40+ Free Crochet Scarf Patterns


40+ Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

This page offers lots of free scarf crochet patterns that you and your family will love!


40 Free Crochet Scarf Patterns

Free crochet scarf patterns are great to have around during the fall and winter months. They make for great gifts and, of course, keep your neck nice and warm. Crocheted scarves are also one of the easiest crochet patterns to grasp if you are just learning how to crochet.

They're easy since you use a simple pattern and you can just go straight across with no lengthy stitches. I made my first scarf in six hours, so if you're more advanced I'm sure you can whip one of these 40+ Free Crochet Scarf Patterns up in just a few.

If you want to make yourself a homemade crochet scarf, then you'll first have to decide what style to crochet. Will you crochet a classic crochet scarf that wraps around your neck, or will you make a cozy crochet cowl? Whichever style you choose, we have the free crochet patterns to match!

Below, you'll find a full collection of free crochet scarf patterns in a variety of styles. No matter what kind of free crochet scarf patterns you are looking for, we have something for everyone. Keep in mind that scarves aren't just for the cold months; they can be worn to dress up any outfit any day of the year.

We even have unisex scarf patterns that open up more possibilities. Unisex scarf crochet patterns are great for everyone and anyone. Broaden your horizons with new stitches for these unisex crochet scarf patterns. Try a bumpy scarf crochet pattern or a popcorn scarf crochet pattern. Get out of your usual single crochet and double crochets and try a new stitch. 

 We haven't forgotten about the little ones, either! Children's scarf crochet patterns can be really fun to make. You can get really creative with the embellishments that you might add to the ends. Our last section is dedicated to free crochet scarf patterns for kids and we think they'd love any of our choices to stay warm and stylish when it's cold.

PLUS! Check out this video tutorial right below for our Beginner's Crochet Scarf. Kristi Simpson will walk you through this simple-as-can-be scarf pattern.

Classic Crochet Scarf Patterns

Glamorous Zig Zag Scarf

Scarves are one of the best crochet accessories out there - you can make them chunky and cozy or light and lacy depending on the weather. You can make crochet scarves to keep you warm and protect you against the wind, but you can also use lacy crochet scarf patterns to give your outfit a pop in the spring and summer.

Browse this collection of classic crochet scarves to find the perfect pattern for you. Whether you want solids or stripes, bulky or lightweight, there's a wide variety of free crochet scarf patterns to choose from.

Glamorous Zig Zag Scarf (pictured): T​his colorful crocheted scarf is a fun accessory to wear during the fall and winter months, and it's easy to crochet using Vanna's Glamour yarn.

Rainy Day Rainbow Scarf

The weather might be dreary and drab, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be, too. 

Stained Glass Scarf

Although this looks like a tough pattern, fortunately, it's for advanced beginners, so just about anyone can crochet one.

Scrap Happy Scarf

The best thing about this free pattern is that once your yarn stash is gone, you finally have a good excuse to buy more yarn!

Girly Swirly Scarf

The bright, funky colors shown here make it a great springtime accessory.

A Cute Cupcake Scarf

Make a scarf to wear during the fall and winter seasons. If you have a sweet tooth then you'll just adore this cupcake scarf. 

Hexagon Crocheted Scarf

The unique shapes used to work up this particular crochet pattern creates a visually appealing design that's impossible to resist.

Sassy Sweetheart Ruffle Scarf

You don't even really have to know how to crochet in order to create this masterpiece.

Skinny Summer Scarf

The scalloped edges of this crocheted scarf make this one of the prettiest crochet designs ever. 

Greek Goddess Summer Scarf

Lightweight and dainty, this Greek Goddess Summer Scarf is a great crochet scarf pattern to make for the summer months.

In A Jiffy Scarf

All you need is a few minutes to complete this In A Jiffy Scarf. Yes, you read that correctly- minutes, not hours!

