One Hour Crochet Slippers


One Hour Crochet Slippers

Learn how to crochet slippers in just one hour! These simple slippers are quick & cute.

One Hour Crochet Slippers
One Hour Crochet Slippers

Want to make an adorable pair of quick and simple slippers in a short amount of time? These One Hour Crochet Slippers are exactly what you need. Choose some fun colorful yarn and begin crocheting yourself a pair of nice and soft comfy and cozy slippers.

Plus, the video tutorial breaks down just how easy it is to make these DIY slippers, and is great for all of you visual learners out there. Start making this slippers pattern today, and have a new pair in just one quick hour!

These insanely quick crochet slippers are the perfect pattern for just about any occasion. Easily created for men or women, these crocheted cuties are worked up in a bulky yarn. The bigger yarn makes the project a breeze and ensures that you have sturdy slippers that will keep your feet warm and toasty.

These homemade slippers would be ideal for a long plane ride, an especially cold winter day, or a last-minute DIY gift.

Once you've finished, check out this pattern for One Skein Joy Slippers!

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Watch the video right below for the visual tutorial and then scroll for the written pattern!


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(5) Bulky/Chunky (12-15 stitches for 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge7 sts x 4 rows in dc = 2” square

Finished Size9 1/2 inches

Materials List

  • Yarn | Featured in this Video: Cascade Yarns Pacific Chunky
  • Crochet hook

One Hour Crochet Slippers Instructions

Notes: The ch-2 in the beginning of the round will not count as a stitch. To finish a round, sl st to the first STITCH of the round to join, not the ch-2. This creates a ‘seamless’ join.
When working in rows, not rounds, dc in the space between the ch 2 and the first dc to finish row. 

  1. Round 1: 10 dc in the first chain, sl st to the first stitch to join. (10 sts).

  2. Round 2: Ch 2, 2 dc in each st, sl st to the first stitch to join. (20 sts).

  3. Round 3: Ch 2, * dc 3, 2 dc in next st, repeat from * around, sl st to the first st to join. (25 sts). 

  4. Rounds 4-11: Ch 2, dc in each st, sl st to the first st to join.

  5. Row 12: Ch 2, dc 18. (18 sts).

  6. Rows 13-15: Ch 2, turn; dc in each st. (18 sts).

  7. Row 16: Ch 2, turn; dc 5, dc dec 4 times, dc 5. (14 sts).

  8. Row 17: Ch 2, turn; dc 3, dc dec 4 times, dc 3. (10 sts).

  9. Row 18: Turn; sl st to Row 17’s 1st st.

  10. Round 19: Ch 2, use the ends of rows as stitches, 2 dc in each end of dc sts 6 times (12 sts), dc 7 across top of foot, 2 dc in each end of dc sts 6 times (12 sts), sl st to the first st to join. (31 sts).

  11. Round 20: Ch 1, * sk 2 sts, 5 dc in next st, sk 2 sts, sl st in next st, repeat from * to end. Sl st to ch 1 to join.

  12. Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Use long tail and yarn needle to sew heel together.

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Hi, I love this pattern. My grandson has a longer foot then most, size 14, so experimented and add a couple of rows. instead of 4-11, I made it 4-15. We felt the top need to be higher so added two rows after 19. still having 31 sts. Row 20 will still work its magic as row 25. I have given so many away. Any size foot can be comfortable now. My little size 7, with the original, to my add on for my grandson. Thanks' to the original.

I'm making these now and don't usually need a video. Your video is great, your printed pattern is very poor, and missing details. I'm making them with Bernat Velvet and think they will be great. But please try to be more complete with your printed instructions!

My son is dressing as Fox in Socks for school and your slippers are working up nicely as the "socks" part to his look. Here is the first one made, i had to change a few things but the over all design is yours Thank you for a very simple pattern. Love the look

Before I start, I would love to know how and where to increase size of this slipper. I looked through comments and although this question has been asked, I cannot find an answer. If slipper pattern gives a size 8 women, how do you go up a size at a time? Looking to make a size 11, but it would be helpful to know just one size at a time. Also, one comment indicated the omission of the initial chain 4 in the written instructions. Suggest and request that this be corrected. The video was very good, so I am optimistic about the results. Thank you!

How does one change to a larger or smaller size? Change hook size? Switch to a 4 yarn instead of 5? Change the number of rows in the rows 4-11 step? I am making slippers for a women's shelter so need sizes for children, too. It took much longer to make the first slipper but am grateful there was a video to guide me.

after which step should i add rows for larger sizes? And how? Thanks!

