Cozy Cowl Poncho (Free Crochet Pattern)


Cozy Cowl Poncho (Free Crochet Pattern)

You're going to love this wonderfully comfy cowl neck poncho crochet pattern free from Lion Brand!

Cozy Cowl Poncho
Cozy Cowl Poncho

Stay warm and toasty this winter with this Cozy Cowl Poncho. Use Lion Brand variegated yarn to work up this easy crochet poncho pattern - choose your shade and work up your own work of art that weaves in and out of various color hues.

The cowl neckline makes this one of the most trendy crochet poncho patterns ever and will definitely keep you cozy without sacrificing a bit of style this season.

Bulky yarn makes this a quick crochet pattern to work up. This crochet poncho pattern is available in one size only and measures about 22 inches by 25 inches.

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Crochet HookP/16 or 11.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(6) Super Bulky/Super Chunky (4-11 stitches for 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge5 hdc = about 4 in. (10 cm)

Finished SizeOne Size; About 22 x 25 in. (56 x 63.5 cm), after folding

Materials List

  • Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick Yarn: Greystone Stripes, 3 Balls
  • Lion Brand Crochet Hook - Size P/16 or 11.5 mm hook
  • Lion Brand Large-Eye Blunt Needles (Set of 6)
  • Assembly Diagram (click to download)

See the best types of cushy yarn to use for your poncho in this informative video! Learn more about yarn with our page, Types of Yarn and Yarn Weights.

How to Make a Cozy Cowl Poncho


  • BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE. When you match the gauge in a pattern, your project will be the size specified in the pattern and the materials specified in the pattern will be sufficient. If it takes you fewer stitches and rows to make a 4 in. [10 cm] square, try using a smaller size hook or needles; if more stitches and rows, try a larger size hook or needles.
  • Click any image to enlarge.

Crochet Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern - PONCHO:

  1. Download and review the assembly diagram.

  2. Ch 30.

  3. ​Row 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across - 28 sts.

  4. Row 2: Ch 2 (does not count as a st), turn, hdc in each st across. Rep Row 2 until piece measures about 50 in/ (127 cm) from beg. Fasten off.

  5. Fold piece in half lengthwise, bringing first row to meet last row. The folded piece should measure about 22 x 25 in./ (56 x 63.5 cm). Beg at a corner and following diagram (shown above), sl st side edges together for 13 in. (33 cm), leaving 12 in./(30.5 cm) open for neck. Do not fasten off, but continue on for cowl neck.

Crochet Cowl Neck Poncho Pattern - COWL NECK:

  1. Rnd 1 (Right Side): Continuing with same strand of yarn, ch 2, work 30 hdc evenly spaced around neck opening; join with sl st in top of beg ch.

  2. Rnd 2: Ch 2, hdc in each st around; join with sl st in top of beg ch.

  3. Rep Rnd 2 until cowl measures about 8 in. (20.5 cm).

  4. Last Rnd: Ch 1, sc in each st around; join with sl st in first sc.

  5. Fasten off.

  6. Weave in ends.


half double crochet
sl st
slip stitch
single crochet

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I loved the look of this poncho but mine does not sit properly and does not hang nicely. Not sure if I made it up properly. Wasn't sure if I stitched it up properly which I did on the open 22in side and then 13in at the top. Could you help me out with any suggestions on what I did wrong. Thanks!

This is a real beaute! I love how comfy it looks.

Needed to start with more stiches in the starting chain to make 22". Crocheted till I reached 50 " and folded. Followed directions, but it does not lay properly and cowl does not come out. If point is in front then there is no coverage in the back. Do not understand what I did wrong? Any help would be appreciated as I have spent a lot of time trying and ripping out to make it work.

I love this poncho. Elegant and dressy. I've always encountered this Cozy Cowl Poncho every time but I'm surprised that I'm making my comments only now. I'm happy to see this pattern again because I have a new set of yarns and I think that Lion brand Homespun is perfect for this. Well, let's see....

Wow. Based on the number of comments on this posting, I would say that this poncho is a big hit that has generated a lot of interaction among the readers. I think that a variegated yarn would be the best to use to make this poncho cowl. Bulky yarn and a large hook makes it work up fast.