Loop Fringe Scarf

Thick and plush, this Loop Fringe Scarf will be a new staple for your winter wardrobe. Easy crochet patterns like this don't often make such lovely projects--don't pass this up!

Snow Goddess Scarf

This Snow Goddess Scarf is a must-do crochet scarf pattern for winter. Use silver sparkly yarn to recreate the beautiful look of this feminine scarf. 

Easiest Trendy Lace Crochet Scarf

The Easiest Trendy Lace Crochet Scarf is a beginner-friendly pattern that you'll work up in no time. The stitch pattern used is easy to learn and remember, so you'll be able to make this with your eyes closed.

Blush Rose Crochet Scarf

The light and lacy design makes this the best accessory for the spring and summer months.

Crochet Cowl Patterns

Single Skein Grapevine Cowl

Crochet cowls are similar to scarves, but instead of being super long, they're often circular and kept snug around the neck. Crochet cowls and infinity scarves are the same basic accessory except that crochet infinity scarves can be wrapped around your neck multiple times while you can't often do that with cowl.

Either way, crochet cowls are the perfect accessory for winter since you can wear one under a coat to stay warm without the extra bulk of a looped-around crochet scarf. Find our favorite crochet cowl patterns below!

Single Skein Grapevine Cowl (pictured): ​The best thing about autumn is being able to effortlessly accessorize your outfits with a pretty scarf.

Chunky Crochet Cowl

To work this crochet cowl, you'll be working in rows and then joining (or seaming) the ends together, so no worries if you aren't comfortable working in the round! 

Out of this World Lattice Cowl

The Out of this World Lattice Cowl is an open, airy, light cowl that is more like a chunky necklace than a cowl and is perfect for warmer weather.

Plum Button Scarf

You will definitely get tons of compliments whenever you wear this pretty Plum Button Scarf. It's the perfect fashion accessory for fall that will match almost any outfit.

Reflective Color Block Cowl

Whether it be your camera flash or a car's headlights, this crocheted cowl will light up with the flash. 

Lightning Fast Crocheted Cowl

Because it is so quick to crochet, this makes a great last-minute gift idea for friends and family.

Two Layered Braided Cowl

This crochet pattern is worked up in half double crochet and single crochet with worsted weight yarn with an H crochet hook.

Modern Magenta Cowl

It's a thick crocheted scarf that will certainly keep you warm and cozy all season long. 

Periwinkle Infinity Scarf

Two strands of yarn are worked together to create this Periwinkle Infinity Scarf. 

Willy Wonka Infinity Scarf

The bright, neon colors used for this free crochet scarf pattern will make you feel like you're touring Willy Wonka's magical candy factory. 

Hypnotic Heart Cowl

This free crochet pattern features a unique jacquard pattern and uses three different colors to enhance the eye-catching effect.

Lacy Crimson Cowl

This Lacy Crimson Cowl is worked up with light weight yarn allowing the lacy look to really shine through.

Snow Drops Reversible Cowl

This scarf is the perfect woman's crochet gift, as it combines comfort with style.

Hooded Infinity Scarves

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf

These crochet cowl patterns are extra cozy because they have a hood! This way there's no extra space around the top of your neck where cold air can seep through - it's like a crochet hat pattern and a crochet scarf pattern all in one.

Crochet hooded scarves are easier than you'd think, and they're perfect for harsh winters. 

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf (pictured): ​The pictured step by step instructions are easy to follow, so feel free to make one in every color.

Candy Stripes Hooded Cowl

Using a bulky yarn of your choice you can work up this easy crochet pattern by working up the popcorn stitch.

Hooded Infinity Scarf

The hood and scarf are worked separately and then sewed together, so you have the option of making this without the hood if you're just in the need of a scarf.

Unisex Scarf Crochet Patterns

90 Minute Scarf

These free crochet scarf patterns are stylish and versatile. Most of the time, a color change is all you need to make a crochet scarf unisex. Choose colors like green, yellow, or gray, and it won't matter who's wearing the scarf as long as it keeps them warm!

