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41 Crochet Summer Hat Patterns: Easy Crochet Hats

Find the best crochet sun hat patterns to wear all summer long

By: The Editors at AllFreeCrochet
Crochet Summer Hat Patterns Easy Crochet Hats

Accessorize your look with any one of these super stylish crochet summer hat patterns that are perfect for the entire season. A hat is a classic and timeless accessory that serves many purposes and can be worn for so many occasions. 

Adding a crochet summer hat to any outfit is a great way to spruce up your look and create a bit of personality with your ensemble. They add a great visual element to nearly any outfit; you will have an eye-catcher and a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd. Plus, crochet sun hat patterns are a great way to cover up a bad hair day.

Not only do hats serve a great fashion purpose, but they also serve a practical purpose, as well. We often find ourselves spending a lot of time outdoors during the summer months. From backyard BBQs and gardening to festivals, vacations, and trips to the pool, the summer heat can definitely get the best of us.

The summer heat can be harmful, so it's important to protect your head and face from the hot heat of the sun. Wide-brimmed hats are especially popular during the summer for this very reason.

If you're working a crochet hat in the round, you might want to know how to crochet the magic circle to start. Check out our video below to learn how!

Crochet Summer Hat Patterns for Adults

Vineyard Sun Hat

Hats are not just for keeping your head warm during the winter. Hats can serve a big purpose during the hot summer months, too. Whether you're looking for a stylish summer accessory or something practical to protect your face from the sun, any one of these free crochet summer hat patterns is sure to come in handy.

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a wide-brimmed hat, or wear a floral hat to a friend's garden party. This Vineyard Sun Hat is an elegant yet simple option that has an outstanding silhouette and breathtaking color. It would be perfect for a wine tasting trip on your next vacation. No matter your style, there are plenty of free crochet patterns to choose from to make the perfect summer hat.

  • Lacy Garden Party Hats

    Wear a fabulous lacy garden party hat when you're working out in the garden. This free crochet pattern is also perfect to wear during the spring and summer months, especially for Easter or a special occasion.

  • Quick Flower Hat

    This cute Quick Flower Hat for teens, tweens, and adults alike features a quick construction and a pretty crochet flower embellishment. This hat pattern would make a great gift any time of year. Use any color worsted weight yarn to complete this crochet hat to look stylish and trendy without breaking the bank.

  • Lemon Twist Hat

    This Lemon Twist Hat is a great hat to wear during the spring because of the bright yellow color. The design of this hat is unique, as well. Begin this free crochet hat pattern by forming a magic circle. Reverse single crochet and regular single crochet are also used to complete this crochet hat.

  • Lightweight Garden Hat

    Adorned with crocheted flowers and finished off with a ruffled brim, this hat pattern would also make a great Mother's Day gift. Use cotton yarn in any color for this festive spring hat. It's the perfect accessory to wear when you're working in the garden, taking a trip to the farmer's market, or simply going out to brunch.

  • Denim Bucket Hat

    This hat comes in four sizes that can each be made with just one skein of yarn. It is the perfect summer hat because it would go great with anything, just like a great pair of jeans. It is subtly sophisticated, and the bow detail makes it look extra elegant. 

  • Crochet Straw Sun Hat

    This lovely Crochet Straw Sun Hat is so simple yet beautiful. The texture and color are reminiscent of a real braided wheat straw hat. A neutral-colored sun hat is just what every woman needs during the summertime since she will be using it every day. The black ribbon band adds that special finishing touch. 

  • Summer Crochet Hat Band

    Large brimmed hats like this are perfect for summer days spent in the garden, at the beach, or even at the Kentucky Derby. This free crochet pattern for the Summer Crochet Hat Band is quick and easy to crochet and will add the perfect floral touch to your favorite summer hat. 

  • Honeysuckle Summer Hat

    The brim on this Honeysuckle Summer Hat pattern is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes on those warm and bright days. It's not too thick so you don't get awfully hot wearing a hat in the high temperatures, and it's super cute. The coordinating colors and the attached flower really give off a girly feel that brings about the freshness of summer all within a crochet hat.

  • Amazing Grace Blissful Summer Hat

    Everyone needs a cute summer hat to shield their eyes from the sun, and this crochet hat pattern is that. Featuring an adorable brim and a center lace panel strip, this easy-to-make sunhat is perfect for you. The bright blue color is so gorgeous that we just can't take our eyes off of it. It's sure to turn heads everywhere you go. 

  • Sunflower Sun Hat

    This easy and elegant sun hat is loose-fitting so that it will be comfortable in the summer heat. It offers the perfect amount of shade on your face and neck and serves the other purpose of adding some style to any outfit you happen to be wearing. If sunflowers are your favorite flower, you will love this hat pattern.

