44 Bead Crochet Patterns


44 Bead Crochet Patterns

Combine two amazing crafting techniques here. Find the best free crochet bracelet pattern with beads!


44 Bead Crochet Patterns

Did you know you can crochet with beads? It's true! Before you get intimidated, it's truly not as complicated as you think. Though every pattern is unique, and some patterns might call for slightly different steps, the basics are all the same. For learning to crochet with beads, you will just need to get comfortable with stringing beads onto your yarn before you begin.

In this collection of 44 Bead Crochet Patterns, you'll find a variety of fun patterns that are all decorated with such pretty beads! From crochet bracelets, necklaces, and tops, you're sure to find your next favorite crochet project. As you work, you'll pull individual beads into your stitches as you make them, but otherwise, they're fine bunching up near your skein of yarn.

Crochet jewelry patterns are quick and simple little projects, perfect for making a just-because gift or to fill a specific gap in your closet. You can make your best friend a crochet bracelet with beads, scarf, or a purse.

Adding beads to that finished project, though, instantly dazzles your final design and gives it that extra sparkle that's sure to make heads turn. Before you sit down and begin to crochet, make sure you're happy with your yarn and your beads together - it's worth it to be extra picky with your final choice. Read your pattern carefully for suggestions, and keep reading for our own tips and tutorial on how to crochet with beads!

How to Crochet with Beads

If you need a visual, the video above will do the trick. Don't forget to keep scrolling for some of our favorite bead crochet patterns!

Crocheting with beads allows you to get creative with your crochet designs. There are of course a few different methods you can use to crochet with beads, so you have to decide which method is going to be easiest for you. To prepare, make sure you follow these tips:

  1. First, find your crochet jewelry or accessory pattern and take note of all the main materials - most bead crochet projects are made with crochet thread, but you can use regular yarn or even crochet with wire for a unique look! (The technique is the same!)
  2. Make sure your chosen beads have holes big enough to slip yarn, thread, or wire through - if you think you'll have trouble, a yarn needle should be helpful.
  3. Does your project also need any clasps, jump rings, or fastenings? Make sure you have those ready to go for instant satisfaction when you're done.

Once you have your materials all ready to go, read your crochet jewelry pattern and count out how many beads you need for your project - then, string those on to the yarn. As stated above, those can bunch up near your yarn skein or ball until you're ready to work them into your stitches. Next, follow along with your pattern, or for a simple and straightforward method: 
  1. Insert your crochet hook into the back loop of the stitch, yarn over and pull through.
  2. You'll then slide the bead up close to the loops, yarn over and pull through both loops. This holds the bead in place on the wrong side of your work.

Free Crochet Beaded Jewelry Patterns

When you think of bead crochet, your mind is likely going straight to crochet jewelry... and we have a bunch of amazing jewelry crochet patterns! These are some of our favorite beaded jewelry pieces, and all of them range in difficulty and style so all skill levels should be able to find one that they love.

Editor's Favorite: Personally, I like the simple look of the Golden Dazzle earrings... plus, I really love turquoise!

Basic Beaded Barrette

Add some glam to your hair with this easy barrette pattern - it's an easy way to justify wearing your hair up for an event!

Beaded Anklet

This one's a classic - basic chain stitches and evenly spaced beads make for a quick and easy accessory. 

Beaded Bobble Bracelet

Try using more complex stitches in your crochet jewelry - this pattern uses bobble stitches for a textured and fun look!

Beaded Chains Bracelet and Necklace

The layered/multi-strand look is really popular right now, so here's a bracelet and necklace pattern to help you jump on the trend!

Beaded Crown Crochet Earrings

This one features just a few tiny beads for some added dazzle, but you can certainly add more if you'd like! You can also choose your favorite variegated yarn or solid shade.

Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Personally, I've seen these bracelets everywhere in stores - and now you can make your own! And we all know how much better it is to make them yourselves. 

