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Crochet Pom Pom Hat Guide

66 Crochet Pom Pom Hats

By: By Jesse Carpender, editor of
Crochet Pom Pom Hat Guide

Pom pom hats are a fun way to spruce up your regular old winter wear, and they're so delightfully easy to make! The pom pom accessory is a simple embellishment that can be made any one of three ways, depending on your preferences (check out our guide for how to make a pom pom here), and adding it to a hat pattern is an easy way to add some fun, youthful style to your accessories. We have plenty of free crochet patterns to show your pom pom pride with this collection of crochet pom pom hats. 

The most obvious spot for a cute pom pom is atop a baby's head, of course! Crocheters are known for their fabulous homemade baby shower gifts, so why not jump on the pom pom trend and try our crochet baby hat patterns. The variety of poms lies in the size, style of pom, and the type of yarn you use. You can top off an adorable crochet baby hat with two pom points, or let a huge pom pom cover the crown. Any baby would look precious wearing pom poms for a photo shoot or day on the town.

There are even more possibilities for pom poms for both kids and adults alike! Go bold with your adult beanie and rock that sporty pom pom look with a crochet hat pattern. Pom poms also make a great stash-buster to use up that extra yarn. Imagine the pom-ibilities! 

Pom Pom Hats for Babies

  • Crochet Pom Pom Beanie

    This simple design is so easy to work up and uses just two colors. 

  • Punky's Funky Hat

    This crochet pattern is easy to make and is available in 10 sizes ranging from preemies to large adults. And what's better than colorful pompoms?

  • Chunky Cabled Heart Hat

    The hearts are constructed with post stitches, making it an intermediate level pattern, but there is a photo tutorial to help confident beginners.

  • Mentor Chunky Pompom Hat

    The Pattern is super easy and super quick, and sports a big pom pom on the top.

  • Woodland Newborn Beanie

    Quick to make you can run the design up in a couple of hours, so if you need a gift in hurry for a new baby you can soon make one.

  • 1 Hour Baby Scarfie Hat

    The 1 Hour Baby Scarfie hat is made with Lion Brand Scarfie bulky yarn and a large size L hook to work up quickly - usually in less than one hour including the time you need to create the pom-pom.

  • Team Spirit Pompom Hat

    This adorable crochet kid's hat includes two colorful pompoms and ear flaps, so the youngest fan in your family will always stick out in the crowd. 

  • Alpine Nights Beanie

    This is a classic beanie with a lovely waffle stitch texture. These would make great holiday gifts for someone special!

  • Herringbone Baby Hat

    Your little one will stay warm and snuggly in this adorable hat made with the Herringbone HDC stitch, a welcome change from the typical HDC hat. Add an optional pom pom for extra cuteness!

  • Baby Cupcake Hat

    Are you a cupcake lover? This hat is perfect for a baby shower gift.

  • Simply Striped Pom Pom Beanie

    Work up a Simply Striped Pom Pom Beanie in your kiddo's favorite colors, and watch a smile spread across her face when it's complete.

  • Big Pom Pom Crochet Baby Hat

    There's nothing that is as adorable as a tiny baby wearing a hat with a big, poofy pom pom on the top.

  • Tutti Frutti Toddler Hat

    Multicolored pompoms make this cute crocheted hat perfect for any baby. The pattern directions for the Tutti Frutti Toddler Hat are written to fit a 12 month old, but could easily be adjusted for other ages.

  • Bobble Poof Earflap Hat

    Make this adorable Bobble Poof Earflap Hat for everyone in your family. This free crochet hat pattern is great to make for men and women, boys and girls, and even babies.

  • Children's Winter Beanie

    The pom poms and flower appliques make this Children's Winter Beanie an innocent and peaceful looking crochet hat pattern. 

  • Chunky Flowers Baby Hat

    This Chunky Flowers Baby Hat uses chunky yarn for the perfect warmth in winter. The crochet baby hat fits newborn to three months.

  • Purple and Gray Earflap Hat

    This Purple and Gray Earflap Hat is adorable! The pattern is made for babies nine to 12 months, but provides instructions for other sizes as well.

  • Pretty in Pink Pom Hat

    You're going to love making this pretty in pink pom hat for yourself or someone else.

  • Any Size Caps

    Any Size Caps just means you can make these hats any size for any child. These make great winter hats for toddlers to grown ups! 

  • PomPom Hat with Truck

    The finished hat is slightly slouchy for a toddler, this is controlled by the starting chain - you may either extend or decrease it to make it more or less slouchy or not slouchy at all.