Gorgeous! I read many of the reviews so I was cautious. I wanted a M/L size poncho, so here's what I did I used a super bulky yarn (6) with a P hook. FIRST ROW 36 ch and hdc on 3rd ch and each chain across for 34 hdc. (I actually did 3ch 34 foundation hdc. Either works fine, but I like the feel of the foundation first row method.) REMAINING ROWS 2ch 34 hdc each row for 60 inches. Then fold the long ends and slst on the side up towards the fold to the remaining 12 inches needed for the cowl pattern. The cowl instructions, per the pattern. Done! Yes, a little asymetrical as is evident in the pattern itself. But it lays nicely, just like in the picture. I hope more of you can enjoy this pattern.

Thanks Maria! I'll give this sweater another shot. LOVE the look. Can you post a pic of your's? Would love to see it.

Maria, I made this poncho and my daughter loves it. Now my granddaughter wants one just like it. I am having trouble sizing it up. She is 9 years old and wears a 8-9 jacket. I thought maybe chain 22 stitches and 30 inches long. 11 inches in to cowl neck and 9 inches for cowl. Does this sound right, or should it be smaller? Really could use your help or direction to someone. Thanks so much! Kate e-mail address

I am in the very beginning of this project and thought I was losing my mind re gauge until I read all the posts here. Thank you! Yes, this is an easy pattern, but the gauge is way off and would love the designer to weigh in to make needed adjustments. I suspect the designer (Love this pattern, btw) is a very loose crocheter. I'm not, so,I added 20 additional chains to start. Plus, unless you've had experience with "homespun" yarn (I don't) you might try a different pattern that isn't so nubby. Very hard to see your stitches.

A poncho with a cowl. Novel. I do not think I have seen one of these before. I am reading over the posts and wondering if it is worth the try. If nothing else, I am sure the poncho will be great.

I saved this to my patterns, but not all of it comes up. Just the supplies needed and how to do the cowl part. I have been looking forward to making this! I have the yarn and needle...0(

A poncho with a cowl would be the perfect addition to anyone wardrobe. However, reading over the directions given here is a little complicated to understand. I will continue the search.

I attempted this pattern over years ago when I was a beginner since the difficulty rating is easy While the actual pattern is in fact easy just half double crochets in turning rows the pattern does not come out the way it is pictured When I made this as a beginner it came out short small and only with a mock neck as opposed to a cowl Now that I've been crocheting for over years I decided to attempt this again with the assumption that I just did it very wrong all those years ago That is not the case I have attempted again and it is still insanely small I'm not sure who is chaining and getting out of that I chained and STILL didn't have and even with chaining it still looks very very small and not over sized as it portrays in the picture At least now IRead More know I'm not crazy and I see other people have had the same issue as well in the comments Hard miss this is such a cute poncho and I would love to make it but someone needs to redo this pattern for sure

I have experienced the same. I'd love to croche a poncho and this is easy and nice. I chained 30 but it turned out too small. Next time I'll chain 50.

I don't know where you're getting that chaining 30 means 25 in...the chain 30 is for the body, and you continue that for 50 inches and then fold in half, and slip stitch together. creating the cowl is last

I made this poncho and the size is really small, does not look anything like the way it fits the model, and this is a big and, it doesn't lay properly, if you put the point in the front the back ends up with the point at your side, the back is really funky. I will be ripping the whole thing apart and making a different pattern.

Made this poncho, ripped it out, made again, had to rework because unclear what to do with the long hunk that is next to where the collar is ? Also from the stitches wonder how you got the length and the points ??? I am not a expert by any means, but when I look at the pattern, I wonder why I did not ask myself how you get this look from what is written and shown in the diagram ?

I've always wanted to do this Cozy Cowl Poncho but I have been dilly dallying because I thought it was hard to do. It 's only now that I'm really learning how to do it when I seriously looked at the pattern. I think that I can do it. This project will go ahead of the queue. Since I live in a tropical country I will use a lighter yarn and remove the cowl leaving the collar just open suitable in a hot environment. Can't wait to do this.

I miss the save the pattern button! What happened and I wish you would bring it back.