Beaded Necklace

Use thin yarn (or thread) and bold beads for this funky, party-friendly necklace look.

Beautiful Beaded Necklace

As I mentioned earlier, the layered look is IN for crochet jewelry - and this necklace just proves it!

Boho Beaded Cuff Necklace

Use neutral yarn and beads in varying neutral shades to work up this earthy, beaded delight. It will look fashionable and fantastic on anyone, especially those who like subtle beauty.

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

This looks more complicated than it is - promise! Think of it like crocheting the smallest scarf, but you're also adding beads sparingly. There's a photo tutorial to help you through!

Fashion Statement Beaded Bracelet

When a simple, thin bracelet just won't do, you need to wear a statement cuff like this design. The thickness is so comfortable and trendy to boot. Plus, you can do so much with the three rings of beads. Different colors or ombre.

Royal Crochet Beaded Necklace with Light Blue and Navy Chain Strands

This multi-stranded delight is a little on the advanced size due to the size and sheer number of beads - but just look at how stunning it is. The technique isn't hard if you have the patience!

Super Simple Boho Bead Bracelet

Sometimes, all you want is a simple rainbow bracelet, and that's exactly what this design is. Add a rainbow to your look (or use your own colors - it's customizable!) for a simple accessory you'll love. 

Sweetheart Beaded Necklace

Crochet shell stitches and simple beads make this necklace one that you'll love to wear out and about. We love this crochet bead necklace for every day wear but it also works for many special occasions. 

Golden Dazzle Crochet Earrings

Golden thread and turquoise beads give these dazzling earrings a Southwestern vibe we just can't get enough of.

Mexican Fiesta Earrings

Bright florals are the perfect party palette, and that's exactly what this earring pattern is! This a great pair of earrings for summer!

Grown Up Friendship Bracelet

Use Macrame thread and pearls to crochet this beautiful bracelet.

Puff Stitch Choker

Using a puff stitch, you can create a one-of-a-kind accessory that will definitely get noticed. 

Tiramisu Pearls Necklace

This elegant necklace, made with glass beads and metallic thread, has the look of real pearls and antique silver. 

Black Lacy Triangles Necklace

This beautiful crochet necklace pattern was inspired by crochet edgings in a book. You truly can turn borders or edging into anything!

Bead Crochet Patterns for Accessorizing

There are so many other accessories you can add beads to - from doilies and bags, scarves and even pet accessories! Try adding some large beads to your crochet baskets or other home decor projects for an instant style upgrade. 

Editor's favorite: The Lacy Beaded Wine Glass Cover - because nothing ruins my summertime fun like bugs in my drink. 

Beaded Clutch Purse

Accentuate a textured design with some beads, just like in this clutch purse design. Customizing your own bead pattern makes this even more special. 

Beaded Bridal Shawl

Beads can also be a way to glam up special events, like a wedding. Isn't this a beautiful shawl for a wedding or a romantic night out?

Beaded Crochet Lace Necklace Scarf

A lacy scarf necklace gets an instant upgrade with some small beads throughout!

Beaded Dog Bandanna

Glam up your pet's accessories too - this simple beaded dog bandana is such an easy project!

Beaded Doily

Delicate designs and small beads seem to go hand in hand - and that's especially true of this beaded doily design. This beaded doily is going to look breathtaking in your home.

Beaded Flower Motif Pattern

This crochet flower is just fine without any added beads, but try adding some to the center or around the petals for a lovely sparkle. Use it to decorate any piece of crochet.

Beaded Jute Basket

Add some beads to your home decor too - just make sure to use larger beads that will stand out! This basket is a stylish way to hold just about anything, from your crafting supplies to odds and ends around the house.

Beaded Lila Crochet Necklace Scarf

Stunning lacework and delicate beads are such a perfect match - and this necklace scarf just proves it. Of course, you could also skip the beads if they aren't your thing but we think they add the perfect amount of elegance.

