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How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch

Popcorn stitch crochet provides one of the most unique appearances. Use the popcorn stitch for all sorts of projects.

How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch

For a fun and unexpected crochet stitch pattern, try popcorn, which looks just like you'd expect!

This page, How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch, will show you exactly how to create the popular popcorn crochet stitch with a step-by-step written and photo tutorial.

The abbreviation for this stitch is pc and is often found as "crochet pc" when you see it. It's a unique stitch in that it allows for lots of texture. It's also a big yarn-eater, so keep that in mind when starting a popcorn stitch crochet project.

This step-by-step photo and written tutorial below will detail exactly how to crochet the popcorn stitch, so it's great for any skill level.

For an unbelievable appearance that will remind you of popped popcorn kernels, try this crochet technique for all sorts of projects, from wearables to home decor.

After you learn how to popcorn stitch, you will want to check out the fabulous popcorn patterns featured below for some unique ideas on what to make with your new stitch knowledge!

That's right. From popcorn stitch crochet scarves to gorgeous afghans, there's a long list of popcorn patterns you'll want to try right away. You will see how easily you can create the most stunning works of art from yarn by using this creative stitch.

Flowers pop off from granny squares and blankets have 3D aspects that no one will expect when you use this unique technique.

This tutorial was written by Rhondda Mol from Oombawka Design Crochet. Visit her site for lots of tips for beginners, crochet tutorials, free patterns, round-ups, and more!

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Learn the Popcorn Crochet Stitch

This popcorn stitch tutorial is easy to follow, making it doable for crocheters of any skill level. You can use the hook size and yarn type and colors of your choice or what is provided with your pattern.

This tutorial uses an H hook and two colors of DK weight yarn but you can choose to use more or fewer colors.

Image shows the finished popcorn stitch swatch in blue and pinkish orange. There is a crochet hook, pair of scissors, and a basket with two balls of yarn.

Notes and Pattern Information


  1. Images follow the written instructions.
  2. Initial ch 3 counts as 1 dc. You may replace the sl st to join and ch 3 with a standing dc.
  3. For rows beginning with a (sl st to join, ch 1, 1 sc), you may replace this with a standing sc.
  4. After Row 2 the project is worked with the RS facing. This means you will need to finish off at the end of each row and rejoin with your next color at the beg of the row again.
  5. The ch2sp is not worked into for this project. Sk all ch2sp in the project until the finishing section.
  6. Color 1: blue, Color 2: orange.
Stitch Multiple:
Chain a Multiple of 8 + 2

beg - begin
ch - chain
ch2sp - chain 2 space
dc – double crochet
pc – popcorn
R – row
RS – right side
rep - rep
sc - single crochet
sk – skip
sl st – slip stitch
st / sts - stitch / stitches
WS – wrong side
* – Repeat the instructions between the asterisks the number of times indicated. This repeat will contain multiple instructions.
[] – at the end of the row – the total number of stitches

Special Stitches:
Popcorn (pc)
Work 5 dc in the specified stitch, remove last loop from the hook, insert hook under the front and back loop of the first dc of the 5-dc set and pull the last loop through to complete the popcorn stitch.

Materials Needed:
Yarn of choice
Crochet hook of choice

Crochet Popcorn Stitch Instructions:

Color 1 (blue): Chain a multiple of 8 + 2 stitches. For this example, I chained 26 stitches. Using DK Weight Yarn [3] and a 4 mm (H) hook this creates a project 6.5 inches wide.

Image shows the first chaining step of crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.

Row 1: WS: Continue with Color 1 (blue): Sk the first ch, work 1 sc in each rem ch across. Turn.

Image shows the first row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.

Row 2: RS: Color 1 (blue): Ch 1, work 1 sc in each of the first 2 sc, ch 2, s 1 sc, work 1 pc in the next sc. *Ch 2, sk 1 sc, work 1 sc in the next sc, ch 2, sk 1 sc, work 1 pc in the next sc**. Rep from * to ** across to the last sc. Work 1 dc in the last sc. Finish off.

