60+ Crochet Baby Gifts for Baby Showers


60+ Crochet Baby Gifts for Baby Showers

The cutest crochet baby shower gifts for newborns, from booties to blankets.


60 Crochet Baby Gifts for Baby Showers

If you're always struggling to come up with great baby shower gifts, look no further than this collection of 60+ Crochet Baby Gifts for Baby Showers.

You can find crochet baby booties, baby blanket patterns, crochet baby hat patterns, and many other patterns that will make the best crochet baby shower gifts.

The greatest thing about these baby shower-ready gifts is that you will make them yourself, which mommy and baby will appreciate even more than a store-bought gift.

Baby items from designer boutiques can cost you a pretty penny, but making your own baby shower gift will save you money, and these patterns are so unique and gorgeous that no one will be the wiser. 

Whether you prefer to make something practical, like a crochet diaper cover pattern, or something more fun like a fun baby toy, you'll find something that is not only great for mom to receive but fun for you to make as well.

BONUS! If you're having trouble deciding which pattern to start with, we suggest checking out the video below for our Sugar & Shine Baby's First Afghan. It's a great gender-neutral option for your next baby shower. 

Baby Afghans and Blankets

Double Diamond Baby Blanket

A child will cherish his or her crochet baby blanket forever, and you can make it for them. The time and love you put into crocheting can last an entire lifetime. Many people still have the baby blankets that a loved one made for them well into adulthood because of the precious memories associated with them. 

A crochet baby blanket like this Double Diamond Baby Blanket would be sure to put a smile on any new mom's face. Every time she tucks her little one into bed, she will think about how much her baby is cared for by her family and friends.

There are so many adorable options below that you might even find yourself making more than one. 

Ruffle Edged Crochet Baby Blanket

The Ruffle Edged Crochet Baby Blanket is not your ordinary crochet pattern. You can add some pizzazz to this blanket with a ruffled edge made out of fabric. This fresh idea combines two mediums and we love any new take on the classic baby blanket. 

Berry Cupcake Baby Blanket

This Berry Cupcake Baby Blanket would make a gorgeous baby shower gift and only uses up a skein and a half of yarn. The lacy design and soft colors make this such a stunning gift option that will definitely deserve a place in baby's nursery. 

One Skein Lilac Blanket

Beautiful light purple yarn makes this an excellent choice for a spring baby, but you're welcome to use any color Caron One Pound yarn for this particular afghan. The texture and timeless design of this baby blanket makes it a top-notch baby shower gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Cuddly Teddy Bear Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

If you are looking for an easy crochet blanket as your next baby shower gift to wow everyone, look no further than this pattern, which boys or girls will love. It is rare to find a gift that can work for any baby, so snap this design up.

Light and Lacy Crochet Baby Blanket

This Light and Lacy Crochet Baby Blanket uses multiple colors in single skeins, so it could be perfect for your next scrapbuster project. The pattern of this crochet baby blanket lets your baby have the heat they need in the winter and the air they need in the summer. Spoil your little one by working up this baby blanket.

Ever So Striped Super Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Adorable babies just seem to inspire handmade, personal crochet projects, and this is the perfect pattern to get you ready to snuggle your little one. The salmon and blue tones of the stripes pop against the white, and the bumpy texture is exactly what you think of when you picture a warm blanket. 

V-Stitch Rainbow Crochet Blanket Pattern

The V-stitch rainbow of this crochet blanket pattern gives this project a zig-zag stripe that is visually stunning but still easy to tackle. The easy crochet afghan pattern has all sorts of textures going on, from the ribbed rows to the clean and tidy edges. The gray background is also a nice reinterpretation of the typical brightness of a rainbow pattern.

Sugar & Shine Granny Stitch Baby Blanket

If you're looking to design a new baby crochet pattern, then check out this Sugar & Shine Baby's First Afghan. You will not believe how quick and easy it is for you to whip up this crochet afghan. Plus, this crochet pattern makes the perfect baby shower gift for that expecting mother when you're not sure what to get her!

Crochet Baby Booties

Sweetest Strawberry Baby Booties

You can't help but squeal in delight when you see these tiny crochet baby booties! What new mommy wouldn't love any of these adorable patterns for her baby? You can work up these crochet booties easily for the next baby shower you'll be attending.

These free crochet baby patterns will keep your little feet warm and look so cute while they're at it. These Sweetest Strawberry Baby Booties would be perfect for the spring and summer months and are just one example of how picture-perfect crochet baby bootie patterns can be. 

Sleepy Panda Baby Booties

Your little one will love these baby booties, and you'll love making these free crochet baby patterns. Featuring darling sleepy pandas, these too-cute-for-words booties are great for Halloween, photoshoots or anytime. 

