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50+ Variegated Yarn Crochet Patterns

You will love these pretty crochet patterns made with variegated yarn.

By: Jeanette Benoit and Julia Wiatr, Editors,
50 Variegated Yarn Crochet Patterns

If you haven't quite mastered the art of changing colors in crochet, then don't worry; variegated yarn makes it possible to create multicolored crochet patterns without learning how to change colors when crocheting.

This particular type of multicolor yarn is often referred to as self-striping yarn because the yarn itself changes colors as you work with it. Find a myriad of designs in this collection of 50+ Variegated Yarn Crochet Patterns.

When you've finished your crochet design, you're left with a beautiful, multicolored masterpiece that was created without any effort on your part to change colors. Ombre yarn patterns just make you smile.

It's always a fun adventure to crochet patterns with variegated yarns. Practically any crochet pattern can be made with variegated yarn, but because of the self-striping effect of variegated yarn, there are certain patterns that work better than others.

It can sometimes be hard to visualize what a certain pattern will look like worked up with variegated yarn, so we've made it easy for you to get started. Find our favorite variegated yarn patterns below.

Variegated Crochet Scarf Patterns

Variegated scarves are everywhere - and with good reason! These multicolor yarn patterns really spice up any winter outfit and help you brighten even the coldest of days. If you love ombre yarn crochet scarf patterns, then many of these will be pleasing to you.

  • Island Lace Crochet Scarf

    The sunset coloring fades together perfectly to give off a fun and fresh vibe. This project is also quick, easy, and should only take about a day to complete.

  • Mountain Cowl Neck Scarf

    The zig zag crochet pattern and the variegated fringe give so much life to this cowl neck scarf. It will keep you warm but also super stylish any day!

  • Dragonfly Bandana Cowl

    The bumpy borders give the crochet cowl pattern a beautiful finish, and this would look great tied around your neck on a chilly morning. It's so clever, too.

  • Berry Harvest Crochet Cowl

    The variegated yarn looks stunning in these shades of purple, and the lace pattern makes it seem so light and airy. Wear this inside or outside all year.

  • Chevron Lace Crochet Infinity Scarf

    This Chevron Lace Crochet Infinity Scarf would complete any outfit, whether you want to spice up a plain sweater or add a pop to a white shirt. 

  • Crochet Scarf with Chevron Pattern

    For this design, you'll want to use a very soft bulky yarn with a neutral palette of blended colors which should slowly shade from one color to the next.

  • Cross My Heart Scarf

    The gently variegated colors of this particular yarn lend themselves beautifully to the subtle repeat of this scarf, so named for the rows of X's in the pattern.

  • Granny Stitch Triangle Crochet Scarf Pattern

    The blues, pinks, and purples will bring some island color into your winter, all while keeping that cold wind off your neck.

  • Lacy Starry Eye Infinity Scarf

    Crochet with light airy yarn that is perfect for spring days or use a thicker yarn for fall. We love the fabulous color combo of this pretty yarn choice here.

  • Waves of Warmth Cowl

    Make it in a textured multi colored yarn for a rich striped look or try it in a solid for something more traditional. This one is warming but also so gorgeous.

  • Colors Of Sunset Chain Infinity Scarf

    Whether you wear it wrapped gently around your neck or drape it around your shoulders, you're sure to love including this scarf in your ensemble.

  • Turtleneck Fringe Cowl

    Your neck will never be cold with this design. The crochet cowl uses variegated yarn in hints of purple and orange, conveying a gorgeous sunset.

  • Unforgettable Stained Glass Scarf

    A simple two row repeat makes this scarf easy to make and shows off the self striping yarn beautifully. It looks gem-like and we want to wear it daily.

  • Preppy Stripes Scarf

    The colors in it are rich and vibrant and will surely get noticed where ever you wear it. Choose bright colors like these or go with a more subtle variegation.

  • Southwestern Crochet Cowl

    The Southwestern Crochet Cowl looks nice in variegated yarn, but any color worsted weight yarn would work well for this free cowl pattern. 

  • Gorgeous Sunset Scarf

    The browns and reds in this yarn glimmer like the sunset, showing off all the hues you'd see while standing on a beach watching the sun go down.