Hi Janegulley, The save button still exists! Click the "More" button in the row of social share icons - it's the little +. :) Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I, too, would like to "save" this pattern. For several days now I've been unable to find the "save" button for the patterns I like. I use patterns from this website all the time and I'm lost without it. Please, please, please, bring it back!

Hi Maymie, The save button still exists! Click the "More" button in the row of social share icons - it's the little +. :) Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I have the same question - Bring it back. I used it a lot to store patterns for myself and now I can't do that! Very bad idea to remove it..

Hi teamford, The save button still exists! Click the "More" button in the row of social share icons - it's the little +. :) Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Hi, What has happened to the "save pattern" button?

I can't find it, either! I have some patterns I would love to try but I cannot save any!

Hi princess, The save button still exists! Click the "More" button in the row of social share icons - it's the little +. :) Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Hi sandimac, The save button still exists! Click the "More" button in the row of social share icons - it's the little +. :) Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Where can I find the diagram? I really need it. I think I've gone wrong someplace, and the diagram could possibly make it clearer for me. If I can't find it, I may have to pull apart what I've already done.

Hi Barbara - this pattern should now be showing a diagram - sorry about that! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I really like the look of this Cozy Cowl Poncho. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. But I do have a question, I don't see a diagram to where to sew it together. So I'm not sure where to do this? It says to Fold piece in half lengthwise, bringing first row to meet last row. Begging at a corner and following diagram, slip stitch side edges together for 13 inches. But I'm not sure what to do here? I may just have to make it and see, it may come clear once I have gotten this far. I just feel like I'm missing something.. Other then that I love the idea of a nice warm cowl and poncho together. Thank you so much for sharing this free crochet pattern.

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the heads up! There should now be a diagram accompanying this pattern. :) Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I like a lot of poncho designs but what I really love about this Cozy Cowl Poncho is the cowl style collar and giving the poncho a formal finish look. I also like how it hangs down until the arms hiding the elbows and upper arms thus providing the warmth needed all winter through. Thanks for the pattern. Cheers!

What could possibly be better on a cold wintry day that this gorgeous Cozy Cowl Poncho? My job means I am outdoors a lot and this is going to be so good to wear to keep out that sneaky cold winter wind. The yarn is lovely and thick and the pattern calls for a 10mm hook so it is going to work up quite quickly and also be really cozy and warm.

Hoping for some help in finding the "assembly diagram" mentioned in the pattern.

Google cozy cowl poncho and choose the link that takes you to Lion Brand. When you click the download link you will see the assembly diagram in the pdf.

I am working on the Cozy Cowl Poncho. Where do I find the "assembly diagram"?

I have not made this poncho, but I do design ponchos. This looks like a very easy pattern to make, and fairly quick too. I see a lot of people mentioning that they are disappointed that the pattern is asymmetrical. It actually says so in the description in more than one place. It doesn't use the word asymmetrical, but the fact it is 22" x 25" indicates that fact on it's own. User photos are a great addition to this, since the model is standing in a way that hides the shape of the poncho. To make the poncho more symmetrical, try adding more stitches to the starting chain (enough to add the missing 3"). It should make a big difference. Hopefully by making the point more centered, your sleeves sections won't appear to be different lengths. You would only know for sure by trying.

i am a plus size is there anyway you can make this longer and wider

I would imagine that if you did a longer chain and just kept going until it was the size you require that should work. You would probably not need to alter the cowl part of it.

What size crochet hook do you use. 10mm or 16mm?

Hi Sheilaby, You want to use either a size P hook or an N sized hook - whichever will get you the correct gauge, depending on how tightly you crochet. Thanks! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

I read the comments but thought the pattern had been updated to correct it since the first post but NO!! What a terrible pattern! Did you not work the pattern before submitting it?? Folks, don't fall for it. Now I have a lot of correcting to do to make it wearable.....