Though you may some of these look more feminine or masculine, we know that with a simple color or style change, you can personalize your crochet scarf of choice for anyone in your life.

90 Minute Scarf (pictured): Stop searching for quick and easy crochet patterns because you just found one with this 90 Minute Scarf pattern.

Walking in the Sand Scarf

This gently textured scarf is a great beginner-friendly project and easily adjusted in color and size.

Bulky Faux Mistake Rib Scarf

Mimic the look of the mistake rib knitting stitch pattern by combining stitches of different heights and working in the back loop. 

Wonderfully Warm Crochet Scarf

This crochet scarf pattern allows you to get creative with the colors so you can make it gender specific or unisex. 

Mitered Square Scarf

Make this simple, unisex scarf your own by adjusting the width or length. A self-striping yarn makes the colorwork easy. 

Vertical Stripe Scarf

Matching fringe added at the end gives this free crochet scarf pattern the perfect finishing touch.

Beginner V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

you should try out this Beginner V-Stitch Crochet Scarf. The v-stitch gives it an interesting pattern that looks professional.

Pebble Rib Scarf

With this crochet scarf, you may be working with longer rows, but you'll be surprised with how quickly it comes together. 

Bumpy Popcorn Crochet Scarf Pattern

Use a free crochet pattern like this one to make a beautiful bumpy popcorn crochet scarf. 

Snow Country Super Scarf, Unisex Crochet Pattern

This free crochet scarf is sure to keep you, or anyone else in your home warm whatever the weather throws your way! 

Simple Grey Striped Scarf

The simple texture created by the cluster stitches used in the scarf create small ridges and this makes the scarf look great as a solid or striped project. 

Crochet Scarves for Kids

Scarf With Hand Puppets

These children's crochet scarf patterns avoid the blue and pink divide. Though it really shouldn't matter what color a kid wears, as long as they like it! Let them have fun in these free crochet scarf patterns.

For fans of Harry Potter or Spider-Man, we have a couple of cool scarves. Otherwise, any of these can be adjusted as needed to fit your child's personal style.

Scarf With Hand Puppets (pictured): Your kids will love this new Scarf With Hand Puppets you work up for them. They can entertain themselves all day long while keeping warm at the same time. That's a win-win!

Harry Potter POA Crochet Scarf Free Pattern

Accio scarf! a fun pattern that also provides a video on how to switch colors so that you can make it in your child's house of choice.

Spidey Senses Scarf Free Pattern

Worsted weight yarn has never been cooler. The spidey hands are the ends of the scarf. This unique scarf pattern makes for a great gift.

In A Jiff Scarf Crochet Pattern

Free crochet scarf patterns like this are fun to work up because they are so quick and easy.

School Spirit Striped Scarf

The stripes on this interesting crochet scarf pattern are really easy to go between as you're working it up.

Little One's Keyhole Scarf

This little scarf stays on! It is gender neutral, but full of texture, so both a daughter or son can wear it to school.

Youth Stripe Scarf

This multi-colored scarf is a great free crochet pattern for a little boy. This is a fast crochet pattern with adorable fringes on the ends.

Toddler Scarf

Keep their little necks warm during the fall and winter season. Red Heart yarn is nice and soft.

Over the Ridge Crochet Scarf

They'll love the cozy warmth and great color possibilities of this quick and textured chunky scarf pattern that's perfect for boys or girls. 

What is your favorite scarf style?
Let us know in the comments!

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I would like to receive LW27750 Sashay crochet instructions to make the Sashay scarf. Thank you

Hi bettyseager, This is a collection page featuring links to other scarf patterns on AllFreeCrochet. To access any of these projects, click the link to be taken to the pattern page. We also have a search bar at the top left of your browser that can help you find individual projects you're searching for. I hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Wow Im in scarf heaven with this set of patterns for 34 scarves. With that many to choose from, there surely has to be one that would work for any occasion that may arise. I love them all and dont know where to start first. Im like a kid on Christmas morning. Thanks.

