Scarf Inside a Scarf Crochet Pattern

Scarf Inside a Scarf Crochet Pattern

This Scarf Inside a Scarf Crochet Pattern is a unique tutorial that is super easy to complete using any two scarves, or you can wear this crochet scarf on its own, without a second scarf. The second scarf that's woven throughout the first scarf can be left unattached, so you can easily switch it out to match your outfit or mood. Watch this video tutorial from Michael Sellick to learn how it's done. This free crochet scarf pattern uses the butterfly stitch.


Red Heart Boutique
US Size H hook (Mickey is using a smaller hook than is recommended because he likes his stitches nice and tight)



Ch 16
Row 1: DC 4th ch from hook, dc in next 2 sts as well. 
Row 2: Ch 8, 1 dc into the final 3 sts on chain. turn.
Row 3: Ch 3, 1 dc into next 2 sts. Ch 8, 1 dc into the final 3 sts. turn. 
Row 4: Ch 3, 1 dc into next 2 sts. Ch 4, sl st around 3 below chains. Ch 4, 1 dc into final 3 sts. Turn.
Row 5: Ch 3, 1 dc into next 2 sts. Ch 8, 1 dc into final 3 sts. Turn. 
Row 6-7: Repeat row 5. 
Row 8: Ch 3, 1 dc into next 2 sts. Ch 4, sl st around 3 below chains. Ch 4, 1 dc into final 3 sts. Turn.
Repeat rows 5-8 until your scarf is as long as you'd like it to be. 




Check out Michael's designer profile for other great patterns!

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This is a unique scarf inside a scarf. It's exciting and fashionable. The colors make it exciting and fashionable because of the unique style of placing a cloth scarf inside a crochet scarf. Exciting!

I think I have found my gifts for Christmas this year for all the female family members. I love to gift home made gifts and I try to find things that are truly unique and do not take a lot of time. I am absolutely sure that everyone will love this and I have a gracious plenty of time to get it done. I am so excited.

Having an item that can be worn in more than one way is always a plus. It allows it to appear you have way more items in your wardrobe than you actually do. This little project here can increase that accessory factor exponentially by just changing the inside scarf. This is a great project for anyone.

Ooh, this is a really cute scarf. I think it would be nice as a decorative piece of clothing to wear and I like the versatile ability to thread another scarf through it for greater warmth and a wardrobe change. The butterfly design is sweet. I think it would be nice to make these in different solid colors and variegated too.

Written pattern can be found on The Crochet Crowds blog by using this link http// . Just copy and paste it into your browser. So much easier than learning via the video. Using your crochet hook, crochet up a butterfly stitch scarf that leaves open holes. With the open holes, feed in a regular scarf with a weaving formation. The Crochet scarf will hold the regular scarf and add an extra element of glamour to your wardrobe. This is a fashion scarf and relatively cheap to create.

This Scarf Inside a Scarf Crochet Pattern is made of a cloth scarf then intertwined with a crochet scarf. The crochet scarf has huge spaces where the cloth are inserted to create a complicated but unique kind of scarf. Cotton is still the preferred cloth.

What a novel idea. I have never seen anything like this. It s so easy to make and will make wonderful gifts. They can be custom made to go with any outfit you like. They would certainly dress up any thing you wore. Thank you for offering this unique and new idea.

I love how versatile this scarf in a scarf is. You can keep changing the inner scarf to get a bunch of different looks. You can even use a store bought scarf as the inner scarf. And the main scarf pattern is easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

I have a former co-worker who is a complete fashionista! Shes retired now, but that doesnt stop her from dressing to the Nines every day. Shell love this one! Even though the video shows an extremely simple, repetitive pattern, I still jotted down the instructions. I can guarantee Ill forget how to do this if I dont have something to remind me.

Is there written instructions for this scarf in a scarf

A fantastic idea!!! I'm always so excited to try something new. Thank you so much!!!


Excellent video instructions

No matter how I try to print these instructions, nothing works!!!! Feeling frustrated. Where can I print the darn instructions plz!