  • Crocheted Ribbed Beanie Hat

    T​his adorable crochet baby hat pattern is warm and stylish, complete with a pompom on top. In addition, this crochet pattern is easy to make and can possibly be created within an afternoon. 

  • Crochet Elf Striped Pixie Hat

    If you have a penchant for Dr. Seuss, use red and white and your tot in a hat will be warm and adorable.

  • Lolly-Poms Sweetheart Beanie

    The fun features of this beanie include color work where the stripes look like tiny hearts, as well as the double pom-pom on top.

  • Baby Santa Claus Pompom Hat

    This hat works up in less than an hour, and would look adorable in all the holiday photos this season as baby celebrates his/her first Christmas!

  • Fall Harvest Beanie

    Add a playful touch with the curls at the top or replace them with a pompom or tassel. Will look great in solid colors too.

  • Freckled Monster Hat

    Get in the Halloween spirit with this super fluffy freckled monster hat!

  • Rockin The Cables Hat

    The Rockin Cables hat has the traditional look with a new twist on the band. The hat works up from the bottom.

  • C2C Pom Pom Hat

    This simple, corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet hat pattern can be customized to fit any size and you don’t need to worry about gauge.

  • Ethan Baby Beanie

    Classic, easy, cozy, and fun – that’s how I described the Ethan Baby Hat. It's a perfect stashbuster!

  • Mae's Blanket Hat

    This pattern features two variations making it two patterns in one. You choose- make a pom pom hat or make a kitty ear hat!

Adult Pom Pom Hats

  • The Love Hat

    So, this pattern does not only show how to make it into a hat (with pom-pom), but also you can make it into a beanie, messy bun hat, neck warmer, or even a pussycat hat. This hat uses the very trending waistcoat stitch.

  • Parker Pom Hat

    This hat has a fun cluster stitch and double thick band to keep it fluffy, cozy and warm in the cooler weather.

  • Shred the Slopes Hat

    Featuring the herringbone half double crochet stitch and a cute pompom on top, this crochet hat is the perfect gift idea for anyone in your life who plans to spend time outdoors this winter.

  • Faux Fur Trapper Hat

    If you want a trapper hat but don't want to include real fur, then the Faux Fur Trapper Hat is the design for you. Featuring the famed trapper hat design, including earflaps and braids that can be tied under your neck, this hat will definitely turn heads when you venture outside on a cold winter day. 

  • Tunisian Crochet Pointy Pompom Hat

    From the point on the top of the hat to the pair of pompoms on the earflaps, this pattern is easy to follow and will result in some much-appreciated winter gear.

  • Not Your Basic Crochet Cable Stitch Hat

    Think you need to knit the cable stitch pattern? Think again! The pattern for Not Your Basic Crochet Cable Stitch Hat utilizes the crochet version of the popular cable stitch design to create a hat with an interesting texture and plenty of warmth. 

  • Toffee Apple Pompom Beanie

    Get into the spirit of Autumn with this chunky Toffee Apple Pompom Beanie, a perfect project for a crochet newbie as this pattern includes how-to photos and detailed descriptions!

  • Herringbone Stitch Crochet Slouch

    The pattern also features the popular herringbone crochet stitch; if you're new to crochet but are eager to branch out, then this stitch style might be the perfect challenge you need.

  • Penelope’s Pompom Beanie

    While this hat was originally designed for a woman, leaving off the pompom, you could easily make it for a man or boy. This hat would fit a child a little more like a slouch! 

  • Ice Fishing Beanie

    Worked in a simple stitch and featuring a classic fold-up ribbing and a little pompom at the very top of the hat, this crochet hat pattern is your classic, everyday winter hat.

  • Santa's Favorite Crochet Hat

    Give the traditional red Santa hat an upgrade with Santa's Favorite Crochet Hat pattern. This crochet hat has the same red shade and white pom pom and trim that the traditional Santa hat has, but this crochet pattern also features a festive buckle detail.

  • Woven Stitch Hat

    This hat kept my head warm an entire week walking around downtown Chicago, the windy city. It may not be great for sub zero temperatures but if you live in an area with moderate winters, you should be good.

  • Snow Drift Crochet Hat

    The ice blue color of the yarn is perfect for winter wear and it's quick to work up as well.

  • Simple Pompom Hat

    The best part about this crochet beanie pattern is the cute little pompom that goes on top. It's fun, festive, and a great topper to a simple beanie pattern you won't want to miss.

