32 Elegant Crochet Earring Patterns That Will Give You Goosebumps


32 Elegant Crochet Earring Patterns That Will Give You Goosebumps

These beautiful crochet earrings are must-sees!

32 Elegant Crochet Earring Patterns That Will Give You Goosebumps

Can we guess which pair of crochet earrings you will want to make first?

You may think that free crochet earring patterns aren't that special but we would disagree. That's why we put together this page complete with 32 Elegant Crochet Earring Patterns That Will Give You Goosebumps.

These are some of the prettiest, most unique, stylish, fun, and cool crochet earring patterns ever, and they are free to boot!

We promise that you will find at least one pair you'll want to start crocheting right away. They are separated by categories to make it easier to locate the style you desire. First up are the most beautiful vintage style earring patterns.

These are delicate, soft, and classic. Along the same lines, the next section is full of flower-inspired earrings. Crochet flowers are a favorite of most, which is why this is doubly brilliant!

If you would like to crochet something a little more modern and fun, then check out the third and fourth sections. The third section has some of the cutest and creative designs. They are unexpectedly fun and fabulous.

We finish off with more fun earrings, but this time they are holiday-themed. Find lots of Halloween crochet earrings, along with a few others, like Christmas and Easter.

Crochet earrings can be a bit tedious because they are small and use crochet thread, however, those aspects are also part of their strengths. Because they are small, they work up quickly. You also get a lot of pretty detail when using the thin crochet thread vs yarn. So, take a look and be prepared for some chills!

PLUS! Check out this video tutorial right below to learn How to Make Beaded Crochet Hoop Earrings. They are beautiful and versatile.

Vintage Style Crochet Earring Patterns

Vintage is synonymous with class and style. Vintage crochet patterns tend to be the most beautiful of all because they capture that old world charm. When it comes to vintage crochet earrings, you will not be disappointed. Whether you want a delicate creation made with only thread or a design that involves elegant beads as part of the pattern, you will find it here.

Carrie Earrings

The Carrie Earrings are an open, fun, and quick project for any crocheter who's looking for a summer design. Don't be intimidated by working with thread, these earrings are simple to make.

Circle Motif Earrings

Why spend lots of money buying jewelry when you can make your very own? These Circle Motif Earrings are stunning and are surprisingly easy to make. Make them for yourself or a friend.

Golden Dazzle Crochet Earrings

The delicate, metallic thread on these Golden Dazzle Crochet Earrings will have your admirers exclaiming in surprise that you crocheted these DIY earrings yourself. Attaching the beads adds another texture.

Birthday Earrings

Use this free crochet pattern to design a personalized birthday gift. Learn how to make your own earrings. The end result looks like snowflakes or stars. These crochet earrings are instant classics!

Beaded Crown Crochet Earrings

Crochet these cool earrings to be a queen for a day. Crochet thread is used along with a size 7 steel hook. It's an intermediate pattern you'll have fun crocheting for anyone in your life or to keep for yourself.

Dare to be Different Earring Collection

This crochet pattern provides different earrings which also come with different instructions. Read each one before you start. They're so fun to make and wear! With this collection, you'll be set for life!

Out on the Town Earrings

Have fun with a night out on the town in your new crocheted earrings. You can wear them to any occasion possible. A steel hook is used along with some pretty beads to make for the perfect jewelry.

Lilly Earrings

These Lilly Earrings were named after an American Idol contestant, Lilly Scott. Grab a pair of jewelry pliers, earring hooks, and your favorite variegated worsted weight yarn to complete this crochet pattern.

30 Minute Classic Crochet Earrings

Match your LBD with these 30 Minute Classic Crochet Earrings. Perfect for any occasion, this simple handmade accessory can be dressed up or down. Learn how to make crochet earrings that are tres chic.

Flower Crochet Earrings

Although these have floral embellishments and name, they are more like a classic drop earring, only made by crocheting! This stunning pair of crochet earrings can be made with colorful beads for an extra touch, too!

Fabulous Floral DIY Crochet Earrings

There are several vintage designs in this section as well, but the crochet earrings patterns in this section all have one thing in common: flowers! You may find each earring in the shape of your favorite flower or a set of earrings that have flowers as part of the design. No matter what sort of garden you're looking to make, it's here!

Easy Brandy Earrings

A fun, easy, and cute crochet earring pattern. These little flowers, made with ribbon for an interesting touch, are perfect for anyone in your life. This crochet earrings pattern is simple and stylish enough for everyday wear.

Super Simple Earring Embellishments

If you'd like to add some flash and a bit of flower power to your selection of stud earrings, then keep reading. These Super Simple Earring Embellishments are a great way to crochet an applique.

Bonny Blue Earrings

Using a 1.5mm crochet hook you can make yourself these amazingly blue crochet earrings. These are an easy crochet pattern that you can wear with anything. The floral design is also perfect for warm weather.

