Rainbow Sherbert Socks


No Name Crochet SocksThank you to everyone who participated in helping us name this pattern. There were so many amazing suggestions, and some of you even thought the same thing.

We randomly chose a winner and the official name of this pattern is Rainbow Sherbert Socks. Thanks again for participating!

These Rainbow Sherbert Socks from Red Heart are so fun to work up. They're an easy crochet sock pattern that uses Heart and Sole with Aloe yarn in a razzle dazzle color.

The self striping crochet design really brings life to this pattern. Turn your feet into happy feet each and every day with these fun socks.





  • RED HEART® “Heart and Sole™ with Aloe”: 3 skeins 3965 Razzle Dazzle.
  • Crochet Hook: 3.5mm [US E-4].
  • Split lock stitch markers, yarn needle.

Size: Directions are to fit Woman’s shoe size 6 to 8; changes for Woman’s shoe size 8½ to 10 are in parentheses.
Gauge/Tension: 12 sts = 2”; 16 rows = 2” in sc. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.
Directions are to fit Woman’s shoe size 6 to 8; changes for Woman’s shoe size 8½ to 10 are in parentheses.


Dec (decrease) = draw up a loop in next 2 sc, yarn over and draw through 3 loops on hook.

NOTE: In order to have matching socks, start each one at the same point in the color sequence of the yarn.


CUFF (Worked vertically in rows):

  1. Starting at center back, ch 31.
  2. Row 1 (Right Side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across; turn—30 sc.
  3. Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc across; turn.
  4. Row 3: Ch 1, working in back loops only, sc in each sc across; turn.
  5. Row 4: Ch 1, sc in each sc across; turn.
  6. Rows 5-50 (58): Repeat Rows 3 and 4.
  7. Row 51 (59): Ch 1, working in back loops only, sc in each sc across; DO NOT TURN.


  1. Rnd 1: Ch 1, working across row ends of cuff, work 48 (56) sc across; join with a slip st in first sc—48 (56) sc. Mark beginning/end of rnd; move marker up each rnd.
  2. Rnds 2-7: Sc in each sc around.
  3. Row 8: Sc in next 12 (14) sc; TURN leaving remaining sc unworked.


  1. Row 1 (Wrong Side): Ch 1, sc across next 24 (28) sc for heel flap, removing marker; TURN leaving remaining 24 (28) sc unworked for instep.
  2. Row 2: Ch 1, sc in next 24 (28) sc; turn.
  3. Rows 3-15 (17): Repeat Row 2, ending by working a wrong side row; turn.


  1. Row 1 (Right Side): Ch 1, sc in first 15 (17) sc; TURN, leaving remaining 9 (11) sts unworked.
  2. Row 2: Ch 1, sc in next 6 sc; TURN, leaving remaining 9 (11) sc unworked.
  3. Row 3: Ch 1, sc in next 5 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc on Row 15 (17); turn leaving remaining 7 (9) sc unworked—7 sc.
  4. Row 4: Ch 1, sc in next 6 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc on Row 15 (17); turn leaving remaining 7 (9) sc unworked—8 sc.
  5. Row 5: Ch 1, sc in next 7 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn leaving remaining 5 (7) sc unworked—9 sc.
  6. Row 6: Ch 1, sc in next 8 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining 5 (7) sc unworked—10 sc.
  7. Row 7: Ch 1, sc in next 9 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining 3 (5) sc unworked—11 sc.
  8. Row 8: Ch 1, sc in next 10 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining 3 (5) sc unworked—12 sc.
  9. Row 9: Ch 1, sc in next 11 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining 1 (3) sc unworked—13 sc.
  10. Row 10: Ch 1, sc in next 12 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17), sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining 1 (3) sc unworked—14 sc.
  11. Larger Size Only-Row 11: Ch 1, sc in next 13 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 17, sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining sc unworked—15 sc.
  12. Row 12: Ch 1, sc in next 14 sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 17, sc in next sc; turn, leaving remaining sc unworked—16 sc.
  13. Both Sizes-Row 11 (13): Ch 1, sc in next 13 (15) sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17); turn—14 (16) sc.
  14. Row 12 (14): Ch 1, sc in next 13 (15) sc, dec over next sc and next sc on Row 15 (17)—14 (16) sc. Fasten off.