  • Bistro Babe French Crochet Beret

    With an effortless slouchy look and a cute, classic pom pom to top it off, this crochet hat pattern is a keeper. 

  • Prettiest Pom Beanie

    You can wear this easy crochet hat pattern in the snow and wind. Not only will it keep you warm and dry, but you'll look super cute!

  • Halsey Street Pompom Helmet

    Step out in style with the Halsey Street Pompom Helmet. Inspired by the streets of Queens, New York, this trendy crochet hat will make you the envy of all your fashionista friends.

  • Radiant Orchid Pom Hat

    Pom poms are one of the hottest trends in crochet. This playful little accent is a wonderful way to add some spunk to any of your crochet patterns, such as this crocheted hat. 

  • Knit Like Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern

    This super easy, ribbed crochet hat pattern is a lot of fun to make and works up with worsted weight yarn. It looks knit and is super stretchy and comfortable!

  • Simple Cable Beanie

    The free pattern is for a medium (Woman's) size and comes with lots of cable crochet tips and pictures. I've added a faux fur pompom to the delight of my daughter but have also made one in gray for a teenage boy.

  • Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern

    This bobble beanie pattern is a fun pattern from Daisy Cottage Desigs. The bobble portion of this hat is worked in rows, but switches to rounds for the brim

  • Snowden Beanie

    The beginning of the pattern calls for foundation double crochets in order to make the brim stretchy for maximum comfort when worn. Topped with a faux fur pom pom, this beanie is very stylish and modern.

  • Staghorn Slouch (with Messy Bun Version)

    The Staghorn Slouch features two cable motifs, worked from the brim up - for your very own set of very chic antlers! With both pom and messy bun versions to choose from, it might just be your favorite hat this season!

  • Leafly Autumn Hat

    The leaves are created with extreme drop stitches - it might sound hard, but they're really easy and fun to make! 

  • Dreamy Hat

    The Dreamy Hat is soft, fluffy and squishy, it is in fact “dreamy”. It’s thick and warm for cold days, but remarkably light. I added a cuffed band instead of the usual band and a pom-pom for fun. 

  • Criss-Cross Chunky Crochet Beanie

    A free chunky yarn crochet pattern that teaches you how to make a knit look crochet hat. The crossed half double crochet stitch adds a gorgeous texture that replicates the look of knitting. 

  • The Ribbed Beanie

    Make your own crochet ribbed beanie with this simple pattern. It uses one basic stitch, probably the very first crochet stitch you learned, to make a knit look beanie.

  • Chunky Pom Pom Hat

    Keeping warm in the winter can sometimes be a struggle. It's all too easy to end up looking just a little too much like a marshmallow. With this Chunky Pom Pom Hat, the struggle is no more!

  • Cozy Winter Hat

     Looking for an extra dose of fun? This hat comes with a cute little pom pom right on top.

  • Diagonal Slouchy Hat

    Make this fun and cute slouchy, with slip stitch detail. It looks complicated, but so easy! Mix and match your favorite color combinations.

  • Panda Pom Pom Hat

    If you're a lover of all animals, great and small, it'll be hard to resist creating this chunky and super cozy panda hat! This hat not only features two large fluffy pompoms, but also a basic rib created by crocheting the front and back post technique.

  • Cranberry Twist Slouchy Bonnet

    T he main part of this hat is worked back and forth, like rows, but they are joined at the end with a slip stitch, before turning, and heading back the direction you just came.

  • One Skein One Night Big Pom Hat

    This hat works up with just one skein of yarn and you can make it in one evening! Easy enough for an advanced beginner, it is a quick and simple project. 

  • Bohemian Winter Hat

    With its cute pompom on top and row after row of intricate design, the Bohemian Winter Hat is one that will turn heads when you wear it in chilly weather. 

  • Retro Crochet Hat

    The hat's vintage vibe comes from its stripes and decorative pom pom. This fee crochet hat pattern has no abbreviations which can definitely make it easier to read.

  • Lolly-Poms Ribbed Crochet Beanie

    It's made in a tapered rectangle and pulled together at the top, sort of like a drawstring bag. Then top it off with a pom-pom of your choice.

What's your favorite way to make a pom pom?

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I think just about every kind of pompom hat in the world is represented in this post! Theres everything from faux fur to floppy to fuzzy to make your own varieties. I have the complete set of the Clover brand pom makers, so Im not exactly shy about using these. Still, I was amazed at how many of these hats I had never seen before. Thanks for compiling this massive list of Pom Hats!


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