Image shows the second row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.
Image shows the second row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.
Image shows the second row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.
Image shows the second row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.
Image shows the second row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.

Row 3: RS: Color 2 (orange): With RS facing join new yarn in the first sc with a sl st and ch 3. (Note: you may join with a standing dc instead if you prefer.)
1 pc in the next sc, ch 2, *work 1 sc in the next pc, ch 2, work 1 pc in the next sc, ch 2**.  Rep from * to ** across to the last pc. Work 1 sc in the last pc and 1 sc in the last dc. Finish off.

Image shows the third row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.
Image shows the third row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.

Row 4: RS: Color 1 (blue): With RS facing join new yarn in the top of the ch 3 with a s st.  Ch 1 and work 1 sc in the top of the same ch. (Note: you may join with a standing sc instead if you prefer.)
1 sc in the next pc, ch 2, 1 pc in the next sc. *Ch 2, 1 sc in the next pc, ch 2, 1 pc in the next sc**. Rep from * to ** across to the last sc. Work 1 dc in the last sc. Finish off.

Image shows the fourth row for crocheting the popcorn stitch with overlay text explaining the step.

Rep Row 3 and Row 4 until your project reaches the desired length.

Image shows the continuation of crocheting the popcorn stitch.
Image shows the continuation of crocheting the popcorn stitch.
Image shows the continuation of crocheting the popcorn stitch.

This is what the reverse of your project looks like:

Image shows the reverse of the popcorn stitch swatch in progress.


After your final repeat of Row 4, do not fasten off, instead, ch 1 and turn your work to crochet the finishing row.

Work 1 sc in each st and 1 sc in each ch2sp across.

If you will be edging your project you can rotate your work and continue to work sc stitches evenly around the edges of your project; otherwise, finish off and weave in ends.

Image shows the nearly popcorn stitch swatch in blue and pinkish orange. The yarn ends are still loose. There is a crochet hook, pair of scissors, and a basket with two balls of yarn.

This is what your finished swatch looks like:

Image shows the finished popcorn stitch swatch in blue and pinkish orange. There is a crochet hook, pair of scissors, and a basket with two balls of yarn.

How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch PDF

Want to save this pattern for later or print it out in an easy-to-follow format? Get our free printable PDF.

Click Here to Download
the How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch PDF

How to Print the PDF:

Printing this is as easy as 1-2-3! If you're not familiar with printing PDFs, here's the step-by-step, along with a few tips.

  1. Click the red button right above this section that reads, "Click Here to Download the How to Crochet the Popcorn Stitch PDF". Or, just click this link here to download.
  2. Find and open the PDF.

    Pro tip: You may see the download appear at the bottom of your browser window, and you can open it from there. Or check wherever your downloads are set to save to (the Downloads folder is often a default location).
  3. Click the "Print File" button, choose the printer, choose how many copies you want, make any additional adjustments needed for personal preference, and click the "Print" button.
  4. Grab your hook, yarn, any other supplies needed, and you'll be ready to crochet this beautiful stitch!

BONUS! Free Popcorn Stitch Crochet Patterns

Now that you know how to crochet a popcorn stitch, here are some popcorn stitch patterns! Since they each have an image shown, you can see the detail and texture that can be found on anything using the popcorn stitch. Try one or all of these patterns and you will see how fun it is to crochet as well!

  1. Vintage Lace Popcorn Shawl - Channel your favorite classic movie star with this Vintage Lace Popcorn Shawl. It's dripping with elegance and style.
  2. Detachable Beard - Make a fun Detachable Beard for all the kids to play with. You won't find a more unique idea to crochet, that's for sure!
  3. Forever Fabulous Flowers - Shown below! These easy crochet flowers will be a delight to work up, and you will have forever fabulous decorations that will not disappoint. 