Beaded Slouchy Hat

Winter hats don't have to be drab - add some beads throughout for added shine that'll lift your cold-weather spirits. 

Beaded Tote Bag

Decorate your crochet bags with some beads throughout - they'll definitely be that statement accessory you need. 

Beginner Beaded Crochet Flower Headband

Use simple pearl beads as the center of these crochet flowers for this delicate and simple headband for a lovely vintage feel. 

Crochet Baby Beaded Flip Flop Sandals

If you're in need of a fancier summertime bootie for your little one, these beaded baby sandals are perfect!

Cute Scallop Shell Bead Headband

Textured scallop stitches give this bracelet a floral vibe, making it the perfect design to dress up an outfit. 

Fine Coral Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Perfect for the beach and hot summer days, these beaded sandals add some sparkle, shine and style to your feet. 

Girls Beaded Booties

Beads plus a satin bow really up the ante on these crochet baby booties - perfect for any fancy event! We really can't say we have ever seen crocheted baby booties look this stylish. She'll be the belle of the ball or any less extravagant party.

Hemp and Bead Belt

When you need a simple belt to cinch a dress, or just want to add one to your look because you like its style, a drama-free design like this beaded hemp belt is just the way to go. We love casual style with functional qualities as well.

Lacy Beaded Wine Glass Cover

Classy and sophisticated - this wine glass cover is perfect for summer nights in the backyard. Rest it over your open glass to keep the bugs out of your drink - and don't worry, the beads will weigh it down enough to stay. How ingenious is that?!

Lilac Purse with Pearl Beads and Crochet Roses

Beads also look gorgeous inserted into purse straps - just be careful you aren't carrying around too much! This elegant touch to a crocheted purse is going to up your fashion game by several notches.

Queen's Lace Beaded Beauty Paisley Headband

Adding beads to your border is a great way of finishing off a pattern - see how well it's done in this paisley design? 

Beaded Crochet Clothing Patterns

You can also add beads to larger projects, like crochet sweaters and tops! You can add as many or as few beads as you want - try a beaded design or just a simple beaded band around the middle.

Editor's favorite: Honestly, both of these projects are stunning - I can't choose!

Bead Banded Empire Tunic

Add a beaded band to a simple shirt or tunic to instantly glam up your design. 

Beaded Butterfly Crochet Crop Top

Another way to make your clothing pop is to add a beaded design, just like this butterfly.

Have you ever tried to crochet with beads? 

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I love combining my two all time passions crochet and beading. This set of patterns for 16 bead and button crochet jewelry accessories was a great find on your site. I am definitely putting the featured bracelet on my to do now list. Cant wait to see how it turns out.

I have done a little crocheting with beads, but not enough to be proficient in it. I can't wait to try some of these awesome patterns. I think crocheting with beads is a great way to enhance the crochet, and give yourself something different to try once in awhile. All of these patterns look beautiful.

Wow I love all of these 16 How to Crochet with Beads and Buttons patterns. The patterns are well written and quite easy to follow and understand. Some even have pictures or videos to help show what to do. When at resale stores I look for beads and save them for crafts just like this. I'm looking forward to doing a few of these and I think it will add some more interest in learning for the grandkids. Thank you so much for sharing these free crochet patterns.

Thank you so much. I use to make jewelry with wires and beads. Then I went back to my first love which is crochet. I was thinking if crocheting jewelry but the instruction books are very expensive. Being on a fixed income, I just couldn't afford them. Now I see this for free. Marvelous! Thank you so very much, you made my day!

thank you so much for this. i make jewelry .. now i have something new to try :D

i want to know why i cant print out the button necklace the pattern comes up but i cant print it

You have to print the pattern from the original designer's blog post. We do not have a print option. Thanks, Editor at AllFreeCrochet.

This tutorial looks so easy. I make my own earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Now I have a new look. Thank you so much!!!


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