  • Hazy Daze Summer Hat

    This Hazy Daze Summer Hat can be worked up in one afternoon, although it is so pretty that it looks like it takes much longer. It's such an interesting shape and is generously sized so that it can be worn even over a ponytail or hair clip. The brim shades your eyes, and the flower embellishment is just the cutest. 

  • Beach Day Sunhat

    This Beach Day Sunhat is perfectly unique because it's not quite a floppy hat, but has a slightly wavy brim for a taste of that popular design. It's a classic style that would look so wonderful paired with your favorite swimsuit coverup. You can even make one of them for each of your favorite swimsuits.

  • Wildflower Romance Summer Hat

    We can hardly believe how delicate and elegant this Wildflower Romance Summer Hat is. The floral motif and variety of stitches used make this a fun pattern to work up. This hat embodies the loveliness and romance of a garden with the free spirit of a field of beautiful wildflowers. 

  • "Let the Sun Shine" Sun Hat

    This "Let the Sun Shine" Sun Hat is so versatile, perfect for the pool, beach, or working in the garden. It has such an interesting texture and will keep you looking very stylish! You can make it in your favorite color, or crochet it in the unique and stunning blue color pictured. 

  • June Sunhat

    The June Sunhat is super cute for the warm summer months. It offers plenty of sun protection and a gorgeous amount of style. This is the kind of summer hat that New York fashionistas would wear all season long. The neutral color makes this versatile, but it still manages not to be boring. 

  • Hexagon Sun Hat

    If you're looking for a beginner-friendly crochet summer hat pattern, this Hexagon Sun Hat is a great pattern to try that you can be sure few others will have. The unique, hexagon-shaped brim will definitely catch everyone's eyes. Even though it looks complicated, all you need to know are basic crochet stitches to make this stunner.

Floppy Hat Crochet Patterns

Crochet Floppy Sun Hat

If you like your summer accessories a little more bold and dramatic, you might like a crochet floppy sun hat. This type of hat features a large, loose brim that looks more fun and playful than some of the more rigid wide-brimmed hats out there. Something about the breezy look of hats like this Crochet Floppy Sun Hat that is so flirty and whimsical. 

While such hats might cost you a pretty penny at designer stores, these summer crochet hat patterns will deceive all of your friends and family since they look so fancy. You'll feel like such a pretty woman every time you reach for one of these on your way out of the door. 

  • Fast & Easy Crocheted Summer Hat with Brim

    Stay rejuvenated and cool this summer with this Fast & Easy Crocheted Summer Hat with Brim. It only uses two skeins of yarn and makes the perfect summer accessory to any outfit. Keep the sun out of your eyes with the brim on this light crochet hat no matter if you're out for a walk, cruising in the convertible, or just laying on the beach with some tunes. 

  • The Beginner Wide Brim Sun Hat

    The Beginner Wide Brim Sun Hat is great for a beginner crocheter since it is made mostly using single crochet stitches. The color, flower embellishment, and floppy brim make it the kind of stylish summer hat that even your friend who only wears designer would want to borrow. 

  • Tropical Sun Hat

    Hey, do you have any show-stopping accessories in your wardrobe? If you don't, or you would simply like to create something new and bright, then the Tropical Sun Hat is for you. From its giant crochet flower to its cute and floppy brim, this crochet sun hat will keep the sun out of your eyes while also doubling as a fashionable accessory. 

  • Natural Colored Floppy Brim Hat

    With this free crochet hat pattern you can make a Natural Colored Floppy Brim Hat. Wear your new hat to the beach while keeping the sun out of your eyes. This hat uses Coats & Clark Crochet Nylon in Natural, but you can use any color you wish to make it match your bathing suit.

  • Ultimate Summer Hat

    This fashionable hat is truly the Ultimate Summer Hat. It will keep you looking good while shielding the sun from your face. Mix and match Bernat Mosaic yarn to suit your personal style. This is an easy crochet pattern to complete with an I hook.

  • Lazy Daisy Floppy Sun Hat

    This Lazy Daisy Floppy Sun Hat is so simple yet so perfect for any occasion. The design is adorable, and you can make it in your favorite color so that you'll be even more tempted to reach for it on a daily basis. We'd even recommend making a few in your most-worn colors to make getting ready in the morning even easier. 

  • Summer Joy Crochet Hat

    This beginner Summer Joy Crochet Hat is sure to be the envy of every beachgoer you pass by as you walk along the shore. It goes a step beyond your average sun hat with the bold color and large, detailed flower embellishment. You will have so much fun wearing it and feeling like a fancy lady. 

  • Josephine's Floppy Sun Hat

    The Josephine's Floppy Sun Hat is great for adding a fun pop of color to your outfit. It's ridiculously adorable and is great if you like the floppy brim style but don't want something too wide for everyday wear. You can be sure that your girlfriends, sisters, aunts and everything in between will be wanting this hat for themselves. 