  • One Skein Enchanted Crochet Scarf

    The yarn used is grey with soft strands of multicolored yarn and metallic yarn woven throughout. This is a stunning yet subtle design.

  • Artfully Simple Angled Crochet Scarf

    We love the colors in the example, but you can customize the colors from whatever yarn you have or the colors you prefer.

  • Simply Scrumptious Scarf

    The pattern is easy to follow and the size is completely adjustable. Not only does the variegated yarn give it a pretty look but it will keep you so warm.

  • Camillo's Scarf

    You can make this scarf with fingering/sock weight yarn, or you can change the starting chain length and use another weight yarn. Easy and delicate!

  • Janice Cowl

    The multiple is in the pattern, so if you'd like to make it larger it's just some simple math away. Make it the perfect fit for you or someone in your life.

Variegated Crochet Shawl Patterns

Shawls and wraps stun in variegated yarn, especially with lacier stitches. Give these crochet shawl patterns a try, and try out the recommended color options! You'll be glad you did.  

  • Lazy Waves Shawlette

    Your tension can determine whether this free crochet pattern becomes a small neckerchief, an in-between shawlette, or a regular shawl. 

  • Breezy and Colorful Summer Shawl

    The beautiful crochet shawl pattern uses variegated yarn to full effect, and the result is a stunning accessory that's also eye-catching.

  • Colorful Calypso Shawlette

    The lightweight crochet shawlette is made using fingering yarn. Its lace-like design featuring the shell stitch will keep you comfortable any time you need.

  • Fashion Forward Crocodile Stitch Shawl

    The famed crochet crocodile stitch takes center stage in this design, while the shawl is framed with fringe for a beautiful and colorful look. 

  • Amazing Grace Lucky Green Shawl

    Here's a beautiful and colorful crochet pattern that you will love to wear on St. Paddy's Day and into spring.

  • Sunset Shawl

    This design begins as a basic triangular shaped shawl, but turns into a batwing shaped piece as you add the border.

  • Easy Magic Wrap

    This particular yarn is super neat because it actually changes color and texture as you work with it, creating a truly unique look you'll love.

  • Midnight Breeze Crochet Shawl

    This is surely a crochet design you need to make. It's a wonderful layering piece that belongs in every woman's wardrobe.

  • Flower Garden Crochet Shawl

    This shawl is a sunny and fun addition to any closet, and it doesn't have to go away with the sunshine. Work this up right away and see!

  • Gentle Solace Prayer Shawl

    The unique design allows for spaces between stitches, which you can slip your fingers into and appreciate how gorgeous and artful crocheting can be.

  • Askew Crochet Wrap Pattern

    This pattern includes a written pattern, a video, and a chart as well. There are so many ways you can wrap this stunning piece around you.

  • Picnic Basket Crochet Shawl

    This variation on the pineapple motif reminds me of a little picnic basket, and this shawl is light enough to pack in your picnic basket in case it gets chilly!

  • Love Triangle Crochet Shawl

    The pretty pink crochet hearts are a great summer color while the grey hearts allow this shawl to slip between seasons seamlessly!

Variegated Yarn Crochet Afghan Patterns

Looking for a free afghan crochet pattern using variegated yarn? Stop here! Crocheting an afghan is already such a big undertaking - having to manually change colors would make this an exhausting project. No worries - just use some variegated yarn for your next crochet afghan project and have a multicolored afghan with much less work!

  • Easy Log Cabin Afghan

    When you use self-striping yarn, you can avoid the messy color changes and weaving in countless ends. Truly one of the best benefits of variegated yarn.

  • Parquet Tiles Crochet Blanket Pattern

    The gorgeous blue tones coordinate well with the warm browns to give this granny square afghan a welcoming yet sophisticated appearance.

  • Magic Baby Blanket

    This crochet baby blanket is worked up with bulky-weight yarn, making it super quick to work up and super warm for baby.

  • Woven Dreams Crochet Baby Blanket

    The Woven Dreams Crochet Baby Blanket will be a delightful present to give for a baby shower or arrival party. 

  • Ice Waves Argyle Crochet Blanket

    This crochet pattern is easy to make but results in a stunning design that includes a unique argyle motif. This afghan is fun to make.