  1. With right side of heel facing you, join with an sc in 8 (9)th sc of Row 12 (14).
  2. Rnd 1: Sc in next 6 (7) sc, working along side of heel flap in ends of rows, work 12 (14) sc evenly spaced to last row of heel flap, dec over next row and first st of instep (mark last st for gusset), sc in next 22 (26) instep sc, dec over next sc and edge of first row of flap (mark last st for gusset), working along side of heel flap in ends of rows, work 12 (14) sc evenly spaced along side of heel flap, sc in remaining 7 (8) sts of Row 14 of heel; join with a slip st in first sc and mark this sc for beginning of rnd—62 (72) sts.
  3. Rnd 2: Sc in each sc to sc before first gusset marker, dec over next sc and marked sc (re-mark this st), sc in each sc to next marked st, dec over marked sc and next sc (remark this st), sc in each sc to end of rnd—60 (70) sc.
  4. Rnds 3-8: Repeat Rnd 2—48 (58) sc.
  5. Remove gusset markers when working next rnd.
  6. Rnd 9: Sc in each sc around.
  7. Repeat Rnd 9 until 2 1/2” less than desired length from beginning of heel.


  1. Fold sock flat having heel centered in bottom of foot. Mark one sc on each side of foot There should be 23 (28) sc between each marker; sc to 12th (14th) sc from right marker on bottom of foot and mark for beginning of rnd with double markers.
  2. Rnd 1: * Sc in each sc to 2 sc before marked side sc, dec over next 2 sc, sc in next sc (move marker up to sc just made), dec over next 2 sc; repeat from * once; sc to end of rnd—44 (54) sc.
  3. Rnd 2: Sc in each sc around.
  4. Rnds 3-6: Repeat Rows 1 and 2—36 (46) sc.
  5. Rnd 7: * Sc in each sc to 2 sc before marked side sc, dec over next 2 sc, sc in next sc (mark sc just made), dec over next 2 sc; repeat from * once; sc to end of rnd—32 (42) sc.
  6. Rnds 8-12 (14): Repeat Rnd 7—12 (14) sc. Fasten off leaving a long end for sewing.


  1. Turn sock to wrong side and sew toe seam. Sew back cuff seam and weave in all ends.


Check out Red Heart's company profile and other great patterns!

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What skill level is it?

Hi, I'm making these socks for the first time and the heel flapped has stumped me. I'm confused about the heel flap because at the end of the ankle I end with 14sc but the start of the heel flap it says to sc 28 across. Does this mean i'm to do 2sc in each of the 14sc? can someone explain please and if 2sc in each 14sc is the case than it should be made clearer.

My one concern is with the sewimg up of the toe, I have always knitted my socks so I'm used to Kitchener st.

I have not made these Rainbow Sherbert Socks yet, still looking for the yarn used. Is there another type of yarn that I can substitute? I'm hoping to find a good yarn to go with this pattern that is well written and easy to understand and follow. Thank you so much for this free crochet sock pattern.

Now this is what I call a pair of socks. These rainbow sherbert socks demand all of your attention as they are so very colorful. I went on line to locate this particular yarn by Red Heart but to no avail. I could only find this color, Razzle Dazzle. The search continues.

These Sherbet Rainbow Socks look very professionally done. Like they were not hand crocheted but done on a machine. This super fine sock weight yarns just glide across the hook which creates a very pleasant crocheting experience! Cool socks!

These are very attractive socks. Very colorful and neatly done. I want to do this for my nieces and nephews. I think it is exciting!

Stick a fork in me because I am done. I was not aware that Red Heart had a yarn that was infused with aloe. Until now, I was never really interested in making a pair of socks. Now I can hardly wait. I want every one of my family members to own at least one par of these just for the aloe factor alone.

