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Learn how to crochet or how to do specific crochet techniques or stitches with the best free crochet instructions and crochet tutorials on the web. Find crochet stitch tutorials and video tutorials to walk you through stitches and techniques you'll want to learn! Plus, beginner and technique guides to walk you through mastering this hobby.

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How to Change Colors in Crochet

Learning How to Change Colors in Crochet is going to come in handy for… More

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Solomon's Knot Crochet: About and Tutorial

Sometimes called the Lover's Knot, the Solomon's Knot is a stitch that… More

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How to Finish a Crochet Pattern: Weaving in Ends

Weaving in ends of a crochet pattern can be the most undesirable part of… More

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Easiest Ever Crocheted Edging

There are plenty of free crochet patterns available, but not all of them… More

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Crochet The Tulip Stitch

"How can you not just adore a field of flowers that exudes colour and… More

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How to Crochet Left-Handed

Another one for you lefties in the crochet house! In this tutorial, How to… More

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How to Untangle Yarn

When you're sitting in your comfy chair working up the latest crochet… More

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Single Crochet Border For Blankets Easy For…

Crocheting an sc border around your blanket will give you straight neat… More

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Flower With Stem Stitch Tutorial

The Flower With Stem Stitch is a beautiful flower crochet stitch perfect… More

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How to Finger Crochet

No crochet hook? No problem! Use your fingers to crochet. Finger crochet… More

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Crochet Tulip Stitch Tutorial

When you hear tulip stitch, the first thing that might come to find is a… More

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How to Make a Pom Pom (4 Ways!)

You can buy pom pom making kits in most craft stores or online, but you… More

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What is Color Pooling?

Planned color pooling is a new way of working with variegated yarn so that… More

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How to Knook: Leisure Arts Knooking Instructions…

The Knook is a specialized hook developed by Leisure Arts. It looks… More

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How to Crochet, Volume 1: Free Beginner Crochet…

Learning a new skill is always exciting, especially when it's how to… More

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