42 Crochet Applique Patterns (Including Crochet Pins)


42 Crochet Applique Patterns (Including Crochet Pins)

Applique crochet patterns are wonderful because they can be used to embellish nearly anything or made into pins, magnets, and more.

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42 Crochet Pins and Crochet Applique Patterns

Crochet applique patterns are stellar projects that have been around forever and keep getting cuter! Crochet pin patterns too are the hottest new trend - they're the quickest little accessories to make and they make customizing your day-to-day look super easy.

Our collection, 42 Crochet Pins and Crochet Applique Patterns, is full of the best of both worlds.

Since they're so tiny, crochet pins and applique pieces are so fast to make and require so little yarn so no need to buy any new materials or block off huge chunks of time for these projects!

Check out some of our favorite pin and applique patterns below and see if something strikes your fancy. You'll notice a lot of flowers, as those tend to be the most popular type of pin or brooch, but you'll also find some leaves, animals and even a mug of beer!

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What is a Crochet Applique? + FAQs

What is applique?
Unlike small crochet pieces like amigurumi, which is 3D, applique is a flat and/or layered crochet project. It can be completely 2D and flat across or it can have texture and embellished features, such as flowers that extend out from the flat base.

How do you attach a pin or applique?
Well, that depends! You can buy a pin backing at your local craft store and superglue it to the back of your work.

How do you use crochet applique pieces?
You can also attach your finished project to whatever you'd like (clothing, jackets, backpacks, tote bags, etc) by safety pinning it or sewing it on for a more durable hold. Make them into keychains, brooches, gift toppers, and whatever else you can think to do with it.

Free Crochet Animal Applique Patterns

Animals are definitely at the top of applique popularity. One look at the cute animal crochet applique patterns below and we think you'll agree. Use these designs to decorate for holidays, kids' rooms, clothing, or accessories. If your family or friends have a favorite animal, make them a crochet applique piece that they won't forget. As mentioned earlier, you can easily make any of these free crochet flat animal patterns into pins or magnets for ease of use.

3 Minute Crochet Butterfly Pattern

Spring and summer weather is the perfect time to chase butterflies, but if that's not your style, crochet them!

Flamingo Applique

This pattern is for the adorable Flamingo Applique made from crocheted heart. Easy and fun to make!

Crochet Fish Applique

Cute Fish Applique made from crocheted hearts. It is super easy to make. Crochet hearts according to the instructions and then just sew them together! 

5 Minute Bunny Applique

With 5 minutes and just a scrap of yarn, you can have a very sweet little applique! Add a pinback or magnet for a darling accessory!

Crochet Octopus

Make this ocean animal crochet octopus applique free pattern to decorate your craft project, like a bag or a hat, with easy to follow step by step photo tutorial.

Lovely Crochet Butterfly Applique

Beautiful Butterfly Applique made from crocheted hearts. Crochet hearts according to instruction and then just sew hearts together!

Penguin Applique

Penguins are some of the most adorable animals out there, and their time to shine comes during winter. These appliques are fun, sweet, and look great everywhere.

Crochet Heart Ladybug Appliqué

For Ladybug spots, use tiny round buttons, mini buttons in the shape of hearts, beads and crocheted small black circles, or anything else you think of.

Easy Duckling Crochet Applique

Learn how to make this super simple crochet duckling applique with step by step photo tutorial. Change up the look by changing the heart colors.

Spring Bunny

How do you crochet this Spring Bunny? It's easy, just follow the crochet instructions. These bunnies can be kept solo or you can turn them into a fun garland piece.

Seahorse Applique

Learn how to make this adorable seahorse with easy step by step photo tutorial and video to help along to finish this cute little crochet project. 

5 Minute Tiny Crochet Bird Applique

This cute and beautiful crochet little birdy is so easy to make and is a great way to use up scrap yarn in your stash!

Crochet Octopus Applique

Make this adorable Crochet Octopus Applique for your kids! This is a great crochet pattern to add to backpacks and clothes.

Penguin Applique

This Crochet Penguin is made with hearts in different sizes and would be perfect for Valentine's Day! But it's always a good time for showing penguin love.

Squirrel Crochet Pattern

These sweet miniature squirrels were designed for decorating towels or little baby clothes. Use the squirrels in your yarn as inspiration.

Assorted Free Crochet Applique Patterns

Even though you see mostly animals, there are still lots of non-animal crochet applique pattern free to you. Use these creative and fun designs to embellish crochet blankets or bags or use your imagination in other ways. There's honestly so many ideas we've seen and more we think would be amazing, like using these to make festive garlands, so have at it!

Crochet Spring Rose

Crochet bright and beautiful roses embellishments based on Spring theme. Easy and fast crochet projects with two tone colors.

Mug of Beer Applique

A fun and free crochet applique to get everyone ready for St. Paddy's Day. A quick pattern that will take you no time at all and will add a fun seasonal flair to any item.

Ambulance Applique

This ambulance applique is a nice embellishment for garments, hats, and bags. Use it for emergency team members in your life.

