Hooded Infinity Scarf

Hooded Infinity Scarf
Hooded Infinity Scarf

Stay warm and cozy with this Hooded Infinity Scarf. All you need is one skein of worsted weight yarn in your favorite color to complete this crochet pattern. The hood and scarf are worked separately and then sewed together, so you have the option of making this without the hood if you're just in the need of a scarf. We suggest including the hood if you get cold easily - it's a great addition that provides extra warmth in the wind, rain, and snow. Stay extra warm and cozy with this great hooded scarf pattern. 

1. There is one variation of sorts to doing this front and back loop only stitch. I had to figure out a way to do it in the chain so that it didn't stand out obviously against the rest of the scarf. When working in the chain a FLO will be considered going through both of the top loops as usual when working in a chain, leaving only one loop underneath the hook.
2. When working in the chain a BLO will be considered going through just the center loop. The one that lies between or behind the "v" looking part of the chain. This helps to make the hdcs that are worked into the chain move forward and back. I have done this throughout the scarf so that as it turns and flips when worn there is no obvious front or back. The first loop on the hook is the one from the previous stitch, the second loop is the YO from the hdc you are about to work, the next two are the top and bottom of the "v" of the chain stitch.


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook, K/10.5 or 6.5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Gauge4" square = 12 stitches x 8 rows

Finished SizeScarf: 41" circumference Hood: From one side of your head over the top to the other side: 21" From the opening to the seam in the back: 10"

Materials List

  • Worsted Weight Yarn, 7oz: shown in Red Heart With Love in Aran, 1 skein
  • Contrasting color for flower; shown in Caron One Pound in Taupe
  • Crochet Hooks: K (scarf and hood) and H (flower)
  • Yarn Needle


  1. With K hook. Ch 130.

  2. Join in loop, make sure not to twist ch.

  3. Row 1-8: Ch 1, hdc in FLO of same stitch as joining, hdc in BLO, *hdc in FLO, hdc in BLO* repeat from *to * around. Join to first hdc, ch 1 turn. (130 hdc)  Basically when you turn you will be working back across the hdc's you just worked.  Your hook should be positioned for you to be stitching in this direction.

  4. You will do 7 rows identical to the first, {8 TOTAL} join and finish off. Weave in ends. If you would like to leave the scarf without the hood you can skip ahead to the flower directions. Your finished product will look similar to this.


  1. Ch 60.

  2. Row 1: In second ch from hook work hdc in FLO, *hdc in BLO next stitch, hdc in FLO in next st* repeat from * to * across. Ch 1, turn. (59 hdc)

  3. Row 2 - 18: hdc in FLO, *hdc in BLO, hdc in FLO* repeat from * to * across, ch 1, turn. (59 hdc)
    Break yarn leaving about a 1 1/2 ft tail. You are going to use it to stitch hood together.

  4. At this point you are going to fold the rectangle in half, and using your yarn needle, whip stitch the two sides of the hood together. When you get to the top poke the top of the hood into the inside of the hood creating what will be a triangle on the inside. Stitch across the outside. This helps the hood lay a little more flat across the top of your head.

  5. Using another piece of yarn {about a 1 1/2 ft long} to whip stitch the hood to the scarf. Weave in ends and admire your result. If you like it the way that it is you can stop here - or you can make and attach the flower.


  1. With H hook, ch 47

  2. Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and across to end of chain, ch 1, turn. (46 sc)

  3. Row 2: Sc in first st, *ch 4, skip 4 sc, sc* repeat from * to * across. Ch 1, turn.

  4. Row 3: Sl st into first sp, ch 1, [sc, 6 dc, sc] in same sp. Repeat [ to ] in each ch 4 space across. Break thread leaving a long tail {at least a foot or so}.

  5. Twist flower leaving petals towards the outside. Using yarn needle, stitch up the flower to hold all petals in place and then attach to the scarf.

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What an interesting item. I have to admit I like to wear an item that has a hood attached during the winter so that if I am caught out in the cold, I have some defense. At times, that is not possible. With this item, I can use the infinity scarf and know that I have a hood if needed. The flower really is a nice touch.

I loved working up this project. I needed something halfway between a cowl and a hat and this was just the thing. Its getting to be actual winter here in the mountains, and while I dont mind wearing a beanie or toque while Im mucking out the barn, I hate having hat hair when I go to town. The hood portion is loose enough not to mess up my hair but substantial enough keep my head (and neck) warm. I did leave off the flower though.

I have the yarn on hand to start this project right away. I know I will enjoy having a scarf and a hood on those cools days walking my little fur babies at the dog park. The added flower motif really makes it special.

Oh such a clever pattern, thank you! I mainly work outside, winters included, and with winter approaching here in South Africa this is going to be fabulous for keeping my ears warm as well as around my neck as a normal cowl does. In fact I might just make a few, particularly since the pattern is rated Easy so they should be quite quick to make up.

working into the front loop only isn't working into the top two loops, its working into the front loop of the chain only. the back loop is the back ridge created when you chain.

