Dog Poop Christmas Ornament


This Dog Poop Christmas Ornament will definitely stand out on the family Christmas tree this year. Make this unique crochet pattern in honor of your favorite four-legged friend. This one-of-a-kind ornament is super easy to make using worsted weight yarn. This would also make a funny holiday gift for the dog-lover in your life, or even the family vet. Have some fun with the stocking stuffers this year!


Crochet HookG/6 or 4 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

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I posted about this two years ago. I made one for a friend because she was upset with her e.g. For going in the house. It made her laugh and feel better Her furry baby died right before last Christmas and she told me instead of being sad and crying, she pulled this out of her decoration box and laughed. She thanked me for a happy memory.

I get the joke, but this ornament is not for me. We actually have dogs, so Ive seen more than I care to of the real thing. I can see using some green yarn and turning the poo into a pickle though. You could still do the same features, hat, etc. as called for in the original pattern. Pickles are a favorite decoration for some cultures, so for me, this would be a more aesthetically appealing option.

I bet the people that complain would be the first to laugh at this. They also probably dress their animals up like Santa even though the animals hate it. People need to lighten up. If you don't like it, that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion so don't make it, just move on. You have no right to take away my right to make it though. I think it's funny, and I will make it for my friends who have a sense of humor.

This is an interesting decoration. I will not be including it with other ornaments on my tree. It do understand that some people like to have unusual decorations, however. One of my friends has a real skull from a chipmunk or squirrel hanging on her tree, that a boyfriend had found and given her years earlier.

Mine turned out to be a little poo as was just using up scraps of wool lol

Those who like this horrible decoration for a Christmas tree are very sick. Maybe since you think it is funny why not hang them on your loved ones casket for their funeral. Would they laugh knowing you were hanging crap on their casket? Will not go to this website again if they think it is OK to post this disgusting decoration on their website.

Jeez people its just a joke. I'm a Christian and I celebrate Christmas and everything but this is just a silly joke/gag but I'm not saying id hang this on my tree though.

This is as disgusting as the tree ornament made with a tampon. Have already complained about that one but it was never removed from this web site. Do the editors of All Free honestly think that either of these are examples of handmade items people want to make or give as gifts. Truly awful.

Seriously? Please show a little class instead of low-brow humour.

It's funny. I would totally give these to people who have a sense of humor.

How could you even think about decorating a Christmas tree with dog poop? That's disgusting.

Come on! South Park.......Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo! That's what it looks like! Won't make and put on my tree but I think it's cute!

Forgot to add.....I think it's disrespectful.

Who ever made this had a sense of humor. I would hang with them. Lol

This is in bad taste.

This is gross. I love dogs but not poop. Let's nor make ornaments for the worst part of everything. For a house warming, a plugged toilet, to celebrate a new job as a garbage collector a rotten food ornament, for a new mom a dirty diaper ornament and a full litter box for the cat lover. This is a disrespectful and sacrilegious way to celebrate the holy day of Christmas.

I take great exception to your snide comment about garbage collectors. You sound as though you consider yourself to be a Christian. I highly doubt that Jesus would approve of your disdain for someone who does a hard, dirty and essential job like garbage collecting.

,The message is "poop is fun" and that Christmas is all about a tree with silly things on it. Well if poop is fun at least be accurate and crochet some ox, donkey and sheep poop, then let the new poop explain the nature of the holiday, since some humans just don't get the point when other humans try to explain.....

I am making some of these for my daughter that has a dog and some for my daughters that has cats I think they will enjoy them.

Why would anyone want to make this?

I was wondering the same thing....beyond tacky.

I made this for a dog lover in my workplace. He loved it and asked me to make another for his sister - a dog trainer! I'm not offended at all - it is hilarious! Never seen Southpark, so have no idea what Mr. Hanky is....BUT - I do have a sense of humor. God created humor and probably thinks this is funny too, and a way to celebrate our canine friends (even though they leave presents on the lawn!).

Wow!! Some people have no sense of humor what-so-ever!! It does remind me somewhat of Mr. Hanky from South Park, but not an exact match. I find it absolutely hilarious!!

I am sorry if this crochet pattern is offensive to anyone. I have never seen South Park and dont know the character Hanky. This is intented as a gag gift for people who own small dogs, and know what its like to be constintenly picking up dog poop. It has been used as a fund raiser for dog rescues, as well.

I agree with most of what everyone has said. I don't like this ornament. I think it is gross and in bad taste BUT I believe this is taken off of a South Park episode involving what I think is a piece of poo they call Mr. Hanky. It is all over facebook. Some love this and have to have one on their tree. I am not one of them ...I don't like South Park either. I do believe in each their own. I'm sure the way I decorate my tree some people wouldn't like.

ok, so i have to say that i would never make this or put it on my tree, but i do find it quiet humorous. hee hee!

even this is not human.. just think its one us wants to become human! sorry if im weird but this is me!:)

If you think this is disrespectful, How about learn to appreciate a work of art?? And i dont think Jesus choose, because Jesus choose us all and he loves everything from dust to human, all in this world.. so dont ever say this is disrespectful..let us think this ornament symbolize our acceptance to each other! Merry Christmas! I really love your work! thanks for the pattern! :)

Very disrespectful. It shouldn't have even been offered to make.

who would want this on their tree? so ridiculusly gross.

Does everyone who made a comment lack a sense of humor or what? The poop ornament is equivalent to a the proverbial chunk of coal those on the naughty list receive at Christmas. This tradition has been fully accepted by Americans everywhere so what' the problem with a cute poop ornament, made with loving hands, given to only those you know wih not be offended. It's a joke people! Get it! I think it's hysterical and would get lots of laughs from anyone I give it too. Laughter is medicine for hte soul and I don't think Jesus will be offended by this. Merry Chrismas to all you scrooges!

Ditto all other comments. How could anyone think this is cute??!! What is wrong with you people......too much eggnog?? You are very disrespectful. I notice you havent responded to our comments. Shame on all of you.

This will raise a smile with some, especially South Park fans. I'm a dog lover, but I'm not a dog-poo lover. Not my cup of tea, but thanks for the free pattern ;0) MERRY XMAS!!

I'd give it less than 0 stars if I could.

Very poor taste. This is supposed to honor the birth of our Lord?

Very poor taste, please, let's take it up a notch or two....

very insulting to those who honor the meaning of Christmas...and yes I'm one of them!

Why would anyone want to display anythingt inspire by fecal material. This is beyond poor taste. This is the second "poop" project I've seen here. Enough, already!

Poor taste doesn't begin to describe this.....

wow..this is in questionable taste. Hopefully you will get a box full of it under your Christmas tree.

Looks like this was inspired by South Park, not by dog poop. I honestly expected to see coils... not Mr. Hankey on here. Pretty sure this won't be going on my tree BUT it would be a good white elephant gift for college-aged young adults (or any South Park fan).

This is totally disgusting. Who selects the projects that are offered on line? They need to be replaced -- this was horrible judgment.


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