49 Easy Crochet Slippers for Adults and Kids


49 Easy Crochet Slippers for Adults and Kids

So many free crochet slipper patterns to keep you cozy!


Easy Crochet Slippers for Adults and Kids

Find some time in your busy day to work up crochet slippers. This is the best way to keep your feet nice and warm during any time of year. Free crochet shoes and slippers are easy to make and will keep your little piggies happy. No little piggy wants to squeal all the way home to have cold feet!

Free crochet patterns for slippers come in all sizes and crochet designs and, of course, you can crochet them for anyone! Crochet kids slippers are even fun to put in stockings for the holidays. Anything homemade is sure to be talked about between friends and family. You always hear about people crocheting scarves, hats, and shawls, but what about crochet for feet? Let's not forget about the little guys down there. 

Because we think crochet slippers are such great projects to work up, we've made a collection of slipper patterns just for you....and everyone you know!

Whether you're in need of some easy slippers for adults or for kiddos, the patterns below will bring a sense of relaxation to anyone lucky enough to wear them. They are some really cute crochet designs that you can save and come back to at a later date when you want to make even more.

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PLUS! Check out the video below for some comfy and colorful slippers you can make in just one hour! 

Crochet Kids Slippers

60 Minute Mary Jane Slippers

Slippers for kids can be really fun to crochet. You can add a little more flare to crochet kids slippers than you can for adults because they get a kick out of animal heads and googly eyes. Make being warm just another fun part of their day!

Every parent knows the struggle of getting their child to bed, but these slippers are so fun that they will bedtime easy peasy. Your child will actually look forward to getting into their PJs so that they can slip on one of these cute pairs.

These 60 Minute Mary Jane Slippers will look so adorable on any little girl in your life. They're as pretty as they are comfortable.

Child's Incredible Winter Slippers

Your children will soon have toasty toes thanks to this crochet pattern for slippers. These incredible winter slippers are soft and warm on top of looking great.

Ducky Slippers for Kids

You can use these as a Halloween costume or just as some fun shoes for your kids to wear around the house! Ducky Slippers for Kids are a fun crochet project that the kids will love to wear.

Twinkle Toes Toddler Slippers

Kids will love slipping their little feet into these colorful crocheted slippers. The Twinkle Toes Toddler Slippers is an easy crochet pattern to work up that requires less than one skein of yarn. They're so adorable!

Brilliant Boat Slippers

One of the most popular fashion crazes lately has been boat shoes. Don't leave your toddler out by making them these Brilliant Boat Slippers. These are comfy enough for your toddler to take out on the boat or leave on around the house. 

Boat Shoe Crochet Slippers

Want to crochet adorable slippers for kids that are durable and perfect for running around the house in? No one will ever know that these are made from a pair of old flip flops once they see how adorable they are. 

Super Easy Crochet Toddler Slippers

These beginner Super Easy Crochet Toddler Slippers have such a one-of-a-kind look. They'll have your toddler actually looking forward to bedtime so that they can wear these cute little booties. 

Loopy Love Children's Slippers

You're going to fall in love with these Loopy Love Children's Slippers. The detailed cuffs add such a special touch to these adorable slippers. You're going to want to crochet a few sets in varying colors for your little one. 

Rainbow Starlight Slippers

These adorable slippers are the perfect DIY crochet gift and are definitely kid-friendly. These fun slippers are easily customizable, making it easy to choose from an abundance of colors. They're something everyone will love.

Pound Puppy Crochet Slippers

These insanely cute pound puppy slippers will definitely soon become your kid's favorite slippers. Whether or not your family has a real dog, these precious slippers will make it feel like there's a new family member. 

Rad Rocket Slippers

Your little astronaut will feel like a true cosmonaut when he or she slips on these Rad Rocket Slippers. These would make a unique birthday gift paired with some starry pajamas, and a movie or book about space.

Little Ladybug Slippers

These adorable Little Ladybug Slippers slip right on. They are super cute, and they are crazy easy to make. With fun little black dots and antennas, this will quickly become one of your favorite crochet projects.

Hungry Shark Crochet Slippers

All the monsters in your child's closet will disappear with these hungry shark slippers. Despite the fact that they're shaped like sharks, they're adorable. Who knew that sharks could be both scary and cuddly?

Crochet Slippers for Men

Men's Quick and Easy Slipper Socks

Socks and slippers make great gifts, but crocheting slippers for men is something you can really put your heart into. Often times men might think crochet is for women only, but whip up a pair of these slippers, and they'll have to rethink that statement. When they have something warm to protect their feet from icy floors, they'll be glad to have a crocheter in the family!

