How to Start a Skein of Yarn


How to Start a Skein of Yarn

Learn how to pull yarn out properly from a skein. These tips and tricks will help you start crocheting faster!

How to Start a Skein of Yarn

Starting a skein of yarn can sometimes be one of the most frustrating things about starting a new project.

Although we've all learned that it supposedly tells us on the label which end to start the skein from, I found that's just not the case for every skein I've ever picked up. That's why I have some tips for how to start a skein of yarn.

As I've begun my journey each time I started a new crochet pattern I noticed the center pull skeins of yarn are much easier to work with than the others.

Hopefully this guide will help you and other crocheters figure out the best way to start a skein of yarn, so you can work up as many crochet patterns as possible without any issues along the way.
All skeins of yarn have an outside end that allows you to pull the yarn by unrolling the skein each time you need that extra pull. You can also unwind the entire skein and then rewind it in a ball for easier access to the end - some even use a ball winder.

Again, the easiest way for most crocheters is the center pull. Check out our guide and see what you think!

Resources: How to Wind a Yarn Ball

If you want to learn how to wind a yarn ball, take a look at this resource courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn, How To Wind a Center-Pull Ball of Yarn By Hand.

Or you can watch our video tutorial on how to wind a yarn ball right below!

The best way to start a skein of yarn:

Insert your thumb and another finger of both hands into each end of the skein. Try to squeeze the skein so your fingers touch, giving you the ability to find the center of the skein. You can then pull the center out with one hand; you'll also be pulling out extra yarn with it, but one end of the skein should be there.

As you start crocheting with the center part of the skein you'll want to be sure you can see the outside end of the yarn as well to avoid any tangling along the way. However, if you do get it tangled here is a great guide on how to untangle yarn.
Instead of mumbling naughty words under your breath due to the frustration of yarn tangles, I'm hoping this guide will make your life a little easier.

How to Start a Skein of Yarn

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Tips for Choosing the Best Yarn for Crochet

Do you have a different way of starting a skein of yarn?
Share it with us in the comments, below!

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I enjoy tutorials on hints and tricks for the craft of crochet. This one is no exception. Even though I think I may know it all, I always learn something from my fellow crocheters. I really need the hints on how to start a skein, even after all of these years.

No matter how hard I try to start from the center, something always goes wrong. So about fifty percent of the time, my skein feeds out from the outside. This little tutorial provided some useful information so even if I do not start from the center I have some useful pointers.

Argh, yeah, I've screwed this up too many times to not do everything I can to find the correct end.

Ah, yes, the great yarn debate. I am also a fan of the center pull even though it usually results in an ungodly Yarn Barf if you dont get it just right. Before I do start my pull, I locate the outer most yarn end and wrap it around the skein a few times before tying it. That way if I wrap the yarn Im using, I wont get it mixed up.


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