Oh my gosh! Yarn with Aloe? These look so warm and snugglythe perfect thing for a pair of cabin socks. I havent seen this yarn anywhere around here, but since this is a Red Heart pattern, I should be able to order this yarn online from them. I havent checked Amazon or any other site. The original pattern can be found here http//www.redheart.com/free-patterns/colorful-croc == het-socks

This is a cute and fun pattern that is perfect for learning how to make socks! I'll have to see if I can find this yarn, but I think the pattern would still work with any other super fine yarn.

When do you join the cuff together? It doesn't say in the directions. How do you join them? I will NOT make or encourage anyone to make a pattern that leaves stuff out, especially since I cannot read patterns. You don't make pattern reading any easier by leaving important stuff like that out. I have yet to see a pair of socks where the cuffs are not joined together some how.

See the last sentence under Finishing. I've made these they turned out great.

I have made two pair of these so far. A little confusing when going from the cuff to the bodyof the sock but I figured it out. The problem has been that if the wearer has thinner ankles, this sock is way to loose. I have checked and rechecked my gauge and the directions, but just too big. The socks themselves are beautiful, but need adjustment in that area and I am not experienced enough to do that myself.

Love these razzle dazzle socks. I have made socks in the past with regular yarn and they were just so bulky. I have not tried these line of yarn yet, but I have seen it at my local yarn shop and I passed on it. After seeing this pattern, I may just revisit the store and rethink my opinion of trying again.

Self-striping yarns are great. Its always a mystery to me how my coloring on a project will turn out when using this type of yarn. Seems like its always different each time I make something. These socks look like just what I have been wanting to make for a couple of my friends. Great find.

I am new to crochet and Ive worked all day on the cuff and now I'm stuck. I'm not under standing the instructions after Ive crocheted the 48 st's along the edge. Was I supposed to st the two edges together? and then move on the the ankle. Tami

Can these be worn with shoes? Every pattern I've tried come Come like slippers

Hi irinanagar I hope I can answer your question, when you chain31 and turn to crochet in the chain you start in the 2nd chain from the first stich and start your sc stich which will take you to the end of the chain will give you 30 stiches....... Chain one and start in the 2nd stich which will continue to give you a 30 stich chain, unless the instructions say to do differently you follow the same patter until the pattern says to change to some thing else. I hope this helps. If not my e-mail is sweetrose46@att.net

Hi, I'm a beginner and I just started to crochet these socks. Could someone please explain to me when you're making a cuff, the pattern calls for chaining 31, then sc in each chain, then chain 1 and sc in each sc. Does CH1 count as a sc here? For example, in the end of the row 3 how many sc should I have? 31 or 30? Thank you very much!!

I have never made socks but I can't wait to try these .

I have made several pair of this sock this winter. I love them and have a pair on right this minute. I can finish a pair in a day and a half crocheting while I watch tv in the evenings. I haven't bought socks in over three years. This pattern is my go-to when it comes to making socks for myself or for gifts. I have a set started right now in Red Heart Heart and Sole Berry Bliss that I will finish tonight.

Sherbet no R in Bet. There is no such word as SherbeRt BUT the socks are awesome, thank you!

I know, I know, the spelling police etc, but please change it to the correct spelling? Pretty Please?

They look great but how can I print the the pattern without having pages of other crap

Start at the picture with your cursor, highlight the picture and the actual pattern text, then open a Word Document or whatever you use for documents...and paste it in there. Easy..

Crazy rainbow!

The socks made me think of the fruit stripe gum I used to chew as a kid. Turns out the name is just Fruit Stripe. So either that or Fruit Loop. Better change the spelling so no copyright infringement! :-)

or Dreams of Kaliedoscopes

Kaleidscope Dreams

Ring around the toesies

tutti fruttie toasty toes

fruity peebles

sorry pebbles not peebles

Circle Your Toes

Psychedelic Stripey Socks

Jazzyfeet or Jazzyfoot Sox


Fiesta Stripes


painted sunset socks, priority socks, comfort & beauty socks, razzle dazzle socks



I like "Lollipop"! First thing I thought of when I saw all the colors!

Fruit Stripe

crayola crans

The socks of many colors.