Hi there, This pattern is reprinted here directly from Lion Brand's website, with their permission. I just double-checked the pattern against what's on the site, and the patterns are identical. For any help with this pattern, I would suggest contacting Lion Brand or asking our community of friendly crocheters on our Facebook wall at Thanks, and hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

This is NOT on the Lion Brand website, at least they chose to remove it as they figured out the pattern was rubbish but you continue to post it...go figure

Hi Paula, The Cozy Poncho Cowl is actually located on the Lion Brand website here: :) I have searched around for any errata and have contact Lion Brand customer support for this pattern and will post any updates as I receive them. You are welcome to contact them as well, and do please let me know if you receive any pattern updates. Thank you, and I apologize for any convenience! Julia, editor for allfreecrochet

This poncho looks warm and fit for winter weather. I've pinned this poncho pattern. It helps that the pattern is just right on the same page. Thanks.

I really hope you have read all the bad reviews on this poncho before pinning it to your Pinterest! I've stitched the entire thing twice and it's lopsided as with all the other crocheters are saying the same thing, so always read the reviews before saving a pattern only to try it later and the pattern is written completely wrong!

Thanks for that reminder, paulakolarik. Although as for me, I pin patterns to save them for later use in case I want to do them in the future. If something is wrong in the pattern, similar to this poncho pattern, then I will cross the bridge when I get there. I've pinned a lot of patterns, some of them with bad reviews, some of them I found out I have to pay just when I'm about to start the project. In those situations, I just leave them as my collections. Thanks again. I appreciate your reply.

I love this poncho! #BestIdeaEver

how the heck do you see the stitches

You really don't see the stitches as you're working wiht this yarn. However, it is easy to 'feel' them in this pattern. It doesn't take long to get used to feeling where the next stitch goes.

Very disappointed with the pattern. It doesn't come out like the picture. Tore it apart and made it again. The second one was no better than the first.

I made this for my granddaughter. womens size 8, should have fit. lopsided, neck too small. tore it up and used the yarn with a different pattern. would never recommend it. does not look like the picture.

This is the best poncho pattern yet that ive ever seen.

you are kidding right? this poncho does not even stitch up correctly and looks nothing like the pattern, it is lopsided as many of us have stated thru these comments

Is the final poncho asymetric? Is the side where you do the neck shorter than the opposite one?

mine is sideways too. i'll wear it but I would have so like it to have been right. I added stiches so the size is good just lopsided.

I always read the feedback on patterns. How in the world did I miss doing it on this pattern. What a horrible pattern. I went out and purchased yarn in several colors to make for Christmas. The poncho hangs wrong. I just went back and saw that is a major complaint of many people. I am so disappointed

I made this by measuring rather than counting stitches (and went a bit bigger - 30 x 55) and it turned out great ) I may make another one but go a bit bigger again and use only a couple of rows at the neck (thinking good for spring).

What pattern did you use for the cowl neck?

I haven't made it yet, but i saw it done with fringe. and it looked really great1

Made this poncho and frogged it completely, it didn't work up as per the pattern!

I started a few rows and I kept thinking that this possibly can't be big enough by only chaining 30. I decided to look up the printed out pattern on my computer for comments...sure enough everyone was saying the dimensions don't work. I too would love to make this...can we simply chain more and make it bigger? I also was wondering about the assembly diagram because it doesn't look like a plan that would lay out properly, but I'm not sure. I would love to see this pattern corrected to be an appropriate size. Please...if anyone can. It's beautiful.

Jane, I found a great pattern on called the Day to Night Poncho (type that in the search box). All reviews were very favorable. It's also made from Homespun, so it'll work up quickly be soft and drape well. When you find the pattern, Keep Scrolling down!!! Top picture is Ugly but others pics show it worn as a cowl poncho. I hope you like it.

Thank you for suggesting this, I'll look it up!

See the comments at for this pattern. A friendly crocheter explains that she used the dimensions provided and crocheted the corresponding of sts, using the gauge. Then, everyone seemed to like their finished product. The comments are worth a read! Happy Crocheting )

Does anyone know a cowl poncho pattern that DOES work ? I don't want to waste my time on this one since every single commentator found this pattern to be way off. I do like the idea of a cowl for a poncho tho.

The pattern is way off in size, I discovered the same thing.

I wanted to make this. I'm certainly thankful for your comments.