Cozy men's slipper patterns like these Men's Quick and Easy Slipper Socks are perfect because they will take you two hours or less to make and use up only one skein of yarn. Any of these patterns would make a wonderful gift for a birthday or holiday.

What's better than giving someone the gift of warmth and relaxation? Any man in your life, whether it's yourself, your son, or your hubby, will love having these to slip into whenever they please.


Moccasins or Socks? Now you don't have to choose! These crocheted Soccasins look like adorable winter boots for the indoors. The best part? You can make them in a variety of styles and colors. This unisex crochet pattern is a must-do for winter. 

Austin's Slippers

These slippers can be very warm and durable if you use two strands of yarn together. If you use two contrasting colors you can give it a tweed look. They are so comfy that your hubby will never want to take these off and might even try to leave the house with them on.

Oriental Style Slippers

These Oriental-Style Slippers work for both men and women. Crochet them in your favorite color for cozy slippers any time of the year. You can make a matching set for yourself and your significant other.

Crocheted Slippers

Comfortable, good looking slippers can sometimes be hard to find in department stores, so why not crochet a pair? This men's slipper pattern makes a great gift for Father's Day, a birthday, or a winter holiday.

Chocolate Caramel Slippers

Slip your feet into these Chocolate Caramel Slippers for instant coziness. This free crochet slipper pattern includes directions on how to crochet a ballet-style slipper, as well as a bootie-style slipper. They are worked from the toe up with two different yarns held together. 

Ahh Spa Slippers for Men

You'll think you were transported to a five-star luxury spa when you slip on these Ahh Spa Slippers for Men. They are so soft and comfy and would make a great gift, especially because they work up so much quicker than you might think!

Basic Crochet Slipper Socks

These Basic Crochet Slipper Socks are sure to be a go-to pattern. They're super easy to make and to adjust for any size. Make them in any neutral color you choose and prepare to be so warm and comfortable. 

Easy Crocheted Adult Slippers

There are multiple ways to wear these Easy Crocheted Adult Slippers. You can wear them as tall boots or roll them down so that they are ankle boots. They're crocheted in two parts that are then crocheted together. 

Super Easy and Quick Slippers

Any man in your life would love these Super Easy and Quick Slippers. They'll be the first thing he slips on when he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he slips on when he walks back through the door after work.

Button Cuff Slippers

This free slippers pattern teaches you how to make button cuff slippers. They are toasty, warm, and just plain fun to wear. Give them as a gift or make a pair for yourself today. Use them whenever you need extra warmth!

Crochet Slippers and Socks for All

Yarn Stash Crochet Slippers

Below, you'll find a wide variety of free crochet patterns for slippers to choose from. Many of them are unisex crochet patterns, so both boys and girls can enjoy this collection of free crochet socks and slippers for all.

Everyone can enjoy the feeling of getting home at the end of the day and treating their feet to some crochet TLC. The whole family can have a set, or their own unique slipper style. The options are endless! 

Slipper patterns like these Yarn Stash Crochet Slippers are something that anyone would love to have sitting by their bedside. You can add embellishments like crochet butterflies, flowers, and more to these and many of the patterns below, or you could leave them simple and classic so they match with every single pair of your pajamas.    

Celtic Dream Crochet Slipper Boots Pattern

Fall into comfort with these Celtic dream slippers. This intermediate crochet pattern is worked with two strands of yarn held together to achieve that plush, cozy feel. 

Sixty Minute Crochet Slippers

These sixty minute slippers are a quick pattern to work up in just an hour or less. Just start with a magic circle, and you have an accessory to keep your feet super warm. 

Crochet Flip Flop Slippers

Make some Crochet Flip Flop Slippers for the whole family. This is a quick and easy crochet pattern you can work up in a short time. They're comfortable and so soft using Bernat Pipsqueak yarn.

Rainbow Sherbert Socks

These Rainbow Sherbert Socks from Red Heart are so fun to work up. The self striping crochet design really brings life to this pattern. Turn your feet into happy feet each and every day with these fun socks.

Basic Crocheted Socks

These Basic Crocheted Socks are great to make. They're versatile and allow you to brush up on your crochet skills. These are an easy crochet pattern you can give to a friend or keep for yourself.