Image shows the Forever Fabulous Flowers on a wood background.

  1. Cozy Cottage Crochet Popcorn Pillow - Make your own cushy pillows by crocheting this Cozy Cottage Crochet Popcorn Pillow.
  2. Popcorn Baby Blanket - Make this adorable Popcorn Baby Blanket for any expectant mother you know. They'll adore it and so will baby!
  3. Irish Rose Crochet Flower - This Irish Rose Crochet Flower is a beautiful floral crochet pattern that can be used for so many different crochet projects.
  4. Pocket Prayer Shawl - Shown below! These cloths with a cross pattern made from the popcorn stitch are great to carry around as a reminder of someone's healing thoughts.

Image shows the Pocket Prayer Shawl on a beige background.

  1. Bumpy Crochet Scarf Pattern - Use a free crochet pattern like this one to make a beautifully bumpy popcorn stitch scarf.
  2. Popcorn Stitch Blue Marigold - The popcorn stitch gives this crochet flower pattern the layered look of marigolds.
  3. Popcorn Stitch Exfoliating Scrubby - The  Popcorn Stitch Exfoliating Scrubby can be used to remove makeup or sweat, as a washcloth for anyone in the family, and makes a great baby shower gift!
  4. Chunky Popcorn Waffle Cowl - Not only is this ​Chunky Popcorn Waffle Cowl stylish and eye-catching, it combines the popcorn with the waffle to create a unique appearance.
  5. Smitten Crochet Blanket - Shown below! The Smitten Crochet Blanket features the popular crochet popcorn stitch throughout the pattern, giving the blanket an eye-catching look that you will love.

Image shows the torso of a person holding the Smitten Crochet Blanket.

  1. Popcorn Flower Granny Square - Made with worsted weight yarn, this free crochet afghan square pattern is made using the cluster and popcorn stitches.
  2. Pop Pastels Throw - Complete with color and row diagram, this Popcorn Pastels Throw is easy to work up and has a delicate look to it. It's a perfect baby shower or birthday gift.
  3. Spring Green Lacy Crochet Mesh Scarf - Shown below! This lightweight scarf pattern can be used on those slightly chilly spring and summer days. Change up the colors and wear it year-round.

Image shows the Spring Green Lacy Crochet Mesh Scarf on a mannequin.

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ATTENTION READERS! This tutorial has now been updated to show the standard popcorn stitch (rather than the bobble stitch). Thank you! - Krista, Editor, AllFreeCrochet

For the tutorial that was shown here previously, please visit:

This is a wonderful tutorial on this popular stitch! The photos are spot on, and explain how to work the Popcorn just beautifully. What it didnt do was explain the difference between the Popcorn and the Puff as these two are very frequently confused. As for the lovely sample projects, Ive already made several of them. One of my favorite things to do is work up a bunch of the pocket prayer cloths so a friend who is a hospital chaplain can distribute them.

This is all wrong!!!! This is not a popcorn or a puff. It is a cluster/bobble. Please get your facts right before posting these things. New crocheters have a hard enough time learning without seeing false information. Ask anyone who has crocheted more than a minute and they can tell you the difference in the stitches. Please remove this!

Chill! Itll be okay!

I really enjoyed reading this tutorial because I have looked other places for the same instructions WITH step by step photos that are very clear and easy to understand but this is the first time I've found one I really liked. I LOVE this stitch !! I started seeing it allot lately! I personally believe it will make beautiful baby blankets for my grand-babies!!!

I have heard it called a popcorn stitch or a puff stitch and more recently a bobble stitch. It depends on how many times you wrap the yarn around the hook. A smaller version is a pebble stitch. It's not that important as long as you like it. It's like the hair do they call a bob was called a page boy when I was young and sneakers became tennis shoes.

how do i download these directions to my facebook or goggle acctount

I thought it was a beautiful stitch so I hope I can make it before it is removed...whether puff or popcorn. However, I understand the reason for the correction. Getting something right early-on is important.(Fran - Newbie)

I totally agree with bamababe62 4144380, This is not a popcorn stitch it is a puff stitch.