I love how comfortable these slippers are. I want to make some for everyone I know.

How do I make slippers that are smaller in size.

The pattern given is 9.5 inches. Equal to womens size 8 or mens size 6.5. Go to live or healthy feet for a chart showing shoe size in inches for men and women.

Haha the size is a learning curve but after making slippers I now have of my size women's and I guess and a mans size I realize where it varied I accidentally increased the width by counting the chain two on some of the rows plus I lost count of the rounds I guess and added an extra row round for the length on the first slipper second slipper I did it correctly so both the length and width were correct and the third slipper I left one row round off making it I'd say a size shorter which is a comfortably snug fit so I decided to just keep the mismatched pair for myself and I will proceed to make my husband a pair by hopefully working the next slipper as I did the first time by adding some stitches and at the same number of increased rows I didRead More to get him a very snug men's size ten Since it's a stretchy it doesn't matter that it is about a half size smaller than he normally takes It's probably better to stay on I love this slipper It's the first time I've ever done slippers I just want to find that color used on the video demo I like it a lot I used a bulky of some kind that is more of a cord texture I would like to get some of those vinyl tacky dots they sell in crafts and fabrics for kids slippers feet so there is no slippage Mine don't seem slippery though but not taking a chance I'm with the senior who said hadn't tried it yet Better safe than sorry I may get an old pair of sneakers and bind them to those somehow I live where there are stickers that could get in the foot too

You might try using hot glue on the bottom of your slippers to make tacky dots or lines. Same texture once it dries.

What is the specific name of the color of that yarn you used on the demo? I found the Cascade Bulky Pacific, but the varigated color I'm finding is not the same as yours. I love the colors in the demo slipper, if you could disclose that, I'd be grateful. Thank you!

Just wanted to point out that the written pattern does not say how many chains to make to start... just starts with "10 DC in the first chain". You would have to see the video which clearly states "Ch 4..." This pattern was brought to me by a confident beginner who had no idea of how to begin and no access to video. We figured it out and she was thrilled with the slippers! Can you correct the written pattern instructions for the future? Thanks!

I have not tried a crochet slipper yet because I am afraid of "slippage" with us senior citizens. I have wood floors and 2 steps all through my house. I can just see me slipping with yarn slippers falling. Is there anything you can do within reason to duplicate the little sticky, non-slip dots on the bottom of commercial slippers???

Hi jereneal939 493028 5, I have not tried this myself, but have heard that you can use hot glue or puffy paint to make little sticky dots like the ones on store-bought slippers. Another option would be to add suede or felt patches on the soles for a little bit of extra grip. I hope one of these ideas works for you! - Laura, editor of AllFreeCrochet

I have some sleeper dots for the bottom of kids sleepers I bought at some point to make for one of my grandchildren. Those are used for slippage on the foot part of kids sleepers and also have seen them on hospital footies. They should only cost a few dollars. Try looking at a thrift store craft section too.

i love making these with 2 or more bpdc/fpdc rows around the top for a cuff - shallow or deep, they always look great!! tx! )

Total beginner here. Love the look of this pattern....and definitely want to try it. Would use two strands #4 Worsted if that works well. Question is this finished size shown for a Womens Size 7-8? Has anyone made for Mens size 10.5 - 11.0? Thank you.

Hisandar 1614368, I would recommend crocheting a swatch using the two strands of worsted yarn you're planning on using for this project to check your gauge before you get started. Here is an article all about gauge in crochet if you are not already familiar: As the pattern is written, the slippers should fit an average sized woman's foot, such as size 7-8. I hope this helps! - Laura, editor, AllFreeCrochet

Thank you for your reply. Have done several pair. Works great with holding two strands of #4 Worsted Weight yarn. Did pattern as is - for size 8 - added 1 round 1 row for a size 9. Both worked great !! Wonderful pattern can easily be adjusted for a wider width as well.....just add a stitch or two. Also I added an extra round at cuff/ankle for added height. This pattern is a keeper for sure. Easily adjustable for different sizes. Thks !!

this pattern works just fine with medium weight yarn - i enjoy using the wide, affordable pallet of colors offered at Hobby Lobby - aptly named "I LOVE THIS YARN"! )

Thank you! Yes - this pattern works great holding two strands of #4 weight. )