This pattern is way off. I even wrote to Lion Brand to get help and she isn't much help. This isn't for One Size Fits all. You can tell right off when you start chaining and start the hdc. Way off. Wasted the money on this pattern

When I started making this poncho, I kept thinking to myself, "is this going to be the right size? It can't be." of course, it wasn't, and I need to learn to trust my gut when I feel my project doesn't look right. I only did 3 rounds on the cowl and I added on to the bottom of the poncho until I ran out of yarn. i really hope it fits my grandmother properly.

This pattern is way off on size. Followed directions and measured every so often. It is way too small.

I ran into the same issues as everyone else with this project. When I was done, it was entirely too small, and very very off center. So I wound up adding an entire 4th Skein of yarn to the bottom so that it fit me like the Model depicted. The collar was much too long, so I shortened it and made it a lot wider so it fit my neck but wasn't uncomfortable. I was very disappointed with this pattern.

I had the same problems as the folks below. Followed the pattern. Not quite done, but I can't see how it is going to fit. What are the 6 needle for in the Materials list? I'll add more when I am finished. Has anyone made this successfully following this pattern??

This is a very easy pattern to follow, but mine turned out sideways and doesn't fit properly either. It is too small for a large adult may fit a child. Must have done something wrong.

I love this pattern. Just got some fall (colors) yarn that would be perfect for this.

Going to make this as a Christmas gift for my grand-daughter

I would really like to try making this poncho!

This pattern did not turn out. I did directly by the pattern that was given but it turn out like a sideway poncho.

I have loved ponchos since jr high school and that was well lets say quite a while ago.

I love ponchos and especially made from Homespun yarn. will be trying this soon.

A nice work for the Autumn. I always loke to get your News Letters.

where is the diagram that the pattern refers to.

Up at the top, where it shows you what materials you'll need, there's a link that says assembly diagram.

Looks like a fun and easy one to make. I saw a shrug once that was constructed like this (without the collar) and I loved how easy it looked to make it. The colors you have chosen here are delightful.

I am making this now. The only thing I am confuse about is how 28 chain across and 50 inch long than fold it in half make this long enough to fit a adult? I am so afraid I am doing something wrong and after all the work it will fit a child and not adult. Please correct me if I am doing this wrong.

Have you figured it out yet, cause I would like to make this for myself and would like to know the answer also. Thank you

Pinning this one!

Gotta save this one, my mother-in-law would love it!

I so so so want this.

My aunt loves crocheted ponchos. This looks like a great new pattern to try for her. I haven't done any with any type of collar yet.

looks so soft warm and cozy :)

I have a huncho My sister would like me to make her this poncho!

Looks cozy and warm. Great gift for the friend who's always cold.

This is adorable, and looks so easy to make!

ponchos are all the rage again

made one for my daughter,would like to make more in different colors

I love this! I would love to make this! I just finish a shrug for my sister christmas present and now I am ready to try crocheting a poncho! :)

I am actually wearing this now so I can keep the heat down. It's very warm and comfy. Love it.

Did you make it just like the pattern stated? How tall are you? I am making it for my pregnant daughter thinking it would be good as she grows and I am just not seeing how it can possibly fit. (I/m 2/3 complete.)

I can't wait to start making this. Right have I finish my Christmas list I will be making this for me.

This looks like a project to make for the young at heart. Its warm but yet fashionable at the same time. It looks quite simple to make as well.

This looks very warm

This is the perfect winter poncho to have on while cuddling on the sofa!

Lovely that it's made with a cowl neck

When I see something this beautiful I usually think of making it for one of my daughters. Maybe I'll make it for me! : )

Oh to make this in a soft fluffy yarn. So cozy.

LOVELY!! This went right into my 'to do' file!!!

I love ponchos and shawls. This pattern has just been added to the project queue.

This looks so cozy and warm!!

Looks like what I need this snowy season.

Love ponchos. This pattern is on my list to be made for my friends and family. It is elegant and would look great with either a long skirt, pants or jeans. Thanks for reminding me that I do want to make this soon

Love the poncho. Haven't seen one of those in years.

Ponchos are the best, never made one with a cowl though, must try this.

Definitely a must project, the warmth would help with my Fibromyalgia, will be making one in the new year

That sure looks like it would be soo comfy!

