How to Change Colors in Crochet


How to Change Colors in Crochet

Wanting to change yarn colors when crocheting? Learn the technique of changing colors in crochet at all stages with these tutorials.

How to Change Colors in Crochet

Learning How to Change Colors in Crochet is going to come in handy for most crocheters. In order to work up a pattern that uses multiple colors of yarn, you will need to know how to switch the yarn colors.

So, if you are not using variegated yarn, follow these tutorials and become an expert. With these lessons, you'll learn how to change colors in the middle of a row, at the end of a row, or in the round. Learning this technique is going to make your crochet that much more beautiful and unique.

Because there are so many patterns that use at least two colors of yarn, knowing how to change colors is essential in mastering crochet. It's not difficult but reading how to do it as well as watching it done via our video tutorials will aid in your success.


How to Change Colors: Carrying Colors Method

When it comes to changing colors in crochet, you have multiple strands of yarn to work with. That can be a huge hassle at the end when they have to be weaved in. Not when you carry colors! This video is a fantastic overview of carrying colors when you're crocheting something with multiple yarn changes. The creative and clever aspect of doing it this way is that you won't have a bunch of ends hanging out.

Quick Step-by-Step: At the end of your row, yarn over and pull through, pick up both colors. The new color should be on the outside. Start to pull both colors through, but stop before going all the way. Pull through the closest color (new color) only. then give a little tug to the old color to finish the stitch. Then you'll be ready to start your next row.

You'll simply work up a row and then you'll swap the colors seamlessly for the next row, carrying the colors along the edge of your piece. Then you will repeat. It's so easy, you just have to watch this tutorial to believe:

How to Change Colors in Crochet in Middle of Row

If your pattern or chart has a part where you are changing colors in the middle of a row, you need to watch this tutorial. This is also great to learn if you feel like changing up your crochet colors as you are working on a crochet project. It's so simple, that you will want to be changing colors a lot more often than before. 

Quick Step-by-Step: Finish your stitch up until the last yarn over. Pick up your new color. Complete the yarn over with both colors. Drop the first color. Cut it and weave it in later. Continue with your stitches in the new color. Note: Treat the last loop as one stitch even though there are two colors.

This video below will walk you through it a couple times. Watching it done is going to help you do it correctly when you're on your own. So, check it out and good luck!

Crochet Changing Colors at End of Row

If you crochet a lot of afghans, this will come up a lot. Changing colors at the end of a row is used most often to add stripes. Not that it can't be used in other crochet projects. The other important aspect of this particular way of changing colors is that it won't leave any knots! No one wants those.

Quick Step-by-Step: Finish your last stitch of the row (remember the turning chain). Complete your first yarn over. Pick up the new color. When you do your second yarn over, do it with both colors. Drop the first color. Finish your row. Turn, then start the new row with your new color. You can either cut the first/old color or carry it up with you in the remaining rows.

You may have noticed how similar these actions are for changing colors at the end versus the middle. Although it's slightly different, you're basically doing the same sort of thing with the two pieces of yarn. Take a look at this video to see it done:

Extra Tip #1: How to Change Colors and Weave in Ends as You Go

This is similar to carrying colors but it uses a different technique. This video tutorial shows you how to change colors while weaving in the ends of the multiple yarn types while you crochet. It's a clever and unique way to do it and will save you TONS of time later.

Quick Step-by-Step: Once you've finished your row and want to change colors, cut the tail of the first color. Make a loop in the second color and place over the hook. Pull it through. Pull the first color a bit tight to secure the second color. Turn your work. Move the ends over the stitches you've just worked and under the stitches you're about to work. Start your row and pull the yarn through. Pull the two loops over and bring through to complete the stitch. If anything is loose, you can tighten.

This video tutorial shows you how to weave in as you go. It involves cutting the end of your old yarn and working over the tails. It's definitely a video you have to watch to fully understand. Check it out below.

Extra Tip #2: How to Crochet Color Change Without Knots

This is actually a left-handed tutorial but the instructions would be the same for either hand preference. This is a combination of carrying colors and weaving in ends, which you learned prior to this. However, it's different enough for us to want you to see this one as well. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Quick Step-by-Step: Go to your last stitch. Pull through two. Grab your second color and slip it over the hook and pull it through the two loops on the hook. Trim the ends (about 2 inches). Turn and chain. Before continuing your row, pull the ends over the existing stitch row you're working over (like was done in the video tutorial above).

This video tutorial from Michael Sellick from The Crochet Crowd is easy to follow and he explains all the little details you'll need to know before you get started. Watch the video below and see for yourself:

What is your preferred method of changing colors in crochet?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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Hi am from PNG and am interested to know more about how to crochet. Contact me if you can send more video tutorials. As a beginner I know you can help by a step by step video tutorial. Please pardon me if am in the wrong section commenting. Regards from Papua New Guinea.

Hello! Here is our helpful guide on how to start crocheting for beginners: Here is a video tutorial for how to single crochet: You can find all of our video tutorials in our video tag here: I hope these pages and tutorials help. Good luck, and happy crocheting! - Laura, editor of AllFreeCrochet

You wouldnt think changing colors is as fiddly as it is, but it really does depend on the project and the look youre trying to achieve. Thats why I am so glad that the poster goes into all the detail about each method of switching colors. Im a visual learner, so I most definitely appreciate all the embedded instructional tutorials, too!

Changing colors seems so intimidating but it's really not. I like that there are so many different ways to do it. I do whatever feels right with the pattern I'm working on.


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