My suggestion would be Sole-Oh-Mine

Adobe Desert Sunset


My suggestion is "A Day at the Circus"

My suggestion for these socks is "Happy feet"


Salsa Fiesta

Stripe it Rich

Tutti Fruitti Tootsies

Burst of Happiness

mardi gras


Stepping out in Strips

Happy Toes

Pippi Longsocking

What ever sock

Whimsy Footsies/Whimsy Warmers

Whimsy Footsies/Whimsy Warmers

The stripped tiger or End of the rainbow

Marrakesh Socks

Happy feet rainbow socks

Razzle Dazzle Candy Striped Socks

Tootie Footie Socks

Rainbow Sherbert Warmers

Tootie Frootie Sockies

Sorbet Stripes!

Warm the Heart and Soles Socks

I love the colors. They remind me of the shockingly beautiful lights we see on very clear cold nights. The " Aurora Borealis". That would be a fitting name indeed. :)

Joseph Coat socks

name them colorific socks,or wowie zowie socks

southwest splender because they remind me of New Mexico

Ocean & Citrus socks.

Wonder Stripes!

After I got logged in I saw someone has almost the same name! Anyway, mine is Rainbow Delight..

Winter Rainbow socks!

Confetti Crochetti ! These colors remind me of confetti on New Years Eve and I'm sure other variegated yarn colors would too.

Fiesta Footwear!! The colors remind me of the bright, happy, colors of a New Mexican fiesta!!

Jelly Bean socks. They remind me of jellybeans because they are multicolored and speckled.

name them ringling footie socks

Crazy Crayon socks

what about " lollipop swirl"?


Foot of the rainbow Is my suggestion for these terrific socks. kay1241 2frontier.com

Fruity Tooty Footies

Kalidosock, should be the name of this sock. mshjsimmons@yahoo.com

Sherbet Cool Stripe Knits.............sorry, spelled Sherbet wrong the first time. Being humble is a gift!

Serbet Cool Stripe Knits

Fiesta Footies!

Rainbow warmers!!!

Razzle Rainbow Crochet Socks

For such a cheerful pattern, it has to be "Happy Feet Socks"


"Lolly Socks"! :)

In homage to my high school years and the band 'America', I call this pattern 'Socks With No Name'. Who says you need a special label?!

these socks remind me of Tigers! nice name "Tigers on Prowl" socks.

I love the "earthy" and yet bright colors! Very reminiscent of the Incan, and also Tibetan, woolen cloth. How about "Incan Dream" Socks. Or "Tibetan Dream" socks. That's what came to my mind when I saw them. I plan on making some and that's what I shall call mine. <3 Beautiful!

Desert Sunset. :o)

I think "Circle of Life Socks"

fruity Tootie socks

Jazz Me Up or Jazzy Toes

Sole Rings

Circus Sox or Mardi Grau is what comes to mind, all the colors are there.

How about Skittles! They are the perfect colors in a bag of skittles!

How about "Sole Spectacular" or "Sole Sensational"

Suggested Name: Tutti-Frutti Tooties

" Fun Fetti Feet" is what I think of.

Fiesta Fetish

"Carousel" is what came to mind the first thing I saw them

happy feet

Fruit Loops

colofully easter egg sock.

Rockin Sockin Sole Mates

Dazzling Fall Into Fall Socks. I love them.

Let's make this very simple, from an avid crocheter; "Heart and Sole - Razzle Dazzle Socks." These are beautiful socks and the picture caught my eye right away. I can't wait to make them.

Love the pattern!!! My suggestion for the socks is "JAZZY RINGS". Hope you like it.

"Southwest Sunset" sounds good to me.

Caribbean Sunset

The name I see is "Painted Desert" for these socks. It has all the colors of the real painted desert.

My family calls these Happy Socks

Spangle socks?

Kaleidoscope(sp?) Toes!

Rings of Saturn is my name for the socks, 'cause they're out of this world (but still in our solar system)!

Confetti Fun!!

I think as soon as I looked at these socks the shouted back, Katwhissel. Hope you like my name.

rainbow feet

Helter Skelter It reminds me fair ground attraction of my youth, bright colorful and exiting!

manpaeck 5117589 name for socks "Tutti Fruiti"

Circular Tunnel Socks

Sunset socks

Autumn Warmth

Ja-Maka socks.

wild flowers socks

devilishly dellightful toe warmers

"Mardi Gras" sole savers sounds good to me.