Need one now

With this cold weather I need this now

I haven't made this poncho but I have worked with this yarn before. I love working with it! the final product is always soft and cuddly! From blankets to scarves, to hats and sweaters, baby clothes and slippers. Delicious colours too.

I would wear that!

Great colors

So pretty and looks so warm and comfy. NICE!

It's beautiful. Color combo is great.

I would love to make this for a friend of mine

Looks so warm and cozy, would love to make this xx

Looks lovely....hope I can make it one day

I love the colors and the shape of the poncho.

This looks cute and warm!


looks warm n cozy cant wait to make this.


Nice project...looks cozy :)

Lovely, pinned it so I can make it later. Like after all the things I need to get done making for Christmas.

a fun gift idea

In winter, the only thing better than a blanket is a blanket you can wear.

I love ponchos and am currently knitting one.. I will add this to my queue.

Very pretty! I have quite a stash of this yarn too.

Love it. Looks comfy, cozy...Love the colors, love the pattern

ohh so pretty, must try this pattern

Awesome project, can't wait to try it. Looks super easy!

Something comfy to wear during the cold winter months.

I like the look of this poncho and I might make one for my daughter after I finish all the other yarn projects I have started or else teach her to crochet and she can make her own :).

Since I just learned to crochet last winter, but was busy with my gardening and canning through the spring/summer and most of the fall, I can't wait to try to make this. I love this poncho b/c I love cowl necklines.

What a beautiful pattern and yarn. This looks so cozy and versatile!

love the pattern and this would be a great fast gift to make

Definitely the Poncho I have been looking for to make for my sis for Christmas!!! Love it and she will too!!!

It's cute. I'll have to try one when I'm less intimidated by the big projects

I love the colors and so will my daughter!

Want to try this!

I love this poncho. Would I wear it in winter - no but definitely in the fall. Too cold in winter unless had a lot of layers

Will add this to my list of crochet to do. Looks warm

Great color combinations in the poncho. It would be very useful here in cold & snowy, western NY state!!!

This is a nice project, and this yarn is super-cozy! Great holiday gift to stitch up for someone!

This would work for spring or fall in our region.

My granddaughter would love this, it will be my next project for her.

this is totally going on my to-do list.. Love this, and the colors

I love this pattern. I want this in hot pink. :) <3

Love this! Excited to make it!

Size p crochet hook is 10 mm -- NOT 16 mm. Had to look the diagram up on Google. The design looks very lopsided and uncomfortable.

I made a poncho over the summer so I had it for winter. Can't wait to do this one, especially with that lovely neck line. Great website.

I love ponchos. My grandmother made me my first one and I wore it all the time and have been hooked on ponchos ever since.

I would love to win the yarn to make this "toasty warm" looking Poncho. I have not made or wore one in the winter. But, I sure am willing to make one with the so long winters here on the Bruce Peninsula.

Looks great I will put it on my to make list. Never have too many

I usually prefer something with sleeves, but this looks so soft & comfy I just might have to change my mind!

Perfect for Mom in nursing home...and washable!

i love ponchos!

I love this poncho. I freeze all winter and this will keep mermaid while leaving my arms free.

Very nice, I definitely want to do this pattern!

This poncho looks cozy and warm. It's going on my "to make" list!

Looks soooo cozy!!

I love the color combination you've chosen for this poncho. I don't like to wear ponchos in the winter because they are too open & flappy; but they are great for a fall evening out.

I love to wear ponchos, because they keep the core of my body warm...I have been wearing them since the 70's..

Looks warm and cozy

Beautiful and easy - my favorite combination

Not only did I wear ponchos long ago, I've kept a few that I still wear! The last ones I remember making were for my twin girls in the 70's. They loved them too!

My daughter would love this shawl kit

I've been looking for a poncho pattern for the past year or more. This one is perfect!! Can't wait to make it. I've, already, downloaded the pattern.

Love this

Oh nice! Thank you for posting this pattern - it's so pretty, my mum would LOVE to wear this. Now if only I can postpone Christmas for another month or two so I can crank out all these nifty patterns I've been discovering recently! I really appreciate your patterns. :)

Love it!! I think I might try this!

I made something like this in the early 70's ...would love to do it again!

would love to make this, it looks gorgeous and so comfy!

I can't wait to try this out!