The Best Blue Slippers

These are really The Best Blue Slippers ever. Not only are they cute, but they hold their shape more than any other slipper pattern. This free crochet pattern has a defined and reinforced heel and toe, so they will last for a long time, as well. 

Chunky Adult Slippers

Learn how to crochet an adorable pair of Chunky Adult Slippers with this easy to follow tutorial. Single crochet is worked to the finishing touch. Add a button, a flower or even a pom pom to add a fun embellishment to your cute new slipper.

Colorful Summer Slippers

Use up your yarn scraps to crochet these Colorful Summer Slippers. Any color cotton thread yarn works well for this free crochet pattern. These open-toe slippers are designed for the warm summer months.

Grandma's Simple Slippers

If anyone knows how to stay warm and cozy, it's Grandma. Make yourself a pair of Grandma's Simple Slippers for a no-fail crochet design that's sure to keep your feet happy around the house. 

Coziest Slippers Ever

Double crochet is used in front posts and back posts to work up the Coziest Slippers Ever. With some worsted weight yarn you can get a fabulously textured design that will appear bulky in weight. These crocheted slippers are sure to keep your feet warm all winter long.

Women's Crochet Loafers Pattern

If you're looking for a brand new Women's Crochet Loafers Pattern then these are sure to grab your attention. Three crochet stitches are worked in rounds to get this crochet design. Cozy up at home and keep your feet warm with your new slipper pattern.

Cute as a Bow Crochet Slippers

Make your comfy slippers a cute accessory, too! These cute as a bow slippers are perfect for wearing around the house any time of year. The bow adds a girly touch that is perfect for you and your daughter, especially if you adjust the pattern to fit each of you.

Button Strap Crochet Slippers

These button strap slippers are a great pattern to make for keeping your feet warm around the house. The cute rounded toe makes these crocheted slippers look like a pair of Mary Jane shoes and the button strap adds a cute finishing touch.

Simple Crochet Slippers

It's always nice to get out of those dress shoes after work, but no one likes a cold floor on bare feet, either. These simple slippers make footwear that is comfortable, casual, and lightweight. The warm neutral color feels very homey and attractive.

Cozy Crochet Slippers

These cozy slippers are a great scrapbuster project that you'll find yourself wearing day in and day out. They're quick and easy, but the second accent color adds just a bit of style and fun to the simple pattern. 

Women's Chunky Boat Slippers

If you're looking for slippers that are both cute and comfy, these Women's Chunky Boat Slippers were made for you. They look like stylish shoes but are actually super cozy and great to wear around the house. 

Comfy Houndstooth Slippers

You probably won't find many slippers more unique and fun than these Comfy Houndstooth Slippers. The large, colorful pom pom detail will make you smile every time you pull these on. Anyone would love a set of these. 

Chic Cable Slippers

Anyone would adore the look and feel of these textured Chic Cable Slippers. They're made with merino wool, so your feet will be swaddled in something super warm and soft. The pretty purple color is so gorgeous and classic.

Snappy Slippers

You won't believe how quickly these Snappy Slippers are to make. They'll take you only an hour to work up but will give you hours and hours of warmth and coziness! They make a great gift because you can crochet them in anyone's favorite color.

Super Cute Elf Boots

When Christmas comes around, all eyes are on one man: Santa. Santa can't do his job alone, though, requiring the help of all of the elves of the North Pole. If you can't get enough of Santa's little helpers, then you'll flip for these. 

Cute and Cozy Granny Square Slippers

These Cute and Cozy Granny Square Slippers will keep your feet warm all year long. The crochet granny square pattern is easy to work up. Before you know it, you will have a funky pair of slippers to keep or give as a gift.

Starlight Crochet Slippers

You'll be in the comfort spotlight with these starlight slippers. They're more like slipper socks for ultimate coziness and the star stitch add such a spectacular texture to them. Make them in every color imaginable.

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Wow! 49 easy slipper patterns! I can start a crochet slippers store with all this collection. Slippers for adults, slippers for kids, slippers for mom, and slippers for dad. Slippers for winter, slippers for spring, slippers for fall, and slippers for summer. Yohoo!!

I love this collection and have already worked up several pair based on these designs. There is something for just about every taste and inclination, and a few have risen to the top as my favorites. For example, Ive worked those 60 Minute Slippers (the cabled ones) in several colors for an elderly aunt who is now bedridden. No more cold feet!

Yes I would like some slippers patterns that are simpler and more colorful.All so is there a way to make baby slippers in an a adult size


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