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Michael Sellick

Michael Sellick is one of the world’s leading crochet socialites found on YouTube and Facebook. A fun fact, he’s one of the original YouTube hosts for AllFreeCrochet back when we first started to offering online videos to crocheters.
Michael is known to most as Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. Founded in 2008 with the mission to bring the community together at a time of his life when it felt upside down. Through crocheters coming together on his YouTube Channel, he went onto develop The Crochet Crowd social platforms and website.
He is known for being informal, sometimes a bit risky but definitely not a crocheter ‘that plays by the rules’. He believes that a crocheter should find their own way, own methods and not be scared to play with yarn in a way that makes them happy.
Since the beginning, Michaels personal mission is to keep the education to an easy level with the occasional intermediate-level projects. He focuses on free patterns with the idea that if new crocheters can pick up new skills, they may be enticed to dive harder into more skill-building techniques, buy pattern books and, of course, enjoy a larger diversity of yarn.
Michael is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada and teaches USA crochet terminology projects. He has partnered with Yarnspirations, Red Heart and, of course, us here at AllFreeCrochet.com in the effort to make crochet inclusive to all.
He, along with his partner, Diva Dan, are the producers of the Crochet-Cruises.com. Yes, a floating retreat for crocheters on board cruise ships. If you think crocheting at home is fun, try living a week or so on board a cruise ship with some happy hookers! It may have you hooked, pun intended.
Michael has been busy creating crochet videos, especially for AllFreeCrochet. You can see them on our YouTube channel. In addition, you can find his entire video library on his YouTube channel.

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Michael, I just love your videos. They are so easy to follow and I have learned a lot. I just wanted to send you a picture that might bring you a laugh. Take care and keep on tutoring, sweetie.

Can you tell me how to repair the center of a chainless square? Thank you for your help. racquel62@yahoo.com

HI rocky b, If you're posting this question for Michael, I would advice you to click over to his website and ask him through that. He doesn't check this page, it's just all of his content (on AllFreeCrochet) on one page. Thanks! Julia, AFC editor

I wish to have all patterns converted to symbolism even I have the other American written. So, I'll have both ways to try and understand. Rose

Hi from Australia, just found you and cannot wait to try some of your tutorials. Thanks for all your efforts.

i like all your crochet product thank you for your patterns luv it

I am making the wavy crochet blanket and it looks like you have put a border on it but there are no instructions for the border. Could you provide that? Thank you! Lois

Hi there, Are you referring to a pattern that is directly on Michael's page? This is Michael's designer page on AllFreeCrochet, but it is mostly a place to gather all of his projects and tutorials in one place. He doesn't check this. If you have questions on a pattern, I would suggest you go to either his website, or you can go to our Facebook page (facebook.com/allfreecrochet) and post a message on our Facebook wall as we have a community of friendly crocheters who can help out. I hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Mickey, trying to learn chevron stitch for baby blanket have chain 200,question is have stitch do i add to end?

Hi there, This is Michael's designer page on AllFreeCrochet, but it is mostly a place to gather all of his projects and tutorials in one place. He doesn't check this. If you are having trouble with a technique, I would suggest you go to either his website, or you can go to our Facebook page (facebook.com/allfreecrochet) and post a message on our Facebook wall as we have a community of friendly crocheters who can help out. I hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Hi Mickey, I don't know who sent me your link "The Crochet World" but I'm very grateful for it. I am from Martinique, a French island of the Caribbean. I don't have any problem to communicate in English, but if you had a French translation of your videos I could post your link to some crocheters in Martinique. How about that ?

thank you for the help

Groovy Baby Hat - page not found??

Don't suppose someone can help me with a "swirls" stitch I found in a "Chrochet Stitch Guide" by Jean Leinhauser Mary Ann Frits. I have been making blankets for years, and for some reason, I can't seem to wrap my head or fingers around this stitch....PLEASE?

Thank you for the Never Ending Granny Square book. Love the grannies and on my to-do list.

