Cute Critter Crochet


Cute Critter Crochet

Cute Critter CrochetCute Critter Crochet: 30 Adorable Patterns
Gifted by: Quarto Publishing
Reviewed by Jackie Laing for


Grab your hook, some yarn and cozy up with this book on the couch! The hours will fly by as you make these wonderful amigurumi patterns.  As soon as you open this book, you will be impressed with the variety of patterns to choose from. Not only are the patterns and instructions in this book clearly written and easy to follow, but each pattern has an amigurumi chart that you may follow, as well.

To get you started, author Maki Oomaci runs through all the crochet stitches used to make amigurumi, and she also shows you the chart symbol. Plus, you'll also find helpful tips and advice on how to assemble your amigurumi.

After the Introduction, Stitches, and Tips and Techniques chapters, it's time to dive right into the fun! Go on a journey making a wide array of animals, including a friendly Kangaroo, Baby Roo, and some Bananas! Make a set of the three little pigs, for story time with your little ones. There are also wonderful patterns for a sweet little Alpaca, a loveable Daschund, a Polar Bear, and a playful Little Seal. The Quiet Giraffe would be a perfect new addition to the nursery. There are even patterns for Cookies and Lollipops! If you enjoy making Amigurumi, then you need to add this book to your collection.


What is your favorite animal? Comment below and let us know!


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dachshunds and owls

Bears and bunnies are tied for crochet (IRL it's dogs!).

I would love to get this Cute Little Critters pattern book, but I don't see any link to order it or download it. I love koala bears and would be happy if I found a pattern for one in this book. How do I get this book?

I love penguins!

My favorite real animal is my crazy cat. As far as crochet goes, I have been doing a lot of pigs lately.

My favorite animal is my 9 yr old dog--can't imagine a day without her!

I love elephants!

My favorite animal is our beagle, Cosmo!

I've not tried to make an amigurumi yet , but I do crochet. My favorite animals are two-monkey (they are so cute) and a dashound.

My favorite animal is a leopard.

My favorite animal is a hedgehog!

Panda is my favorite

I love cats

The Alpaca! Or how about Baby Roo? Super cute!

Puppies and all kinds of bears

Dogs for sure.




Dogs and cats


Cheetas! Kittens, and Puppies!

The Polar Bear

I can only pick one? Thenpenguins!


HORSES!! No doubt, but DOGS are a close second!!




All baby animals

Cats are my favorite, but I like all animals.

giraffes are my favorite


Dogs.. of course LOL

Dogs...especally larger mixed breeds... )

my favorite animal is the lab

frisky curious funny goats

My fave animal is an otter!

I love Frogs

A giraffe would be my favorite animal!

Baby sloths are so stinking cute! I love them!

My fave animals are dogs, they love unconditionally.

owls are my fave

I love my dog!

I love elephants!

my favorite animal is a dog, they are so loyal

I love cats!


My favorite animals are dogs!

I love minature pigs

I can't get enough elephants!

I like the bunnies! Monkeys are a little scary but remind me of when I was a child and they were all the rage

My favorite animal is the owl

I love Bears - all kinds of bears!!!

My favorite animals are wolves

The pigs are adorable! My granddaughter will love them! Can't wait to make all of the cute animals in this book.

My favorite animal is the horse. I truly think they are the most beautiful animal God created.

I love almost all animals. Farm animals are my favorites, though.

My favorite animal are domestic shorthaired cats that are intelligent and very talkative.

My favorite animal is the wolf

My favorite animals are dogs


Baby seals

I like dogs and horses..

All animals!

I love cats.

I love wolves, foxes, and cats.

my favorite animals are my goldfish

My favorite animal is a dog (small dogs, ie chihuahua)



I like giraffes or teddy bears

Panda Bears

I like dogs.

Panda Bear

Wild Cat--all, but my favorite is the Panther

my favorite animal is the cat, any size shape or color

I like pretty much any animal...but cats are my favorite. )

Lions cuz im a leo

My favorite animal.... is an animal - any and all!!! Can't decide between them O)


I like Tigers and the big cats!

Dogs, they have been my best friends since childhood.


Horses definitley! but love all farm animals



Pit bulls



Favorite animal -- Fox, of course

goats of all shapes and sizes

dogs, birds, bearded dragons, fish, rats, ferrets


all animals


dogs are my favourite animal


Love them all but my dogs are my favorite

I love cats...any craft item featuring felines immediately draws my attention!