Assorted taffy socks

I would call it razzle rainbow connection sox

Redheart Rainbow Razzle...

How about Heart and Sole Warmers? or Rainbow Sole Warmers?

The name 'PICIDILLY' just popped into my heard, That's what I would call it.

Cute name for fun socks is "ring around the toe"sies"

I think they are a "Koleidoscope of Kolor" and this would be a great name.

Hook Around Your Foot Socks

They look like "Happy Feet" to me!

suggested name: Fabulous Footies

Suggested name: Comfy Rainbow Socks

Fiestaloe Socks

Suggested name: Krazy Feet Socks

Reminds me of Fruit Stipped Gum that we chewed in the 60's

name of the pattern is Colorful Crochet Socks

Kalypso fairy slipper

My name would be "Fiesta Feet"

I would name them "Toe-stie" Socks

Ring Around the Footsies

I'd like to name this pattern Chill Out Socks

Kaleidoscope is what I see.

cool roundabout crocheted socks

Britely Go-round Cozies

Fling a Lings James Franco

Toes of Many colours!!

rainbow comfort

Call them "Slippers in the round" Joan Mahoney

rings around the toesies

I would call them, "Mardi Gras".


The Stripe is Right.

Fiesta Siesta Socks

Paintbox Sox

Tiger eyes

cozy fiesta

HUGS (from the heart) they make me think of my feet being hugged

Cotton Candy Comfort!! They look deliciously comfortable!

Psychedelic Love Socks......they're psychedelic, love the pattern and they're made from Heart and Sole yarn.

"Happy Feet" really fits these socks

Phsychodellic!! I think spelling maybe wrong, but hopefully you will know correct spelling.

Cotton Candy Socks

Jeweled Stripes.


surreal sunrise socks

Rainbow Sherbet

i would call them Rainbow cozy socks.

Carnival socks

Ring around the rosy socks

Mardi gras

Swirly Whirly Socks

sole socks

I have made them and named mine, My razzle me, dazzle me socks.

I think they should be named Joseph's Socks of Many Colors!!

Happy Feet! I have two pairs of Razzle Dazzle and 6 more in the other colors.

Candy Shoppe Socks

Tutti Frutti! Or Tootsie Frooti!

PediPaws soothing aloe socks

I think the name should be Mardi Gras

magic stripes galore

Under the Big Top Socks

Toe the Carribean

glorious morning socks

Never Ending Colors

Happy Feet Socks

Striped Happy Socks

Lucky Socks

Candy Stripe Socks

Rainbow Sherbert socks


Color My Feet Crochet Socks

Sweet N Simple Crochet Socks

Winter Sunshine

Hmmm . . . I had a few ideas maybe : Pinata Socks Suessical Socks "Color Me Happy" Socks

I have been crocheting these socks for quite awhile. I love these socks. I love these socks

Psychedelic Socks

Autumn Rush

rainbow sherbet

Mardigras socks! great colors

rainbow fiesta

Fancy Fiesta Footies - love them

Kaleidoscope Kicks

fiesta socks


Candy Land

stripes o'mania

Around the World

Ready to streak

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

tropical stripes


Rockin' Rainbows


Confetti socks

Candy cane toes

easy heart and sole super soft silly striped scocks

Jelly Bean Socks

Marti Gras socks.

monkey socks

Tiger Feet - they are just purrrfect

Colors of the Rainbow Socks

Skittle Socks - because the colors remind me of 'skittles' candy.

'Starburst Candy Socks'

I think that less is more. These socks are perfect and I think a great name would be "candy, circle, color, socks". I love them and will try to do a pair asap.

I think Joseph would be a good name because of the colours

The Lions of Winter

"The Rockets" (4th of July)

mardi gras sox!

swirly sorbet socks


Walking on sunshine

Ring Around My Rosie Toes

Name suggested for " no name crochet socks " is: 'Sweet as Candy'

Psychedelic funk

Hello, I say " Zip Zap Sox". They are just so Zany! How fun. A. Shea

Christmas tree sox

Confetti Fun Socks

How about Circus, it's beautiful colors.