Hi Yes I accidentally made about a men's size - Ha ha You can read my own comments separate My first socks are different sizes I was sleepy during the first sock which is increased not following instructions correctly a stitch each round row between the th and th rows rounds so they got pretty wide and fit my husband's foot great who has a wide foot plus it added to the ability to lengthen it The slipper is supposed to end up with a total of rows rounds I think but I can't ever figure out where the instruction is to put the one extra row in I apparently just made an executive decision and the men's size 'ish has an extra row I think In all I have learned for correct sizing do not add the chain count as one of the stitches as they said to NOT MyRead More own error I also learned by leaving off a row round it is about half size less each row round I did that on my rd try LOL I will make my size daughter a pair by leaving off - rows I wear a size - women's I read a review that said this fit a woman's size comfortably I agree Gauge does matter Just be consistent with it not tight medium relaxed with my stiffer cord-like yarn was not what she used Double standard strands should probably be okay

I just finished the first slipper. I am thrilled with this pattern. I am a knitter and a novice crocheter therefore, it took extra time for me to crochet the slipper. Previously, I didn't care for the knitted slipper pattern that I used. From now on, this wonderful pattern will be my go-to pattern.

Great pattern. I made my first slipper using the video so it took me some time to get it done. The matching one, I used the written directions and was done is about 20 minutes. These are so cute and easy. First pair of slippers I have made that are actually the same size! I do want to make them for a friend who has a very narrow foot. Instead of 10 DC to start, how many should I decrease it by? Or is trial and error? A trip to the yarn store is in order to get some more fun yarn and make more of these!!!!

I was looking to buy travel slippers since I will be traveling quite a bit this summer. And there is this pattern which will be perfect. I have the yarn and I can have my travel slippers in an hour. Perfect! The video is very helpful and the written instructions also help. Thank you for both!

I do not think I have access to this yarn at any of my local shops, so can anyone suggest a good substitution for it? Namely something that can mimic the same colorway because that is what I am liking about it the most. I wish I had a pair of these on my feet at this very moment. A great gift for a senior, as well.

I am using 2 strands held together of #4 (worsted) yarn. I just finished the first slipper and it is perfect with this substitution.

I was just wondering the same thing.....about using 2 strands #4 worsted. Glad I saw your comment and that it worked so well for you. Am also wondering though about sizing.....and how many rows/rounds to add for mens size 10-11.

(see my comment above - same topic) i use a single strand of "I LOVE THIS YARN" med. wt yarn from Hobby Lobby. works every time! )

Hi Kristi. I too love how you taught on this video. So easy to understand. I have the same question as another person below. To make men's size 10-11 or so, would you just do more of rounds/rows 13-15 and how might this impact subsequent rounds? Please respond as I'd like to start making some for Christmas gifts! Thanks in advance!

I would like to know the answer to this question also...

Happy, happy, joy, joy! Theres an instructional video for this one! Even though this pattern is very simple, I much prefer to watch the video first so if I have any questions, at least I have an idea about what Im doing ahead of time. Ill probably make a bunch of these to donate to Be A Santa to A Senior since they go so far up the ankle. The style also makes them suitable for either a man or a woman.

Hi Kristi, I love how you taught this on video. Very simple yet useful make. So I made a pair for my size. My husband wants one too. I get it that to increase the size I should do more round the kind 13-15 so make the sole longer. Other than that, what else?

Hi there Im a real beginner and this seems VERY obtainable for me! YAY! Heading out to buy yarn and wondering how many skeins of yarn will be needed to complete a pair of these slippers if created as you have in the video? Please advise ) Excited to start!

I cannot be 100% certain, but in my opinion, a pair of slippers probably covers the same amount of ground that a slouch hat does, and that would mean really just one skein of yarn. I think you could feel confident about that. By now, you've probably already gone out, bought the yarn and made the slippers! What I love is the jewel toned colorway. Plus, they look to be really soft!

The yarn I am using is 2 strands held together of #4 (worsted) yarn. The total amount of yarn needed using 2 strands #4 held together is just under 4-ounces. I just finished the first slipper and it took 1 7/8-ounce yarn.

Bonus, quick, easy, printable and video what more can you ask for in a pattern? Slippers are such a sweet present for everyone. I think I will start making up a pair a day to give to our Giving Trees at Christmas. Or maybe even to our local fire department that offers a drop off for Toys for tots. Thank you for such a quick pattern. They are great for giving away

One can never have enough slippers. These are washable and could almost double as socks. Thank you for the video tutorial. I think I will attempt to make these after I complete my current project.

I love finding these one hour or less projects. These slipper use basic crochet stitches and with that and the use of the bulky yarn these might even be finished in less than an hour depending on how fast of a crocheter you are. These look like they would be great at keeping your feet snuggly warm.


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