All animals

Dogs are my Favorite animal

Hummingbirds (wild) and dogs (domestic)

turtles, cats and dogs



MONKEY'S and my two dogs of course...thank you for the wonderful opportunity and good luck to everyone

Flamingos! What other animal has the guts to be pink?

I love kittens, they are so cute and cuddly

my cat

Oh cute little Piggy's or a soft little lamb..

Spotted Horse

my cat

big cats...lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, cheetahs, etc.

my cat

a teddy bear


puppy dog

peregrine falcon

My favorite animal is Koala bear

Flying pigs and any dog.





I love cats

flamingo is my favorite

I guess I'd have to go with the loyal dog.



Love love the pigs

I love so many...dogs, cats, elephants...dragonflies!

My favorite animal is the tiger



I have made one of these animals...the polar bear is the cutest I think. It was fun, but I need to remake it because I made a few mistakes. Looking forward to trying again!!


Love them all...hard to pick, the llamas are adorable


Love the llama!


Red-Tailed Hawk!

Cats! I even have a ceramic cat collection.

Dogs and Cats I have to pick both because I absolutely adore both!


Have you tried this craft? What did you think?

love it!

Pigs and dogs

I love bears and penguins

my favorite animal is a goat.


Love cows!



I love Donkeys!

My favorite animal is a tiger

penguins monkeys


Love dogs!


I like cats.

I would love to try my hand at crafting animals...nysunshine12804

I love sheep....baaaa!

Puppies, puppies, and more PUPPIES!! Especially PUG PUPPIES!


favorite animal is the elephant, recently crochet a baby afghan with elephants - just beautiful

I love Elephants!!!

my favorite animal is a horse

owls are my favorite!! 3

I love cats and so do my grandchildren... but I am o pen to a variety of animal crochet.

Favorite animal is the chameleon

my granddaughter has me hooked on Monkeys lol she is a huge fan of everything monkey related

I am a "cat-o-phile"! Love them and have tons of cat decorations and cat fabric.


I love sea otters!

I like to do the 3 little pigs because it reminds me of my dad telling be that bedtime story as a child.

my favorite animal is a cat...always loved them!

My favourite animal is a giraffe. Love the spots!!

my favorite animal is cats, I have them as pets but also have cat collectables and pictures.

my favorite animal is a cat, my boyfriend's favorite is an owl, my mom's favorite is a raccoon!

My favorite Animal is a dog.

My favourite animal is an alpaca, but love all animals

my favourite animal is a dog

my favorite animal is a wolf and a polar bear

Domestic would be a cat! Wild would be a wolf. I love all animals.

monkeys penguins

My favoret animal is a pig! Love little pigs there too cute! Also love turtles!

Cats are my favorite... but the polar bear on the cover is adorable! )

Elephants are my favorite! They never forget!

My favorite animal is a penguin

I would say rabbits and chickens

Love all animals. Each Has their own style and grace.

horsedogcat, Sorry I couldn't pick just one.

I really love horses - just don't tell my cats!

Cats are my favorite animals, but I think that the polar bear in that pattern book is really adorable


Love all critters, but have a real bond with Moose!

If I had to pick, I love foxes!


My favorite animal since I was little is a frog (I blame you, Kermit).

my favorite animal would be macaw

My favorite animal is a Llama. They have the best long eyelashes and they have friendly faces.

Ilike elephants they are large and gentle live in groups girls and babies in one spot males in another makes for stress free living

I love all animals but my favorite is my dog Ladybug

My favorite animal is the cat. But i'm also partial to elephants.

My favorite animal is the penguin! would be so cute to make for children!

I like all animals except snakes. My favor one is my little dog name Tipper. She can be a pain in the ass, but she is always by my side. I LOVE her very much.

My favorite animal is a bear, though I do like frogs as well.

My favorite domestic animal is the dog. I find the moose to be an intriguing wild animal.


A horse, of course!

LOL, a Dragon of course!!!! They ARE real! 54 years, and I still believe in Dragons!


I have a couple of favs elephant unicorn dog frog butterfly raven Pegasus

I really don't have a favorite animal.. I like all animals

My favorite animal is the red panda. I haven't been able to find any red panda crochet patterns though )

My favorite animal is cats. I do love all animals but cat is fav!!

Big Cats are my favorite but in particular the Black Panther )

Elephant! I have the tattoo to prove it! )

My favorite animal is the otter, though I really do love frogs and turtles also.


My favorite animal is a lobster. )

all of them

Cats are my favorite

a bear is my favorite animal.


Lizards, since its illegal to own a clouded leopard.