Beautiful soles

How about "color makes the world go round?"

Heart & Sole Socks

Diddle Diddle Dumpling

Candy stripers

Fruity Toe Stirs

toasty toes socks

Ring around the sweet shop

Tutti fruitti striped socks

Kaleidoscope Sox

Tutti Fruity Stripe Socks

Candy stripers

rainbow blues


Lifesaver candy

A kaleidoscope for your feet.

Hoola hoop


Call the pattern My Mardi Gras

Sherbet Dreams

Circus Comes to Town

Hippie Rainbow Peace Socks

End of the rainbow

Cozy Autumn Socks

ribbon candy socks

Carnival socks

Fiesta Socks

Rainbow Socks -- name of pattern

I would call this pattern 'Tribal Rings'...

Round n round we toe

I suggest, "Psychedelic Socks!!"

Candy Stripes


zip around crocheted socks

circles of love

Cozy Toesy

fruit loops


inch worm socks

Around the World in Color

skiing in the alps

Colorful sockies

Berzerk socks


When I look these socks I have in mind: RAINBOW.

Juicy Fruit Stripe Socks

I think they should be called "Burst of Color"

"Sonrisa" socks

I think the socks should be named " Confetti"

Pretty piggies

Razzle Dazzle socks

That's easy! They are obviously Zeebocks! (Combination of zebra and socks!)

How about "Fiesta Slippers" or "Carnival Slippers"

Lolly Socks!

Tooty Frooty Footy Socks

Fiesta Feet

Lollipop Swirl (remember the 'face-sized' colorful lollipops we had as kids?, That's what I see the pattern as)

Rainbow of love

Hokey kokey

Rainbow Sprinkles

Tropical Delight

Simply, "Heart and Sole" socks.

I like the name "Soles Olay".

Swizzle Socks

Tootsie's Roll

I like "Circle Of Comfort"

I like the name "CARNIVALE" pronounced as if you were in Rio.

Rainbow Ribbon Socks

I think I would name them candy grab bag or dish o'candy since the colors remind me of a candy assortment.

They look like" Happy Dance" socks to me!

Wild Thing--you make my heart sing!

How about Electric Kaleidoscope??

Party for your feet or Fiesta for your feet.

I would name them "Caribbean Dreams"

Yipes Stripes

Rainbow of Warmth

I think they remind me of a Rainbow, I like " Fiesta Rainbow" for the name of this pattern.

Easy Crochet Candy Stripe Socks

cosy toes socks

Rainbow Sherbert Socks

Round about socks

Lollipop Socks

Ring Around the Toesies Socks

Pink Parfait

round the toesy warm socks

Seaside Sunset Socks

Fun Time Socks


Name: Snuggly Socks

When I look at the I feel festive so I think they should be called " Sock Fiesta "

merry go-round

Juicy fruity

calico dremas?

How about Kaleidscope?

Rose-y Toes-y socks!

How about Cranberry and Pumpkin Socks?

Many shades of Gray?

Yipes! Stripes!

How about "Ring Around the Toesies">

Grand Canyon Sweet Socks

Psockedelic Psocks! Gotta be...just look at those far-out colors!!!

Candy Stripes

I say either Rainbow Brite Socks or Candyland Socks for a name

Mardi Gras

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Calypso Joy

Dancing Colors

Razz-ma-tazz my toesies

Kalidoscope Rainbow

ribbon candy

Raspberry Ripple

Rock it socks

kaleidoscope dream

Tutti Fruitti

Candy Cane

Lollipop socks

Funky socks

Fruit Stripe


mandala socks!

happy footsies

happy footsies

Supreme Strips like no other.

Fall Glory socks,is what I see.

The socks remind me of Mardi Gras.

Beautiful pattern ---- Sand Art Socks ---They are beautiful and look and flow like sand art.

How I'm feeling today socks

Rings around the toesies

Love the looks of these and I think they are Pipi Longstockings for sure.

