30+ Crochet Border Patterns


30+ Crochet Border Patterns

Whether you're looking for fancy crochet edging or simple crochet edging, you'll love all of these crochet border ideas.


30 Crochet Border Patterns

Do you ever find yourself with a finished project, but it just doesn't look complete? You stare at it and can't figure out what needs to be done with it until a lightbulb goes off. Maybe you need to add crochet edging to complete your pattern. Voila! 

Any one of the crochet stitch patterns on this page, 30+ Crochet Border Patterns, can work as an edging on an afghan, baby blanket, sweater, scarf and more! First, we'll share our videos for the prettiest crochet edgings you've ever seen.

Simple edging can be added to just about any project out there. It makes your design look complete and a bit more sophisticated. If you're unsure of how to crochet borders then you're in luck because we have some great patterns for you to follow.

These free crochet trim patterns and videos help walk you through the process and they are loved by visual learners. After the videos, you will find edging patterns for all sorts of crochet pieces, from clothing to home decor.

There are so many ways to add crochet borders, it's incredible. You can completely change the look of a project by adding a unique edging around. Be sure to bookmark this page so that you'll never have that missing pizzazz again.

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Plus! Check out this video below from our good friend Kristi Simpson on how to work the easy shell edging. It's one of the prettiest crochet border ideas around.

Crochet Border Patterns - Videos

If you're a visual learner, check out these border video tutorials! If you Google videos for edging, you'll probably spot some of the videos here. These tutorials will walk you through the steps to crochet your own edging and adorn any project, from simple scarves to blankets of all sizes.

Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect free crochet edging patterns for baby blankets? Whether you want a simple and understated crochet blanket border or a more stylish and extravagant crochet blanket edging, you'll find the best video tutorials here. 

How to Crochet the Princess Tiara Edging

This Princess Tiara Edging video tutorial will really help you bring your next crochet project to royalty level. If you have been practicing your curtsy and policing your crown, then you need to learn how to make this edging pattern. The princess tiara edging pattern is so cute and perfect to add to those projects you are giving to your daughter, granddaughter, or niece. 

How to Crochet the Reverse Single Crochet Edging

This edging video tutorial breaks down how you can get a simple yet still distinct edging pattern. Plus, this simple edging stitch is the perfect way to really secure any of your projects. That makes this edging stitch one of the best to create crochet borders for baby blankets, dishcloths, or any pattern that you are really going to get a lot of use and wear and tear from!

How to Crochet Sweet Shell Edging

Want a softer edging stitch that will add a nice subtle design? Check out this Sweet Shell Edging video tutorial and learn just how easy adding this delicate edging can be. The sweet shell border gives more of soft and gentle edging style that will not be too out there and noticeable.

How to Crochet the Pointed Scallop Edging

This Crochet Pointed Scallop Edging video tutorial shows you how easy adding edging can be. This particular edging style is an easy way to add a decorative edging without adding too much crazy detail. This is a more subtle way you can spice up your next crochet project.

How to Crochet Ruffle Edging

Ruffle edging is a great way to add a fancy touch to the end of your crochet project. This Crochet Ruffle Edging video tutorial perfectly shows you and breaks down how you can create this edging. Whether you want to add a fancy or frilly touch to the end of your crochet project, this ruffle edging pattern is the way to go. Make yourself feel like royalty by adding some stunning ruffles to your next shawl or scarf.

How to Crochet Curly Q Edging

This Crochet Curly Q Edging tutorial can really help you add that extra flair to your next crochet project. Curly Q borders are a super cute and fun way for you to really amp up your next crochet project. Plus, if you are working on a more basic scarf pattern, you can adorn the edges of your scarf with this curly q pattern and really put some pizzazz in it that's far different than anything else.

Picot Stitch Crochet Tutorial

BONUS! The picot stitch is often used to creating beautiful crochet borders and edging. This tutorial shows you how to work up this beyond simple stitch and use it for your baby blankets, placemats, rugs, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Crochet Edging Patterns

Adding crochet blanket borders can be done with different crochet designs and different crochet stitches. There are so many different looks and textures to choose from; it all depends on what you want the outcome of your project to look like.