The Parker Crochet Baby Booties

If you are looking for a crochet baby booties pattern that is both easy and elegant, then look no further than The Parker Crochet Baby Booties. Make these adorable crochet booties for a newborn in your life or work ahead with a neutral yarn for the next baby that is born.

Little Miss Flower Crochet Baby Booties

Parents of newborn girls will love these Little Miss Flower Crochet Booties. There is no better material for tiny feet than the soft, warm texture of yarn. The tiny pink rosebuds circling the ankles have delightful detail and look fresh against the white background of the rest of the dainty little shoe. 

Little Gentleman Baby Booties

Your best friend is about to have a baby boy, and you need a gift idea for her upcoming baby shower. Instead of, or perhaps in addition to, purchasing an item from mom-to-be's registry, you can crochet baby booties that are fit for a prince. 

Infant Ugg Boots

When the seasons change you know the fashion is going to get hotter and hotter which is why you must have these amazing Infant Ugg Boots for your little one. Instead of forking out the money for the designer name, make your own crocheted booties. These wrap around booties are too cute not to make your little one. 

Crochet Converse Tennis Shoes

These crocheted baby booties will be the talk of the town; every tiny tot should own a pair. These tennis shoes are made with crochet cotton instead of crochet yarn, but you can alter the pattern to use yarn if you wish. Get ready for a barrage of compliments when you take your baby for a walk wearing these sweet crochet baby booties.

Cutie Newborn Baby Booties

When your baby is so young, you want them to be as comfortable and cozy as they can be. Make this easier for them with these Cutie Newborn Baby Booties that are perfect for any new baby. Learn how to make baby booties and give your child the best. 

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

Newborn Bunny Hat Pattern

Keep your baby's head cozy or cool, depending on the season, with this array of crochet baby hat patterns. There are chunky patterns for winter, intricate patterns for fun, sun hat patterns for the spring and summer, and every single one of them is adorable.

These baby hats are so special, whether they are used to keep baby's head nice and cozy or as part of a newborn photoshoot outfit. 

This Newborn Bunny Hat Pattern would be perfect for either one, especially around Easter time! Whether you want something simple or something that will make the mom-to-be and all of the baby shower attendees giggle with amusement, you'll find a great option below. 

Shells and Roses Baby Beanie

When the love of your life is a precious baby girl, all you want to do is make her happy, and the best way to do that is to crochet. This Shells and Roses Baby Beanie will look adorable on your little one worked in shades of pink and peach. Your little girl will be stylish for her first year in life; this also makes a nice baby shower gift. 

Child's Easy Crochet Sun Hat

Keep your baby cool with this adorable Child's Easy Crochet Sun Hat. It will help protect their little noses and eyes from the harsh sun rays during your walks in the park. It is such a bright and colorful pattern that works for both boys and girls. The wavy, wider brim also makes this hat extra adorable. 

Cuddly Newborn Crochet Hat

You cannot get any more adorable than with the Cuddly Newborn Crochet Hat. The baby blue color and the white bow tie together perfectly to create a beautiful crochet hat for your newborn baby that is soft and sweet. You never have to worry about exposing your newborn's head to the sun or bitter cold with this fitted hat made of bulky yarn. 

30 Minute Newborn Beanie Hat

Free crochet baby patterns are so fast and easy to make and are great for any holiday or gift. This newborn beanie is a super simple pattern that will take you just half an hour to complete. In just one evening, you can make the cutest little multicolor hat to welcome that new bundle of joy!

Baby Frog Crochet Hat

Animal hats have never been so popular. Now you can jump on the bandwagon with this easy crochet hat pattern. The Baby Frog Crochet Hat is a quick and easy pattern to work up using light green super bulky yarn and two different sized crochet hooks. Surprise an expectant mom with this unique crochet hat. 

Only Just Born Hat

This Only Just Born Hat is such a fun newborn-sized hat that any mom-to-be would adore. You can make this cute hat in any colors you choose. The striped design is so classic and timeless, and the textured look gives it a cozy and cuddly feel.

Crochet Baby Toys

Baby Soft Sheep Toy

Babies need a little entertainment, and it's even better if they can snuggle up with it for nap time. These crochet baby toys are sweet and super soft. They make excellent baby shower gifts, too. If you prefer to gift something just a tad more fun and frivolous, one of these baby toy patterns is the way to go. 

From crochet amigurumi and loveys to baby mobiles, rattles and more, you'll love every one of these patterns. This Baby Soft Sheep Toy is one of our personal favorites. The small size, fuzzy texture, and adorably large button eyes just wins our hearts and is sure to win mom-to-be's as well. 