Bird of Paradise -- a name for the beautiful socks

Boogie Socks

Sweet taffy

rainbows of de-feet

carnival confetti

Name it ..."Color Me Warm"

rainbow burts, or ferris wheel

Circus, Circus

Strip(e) Tease

Walk the line

I would title the pattern: Squiggly mix

tuti fruti

Gumball socks


Psychedelic Socks

Candy Crush Socks


The beautiful color explosions are like fire works at a " Fiesta " that's what I would name them.

Ring Around the Toesies would be a great name!

I think they look like a Tiggaroo sox!

rainbows for feet suggested name for these socks

I would call them "Happy Feet" socks... cause the colorful yarn with certainly make MY feet happy!!!

Razzle Dazzle; Colour Explosion; Colour Saturation

Search Results Kaleidoscope Dream socks

Tooti Fruiti Socks

A celebration on your feet! Celebration!!!


Stained Glass socks!

kaleidoscope socks

Rainbow socks

"Indian Summer Socks" Love the colors....

Carnival Crocheted socks

Day Dreamin' Socks or Dream Socks or Hot Tamale Socks

Salsa Socks


Tropically Hot

Rasta Socksta

Rings around the "toesies"!!

All Day Sockers

Kaleidoscope Comfort

New year confetti

Rings around the "toesies"!!

Winter Huggies

Sunny Symmetry Socks

Some where over the rainbow socks

Rainbow Sherbet Slouchy Socks

candy stripe legs

Circus socks

sherbet socks

Confetti Carnival

Yipes, stripes!

Candy stripe socks

Soothe-Me Socks!

I would name them my ' rainbow socks'

"Aloe Dolly Socks"

Carnival socks

Sprinkles (as in ice cream)

Hot Patootie Bless My Sole Socks

Colorful Softie Socks

I meant feisty festival socks.

Sunday Afternoon

"Fun Fiesta Footies" I'd wear them to Fiesta in San Antonio!

Fisty festival socks.

"The Queen's Socks" , such nice gem-tones.

Rainbow Cozytoes

I just thought of "Clowning Around"

The first thing I thought of was a bowl of Rainbow Sherbet, or Sherbet Delight.

I think of indian blankets when I look at them. So Navjavo Socks. And another idea Rainbow of Colors

I looked at these socks and thought "Hop, Skip and A Jump"

Seuss socks! (or Zeuss socks if there's a copyright issue)

Here are the smooth, classic-looking Ring-Around-The-Toesies socks.

I think the socks should be named Starburst Warm and Cozy, because that is how they look to me.

These are very colorful. I believe I would call these wonders, Rainbow Socks, as they have all the colors of the rainbow in them.

The colors remind me of the Aurora Boreallis in the Northern Hemisphere...beautiful!

Just as the yarn says, Toetally Tropical would be my suggestion!!

if "Mexican Fiesta" socks is a little too much, just "FIESTA" would be good, as well. I love all the suggestions - so creative!!

How about, "Tootsey Swirls"? that's what popped into my head when I saw them. thanks for the pattern.

Tehy make me smile! "Happy Feet Socks".

Didn't have time to read all of the comments but I would name the TOE-tally Dazzled!

Southwest Strands

My name for these socks would be "Mexican Fiesta" socks

Lucky Stripes!

rainbow socks

Happy Feet

A good name for these socks would be clowning around.

"Best Socks Ever" pattern name suggestion. I make these often for myself and as gifts...they are the best and easiest pattern to follow. Endless variety of colors and color mixing options with these socks! :)

I would call these socks "Saturnalia"

I think they should be called "Candy Striped" or a derivation thereof.

I"D call it "Lifes wonderment" They are really neat looking Going to make a pair for my granddaughter who is in college in Michigan


Fiesta Feet!

I love these socks. How about festive striped socks?

Cutie Patooties

Confetti socks

Fiesta Crazy socks!

Multi colored Ragg socks

Colossal Colored Covers I am going to try them. I have been looking for a cro sock pattern that I like, and I like this one.

Warm the Heart and Soles Socks

Fruity Smoothies :)

razzle dazzle works for me

Skittle socks!