Fall Oak Leaves

Enhance your fall decor with these pretty leaves. They can be used as appliques, bunting and in many different applications.

Crochet Leaf – Irish Lace Motif

Simple and beautiful leaves which are very often used in Irish Lace crochet and in freeform. They could be bended to the right or to the left.

Pussy Hat Applique Pattern

With the success of the Pussy Hat Project and Women’s Marches, this designer decided to create a crocheted mini Pussy Hat Applique.

Police Car Applique

This crocheted police car is a nice finishing touch to every project for little boys or police force members you know. It can be made for hats, vests, bags or any boy (or even girl) garment.

Crochet Heart Strawberry Appliqué

My Strawberry Applique is made from crocheted hearts of two different sizes. To make it just crochet hearts according to the instructions and then sew them together as shown in the picture. 

Skull and Bones Applique

Make this Skull and Bones Applique for Halloween. It's the perfect crochet pattern to make if you're dressing as a pirate; it can be added to any hat, bag, or garment.

Crochet Gingerbread Man Cookie

 These little crochet cookies are an adorable decoration for any home during the holiday season.

Easy Crochet Leaves

Crochet leaves have always been one of the most popular motifs. This crochet leaf pattern is very easy. You can make these leaves with or without stem.

Stardust Lightning Bolt

Inspired by Ziggy Stardust, this Lightning bolt motif would make a great embellishment to a t-shirt, a blanket or a cushion. ​It uses a small amount of yarn so is a fun stash buster too.

Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

This Christmas Tree applique crochet pattern is very easy. Using this pattern you can make beautiful appliques or ornaments, you can use these appliques as Christmas table decorations or embellish your Christmas presents packages with them. 

Crochet Pin Patterns

Although nearly any applique can be made into a pin, the patterns below are already made to be crochet lapel pins. We love that some of these designs are 3D and there is a lot of texture. There are even a couple of patterns that are made to be bobby and push pins rather than lapel pins. You will see several pretty flower designs, a few holiday-themed pins, and more.

Daisy Delight Flower Pin

Bright and welcoming, this daisy pin can be made in many colors and will greatly embellish any spring or summer wearable.

A Crochet Marigold Pin

The dark yellow color in this marigold pin is great for the fall season. This free crochet flower pattern calls for two sizes of steel hooks, size 7 and 9. Make it for yourself or a friend.

A Snowflake Pin

Crochet a beautiful snowflake pin to wear during the winter months. This is a great embellishment for your holiday outfit. This crochet pattern calls for a 2mm crochet hook.

Amigurumi Emoticon Bear Pin

Make a miniature, crocheted bear head to wear as a brooch with this free amigurumi crochet pattern. The amigurumi emoticon bear pin is adorable for a child or even an adult, and it makes a great gift as well as a major fashion statement!

Butterfly Bobby Pins

Add some sparkle to your hair with these Butterfly Bobby Pins. This is an easy and cheap way to dress up any boring bobby pin.

Crochet Flower Push Pins

Crochet flowers are so darned cute, but beyond blankets, hats, and scarves, how can you use them? This tutorial gives you an ingenious idea: turn them into bulletin board decorations!

Christmas Wreath Pin

My Christmas wreath pin is fun and easy to make. It would also make a nice ornament for your tree. All you needs a small amount of green and red worsted yarn, thin red ribbon, a brooch style craft pin, and a yarn needle.

Crocheted Violets Pin

Use this crochet flower pattern to create beautiful flower embellishments for any outfit. This would also look great on a purse or hat.

Calla Lily Pin

Calla lilies are a beautiful flower and now you can have one all year-round. You don't have to wait until the spring to plant this, you can use this free crochet flower pattern and wear it as a pin.

Papillon Crocheted Pin

Use this crochet pattern to make a papillon crocheted pin. The lovely crocheted butterfly is a stylish addition to any outfit, and this pattern is great for learning how to make brooches.

Crocheted Ice Skates Pin

Make a Crocheted Ice Skates Pin with this free crochet pattern. Give it as a gift or keep it and wear it as a pin or brooch. This is a fun little winter project you can work up in no time.

Daisy Delight Flower Pin

This Daisy Delight Flower Pin is a quick and easy crochet pattern to work up. Use any color crochet thread to make yourself one of these pretty posies. 

Lucky Charm Crochet Pin

 The Lucky Charm Crochet Pin is a perfect crochet pattern to flaunt this month. It's a quick and easy crochet pattern and a fun design that works up in 10 minutes! 

Watermelon Pin

 They are perfect to make pins or magnets, use as appliques for bags, garments, and pillows, or make a bunch and create a summer garland or bunting.

What type of pin are you hoping to make?

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I love using appliqus and having this handy assembly is just what I needed. Im familiar with a number of these already (especially the ones made from heart shapes), but am always happy to find more interesting creations. Appliques are about the easiest way to customize and add a bit of whimsy to virtually any project! And they make wonderful stand alone projects, too.


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