  • Simple Crochet Sun Hat

    This Simple Crochet Sun Hat is a wide brimmed hat that has an interesting take on a floppy design. It's a unique hat that is great if you love having conversation starters in your closet. You can add any kind of ribbon to make your hat one of a kind and give it a personal touch. 

  • Pebble Beach Hat

    The Pebble Beach Hat is so light,cool, and comfortable that you'll want to wear it every single day. The color will look perfect against the backdrop of a sandy shore. This pattern includes sizes from newborn to adult. The unique texture will make it stand out among the rest of your summer hats. 

Crochet Sun Hat Patterns for Children

Stop & Rewind Sunhat - Kids' Sizes

School is out and the kids are ready to play! Chances are, the summer months are jam-packed with fun family activities for everyone to do together. Give your kids any one of these fun crochet summer hat patterns to wear.

Whether you're going to the park for a picnic, the zoo to visit the animals, or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Walt Disney World, kids will love wearing any one of these fun hats this summer. Choose any one of these crochet patterns for children to make for your kids, grandkids, neighbors, nieces or nephews. This Stop & Rewind Sunhat - Kids' Sizes pattern is a gorgeous hat your child will definitely need as summer approaches.

  • Starfish Sun Hat

    Toddlers will love wearing this Starfish Sun Hat this summer. Not only is the floppy brim a cute design detail, but it will also keep the sun out of their eyes. This crochet hat pattern is worked in double crochet, which creates large spaces and will help keep your baby's head cool. The cute starfish applique makes this pattern perfect for a day at the beach.

  • Child's Easy Crochet Sun Hat

    This Child's Easy Crochet Hat is perfect for the sand box, beach, or walks and picnics with mom. The colors are so bright and cheerful, and the floppy brim looks adorable on teeny faces. This crochet sun hat will be a standout pattern in your baby's summer wardrobe. Every other mom in the neighborhood will want this cute hat. 

  • Little Man Fedora

    This Little Man Fedora will make your little one look absolutely dapper. Depending on the colors you choose, this free crochet hat pattern could create several different hats. If you use blues and yellows, it will make your little boy look like he's ready to set sail. If you use darker colors, he'll look like he's ready for a night on the town.

  • Kid's Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

    This precious crochet hat is the perfect cotton summer hat for your toddler. The Kid's Crochet Sun Hat is super cute and stylish, plus it features a brim to help keep the sun off those little heads and noses. This particular crochet hat pattern is worked in the round and the brim is crocheted in continuous rounds. 

  • Fruit Punch Sun Hat Pattern

    This Fruit Punch Sun Hat Pattern has to be one of the most fun summer hats ever. It is bright and colorful enough to put a smile on anyone's face, and the pattern comes in sizes newborn to adult. You might even want to make a few of these gorgeous hats in a vareiety of bold colors. 

  • Watermelon Easy Crochet Hat

    Watermelon and summer go hand-in-hand, so when the sun starts coming out, this Watermelon Easy Crochet Hat Pattern is the best choice to help keep the heat off your face. The red body and green brim perfectly incorporate the color schemes of a ripe watermelon. 

  • Brickwork Summer Sun Hat
  • She's So Sassy Sunhat

    Make this pretty She's So Sassy Sunhat for that special little girl in your life. This is a great option for summer because it is lightweight enough that it will shade her eyes without adding too much warmth. It fits tight against the head almost like a beanie, but the unique wavy brim gives it a fun feel. 

  • Ava's Toddler Sun Hat

    This super quick and easy Ava's Toddler Sun Hat is so gorgeous. The bright yellow and orange colors just scream summer. Your little one will look like they belong at the Kentucky Derby when they wear this adorable little crochet hat. 

  • Lacy Shells Hat

    Although this Lacy Shells Hat is an advanced crochet pattern, it is definitely worth your effort. The lacy design and turquoise shade make this hat look elegant, and it even comes with a matching dress pattern. It would be the perfect pair for a special occasion such as Easter or Sunday church. 

  • Lemon Sherbet Sunhat

    You're going to fall in love with this Lemon Sherbet Sunhat. The beautiful color makes this sun hat extra special, but it's casual enough that it would a wonderful everyday option. The shape of the hat is similar to a cloche hat, giving the hat a bit of a vintage feel. 

  • Summer Sun Hat

    This beginner Summer Sun Hat can easily be accessorized for boys or girls. You can personalize it however you choose, whether that be by adding stripes, ribbons, or flowers. This pattern includes sizes for newborns to 6-12 months. It would make a great gift for your spring and summer baby showers. 

What is your favorite type of crochet hat to make?

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