62 Crochet Jewelry Patterns (Free)


62 Crochet Jewelry Patterns (Free)

Search through this collection of crochet jewelry and you'll never be without a gorgeous and fashionable accessory again!


62 Crochet Jewelry Patterns

When it comes to accessorizing an outfit, there are so many different options -- add a trendy tote, fabulous scarf, or an eye-catching piece of jewelry for a quick and easy finishing touch.

In this collection of 62 Crochet Jewelry Patterns, you'll find beautiful necklace patterns, bracelet patterns, earrings, and more! You're sure to find your next perfect accessory here, whether it's classic and timeless or hip and trendy -- the options are endless!

Find out how cute and creative these crocheted jewelry patterns are and you'll be addicted to these exciting projects before you know it!

We all know that purchasing all of the various items to wear, however, can add up quickly. One way to keep your collection growing without spending too much money is to create your own crocheted jewelry.

This collection will show you that it's easier than you might think to make your own crochet accessories. Plus, it's also so much fun to mix and match styles and find ways to express your personality!

Free Crochet Necklace Patterns

Crocheted scarves are always a popular accessory for women to wear in any season. But if you're looking for a new way to fancy up your neck, these free crochet DIY necklace patterns are perfect. You can use these crochet patterns to make your next favorite crochet necklace or to create a beautiful jewelry gift for a friend or relative.

Browse these DIY jewelry designs and find your next free pattern to crochet. You'll love the braided jewelry patterns you'll find to adorn your neck, along with other types of necklaces you'll adore.

Bohemian Twist Yarn Necklace

The twists of yarn that attach to a small chain make it easy to customize so you can have something shorter, longer, bulkier, or anything else. 

Crochet Pearl Drops Necklace

 The pearl detail on this lovely free crochet pattern gives this necklace a classic, enchanting look.

Antoinette Vintage Statement Necklace

This crochet necklace measures about 19" long when finished and is shown in the color Caribbean Sparkle, a Premier Spangle Yarn.

Pocket Full of Posies Necklace

The flowers are perfect for spring and summer jewelry that really does match anything. Dress it up or keep it casual with cute crochet jewelry that everyone will love.

Beautiful Twisted Crochet Necklace

This Twisted Crochet Necklace is made using slip stitch crochet and chain stitches. It has 6 full twists in it, creating a beautiful spiral of color.

Falling Leaves Necklace

This necklace can be worn tighter around the neck or loose and flowy. It's a lovely easy project to make for fall!

Giant Rose Statement Necklace

It's also a great upcycled jewelry pattern if you have an old necklace lying around that you no longer want. Learn how to turn it into something new and fabulous with this free pattern and some yarn scraps.

Key West Necklace

The Solomon Knot actually consists of links that look like knots and seems to have four crossings where the loops go over and under each other. This motif is quite impressive, and paired with the perfect outfit can really stand out.

Twisted Crochet Necklace

Be sure to use different strands of colors to make the final, twisted piece stand out, and don't forget the button.

Glamour Girl Crochet Necklace

This is an easy crochet jewelry pattern to make using a variety of materials including plastic or wooden Rings, crochet thread, beads, and more.

Blossom Necklace

Make a stunning Blossom Necklace like this free crochet pattern. It's lightweight and a great way to use up your leftover yarn.

Pineapple Pendant Crocheted Necklace

This cheerful accessory is easy to make and show off to the world. You can even make this necklace a gift for anyone who loves the color pink!

Mountain Gold Motif Necklace

Floral motifs appear by working brown and gold metallic thread together using back loop single crochet.

Curly Crochet Necklace

This funky design is created by crocheting around a wire! It's a fun and easy project for anyone who loves unexpected ideas.

Chunky Twist Torsade Necklace

Add any colors you wish or make your chains longer for a different look. Single crochet is used making this an easy crochet pattern.

Simple Crochet Chain Necklace

By simply crocheting around a standard chain, you can easily make this necklace for your very own!

Easiest Beginner Crochet Necklace

The rope-like texture is really cute, and this would be a great accessory to any outfit, summer or winter.

David Bowie Lightning Bolt Crochet Necklace

This necklace design is inspired by the infamous lightning bolt slashed across the face of Aladdin Sane on the cover of that album from 1973. 

