you might also consider contacting Lion Brand directly to see if they have another suggested yarn. Thanks - AllFreeCrochet Editors

Is there another yarn type that can be used for this pattern that would work as well? I am just beginning to learn crochet and thought I could handle this afghan until I saw the comments about the Homespun

I purchased this yarn some time ago because it was pretty. I am a beginner at crochet. My project (not this one) is started and waiting to be completed. The pattern is simple but not the yarn. Definitely not beginner yarn.

Homespun is very difficult to work with. I would NOTsuggest that yarn for a beginner. I still avoid this yarn due to not being able to see the stitches.

I like homespun... I have always had very good luck with it and it makes for a really interesting finish. I think the reason it was given a "beginner" marking because the pattern itself is VERY easy... and could easily be done with any type of yarn... IMO

NOT for a beginner - not with Homespun!

I have attempted numerous times to crochet with Homespun. And I've been crocheting for about 50 years. The only possible way is with one of those patterns where you crochet into an open hole. Otherwise Homespun is so soft and fuzzy that there's no way you can see the stitch into which you're supposed to crochet. And for a BEGINNER? A sure way to guarantee that she'll never crochet again!! :P


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