It was said in another comment that no one but the "purists" would know the difference between the Popcorn Stitch & the Puff Stitch. I beg to differ. If you have crocheted very long you know that the Popcorn is much neater, it is tighter together, less likely to get caught & pulled (snagged) so your project always remains neater. I have an afghan over 20 years old that was made with Popcorns that looks like it came off my hook yesterday. Using the correct stitch in your project does matter.

I believe the author of this Popcorn Stitch tutorial is mistaken. The demonstration I see is for a Puff Stitch. Popcorn Stitch calls for a completed number of double crochets (ex 5). At the end of the last double crochet, you remove your hook, then insert it into the top of the beginning double crochet. From this point, you take your hook back to the loop from the last double crochet & pull the loop thru the top of the first double crochet. This connects all your double crochets cleanly, forming a Popcorn Stitch. Most patterns I've seen call for a chain 1 to close the Popcorn. I hope this tutorial can be renamed & a new one for Popcorn Stitch take its place soon. A beginner might develop incorrect habits or get discouraged while making a project.

Thank you so much! I tried and tried with a different pattern and never got it. It was confusing. Yours is great! I made the stitch in no time. I crochet hats for the nursery at our hospital. I like to do different kinds... I don't get bored and the babies all have different hats. Thanks again! RAE

Thank you so much for explaining the popcorn stitch. My learning book was a little confusing to me.

It's beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Oh, I can understand this! Today is my son's birthday and I will have to perfect this stitch for an 'after' gift or perhaps Valentine's. Until your tutorial I automatically said, 'can't' to the popcorn stitch, but no longer! Well, off to see the Grammys while crocheting

Pictures are well laid out, the article is very easy to understand, and I was very pleased with it. Thank you so much for sharing.

I forgot to mention, I'm going to alternate the puffs though. :) I'm so excited! Very easy tutorial and great pictures as a follow along.

Thank you so much for sharing! I'm in the process of making an afghan and I am making it up as I go. I started with a basket weave stitch and I wanted to break up the monotony and I thought this was a great pattern. Thanks again. :)

I am excited that i could actually read the directions and understand what to do! yea... me... :) Just learning... the pictures help greatly. Thank you.

I never knew how to make the pop corn and coulden't get the know how to figure it out. So I thank you so very much. It has been a blessing to know that you are willing to show things like this.

This was a good efresher for me.

This is extemely clear and came at a great time! I am starting a project soon that I was trying to figure out this stitch in the pattern, but this is soooo much easier to follow than my pattern. thanks

I have been looking forever for a baby blanket that was listed on the back of a yedheart yarn wrapping years ago. It was the alphabet childs/baby blanket, It was made by using the popcorn stitch for the Alphabet. It was a most beautiful blanket when it was done. I was able to hang onto the pattern for quite a while. Then Hurricane Katerina happened and I lost my patterns. Can you help me out? Thank You Ms. Weber

Thank you! This is a much easier popcorn stitch than I have seen before. Technically it is a cluster stitch as Seal has said, but it looks the same, and no one but you or the purists will know the difference.

Thankyou very much for the CLEAR Instructions. I'll definitely follow this.

Cute and helpful! Thanks!!!

I was looking for something different ,I thought this would be hard & you made it really easy for me. Thankyou

Easy to understand and follow. Good pictures helped also.

That's called a cluster stitch, a popcorn stitch you make 3-4 or 5 dc's in a stitch, remove your hook, instert hook in first dc, then pick up dropped look and pull through.

Thank you for this stich pattern. I have been looking for it for over 30 years. Go figure! I used to make a hat for winter with this stich. You wouln't happen to have a hat pattern with this stich would you? Thanks again! Debbie


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