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40+ Scrumptious Crochet Food Patterns

Make amigurumi food or other crochet food patterns that are a fun way to decorate for holidays and parties, or to give as gifts to foodies!

40 Scrumptious Crochet Food Patterns

There will be no guilt when indulging in these decadent treats and sweets. This collection of 40+ Scrumptious Crochet Food Patterns will whet your appetite without adding inches to your waist. Sure, we'd all love to eat and eat and eat but it's not healthy. This crochet food is a brilliant alternative!

Find a tasty pizza pattern, crochet cookies, and other delicious food designs below. Food is so pleasant to look at that it's a favorite subject matter for crocheters. It's an imaginative way to decorate without the unfortunate part of edibles, the fact that they spoil. Since kids love play food, make these play food patterns for them instead of buying subpar versions at the store.

On this page, you will find lots of amigurumi food as well as other types of crochet food. You can decorate your house with fun food items, such as pizza, cupcakes, and fruit. A crochet carrot is a creative way to decorate for Easter or you can leave some crochet cookies out for Santa.

These free crochet food patterns are not only apt for holidays, either. Make gifts for your foodie friends and family or decorate for birthday parties using these entertaining creations. Nothing is more stress-relieving than an innovative but easy crochet pattern and these crochet food patterns fit the bill. Especially when there's a whole stack of crochet patterns food for free!

Breakfast: Donuts, Eggs, and Bacon Crochet

Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day but these crochet food pieces may be the most important crochet of the day. There are several fun takes on bacon and eggs, including magnets, play sets for the kids, and pillows. Make your crochet egg pattern sunny side up or over easy!

There are also free food patterns for pancakes, donuts, and toast! Your crochet breakfast will be complete with these amazing morning food ideas. Don't start your day without making one of these crochet food designs.

  • Easy Free Crochet Donuts

    The yummy strawberry and chocolate frosting with sprinkles makes them look good enough to eat, and they are an easy crochet project that gives you a lot of room to personalize with different "flavors."

  • Pancake Scarf

    Are you a breakfast person, and don't care who knows it? Then this Pancake Scarf pattern is perfect for you! Made with honey brown yarn, this silly scarf works up quickly and will make an amazing conversation piece. 

  • Bacon Magnet

    All you have to do is work two strands of yarn together in three rows and you've got some bacon. This easy crochet pattern looks real enough to eat around breakfast or another time of day. When it comes to free crochet food patterns, this is a fave!

  • Corner to Corner Coffee Granny Square

    There's nothing quite like sipping your favorite brew of coffee while getting caught up on the news or gossiping with friends. This may perhaps be the most important part of the most important meal of the day.

  • Bacon Crochet Scarf

    This unique crochet pattern couldn't be more enjoyable to make. An easy scarf pattern with a whimsical design, this fun crochet accessory is perfect for all ages, especially for those who could eat bacon all day!

  • Doughnut Crochet Granny Square

    If tucking into a fresh-baked doughnut is a favorite morning ritual for you, then consider showing everyone how much you love the tasty delicacies by showing off the Doughnut Crochet Granny Square. 

  • Fruit Medley Crochet Coasters

    Perhaps a fruit cocktail is more along the lines of your breakfast style? Work up your favorite fruit, from crochet oranges, limes, strawberries, apples, and more for a medley of flavors that will make your day.

  • Mini Eggs and Bacon Plushies Set

    This crochet food is perfect for a kid's play kitchen. They are big enough to look like the real things. This bacon and eggs crochet also makes a fun gift for the breakfast-lover in your life who has everything.

  • Butter Me Up Crochet Pattern

    Take your toast on the go. For a decorative, breakfast inspired crochet project, try creating this toast project. Once completed, it's a one-of-a-kind trinket or can be used as a unique purse to store belongings.

  • Bacon and Eggs Pillow

    Make this cool pillow for the foodies and chefs in your life. This pattern is designed to fit a 12 to 16 form. A ripple design is used to create the bacon, and the eggs are crocheted separately and sewn on at the end.

Lunch: Savory Crochet Food to Make

Lunch can really be anything, can't it? Most of us would prefer something smaller, especially if we're at work and don't want to be in a food coma the rest of the day. Otherwise, any food is fair game. These fun food patterns include burgers, hot dogs, sides and additions, and more tasty lunch items to crochet.

You can't deny how cute these crochet food designs are and how scrumptious they look. Make these for the foodies in your life or to decorate your kitchen or office. You definitely won't be bored but you may get a bit hungry.

  • Mustard Filled Hot Dog

    Get creative with your food items; you can even add a row for the ketchup along with the mustard that's part of the pattern. If you're having a summer BBQ with all your friends this would make a cute centerpiece.