Black Rectangles on Gold Chain Necklace

The black rectangles in this necklace pattern perfectly contrast with the gold crocheted chain. This stylish accessory would easily match any elegant evening attire.

Mesh Crochet Necklace

Crochet a necklace you won't be afraid of it breaking. This mesh necklace is easy to make and you'll love wearing it day or night. 

Brassiere Wire Necklaces - A How To

Have a brassiere that's ready to be thrown out? Reuse the wire to make some cute wire necklaces with this free crochet pattern.

Free Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Wrap any one of these DIY bracelet patterns around your wrist for an instant accessory makeover. You'll find both easy and intermediate patterns, so no matter what your skill level is with making DIY jewelry, any one of these free patterns to crochet will suit your needs.

Along with the free crochet wire bracelet patterns below, there are full-yarn bracelets that are as comfortable to wear as they are pretty to look at. It's a great accessory any time of year and you can really have fun with layering many of these wrist pieces.

Teal Wrap Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of just a row of single crochet stitches with a loop that acts as the button hole. Just wrap the bracelet around your wrist four or five times and fasten the button to keep it in place

Jacob & Julia Heart Bracelet

This bracelet features a woven look with a heart right in the center. Easily make this fun bracelet for Valentine's Day or make it as a gift for someone special!

Shell Crochet Bracelet Pattern

If you love cool-colored crochet projects, then this Shell Crochet Bracelet Pattern is just for you. Using shell stitches, you can create this bracelet design, too!

1 Hour Sands of Time Bracelet

The 1 Hour Sands of Time Bracelet is true to its name: it takes less than an hour to make and it's hourglass-shaped. It's a gorgeous bracelet that has a button closure, which makes it easy to take on and off. 

Lacy Bridal Party Crochet Bracelet

Quick and easy to crochet, this bracelet works up in 10 minutes and uses only a few stitches. It's a wonderful accessory to make as a gift item or to wear for any season!

Ocean Waves Crochet Bracelet

You can customize the circumference to fit anyone's wrist and the finished width of the crochet bracelet is under 1/4”.

Beginner Button Cuff Bracelet

Just four rows of single crochet make up this stylish crochet bracelet, which means this is such an easy crochet pattern that even a beginner crocheter could complete it! 

Braided Button Bracelet

It is unbelievable how simple making your own accessories can be. Find out for yourself by working up this crochet Braided Button Bracelet. 

Beach Bum Wrap Crochet Bracelet

Before you head down to the boardwalk, twist on a Beach Bum Wrap Crochet Bracelet. You'll love the Bohemian look of this easy bracelet pattern. 

Rainbow Pride Crochet Bracelet

Whether you want to show your support for LGBT rights, or you just really like rainbows, this pretty pattern is a must-do. It's a quick and easy way to add a splash of color to your outfit.

Paracord Cuff Bracelet

Using 14 to 15 feet of paracord and this free crochet pattern, you can make your own jewelry to show off. If you love hiking or traveling, then this Paracord Cuff Bracelet is the perfect project for you!

Homemade Charm Bracelet

Do you love charm bracelets? Well, now you can crochet your own with this free crochet bracelet pattern! Use Craft Cord to complete this pattern. Embroidery floss or crochet thread would also work, as well.

Chunky Bangle Bracelet

Use strips from a 2 liter bottle to make yourself this stylish Chunky Bangle Bracelet. They're quick, easy to make, and so collectible!

Crocheted Wrist Cuff

Follow this crochet pattern to make an 8 1/2 inch cuff; simply decrease or increase the number of rows to adjust the length.

Colorful Crocheted Bracelets

Beautiful thread colors are worked in single, double and half double crochet. You can even add a stylish button decoration as shown to make your creation shine!

Simple Crochet Bracelet

Make yourself a Simple Crochet Bracelet with this DIY jewelry crochet pattern. These are cute bracelets to wear during the spring and summer months and they're so easy to make.

Multicolored BraceNet

The gauge is not important for this project although using small hook and fine yarn looks better. Just increase/decrease the starting chain as described in the pattern.

Stylish Mandala Bracelet

The easy pattern incorporates the popular crochet popcorn stitch and can be completed within an afternoon, so consider keeping this design in your repertoire the next time you need to make quick gifts for family and friends.

