Circular Crochet: 19 Magic Ring Crochet Patterns


Circular Crochet: 19 Magic Ring Crochet Patterns

Learn magic circle crochet and check out these projects using the circle/ring technique.

Circular Crochet 19 Magic Ring Crochet Patterns

For as much or as little as you have been crocheting, have you ever been bold enough to learn how to crochet something new? Are you one of those crocheters who like to make the same thing over and over in different colors or are you one who never repeats the same project twice?

Have you ever learned how to crochet a magic ring? The magic ring is also known as the magic adjustable ring, the crochet adjustable ring or the crochet magic loop. With this collection of Circular Crochet: 19 Magic Ring Crochet Patterns, you can find tutorials for the magic ring as well as patterns that use it. 

The crochet magic ring is a really neat way to start a project because it helps keep your project a little bit tighter than it would if you used a regular chain start. You'll notice that in a chain start, there's a little bit of a hole at the beginning or top of your project. With learning how to crochet a magic ring, that hole will no longer exist, making your project look neat and precise.

Some of the projects that use this technique are amigurumi characters, hats and socks. Many of the amigurumi patterns I've seen have all started using the magic ring. If you're going to make a cute little animal, you're going to want him to be as tight as possible especially if you're going to stuff him. You won't want to see a hole at the top or have stuffing hanging out.

PLUS! Before we dive into the fun patterns take a look at the video on how to crochet a magic ring. You can also learn a bit of how to crochet amigurumi with a double ring. Check out the ​Magic Circle Crochet Tutorial page for written instructions or watch this video right below:

Crochet Amigurumi Patterns

Willy the Little Pig

The more I crochet the more I come across adorable amigurumi patterns. I've noticed this has become quite the fad over the past couple of years. How can you can not love a stuffed animal or character? Or even an inanimate object! Once it's amigurumi, it's much more lively.

If you follow the crochet instructions of any pattern, you will come up with the cutest creation of all time. Amigurumi make great gifts for kids and babies. Also, amigurumi nearly always uses the magic ring, so this was a must-include section on this page. So, check these free patterns out and see how fun they can be to make once you've learned the magic ring.

Magic Circle Crochet Hat Patterns

Crochet Chemo Cap

I personally find it very difficult to crochet in the round when attempting to make hats. I've tried on several occasions and I just can't seem to get it. For all of you advanced crocheters, more power to you! All the hats that I tried had me learning how to crochet a magic ring first.

Of course, that took some time to learn as well. I bet you'll love all these hats though, so no need to be intimidated! Learn how to crochet in the round and it'll make your crochet experience that much better. These crochet hat patterns are all easy or intermediate, which means that you'll be able to tackle any of them soon.

Magic Ring Patterns for Decor, Accessories, and More

Christmas Chair Socks

Using the magic ring, you can make all sorts of decorative crochet projects. For example, crochet socks can be quite the project to work up. Socks are easy to put together and they make great gifts too, especially stocking stuffers over the holidays! There are even socks for chairs to help protect your floors! How clever is that?

However, that's not all you will find in this section. Coasters, washcloths, slippers, bags and more can all be made using the magic ring. So, take a look and get started on these decorative projects right away.

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I am a huge fan of the Magic Circle! It can be a bit tricky when youre trying to work the first stitch into the ring, but once thats done, the rest is easy peasy. There are several different ways of wrapping the yarn to create the circle, and Ive probably tried them all including the method in the embedded video. My way isnt as elegant, but it gets the job done.

it's ok

It's been a long time since I crocheted, hands messed up and all, but I'm looking forward to getting back into my favorite stitching hobby.

These items are very cute! I laughed at the halloween eye ball! Everything looks like alot of fun tol make! thanks, crochet mom


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