  • Anna Burger Earrings

    Express your love for the burger by making these tasty-looking crochet earrings featuring a fully-stacked burger on each earring hook. You can even customize the colors for your fave toppings.

  • German Pickle Ornament

    If you're eating a burger or sandwich, you'll need a pickle! This is a fun crochet food pattern because it's based on the German pickle that is hung on trees during the Christmas season.

  • Pizza Pie Crochet Granny Square

    If your mouth isn't watering by the sight of this amazing personal pizza, then we're afraid we can't help you with your indulgences. Crochet pizza is a cool project and this one is topped with yummy pepperoni.

  • California Roll Coasters

    Go out for a sushi roll or two on your next lunch break - crochet style! These stylish and creative coasters are perfect for any sushi-loving home. California rolls are super popular and so everyone will love them.

  • Avocado Amigurumi

    Avocado is a delicious topping on almost anything, which is why we weren't quite sure where to stick it. But we think it's a filling lunch addition. Make this cute little avo couple for your office desk or home shelf.

Snack: Crochet Vegetables and Fruits (+ More Treats)

Amigurumi food is just one of the types you'll find in this snacking section. If your indulgences tend toward liquid, then enjoy the creative crochet beer and cocktail projects. If you prefer to snack on fruits and veggies throughout the day, then you'll love these useful yet amusing crochet vegetables and fruits.

Though, we snuck a few sweet treats down below for those who need a bit of sugar to make it to dinner. Crochet chocolate chip cookies, anyone? How about a box of chocolates? Ooh, it's sweet tooth heaven!

  • Heard It Through the Grape Vine Crocheted Grapes

    If your fruit bowl is looking a little empty or predictable, why not whip up some of these crocheted grapes to snack on when you're feeling peckish? It's a creative and fun crochet pattern in purple, green, or red.

  • Mug of Beer Applique

    Some folks would rather have a nice cold brew than anything else, especially on an exhausting day. This clever mug of beer is a cool crochet applique pattern that can be used to adorn anything!

  • Crochet Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Little kids love to play with pretend food. They also love cookies. This free crochet pattern brings those two worlds together. This would be a great gift to give your child's classroom for the holidays.

  • Yummy Pineapples

    Nothing says summer like the taste of pineapple. Plus, pineapples are such a fun shape that crochet pineapples are super exciting to make. This version is 2D and can be made into a coaster or as applique.

  • Crochet Box of Chocolate

    It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day in order for you to treat yourself. Of course, these don't taste as delicious as the real things. However, you can become a crochet chocolatier in a way by working them up.

  • Pretend Play Strawberries

    Make some sweet strawberries for that sweet person in your life. Make this a decor piece for Valentine's day or give it to a child when they play house. It's the no-mess crochet strawberry, which Mom will appreciate.

  • "Make Mine a Double" Cocktail Purse

    This "Make Mine a Double" Cocktail Purse will match perfectly with your Cosmopolitan martini! It has olive all over, and it's ridiculously cute. You can even make a tie to wear it as a wristlet.

  • Tiny Pear Crochet Necklace Charm

    The Tiny Pear Crochet Necklace Charm is so cute, you'll want to make additional charms for your friends and family. This crochet necklace charm can also be attached to key rings.

  • Carrot Vegetable Scrubby

    You'll feel like Bugs Bunny when you work up these scrub-tastic carrots. Bright orange with fun green tops, you can use these veggie scrubbies to clean vegetables or anything else.

  • Fruity Trivets And Potholders

    These trivets are the cutest! Crochet up a lime, orange, or watermelon shape to make your summer parties even sweeter. The whimsical design also makes this pattern a great gift idea for any party hostess.

Dinner: More Savory Free Crochet Food Patterns

Like lunch, you can eat whatever savory food items floats your boat. This section features some favorites, though not much on the healthy side. Luckily, these amigurumi crochet patterns and other crochet pieces are 100% calorie and fat free!

Have a craving for a giant sushi roll scarf or some pizza garland? This is the place to be. Working up crochet treats is one of the only acceptable times to play with your food. And it makes such awesome decor, whether it's year-round in your kitchen or specifically for an upcoming party.

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza Amis

    Ah ha! Here are some dinner-sized portions of pizza! These oversized slices of pizza are sure to control your appetite for creative crochet projects. It comes with multiple distinct patterns for toppings, too!

  • Veggie Crochet Pen Cozy

    We've enjoyed lots of junk food, so let's get some veggies in our crochet diet! This Veggie Crochet Pen Cozy is a tasty option. These pen cozies would also make adorable gifts for gardeners in your life.