I have done your shawl loom pattern skipping one peg after e wrapping 2how do you bind off this I see your video has been taken off help please

was given a window for the MILE a Minute, but see no place to click for pattern???HOW do I get pattern? Looking for the square, mile a minute, not the one done in stripes.

is there any one who can answer question re catherine,s wheel stitch that mike did a few yrs ago? I have too many half circles/fans, how to fix this? thanks jwiz214@gmail.com

Hi Mikey, I am new to your site but hope you can help. I have crocheted 2 Spidey Man hats for my grandsons and I can not get the eyes right. I want them to be oval but I can't get the pattern right. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Derinda

Hi, Thanks for your message! The best way to get in touch with Michael Sellick is via his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCrochetCrowd I hope this helps! -Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Thank you Mikey, I could never understand where to start with crochet, thanks to your videos and the pattern instructions showing I can now crochet, not as good as you but at least I have started. Thank you

Thank you for the VERY CLEAR video on crocodile crochet! I made a shawl with this stitch and now I wonder why I worked so hard!. You made it so simple!

Thank you Mikey, I wanted to learn this pattern for the longest time did not understand the written instructions but watching your video it all made sense and now I am hooked. Thank you soooo much.. Laura D of Yucca Valley. CA.

Being from the UK I have never heard of this man, but regardless of who he is, I found it very offensive to read his words in my Hooked on Crochet email today: "Being only one year old, I was the only baby not to go spastic and cry on stage." What is wrong with you people?!!

Being from the UK I have never heard of this man, but regardless of who he is, I found it very offensive to read his words in my Hooked on Crochet email today: "Being only one year old, I was the only baby not to go spastic and cry on stage." What is wrong with you people?!!

may cornfield 7870872: You need to calm down! You act as if the comment was directed towards you, which is ridiculous. If you don't like the man, then don't read his newsletters anymore. It's just that simple.

Love your videos. I would like so very much if you would do a video of a mans crochet pull over sweater. With Christmas. Just around the corner, and my grandson wanting me to make one for him. I could so use that video. I watch you on you tube. Your so easy to follow As for patterns . There useless to me. I can't understand. Them Do you think you would be making this video some time soon? I would really appreciate you getting back to me. Thank you so very much. Emilie Bolduc

Mikey, you have helped me to get through the worst times in my life with just being who you are. I'm disabled and at times when I come home from a hospital stay, I am house bound. I look forward to going through your tutorials, picking out what I want to do, gathering the yarn and getting to it. Recently, my husband was diagnosed with ESRD. Everytime I went to the hospital to visit with my husband I took my tablet and my crochet project with me. I would run your tutorial and just your giggle would center me. It was a very stressful time for me, but you, your tutorials, and the ease and patience that you take in your directions, puts things back in perspective for me. Thank you ever so much. Donna Merkle

Love you teaching videos for crochet. Mom taught me at 8 years old and Mike taught me at 70, all the important things to make it look professional. You always sound so excited about your project. How about things for Men, like crew sweaters or pull overs, vests. My husband is jealous the grand kids get all my stuff. Keep those videos coming. Lucille Stokes Mt. Vernon MO.

I love Mikey wherever I can find him, he is a great teacher and makes it fun.....in this economy finding free patterns and someone who helps with a passion and flaire he has, makes you not feel like you are having a senior moment. He is 4 aces.

I would like an old pattern that is made from a plastic baby face and hands that you crochet hat on face and body with the blanket attached. I had made several years ago and have lost the pattern and just ran across several faces to make these again. I need the pattern for a large head and small one. Large one is 4" across in dia and small one is 3 1/4", then you put a Styrofoam ball in hat for head.

I am 59 years old and have been knitting and crocheting since I was in the First Grade when a Little Old Nun taught me! Loved it ever since and never gave it up! I LOVE Mikey's tutorials. He explains directions SO well. I have taught other people to knit and crochet and have found his instructions to be very helpful to improve my explanation of stitches, and have recommended that people watch his tutorials as a refresher! Thanks Mikey! You're the BEST!

I've watched Mikey on Utube and his video tutorials are the greatest! He makes learning new stitches look easy. I'm experienced at crochet but I've learned many new things from Mikey. I think it is really cool to be learning new techniques and it is especially great to have such a nice guy teaching a new way to look at old stitches and new ones. Thanks a Bunch, Mikey!