Though it is not a real animal i would have to say a Unicorn, if i had to chose a real animal it would be a cat

dogs to keep, tigers to watch

I love all kinds of animals, but Tasmainian Devils are my favorite! I make lots of Raccoons, Sheep, Pigs, and other cuties!

I love bunnies

any kind of cat!



lambs are always so cuddly



Anything cute, cuddle and good natured

tigers are my favourite but like others, anything cute and cuddly.

I have to say tiger. I have never tried this but it looks fun.

dogs are my fave animal

anything cute and cuddly


anything cute and cuddly for a baby

I love big fluffy white polar bears and large dogs. -tmo

My favourite animal is a white bengal tiger

Dragons!!! Followed closely by ferrets and cats and squirrels.


My favorite large animal is the Elephant, small is dogs.

love all aimals esp dogs

I love all animals and I love my Garfield and Morris...

my favorite animal is the cat

My favorite animals are cats.

Horses are my favorite animals.

My favorite Animal is the bear.

I love the piggies!

My favorite animal is a dog - but I love all animals!!

love birds

my favorite animals are toy poodles

my favorite animals are baby lambs. It makes my heart happy to see them jump around and play. They are so sweet.





Eyeore is great

I love yorkies!!!

I'm making a giraffe for my great granddaughter's nursery. She's due in May.

i have always loved kangaroos!


My favorite animals are the Koala and bear (when it's Winnie the Pooh bear) )

i love camal and anything in the camal family.

These are cute patterns my favourite animal would be the elephants

this is so cute. Would love to make these. I love tigers but I am really wanting to make this alpaca or a monkey.


My favorite animal would be the moose. They are so majestic!

Its a tie between 2 squirrels and ferrets they are my favorite animals

My favorite animal is a bear, a teddy bear, preferably Winnie the Pooh!

i love dogs, they are the most loyal of all.

Im a total animal lover, but llamas and ducks are my fav ).. there's even a song about them! Llama Llama Duck -)

anything feline

Cats are my favorite and my new favorite animal are Hedgehogs.They are so cute!!

I love all animals, but horses are my favorite.

Narwhals - because they are awesome!

My favorite animal is a lion. I hope to have one for a pet in Paradise.

I especially love the feline family--leopards, tigers, cougars, lynx, ocelot, more.

I LOVE all animals they are all unique in their own way, my favorite would be frogs! I always enjoy when I find a new Amigurumi crochet book or pattern, it amazing what you can create with yarn and a hook!

My favorite animal is a dolphin, has been since I was a little girl.

I love so many animals but I would love to crochet chickens

My favorite animal would be owls, cats but then I love all animals

My favorite animal is the giraffe. I made a giraffe hat for my baby )

I love dogs.


I love cats (have 4 of them) and various mythological creatures --- but cats, of all varieties and sizes, are my no.1 favorite.

My favorite animal is the tiger.

I love owls, pandas and koalas.

I would like to make several different breeds of dogs!

I love both cats and dogs!!

I admire all forms of cats including leopards, tigers, and my own pets.


My favorite animal is the fox!

I have made teddy bears to donate. I've been thinking about getting a cat again.

I love owls. 3

When I was younger the Red Panda always caught my eye at the zoo. I also love Macaws for their beautiful feather colors!


I love all animals. My favorite animal is the cat.

My favorite animal is a frog, because some are so colorful.

My favorite is snails.

My favorite is beagles.

I am a cat person. I love many animals, from frogs to turtles to dogs and bears, but cats are special to me.


My favorite animal is a cat.

I like cats and elephants.

My favorite animal is a dog. We had two great dogs Missy and Ginger.

my favorite animals are monkeys

my favorite is the loyal mdog

My favorite animal is the koala bear. They look so cute and cuddly.

I love frogs! I am attempting to crochet my first gecko right now though. )

Have you tried this craft? What did you think?

Cats are my favorite animals

I think elephants are awesome!

my favorite animal is a PUG

Dogs are my favorite animal!

Kittens would be my favorite.

I'd love to try crocheting an owl - I love owls!

i haven't tried crocheting animals yet, but i'd love to try a panda!

no, just learning how to read patterns and do the stitches.

there are no animals that I DON'T LIKE , but if I HAVE TO pick one it would be a tiger

been crocheting turtles and caterpillars for the grandkids )

I love crocheting animals, especially dogs as in pugs and doxies. The lamb on the cover is absolutely precious to! Hope I'm a winner ot this book. Happy Hooking!!


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