Written instructions can be found at :

Written instructions may be seen at top of screen when viewing tutorial So you don't have to pause the tutorial I have written them here Using Red Heart Boutique- Midnight Shadow Using a smaller hook than recommended on the package gives you tighter neater stitches H hook used in the video tutorial Technique Butterfly stitch Foundation row CH DC in th ch from hook DC in next ch equals DC CH DC in last three chain Turn Row CH DC in next st equals DC CH DC in last three dc Turn Butterfly row you will notice three chain s in your work resulting from the foundation row the last rows Row CH Dc in next st CH taking care that work is not twisted slst underneath the previous rows of ch s CH DC in last st Turn Row CH DC in next st equals DC CH DC in lastRead More three dc Turn Repeat pattern until there are chain lines Turn CH Dc in next st CH taking care that work is not twisted slst underneath the previous rows of ch s CH DC in last st Turn Repeat rows until desired length is reached keeping in mind the length of your second scarf if used If Slst doesnt seem centered you may gently pull it until it is or stretch your work from both sides of butterfly see video

You may want to tweak this pattern a bit by using a single crochet instead of a slip stitch when making the butterfly....


I also am a newbie and need a written pattern is there anywhere to get a written pattern?

i would like a printed version of this patten so i can try to make one or two

I typed out the instructions from the tutorial. Couldn't find them written anywhere.

Super easy to follow from the video tutorial. Have just made one in less than an hour for a Christmas present. Thanks!


Could you please please post the written the directions? I wrote them down as I watched the video, but that is so hard to watch a video and write at the same time. All the other patterns are written. I don't understand why this one is only a video. I love, love the concept.

I would love to crochet this scarf but do not seem to understand what yarn to use as to say worsted weight and aran well I come from the UK so what yarn weight would the best for me to use plus is this patern done in print to download

I lovve the scarf! The video is helpful but need a written pattern to keep my place...also as a newbie, I have to stop restart or stop & go back to watch a few times.

Made this today....can't wait to wear it tomorrow...It was so easy and looks beautiful to me.......I plan on making some more in different colors for me and to give as gifts. I just love the video - it helped. thanks!

It looks fabulous. I can't wait to make one for my daughter-in-law and granddaughters. Thank you

This is a GREAT scarf and since I dye my own silk scarves I can really have fun with the colors I choose... my only frustration is that the video and the written instructions (here: ) don't match. First, do you do a SC or a slip stitch on row 5? Video says slip, written says SC. Second: Chain 2 or chain 3? Video says 3 written instructions say 2... it makes a difference - and yes, I do know that you usually use 3 when working with DC and 2 when working with HDC. oh well! :)

Follow Up: decision made. SC works better and looks... smoother? Chain 3 for sure.

I just noticed that in the video. He said slip stitch, but it sure looks like he did a single crochet. Even if he di a slip stitch, I think a single crochet would be prettier.

A written pattern should be provided.

Written pattern please, so I can pass it along to friends in the nursing homes that starting crocheting again and do not have computers. Thanks.

This video was great but can you please also add writen instuctions to print out. I have to go to the library to use the internet. I would love to have a printed copy I can take home and work on. ty

Love, thank you so much. I will be making several of these. love this, thank you so much. I will be making several of these.

His website has the printed instructions. only took a little bit of looking.

I would really love the printed version. I loved the tutorial and found it quite helpful, but I don't write fast enough to get directions that I can understand. Thank you.

I loved the tutorial and found it a bit fast for me is there any way I could get the printed version of the pattern. I am not a beginner crocheter but I am not an advance one. I have some experience crocheting and I am not able to keep up with the instructions on the video. I tried to write the direction down that appear on the top of the screen of the video but they went to fast also. Please could you please post the printed version of the pattern. Thank you for your time.

I would also like a printed version of this pattern please.

Thank you so much for taking the time to show us such a beautiful pattern. I did enjoy the video and yes it is a little slow but that doesn't bother me at all because if your a beginner it is quite helpful and we have all started as beginners. I was able to write down the pattern and Love it so very much. Thank you again and I WILL look for more of Michaels's patterns..

I learn more quickly by actually seeing something done - I can write the pattern down as I watch. The tutorial is not very long, but it is very helpful for me, and I imagine I am not the only one who finds it useful.

I really dislike the practice of have video tutorials only. Many of us are capable of reading a pattern and following it without visual help. the videos come with ads and music and are unbearably slow-moving. Lots of unnecessary chatter.

Never mind watched the tutorial. Simple enough to write down yourself. Thanks

I too would like a printable pattern.

@Bunker: Please give Mikey's tutorial a chance. You'll know the pattern in minutes just by watching. As soon as I finish making Mikey's beanie for my son, I've slated to make this scarf for myself.

I want this pattern, Scarf inside a Scarf, but I do not want to sit and watch the video, I want to beable to print it out how can I get it in print?

Michael can i get the pattern for the scarf inside a scarf written out so I can print it?


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