Mikey, I am a 65 year old. I had not crocheted almost 45 years. I am now disabled and have done nothing for 25 years. I became aware of u when i was looking online for something I could do at home and help others. I found U. U were doing a charity for preemies. I instantly fell in love with U. (Watch out Dan.) I hope U do that charity again this year. I found out how different crocheting is now. I took U're 24 lessons and realize I still could do it. And, I think I am pretty good. The patterns U do are wonderful. I also think U are wonderful. Thanks for all U give to us and all the work. Sincerely Colette

i made your mens beanie hat today with your video. it worked out nice and easy. i was able to pause the video untill i caught up and i really thought it was nice to work along side of you. thanks

When was your "Evolution of Crochet" published?

Just wanted to tell Mikey how talented he is! I love his patterns and his videos - I've even turned my husband on to crochet thanks to Mikey's videos! The patterns are simple, and when they're a little more challenging, Mikey explains it so well that it doesn't seem so difficult! Thanks! =)

I have arthritis and I was so desperate I went to the dollar store and picked up two 50 cent can openers with thick soft handles. I popped them off and twisted them onto the handles of my E, F, G and H aluminum crochet hooks- Wow, comfy!! I have some ergonomic handled ones where the tips screw into the handle but they always shift and become unscrewed- do you have any suggestions? Love your videos & patterns! Thanks!!

Please check your Rio Crocodile Scarf. I think there is a mistake in row 6 as it says to repeat step 4-6. I could not get the pattern to come out right until I watched the video and I think it should read -repeat step 3-5. I do not do lots of crochet but this seems a mistake to me.

With regard to the Garden Gate Afghan pattern, what does the term "ST ST" mean? I noticed at the beginning of the pattern in the abbreviations section, the term "ST ST = SL ST" is provided. However, at the beginning of the pattern, the crocheter is told to join the Ch4 with a "SL ST" and later in the pattern the term "ST ST" is used. Does that mean to join with a "SL ST"?

Thanks for the patterns you share with us, Michael. I have found some that I definitely want to try.

I just want to thank Mikey for his left-handed tutorials. I taught myself to do some simpler stitches by watching right-handers; but, have more trouble learning that way now (getting old). So, now I can learn more with your help!! Keep those tutorials coming!!

You are a gifted teacher and I enjoy your videos very much. Could someone check and make sure the listed videos link to the correct video? I wanted to see How to Triple Crochet: Left-Handed and I get How to Crochet 2 Together Decrease (same for right-handed versions). Thank you!

@prodgers15 0627209, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The link has now been updated. Happy crocheting! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Can someone tell me what pattern the scarf is in the background on Micheals video?

In some videos I see what appears to be a metal stand that the knitting loom rests upon making it easy to flip the loom around. I have limited use of my thumbs and so that looks like a wonderful way to not hold onto the loom. Unfortunately, I can't locate it in any of the web sites. Does any one know where to buy one?

Michael Sellick maybe I'm not understanding. On the Slip N Go Scarf how do you connect the scarf together? Do you make it as long as you want the tie it around your neck. I follow the viedo but I need your advice on how it connects. Molly

I was having a hard time learning to crochet due to arthritis and saw you loom and went and bought one am loving your videos and projects it allows me to do a craft and can follow the great you tube tutorials you do Thank you

I started watching Mikey's videos this year and i love them all. He is the reasons i can now crochet. I go to his site every day sometime 2 or 3 times. thank you, I love you and Dan. keep up the good work.

To Mikkey, I love your Imagination Baby sweater. I have a 9 year old that is asking me to make one for her in a girls size 9. My problem is I am a beginner with bad math skills. Can you or someone help me with the conversion? Do you have a video for it? I have searched for one and had zero luck. Would appreciate help. Imagination cookie

I can't wait to meet him. I'm going to go subscribe to his site right now.

Watching Mikey's videos on YOUTUBE you will learn to make lots of things.. Thank you so much for helping us all Michael (Mikey) with all your HOW TO Video's.....

Gracias por esta pagina de internet.No hablo Ingles pero vi un video de Mikey y ya me estoy tejiendo una Blusa con el punto de basket Armadura.Gracias de Nuevo .Maria

I've been watching Mikey's videos for 2 years now. He is one of the reasons I learned to crochet and loom knit. Go Mikey!!

He is the reason I came to this site. I LOVE him!


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