Fiesta !

Tropical Fruit Salad

snuggly toes....

Walking the Rainbow

Cozy Spumoni

Cozy Toe-zies!

Funny socks

Razzle Dazzle

Happy Feet :)

Cozy Tozies

Dazzle me footwear, or maybe fantasy footwear


Tutee Fruitee

Mardi Gras

Razzle Dazzle Chaussettes!

Razzle dazzle fruit salad! Or Tutti frutti! :)

Dazzle My Sole

How about The Good and Plenty Sock!

I think they should be named "A Little Bit Of Sole"

Bright Ring Toss Socks

Mexican Fiesta Siesta Socks :0)

Tinky Pinky Candy Feast

fruit stripe gum

I remember fruit stripe gum! !

Star of Stripes

Colorful Tootzies

Walking on Rainbows.

I have the perfect name for these socks just from looking at the picture: "COZY TOES"!

spring fever

How about Lollipop? When I first saw this yarn it reminded me of the giant round colorful lollipops that I loved as a little girl!

how about confetti

Raspberry drizzle

Mardi Gras

Zesty messy socks


RAINBOW SLIPPER SOCKS ... as soon as I can find someone that sells this yarn, I'll have to try making these. I've been crocheting almost my entire life (I'm almost 60 years young) but have never had much luck with patterns because the projects never turn out quite how they're supposed to turn out. I love the rainbow appearance of the yarn used for the ones in the picture.

Tequila Sunrise

Jelly Beans

Holy Stripes

Fancy That


Sassy Salsa

Why not just call them Razzle Dazzle socks?

Rings Atire

Morocco Sole


Rainbow walking tks, Sonja

rainbow on my feet

How about Fruit Loops

Carnival Socks





happy day sox

Calico Cat


I would call them 'Razzle Dazzle Socks'. They are eye catching, love them!

Coloring My World...


Tired Feet Fighters

Crazy Socks. Crazy Socks. What do you think?

My Socks of Many Colors!

Well-Heeled Happiness!

Cozy Comfort

My daughter saw these and said mom these are sparkling rainbows for my feet please. I don't know if they come in her size. She is only a young girl.

I think they should be called Psycodelic Zebras, Please excuse my spelling if it is wrong.

Tootzie Koozie

I would call these Warm Rainbow

Crochet Me Tootsies

Lord of the Rugs (there can be only one...) LOL

Razzle Dazzle ME

Tutti Fruity

Rings Around the Toesies! :)

Razzle Dazzle Your Sole Socks


Aurora Borealis

Grand Canyon Sunset

Fiesta Fire socks!

"A Blast of Confetti"

Candy Dandy

Hoola Hoop Socks

Passionista Bop

Happy feet

Juicy Fruit

Tutti Frutti Sock-a-licious

Rainbow Socks

Toe Cozies

Mardi Gras!


Bohemian Rhapsody

Winters Rainbow :)

"Cozy Go-Round" Socks

Ring Around the Toesies


rainbow feet

Call this pattern TUTTI FRUITI :) Reminds me of a bowl of colorful mixed fruit!!

cute comfort

kaleidoscope toes

Name this pattern: Sock it to me!

Pippi longstockings! They remind me of her!


kaleidoscope kickers!

Happy Feet

All Day Sucker Socks!

How about Razzle Dazzle after the yarn??

How about Razzle Dazzle after the yarn??

Ruby Wine

"Strox" for stripe & sox!

Fiesta Bowl Socks

I think this pattern should be called The Skittle Socks!

color fiesta socks

Morroco Socko's

Raspberry Rumba

I think because of the cool fall colors they should be called Autumn Toe-sties

Colorful Feet

I think it should be "Ring around the Toesies"

Tropical Sky

Rainbow Sprinkles

I would call them dolly mixture socks

Suggested name for the pattern: Love from the Heart to the Sole Socks

Socks of Many Colors

My suggestion for naming these socks is ...... Rings of Warmth


rainbow socks

Fiesta Feet.....name these socks entry

Name these socks, "Yikes! Stripes!"

tropical get away Socks

name these socks 'calyspo' or 'kaleidioscope'