Buttercup Bear

The Buttercup Bear is a beary cute crochet amigurumi bear. Work this up in a solid color of your choosing (or in your recipient's favorite color for added personalization!), and don't forget to add a sweet bow once you're finished.

Soft Baby Rattle

Crochet for baby can be so much fun to make. These colorful pastel rattles are perfect for a baby shower. Bernat Baby Cakes yarn is used along with a size G crochet hook.

Beginner Crochet Baby Ball Pattern

That baby shower is fast approaching, and as a crochet beginner, you wish you knew how to crochet a baby ball. Fortunately, this Beginner Crochet Baby Ball Pattern will yield a fast and easy homemade baby shower gift. Baby toys that are soft and safe are a must for newborns, and giving the DIY gift of a crochet baby ball tells the new mom you invested time and effort to ensure her baby's safety and enjoyment. 

Crochet Baby Toy Duck

This pattern for a Crochet Baby Toy Duck is one very cute DYI  shower gift. This free crochet pattern is not for the faint-of-heart beginner, but it is easy. Instead of crocheting separate head and body pieces and then sewing them together, you will crochet the head, body, and curvy tail within a continuous piece.

Crocheted Teething Rings

Teething can be a painful process for both babies and mothers. Make the process a little bit more tolerable with these adorable Crocheted Teething Rings. You don't need much yarn at all to work up this simple crochet pattern. In fact, less than an ounce of yarn is needed altogether. 

Crochet Baby Rattle Blocks

These Crochet Baby Rattle Blocks make a great stash buster project. These crochet toys are wonderful to decorate a baby's room or for playtime. The crochet blocks are soft enough for a baby to handle and gentle on his or her delicate skin.

Lion Comfort Toy

This adorable baby shower idea uses only one skein of yarn. Lovey blankets like this one serve a double purpose of keeping baby warm and giving them something to play with. It's the perfect comforting thing that moms will love to have especially for instances like a car trip to keep baby distracted. 

A Baby Duck

This stuffed crochet baby duck is perfect for baby to play with. It's snuggly and it'll go great in a baby's room whether it's for a boy or girl. The blue ribbon can be easily changed to any color you prefer. Babies will love holding onto this precious baby duck; they will carry it with them everywhere they go.

Crochet Baby Sweater Patterns

Loopy Love Baby Sweater

Babies love anything soft, so keep them cuddly warm with these lovely little crochet baby sweater patterns. Any newborn who wears one of these sweaters will be the best dressed, for sure!

These tutorials will walk you through how to crochet a baby sweater for your next baby shower gift. 

This Loopy Love Baby Sweater is such a bright and colorful sweater pattern. Everyone from the mom-to-be to her hard to please mother-in-law will be impressed with this cheerful sweater and with any of the patterns below. 

Baby in Bloom Sweater

The Baby in Bloom Sweater is a great lightweight sweater for the spring and summer months. The front is asymmetrical while the broomstick lace gives it a unique look. Crochet instructions are provided for newborn to 12 months. The button closure adds the perfect finishing touch.

Simply Soft Baby Hoodie and Hat

The Caron yarn company brings you an adorably perfect set of crochet baby clothes with these Simply Soft Baby Hoodie and Hat crochet patterns. Not only are the blue and purple colors shown so cute for the little one, but they are also easy patterns that won't take you too long to work up. 

Newborn Top Down Sweater

Work up an excellent crochet baby shower gift with the Newborn Top Down Sweater. This free crochet sweater pattern couldn't be easier. Start at the top and work your way down until this cute baby sweater is complete! You'll love the stylish look of this crochet baby sweater pattern. 

Criss-Cross Baby Sweater

This super cute sweater is a great piece for any newborn baby to wear. Made with lightweight worsted weight yarn of any color, it's an easy crochet pattern to work up using the criss-cross stitch. Choose any two coordinating colors you want for this crochet baby sweater depending on the baby's gender. 

Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan

A crochet baby cardigan is the perfect baby shower gift, no matter the season. This adorable option is perfect if the mom-to-be hasn't announced the baby's gender yet. The classic and simple design will have mom reaching for it day after day as she gets her precious newborn dressed. 

Crochet Granny Square Baby Sweater

This easy baby sweater uses the basic granny square as its building block. If you can double crochet, single crochet, slip stitch and do basic seaming, then you can make this baby sweater. It makes a wonderfully unique baby shower gift. 

Infant Crochet Pullover Hoodie

The next time you attend a baby shower, consider giving this timeless and beautiful Infant Crochet Pullover Hoodie. With its cute hood and colorful stripes on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt, this crochet pullover will likely be worn over and over. 

Dragonfly Baby Jacket

This pattern features a pretty filet style dragonfly motif on the bodice. You can play with color for fun stripes, but it would also look great in a solid color. It would be the perfect gift for a spring or summer baby shower. 