Compass Rose Earrings

Three rounds of crochet make these compass rose earrings easy to make. This free crochet pattern would make a lovely gift to the jewelry-lover. With a classic lace touch and a kiss of pink, there's are too pretty to resist.

Daisy Daisy Earrings

Make some DIY earrings using this free crochet pattern for Daisy Daisy earrings. These are easy to make using small amounts of crochet cotton yarn and a 1.5mm hook. You'll love wearing them during the summer. Or when you are thinking about summer approaching.

Flowers N Lace Crocheted Earrings

It's that time to add something new to your jewelry box and what better way than to make your own. If you like flowers and lace then you'll love these earrings. You will love the doily-like appearance and three lovely flowers.

Mini Mandala Earrings

Crochet earrings are so light, you barely feel them on your ears. Plus, they make great gifts! Just imagine your fashionable friend's face when they open up the box and see these mandala beauties ready to be worn for years. Get ready to make a bunch more for others!

Crochet Cherry Blossom Earrings

Using this crochet pattern, in one evening you will be able to make amazing looking Cherry Blossom Crochet Earrings! The Cherry flowers are made with Puff Stitch. The flowers are embellished with Czech glass beads on each side as well.

Unexpectedly Fun Free Crochet Earrings

If vintage isn't your thing or you believe that variety is the spice of life, then you will love this section! These are the earrings that are bound to turn heads. You may be interested in faux peacock earrings or how about some dancing sheep? There are also spirals, cheeseburgers, stars, and more creative free crochet earring patterns. You are going to have a blast making these, wearing them, and giving them as gifts.

Interlocking Triangles Earrings

These triangle crochet earrings have a unique look that's bound to impress anyone who sees them. Not only are they delicate and chic in appearance but you can use your favorite colors to make them your own.

Anna Burger Earrings

Hungry? These burgers look good enough to eat. With a top and bottom bun, ketchup, lettuce, cheese, and meat, this pair of earrings is the perfect gift for any burger-loving person in your life.

Spiral Earrings and Necklace Set

If you like the dangle of earrings but don't like the weight they add, then you will adore these crocheted spirals on your ears. They are pretty statement earrings but are super lightweight, which means you can wear them for longer.

Twinkle Star Earrings

Your face will light up like the night sky when you wear these beautiful Twinkle Star Earrings. You'll need some basic jewelry supplies to complete this crochet pattern. These stunning earrings will complete any outfit.

Dancing Sheep Duo

Ewe are not going to baalieve how cute crochet earrings can be until you see these dancing sheep! This set of earrings feature a wooly classic sheep on each earring. Wear these to the fair or anytime you are feeling sheepish.

Holiday and Christmas Crochet Earring Patterns

You will be even more excited about upcoming holidays when you have any of these earrings to wear. These are perfect for holiday-themed parties or gifts for loved ones. There's a set of free crochet earrings to make for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, or Christmas. It won't matter if you are going to a party or simply hanging out, you will not want to miss out on wearing these next time that day rolls around.

Sweetheart Earrings

Make some cute sweetheart earrings to wear on Valentine's day. These are easy to make and look fabulous. You'll be wearing them in less than a half hour. If you love hearts, these work any time of year!

Easter Egg Crochet Earrings

Decorating for holidays is as easy as making a pair of earrings! Instead of painting eggs or decorating the house, you can work up a pair of these colorful crochet egg earrings!

Witch Hat Set

Get a little wicked this Halloween by whipping up these pointy witches hats. Make them in the classic black and orange or add your own color choice for the band. Cackling while crocheting is optional.

Stuffed Pumpkins Earrings

Most crochet earrings are 2D but these look just like miniature pumpkins with the full round pumpkin base! This amazing 3D crochet earring pattern is bound to earn some treats. 

Frankenstein Duo

One of the most iconic Halloween figures, Frankenstein's monster is an exciting idea for crochet earrings. Your friends and family will be green with envy when they see them.

Sally Skulls Earrings

If you have a skull obsession, then you may want to wear these year-round. Feel free to change up the colors of the adorable bows atop these skeleton heads for your own style.

Easy Crochet Candy Corn Earrings

Love it or hate it, candy corn is a staple of Halloween. These three-color earrings look almost like the real things and they are satisfying to work up, too. Even if you don't eat this candy, wear it!

Festive Stocking Earrings

Christmas decor can be classy or tacky. Both have their moments and people love ridiculous wearables, such as ugly sweaters. These stocking earrings are not quite as tacky but super cute for folks of any age to wear!

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I was so happy to find this collection because although Ive emailed links to several individual projects, this will let me send the entire kit and kaboodle to my niece Hannah. Shes already a very talented jewelry designer who has her own Etsy shop, so shes always looking for new and unusual ideas. Sometimes shell use what I send her, but most often, these creations are an inspiration for her own.

I have never made crochet earrings before but I'll have to now! Such pretty designs.

I know. I can't wear them (metal allergy) but they sure are cute.


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