I have always wanted to make myself a poncho and it looks like this pattern will be the winner to add to my wardrobe! I will likely make more than one or two as well, so I have multiple colours.

I'm more of a scarf and sweaters kind of person but its a very pretty pattern and know a few people who woulf love this. So it is certainly one I will be putting on my to do list.

This is a great looking poncho, would love to make it. I still wear the one I made for my Mom over 30 years ago. If she were still living, she would be 105 years old this winter.

Not sure if I'd wear a poncho in the winter or not.

i have always loved ponchos. As I have aged and my growth changed from vertical to horizontal I love them even more because they are not only very comfortable, they do not restrict movement and, most important, they do not draw attention to bulges. A poncho feels like my own private snuggly warm space and that feels very good.. This poncho looks very warm and comfortable with that snuggly cowel neckline. I would like to make and wear it, snuggle into it.....

Love the look of this cowl poncho, when i do make poncho i tend to make them longer then the pattern calls for.

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

Awesome Poncho! Looks great with jeans!!!

I love the way it looks. I think I would really like to make and wear this.

A friend was just asking me to make something like this for her! So glad to find this pattern today!

I would love to make this - and my daughters would love it too

Beautiful! Would love to make this to keep me warm this winter! Thank you for the chance to win the goodies to make it!

I have been dying to make a poncho, but I do not crochet....I was just planning on making it out of a wool square of material or something. It is "just to dye for"!


Cozy it the perfect name for it. I can just imagine how wonderfully warm it is, especially with the cowl neck. The colors are great too. I think it would go with just about everything.

I love the cowl neck on this poncho pattern.

I like poncho's in the winter, fall, and spring. They are comfortable and allow you more freedom in movement.

I love this pattern I think it will be very cozy when its -25 outside here I wear ponchos alot

looks like a quick and simple pattern thats very stylish........large hook easy on my handicapped hands. cant wait to try

I LOVE ponchos so I cannot wait to make this!

I LOVE wearing ponchos in the winter! Loose, free, warm and flowing!

just entering the contest not yet attempted this project

looks nice n cozy would love to rock this with a nice pair of jeans and some colored boots. I already have the purse to match...

I would love to make this beautiful and warm poncho. Five years ago my Big Sis sent me a poncho for my birthday. Since then, it has added to my wardrobe and my warmth. I believe knitting or crocheting something special for family and friends is the best gift you can give to them. I hope I win! Have a gentle day! Phyllis from Iowa

Ponchos are cool!!!

my daughter would love this in a turquoise or a black and red pattern thanks for the chance

My mother in law LOVES ponchos, i made her one for christmas this year. I think it'll be a new tradition :)

I would make this for a friend who is always cold.

Haven't made this, but seriously thinking about it. I have not loved ponchos since I was a little girl, but this one speaks to me. I love the color and design and it just looks so yummy!

I've never worn a poncho, but this one looks so warm and comfy that I'm tempted to make one for myself.

This looks very warm and cozy!

This looks so cozy. I wish I could crochet!

Sure looks comfy!

This really looks cozy. May try this one

What a warm looking poncho. I love the pattern. Looks easy to work up.

would be a nice Christmas present

Love the pattern.

Love the pattern.

Cute, just enough warmth for Florida's winter.

This is beautiful, it looks so warm and soft.

Beautiful! I love this!

This is beautiful - and would keep me warm at work when the AC is on too high.




My daughter would love this. I'll have to try it!

Already on my project list - Lion Brand is both my go-to yarn AND my go-to source for patterns and instructions (gotta love that Lola comic!) I really like the colors here - neutral enough to wear with most anything, yet still so interesting.

I think I may need to learn to crochet more than a simple chain and sc

wish I had the money to buy this much yarn

I haven't really worked with chunky yarn yet, but I really want to. This is just beautifully soft looking, and I love the colors.

What a great Christmas present this will make for my daughter. Love working with chunky/bulky yarn and a big hook.

Very nice, would make a great gift

Oh wow this is so cute and looks so cozy!! I definitely have to make one for myself and my sister.

looks soft and warm

This looks like it would be very soft and warm.

Wow!! I want to make this!!

That looks so cuddly!


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