Crochet Baby Bibs

Baby's Favorite Bib

It's okay if your baby is a bit messy when he or she eats with these cute crochet baby bibs. You can save a baby bib for a memento when your child grows up or make one to give to a new mommy for her baby shower.

From animal- or monster-themed patterns to simple one-skein patterns, there is a baby bib for you no matter your preference. 

Baby's Favorite Bib is definitely a must-make pattern. Not only will you find it adorable, but it is also something that baby will actually not try to take off at mealtime. The precious lamb applique really takes it to the next level of cuteness.

Chevron Bandana Bib Pattern

Babies go through bibs like new parents go through coffee. You can never have too many, and this Chevron Bandana Bib Pattern offers a stylish take on a very necessary item. The chevron crochet pattern looks really great on this project and—impossibly—even cuter in miniature scale. 

Sweet as Candy Baby Bib

We can guarantee that there will be a chorus of aw's when the mother-to-be opens up your gift of this Sweet as Candy Baby Bib at her baby shower. The pastel colors of this bib and the soft yarn make it perfect for baby. Even if your little one is messy, you can easily throw this bib in the wash with the rest of his or her tiny clothes. 

Little Lamb Crochet Bib

This Little Lamb Crochet Bib makes us go "baaaaa"-nkers! It would make a lovely Easter gift or even a baby shower present. The butterfly applique makes an adorable embellishment for baby girls. Try a two-color version or stick with the solid color of this crochet pattern. 

Crochet Monster Baby Bibs

Monsters Inc. was the first movie to show monsters in a cute and funny light instead of a scary, ready to eat you one. These Crochet Monster Baby Bibs are reminiscent of that kind of monster, too, so these are perfect for your baby not only during the month of October, but all year round. 

Easy Crochet Baby Bib

Save money by making your very own homemade baby bibs for your newborn. This Easy Crochet Baby Bib is quick and easy to crochet, plus the side snap is a nice feature that makes this particular baby bib safer than those with ties. Any cotton weight yarn will work for this free crochet baby pattern.

In Bloom Baby Bib

Baby girls will look precious when they wear this In Bloom Baby Bib. Use variegated yarn to recreate the multicolored look of this floral-inspired crochet baby pattern. This would make an excellent shower gift for a springtime baby. A cute decorative button adds the perfect finishing touch. 

I Love Mom Bib

Bernat Baby Coordinates in your color choices make this I Love Mom Bib. Have baby take her bottle while wearing this easy to crochet bib. This makes a great baby shower gift for the expectant mother. Free crochet patterns like this make crocheting worth it.

Star Trek Baby Bib

Beam me up, Scotty! Inspired by Captain Kirk's uniform, this Star Baby Bib is a great crochet pattern to make for the Trekkies in your life. The ribbing around the neck is stretchy, so it should fit most babies and toddlers perfectly. 

Crochet Diaper Cover Patterns

Pastel Unicorn Diaper Cover

If you're stumped on what kind of baby pattern to make for your next baby shower, a crochet diaper cover pattern is a great option because it is something that every mom will use but that she might not think to make herself.

Everyone loves receiving something that is a little unnecessary but fun to have, and diaper covers are just that. 

This Pastel Unicorn Diaper Cover is one of our most unique crochet diaper cover patterns. Unicorns are such a big trend lately, and this gift would earn you so many cool points among the baby shower attendees. 

Mickey and Minnie Inspired Diaper Covers

If you're tired of putting your baby in boring onesies or letting them run around in just a diaper then you might be interested in these Mickey and Minnie Inspired Diaper Covers. Give your baby some style with crocheted patterns. These also make cute photo props.

The Parker Crochet Diaper Cover

This simple diaper cover is perfect for little bottoms! It's neutral so it would be perfect for a baby shower for any little boy or girl. The large button is also such a cute detail. If you prefer something classic and timeless that would match any mom's style, this is a great option. 

High Waisted Baby Bloomers

This diaper cover pattern manages to look both adorably vintage and perfectly modern all at once. The stretchy band has a snug fit for comfort and the high rise style is so trendy. The pom-poms give this pattern such a special feel. 

Winnie The Pooh Inspired Hat & Diaper Cover Set

If you were a fan of the classic Winnie The Pooh character as a child, you will adore this Winnie The Pooh Inspired Hat & Diaper Cover Set. It looks so detailed but is actually super easy to crochet. No one will believe that you made this yourself.

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We recently found out we have yet another incoming grandbaby, and glory be, its a little girl this time. So as you can imagine, I get a lot of use out of these baby collections. Instead of trying to figure out what the new baby will need, I just cut to the chase and send a link to the parents. That way I can work up whatever they want in what colors they want. No more guessing.


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