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I am interested in the cowl scarf pattern. I will ordering the yarn from you if you give me the info. And the pattern. Hnanawel in t His cowl scarf. Can you send me he pattern. I will order the yarn for it if you give me the

Hi Nanawel, Thank you for your message. All patterns on AllFreeCrochet are available for free. They can either be printed, or in some instances, downloaded as PDFs. To access any of the patterns above, please click on their links. Happy crocheting! - editors of AllFreeCrochet

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so cute!!!!! cant wait to make one!

I am looking for a pattern for the potato chip scarves that is crocheted. The only one I have found have been for knitting. I puchased the Red Heart Boutique Sashay Metallic and they only give for Knitting. Would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks

Fellow Crocheter click this link I used this video last week however I think the 243 chain was too long for me you may want to go with 175 chains. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvjDVWzbeDg

GREAT Ideas for "HUGS for NEWTOWN". I've made several already. Love the scarf idea. Send a HUG to someone. I found them on Facebook . It's to let the folks of Newtown CT know that we are thinking of them. The idea of Unisex scarves is wonderful and I will be making more... Thank you for posting these...

Can I get the LW2517 Frilly Knit Scarf pattern with crochet directions ?

Nice,but not what I wanted

dear pld, i think i heard a rumor that Special Olympics or Red Heart were not doing the scarf project in 2013. not that we can not do it any way

Great idea to have unisex scarf patterns together in an ebook. I'll consult it when I get the colors for the 2013 Special Olympics scarves and other scarf projects -- maybe even make one just for me.

just beautiful!!!

I would like the pattern # LW2419

this is a fantastic site will visit often

I am looking for a pattern for a crochet scarf using double crochet stich

Would love to have written instructions for Frill Seeker Scarf in crochet. It is beautiful. I have knitting instructions but would rather crochet. Thanks, sandra

I would like this pattern in crochrt how do I get it?

Everytime I click on a "free" pattern i get the click sound with the gold splat and an exclamation mark. Why is that and why can't I access the supposedly free patterns?

deleciaspence 5622938 your pop ups are blocked. You can use 'tools' on the tool bar to allow pup ups on this site or each time you want to access a particular pattern just hold down your control button (lower left on key board) when you click on the pattern you want to see. Hope that helps

Sometimes my computer is a real bougar about things like that, and i've noticed that when you click the middle scrolly button on the mouse, it brings the pattern up in a different tab, and sometimes that helps. Computers will never escape fallibilty.

Where are the combos you mention? I'm looking for a matching scarf and hat pattern.

I am looking for a specific stocking cap pattern - on with a very long tapered end that can wrap around neck as a scarf after the cap is on head - an all in one if you will. My grandaughter requested such an item and I can't fins a pettern anywhere - please help and thanks in advance - Janet

If you cannot find a pattern, it would probably be easy to alter or make a pattern up to satisfy what you need. I do it all the time.

Not that you probably want it now (Mar, lol), but Caron has a scarf hat in their free patterns :-). Cheryl

@jainsworth3 2575999, Once you click on the title of the scarf you would like to make, you will be taken to the pattern review page for that specific project on our site. From here, please click on the link that says "click here for crochet pattern" to be taken to the original designer's site with the pattern available in full for free. I hope this helps! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Could never get directions for scarf after clicking on pattern for scarf?

Try clicking on it with the middle button on the mouse- it sometimes helps me when my computer gives me grief!

Delighted to find a pattern using a double-ended hook! Now I need the hook - I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and no-one here even knows what I am talking about! Maybe you can tell me of a stockist there and I could email them from here, in hope that I might be able to order some - it's worth a try! I'd love to see some more patterns for this special hook...


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