  • Merry Go Round Crochet Blanket

    Go ahead and take this crochet blanket pattern with you to your kids' soccer game or your next craft night with your friends because it is awesome.

  • Mile a Minute Rainbow Crochet Afghan

    A Mile a Minute Rainbow Crochet Afghan will bring sunshine into your room and keep the rain away. We love this design.

  • Antarctic Throw

    This lovely Antarctic Throw is warm enough to soothe your coldest nights but bright enough for your warmest summer days! Keep this forever in your home.

  • Northern Lights Granny Throw

    With all the colors of the rainbow on display, you will smile every time you look down at your crochet afghan.

Variegated Crochet Hat Patterns

Hats made from variegated yarn always get compliments! Depending on how many color changes your yarn features, people will think you spent way more time on your crochet hat than you did! Feel free to try out fun, new stitches since your yarn is doing your color work for you!

  • Crochet Slouch Hat

    The shell n picots stitch pattern and Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn together creates a complicated look and beautiful texture.

  • Punky's Funky Hat

    This adorable crochet hat pattern might be just what you need if you're looking for something unique for your next family get-together.

  • Sunburst Hat for Adults

    Keep out of the sun this summer with crochet hats! Sunburst Hat for Adults has blasts of colors to keep with the bright months of sunshine.

  • Easy Unisex Beanie

    If you know how to crochet a magic circle, you should have no problem completing this super easy crochet pattern.

  • Abstract Color Beanie

    Once you finish the beanie you have the option to add a puff stitch brim or continue with single crochet. It adds such a pretty and fun element!

  • Bad Hair Day Beanie

    The over-sized slouchy design of this crocheted hat means you can easily shove your hair up inside the hat to hide it. Perfect solution!

  • Citrus Puff Stitch Hat

    The density of these stitches makes this crochet beanie pattern absolutely perfect for snowy and blustery days of winter that never seem to go away.

  • Starburst Beret

    This luscious beret was inspired from the Jasmine stitch, a unique star stitch hybrid that can be modified with many different stitches to create the starburst pattern. 

  • Urban Broomstick Lace Slouchy

    It's light and airy enough for the cooler months of spring and fall. The pattern is available in three different sizes so you can make one for anyone in your family!

  • Simply Scrumptious Slouch Hat

    Make a beautiful, soft, matching Hat and Scarf Gift Set for someone special this Christmas. 

Variegated Crochet Poncho Patterns

Crochet ponchos look so fashionable when they're worked up in a multicolored yarn! Though sometimes it's nice to have a solid-hued neutral for outerwear, brighten up the dreary, winter days with some color changes and bright colors! These poncho patterns feature variegated yarn (though you're welcome to switch) so the only thing you'll have to worry about is your poncho construction. 

  • Boho Poncho

    Quick to work up and easy to follow, this crochet pattern can be made in any color - or use self-striping yarn, as in the photo, for a seamless and colorful design. 

  • Chic Cowl Neck Poncho

    Stitches are worked along one edge of the tube to begin the body of the poncho and is then worked in joined rounds down to the lower edge.

  • Rainbow Lace Crochet Poncho

    This free poncho pattern would look great over any shirt, especially a green or indigo one that played off the dominant colors of the crochet piece.

  • Phoebe Asymmetrical Poncho

    Phoebe is a poncho that only increases on one side, so it can be worn sideways for an asymmetrical look, or long in front and short in back.

  • Dragonfly Crochet Poncho

    The Dragonfly Poncho is so quick and easy to make and if you use a self striping yarn, such as Caron Cake, the yarn does all the work for you!

  • Cozy Cowl Poncho (Free Crochet Pattern)

    The cowl neckline makes this one of the most trendy crochet poncho patterns ever and will definitely keep you cozy without sacrificing a bit of style this season.

  • Autumn Ivy Poncho

     This crochet poncho pattern is just what you need on an autumn day to keep the chill off your shoulders.

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Variegated yarn is my long time guilty pleasure because of the kaleidoscope effect it produces. The newest versions are the Cake and Shawl in a Ball products although theyre more self striping than truly variegated. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised to see this collection. Multicolored yarn comes in all sorts of weights and that generally determines the kind of project you can make more than the color of the yarn.


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