  • Cute Hot Dog Crochet Coat

    We often say we are so hungry we could eat a horse. Well, how about a dog in a hot dog costume? Just kidding of course, but we can't promise your mouth won't water or your heart won't swell with love when you see it.

  • Hamburger Hat

    Kids will get a kick out of wearing this homemade Hamburger Hat around town. This is definitely one of the most quirky and fun crochet designs ever. This homemade hat is great for special events involving food.

  • Sushi Roll Scarf

    Using a free crochet scarf pattern, make this Sushi Roll Scarf; it's so cool! Get creative with your color choices! Once it's rolled up it will resemble a giant sushi roll. Your stomach will start rumbling when you see it.

  • Murphy's Pizza Dog Rug

    We normally don't like our pizza on the floor but in this case, it's encouraged. This free crochet pizza pattern looks delicious and will prove to anyone who enters your home that you love pizza oh so much.

  • How Many Crochet Blackbirds

    In medieval times, they would often bake blackbirds into pies. Yes, it's weird but it makes for an incredibly fun and unique crochet pattern. This one will make an awesome Halloween decoration for years, too!

  • Crochet Pepperoni Pizza Garland

    This bunting will look charming on the wall behind a table stacked high with pizza during a party. Alternatively, give this crochet project to someone college bound for a quirky dorm room decoration their neighbors will not forget.

Dessert: Amigurumi Cupcakes, Cake, and Other Sweets

Technically the real meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the most important, but we'd beg to differ! Nothing makes a day brighter than some chocolate, frosting, or ice cream. The difference is that these indulgent crochet dessert patterns are free of guilt.

Whether you are making a delicious throw pillow for your daughter or crocheting an homage to grandma with a cherry pie granny square, these patterns are sure to tackle your sweet tooth cravings.

  • No Calorie Crochet Ice Cream

    Of all the crochet food you could make to celebrate the warm weather, this set of ice cream cones is begging to decorate your home or to add to your children's toy food collection. 

  • Cherry Pie Crochet Granny Square

    Doesn't this cherry pie look good enough to eat? The easy crochet pattern is a great way to show off your skills on a detailed level, as it includes a checkerboard-like frame and even lattice work over the pie.

  • Birthday Cake

    Oh, go ahead, treat yourself! Use this free crochet pattern to help celebrate a birthday. A crochet birthday cake a fun gift that will be cherished for years. It's an intermediate pattern you'll love putting together.

  • Hot Chocolate Amigurumi

    This smiling little cup of chocolate is one of the cutest crochet projects we've ever come across! Hot Chocolate Amigurumi is sure to put a smile on your face. It will also make you want to whip up a real version, too.

  • Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes

    These Bake Me a Cake Crocheted Cupcakes are completely adorable! Set these out under a glass cake plate as placeholders between baking days, then simply replace when you have fresh baked goods to display.

  • Bomb Pop Applique Blanket Square

    A classic summer treat, this bomb pop square will be the perfect addition to your summertime blanket patterns. It's full of nostalgia and the bright red, white, and blue that we all remember.

  • Amigurumi Chocolate Fountain

    Who wouldn't want an amigurumi chocolate fountain? It looks just as yummy without all the mess. This is a great free crochet pattern that makes for hours and hours of playtime fun.

  • Crocheted Cake Confection

    This Crocheted Cake Confection is perfect for any special occasion! Feel free to decorate this festive crocheted pattern however you want. Substitute crochet flowers for the circles or other preferred changes.

  • Rainbow Sherbert Crochet Throw Pillow

    Does your little girl have a big sweet tooth? Work up a Rainbow Sherbert Crochet Throw Pillow to surprise her with a giant ice cream cone, cavity free! This tasty throw pillow will have your mouth watering.

  • Pumpkin Pie Crochet Tissue Cozy

    This tissue cozy is the perfect size to pop around your home, and when someone reaches for one you can be ready for some "oohs" and "aahs" because of your interesting tissue box.

What is your favorite food?

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This is so great! I have made only 2 out of all of these Scrumptious Crochet Food Patterns. I am so pleased that you have put them all on this page to make it easier to find. My grandkids love playing with with bacon and eggs that I have done and now I can make so many more crocheted food for them. I love the chocolate fountain, which will be the first one I make from this list. Thank you so much for sharing these free crochet food patterns.

This makes me hungry, but what fun crafts! Creative, too. That pancake scarf makes me laugh every time I see it.

We keep a play area set up for visiting grandkids, and one of their favorites is the play kitchen set up. Lets face it, the play food selection isnt that great, so Ive been thrilled to find all these patterns. Ive already made several of them, but there were a few that were new to me. Thanks for posting this wonderful collection, and Im looking forward to exploring all of it.


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