I haven't made this yet but my firend has and it turned out beautifully. It was a little snug on her so she gave it to me! Did. memtion she is an excellent friend? I funkyied it up a bit with beads and appliques and it is one of the most stunning items in my wardrobe.

I would probably do this particular pattern without the hood, or I would change it so it closed with a button. I wouldn't really like having to pull it over my head to wear it, although I do think it is cute the way it is.

I used to have a pattern very similar to this one, but it had a shorter scarf that tied under the chin and I lost it. Is there any way to get it again?

In the beginning it says to use "H" hook yet when you go to the scarf it says "K". Anyone know which it really is? I love the pattern and don't want to make the wrong size. Thanks

I saw that also. When I re-read the whole line I saw that it also tells you that you need the K hook.

Please help - when making the hood - you say to fold the rectangle - in which direction ? The long way or other? I am a little confused about this - please help.

I made this twice and the pattern makes a really small scarf. maybe the yarn I used was too thin but both tiomes it makes a scarf that, wrapped around twice, is tight, and the hood is small. Even on my 4 year old. I do love the pattern, although I think I'll double it next time. It's not an adult sized patter. I used worsted weight 4 ply, so you wouldnt think it'd make such a big difference! I had to extend the hood by a couple of inches on the height and width for my daughter and quite a few inches for my sister in law.

I had this problem as well - that it seems small. i used the gauge to figure out the size that it should be. i have the scarf done but i think that the hood needs to be a lot bigger. I am making this right now and not sure how to fold the hood to stitch. any help would be great.

Says I don't have "permission" to access the pattern. I hate having to join something just to look at the pattern! I may not like it once I get a better look at it, then I'm stuck with spam...

having trouble with the site trying to access a pattern the hooded infinity scarf. I had viewed it previously and even made one, but now I can't get it to let me find the pattern again. I get a message saying something about blog access denied. Any help greatly appreciated.

I am unable to view this pattern without creating a Google account. This started today as yesterday I could view the pattern.

Hello My name is Ashley. I was wondering if there was someone that could help me. I am a senior and I am working on a senior project of crochet, specifically an infinity scarf. It would be very helpful if someone that has some experience in the field could contact me and just answer a few questions. Thank you very much!

Love the looks of this scarff! Thanks for sharing! Cant wait to make it!

I think this is great for my daughter how goes to school in the coldest place ever. This will keep her warm

Love this scarf. I can't knit with needles or crochet. Can this be done with the kniffty knitter loom? I would love instructions on that. Thanks!

Hello Cynthia.... Ive been crocheting since about 5 years old... and I taught myself how to knit about 10 years ago. Now here's the funny part. I cant use that loom...lol.. I think its harder that actually knitting... There are alot of (free) videos out there that can teach you both. Go to youtube.com and just type in exactly that. Also, you can find a local yarn store that teaches beginner classes for a fee. Hopefully this was helpful. And the above scarf should give you inspiration. Its marked "easy" and should be a great beginner project. Good luck

I would love to be able to make this scarf but I cannot get it to print.

Download it, first.... or send it your personal email. See if you can print from an email.


Thank you so much for this pattern I am making Hats for a friend with cancer and this is so elegant. She will look great in it.

I love this and made it a little different by making it all one piece and tapering the front so it came back away from the front of the face a little making it easier to see. My granddaughter saw it and loves it along with a friend's child. Great idea for those quick Christmas presents. Thanks for the ideas.

I would love to see the pattern modified so the hood could be detachable - using buttons at the seam instead of hood or no hood choice.

Since the pattern is in two pieces you can make just the cowl. If you want the hood as a take off make the hood like the pattern but when you go to attach put buttons around the hood and button it on through the rows.

I would love to see the pattern modified so the hood could be detachable - using buttons at the seam instead of hood or no hood choice.

It is not about copying the pattern - it is the blogspot the pattern is on. When I 'Click here for crochet pattern', I get a blank page that says 'String with Style'. Could the pattern be put somewhere else - I thought it was just my computer until I saw the other posts!

To those who are not familiar with computers that much... to copy the pattern open (1) up Word or a note program to a blank page (2) open the pattern and at the top of the pattern click and hold down the left mouse key and drag it to the bottom of the pattern. (3) it should highlight the pattern then hold the 'Ctrl' an press the 'c' button (4) go to the Word file and then hold the 'Ctrl' and press 'v' and it should paste the information into your Word document. (5) then print your pattern from the word program. Hope that helps.

I have never had a problem with accessing the pattern or printing it off. When I print my patterns, I cut and paste them to my word processing program. Then I can adjust the print to the size I can read comfortably and edit the pattern with highlighting and bold letters to make it easier to follow.

I would love to create this beautiful scarf but the site is not allowing me to view it. :-(!

I love this scarf but cannot get the pattern

I love the look of this pattern but I can not get it to print off. Why is that? Roze

I would really like to print the pattern but can't get it to print. I've tried several ways, none of which work. Could you please find a way for us to print this? Thank you. It's discouraging when patterns aren't able to be printed and you have to jump through hoops and still can't get it. I appreciate that others are willing to share their patterns, just wish we could get them. Thanks again.

I love hooded scarves!!! I have several!

great teacher's Christmas gift thank-you!


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