Pretty Granny Square Bracelet

With the Pretty Granny Square Bracelet, you can create a beautiful crochet bracelet that is trendy and unique.

Crochet Ring and Earring Patterns

Necklaces and bracelets are nice but don't forget about the other crochet DIY accessories we have to choose from in this collection of DIY jewelry designs. Any one of these free patterns to crochet would make an excellent homemade gift idea for girls of any age.

In this section, you'll find an amazing selection of crochet earring and finger ring projects! These patterns also range in skill level from easy to intermediate, so there's definitely a pattern for everyone to choose from. Treat yourself to a new stylish accessory, or make something for a special friend.

Put a Crochet Ring On It

A yarn ring is a soft, unique and sophisticated detail that will make you feel beautiful. You can choose to make this cute crochet ring pattern using your favorite yarn color to make the design feel more personalized. Work this up in no time!

Easy Crochet Ring

These would be perfect for handmade stocking stuffers, especially if you're on a budget because you can use this as a yarn scraps pattern and use your leftover yarn from projects past to create unique color patterns that match the recipients' personal style.

30 Minute Classic Crochet Earrings

Learn how to crochet earrings so you can turn your old, plain hoops into a new fashion statement and leave the house in style. You'll love how elegant these crochet earrings will look once completed!

Daisy Daisy Earrings

These are easy to make using small amounts of crochet cotton yarn and a 1.5mm hook. They're easy to make and are perfect for anyone who loves flowers!

Crochet Rose Ring

Carry this little flower with you everywhere you go and keep spring alive. You can also use this crochet ring pattern to create cute ponytail holders.

Moroccan Desire Earrings

Jazz up your wardrobe with these gorgeous Moroccan Desire Earrings. Follow this crochet pattern to make your very own beautiful jewelry.

Lilly Earrings

Grab a pair of jewelry pliers, earring hooks, and your favorite variegated worsted weight yarn to complete this crochet pattern.

Circle Motif Earrings

Why spend lots of money buying jewelry when you can make your very own? These Circle Motif Earrings are stunning and are surprisingly easy to make.

Twinkle Star Earrings

You'll need some basic jewelry supplies to complete this crochet pattern. These stunning earrings will complete any outfit.

Anna Burger Earrings

These earrings are for those times when you’re going to have fun, be around friends, and really just let your hair down (metaphorically, of course, because if you’re wearing these earrings you’re gonna want your hair up to show them off!).

Tiny Pear Crochet Necklace Charm

The crochet pattern is easy and features two types of yarn, as well as two crochet hooks, to make this adorable design. The best part is, you might not have to run out to your favorite yarn store.

Giant Rose Ring Crochet Pattern

According to the blogger, the materials for this project can make several rings. This pattern is also easy to follow, so consider making some for those special people in your life.

Small Crochet Heart Earrings

Delicate and colorful, these crochet earrings will be a delight to wear, so consider making an extra pair for your own use! These cute crochet earrings are a great project to make for Valentine's Day.

Birthday Earrings

Use this free crochet pattern to design a personalized birthday gift. The end result looks like snowflakes or stars. With such stunning results, you'll love how easy these crochet earrings are to make!

Bonny Blue Earrings

Using a 1.5mm crochet hook you can make yourself these amazingly blue crochet earrings. These are an easy crochet pattern that you can wear with anything.

Out on the Town Earrings

A steel hook is used along with some pretty beads to make this perfect jewelry design. Once completed, you can easily use them to make any outfit look more stylish! Find out how easy they are to make.

Sweetheart Earrings

Make some cute sweetheart earrings to wear on Valentine's day. These are easy to make and look fabulous. You'll be wearing them in less than a half hour.

Flowers N Lace Crocheted Earrings

It's that time to add something new to your jewelry box and what better way than to make your own. If you like flowers and lace then you'll love these earrings.

Dainty Crochet Ring

With this simple crochet pattern you can make this Dainty Crochet Ring in just an hour or two. It's so fun and unique you have to make one.

Compass Rose Earrings

Three rounds of crochet make these compass rose earrings easy to make. This free crochet pattern would make a lovely gift to the jewelry-lover.

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