From classic designs like a granny stripe edging or a delicate scalloped one to more intricate border designs like a zig-zag edging, crochet lace edging or even bobble edging, you'll find so many options. No matter which design you pick, your finished crochet projects will never look boring! 

Arc Lace Edging

Add the perfect finishing touch to your crochet pattern with this beautiful Arc Lace Edging. You can either sew this edging onto the ends or crochet it directly on the edge. 

Bobble Edging

This simple crochet pattern is an easy way to add beautiful detail to your next crochet project. This would work exceptionally well on baby blankets. It's such a fun edging that looks so playful. 

Granny Stripe Edging

Just follow the step by step crochet instructions and you can add a beautiful bit of edging to any of your crochet afghans or blankets. It's easy enough to add to any pattern at any time, so bring out those unfinished projects and have at it.

Lattice Ruffle Edging

Use tatting cotton and a size 13 steel crochet hook to add this gorgeous Lattice Ruffle Edging to any square handkerchief with rolled or hemstitched edge. This free crochet pattern is delicate and feminine.

Zig Zag Edging

Use crochet thread to add this pretty Zig Zag Edging to practically any household item. It's a fast and easy crochet pattern to complete, and this tutorial includes helpful step-by-step photographs. This is a great finishing touch for kitchen towels, pillowcases, washcloths, tablecloths, or even a baby burp cloth.

Classic Granny Blanket Crochet Edging

This classic edging design is just what you need. It's made in three rounds two rounds of chain loops and followed by a final round of shell/scallops. This edging is a lovely finishing touch that really completes the pattern and brings it all together. You don't want to miss out on this one.

Polka Dot Crochet Edging

To complete this edging, simply use whatever yarn and hook you used to work up your crochet item. The amount of yarn that you need will vary depending on weight, gauge, and size of the item. The polka-dot inspired design of this particular edging pattern is great for practically anything!

Shells and Borders Crochet Stitch Pattern

This free Shells and Borders Crochet Stitch Pattern teaches you to crochet this simple Lacy Stitch that's great for making lacy projects such as afghans, shawls, curtains or placemats! This easy tutorial includes instructions for both left-handed and right-handed crocheters. 

How to Crochet Scalloped Edging

The How to Crochet Scalloped Edging tutorial shows you exactly how to make this edging so that you can learn to crochet with ease. Go step-by-step with the crochet instructions so that you can continue to add these stitches to your borders later on.

Triangle Crochet Edging

These triangles are a great finishing touch because they are out of the ordinary. Children will not get their scarves or blankets mixed up, and you can add a fun new touch to any worn-out project! This edging would look great as a sun's rays and as a spiky edge for a dinosaur blanket.

Pumpkin Patch Edging

Add this Pumpkin Patch Edging to your next autumn-inspired crocheted afghan, or perhaps your Thanksgiving tablecloth. It's suitable for both chunky and lightweight yarns. This pumpkin-themed edging is also perfect for Halloween crochet patterns. The possibilities are endless with this free crochet pattern.

How to Crochet a Crossed Double Border

Add this edging on to any finished blanket, no matter if it was originally crocheted, knitted, or is just made out of fabric. Just make sure to use a corresponding yarn and hook size that matches the original yarn of the blanket. You can even create your own effect by using one or two colors of your choice.

Easiest Ever Crocheted Edging

Follow this Easiest Ever Crocheted Edging pattern to complete your next project. It can be applied to almost any crochet garment or pattern. This is a versatile edging tutorial that you will find yourself using over and over again. 

Iris Crochet Edging

This elegant and intricate edging uses only four simple stitches. It would be perfect for a gorgeous cowl or shawl pattern. Your crochet projects will look so lacy and classy when you use this edging design. You'll be getting so many compliments. 

The Easiest Crochet Edging

BONUS! The Easiest Crochet Edging is a simple way for you to beautifully finish off your crochet projects. Crochet edging stitches can be too complicated and will turn you off from trying to do them, but we've found a super easy way for you to get it done.

Crochet Blanket Edging Patterns

Crochet borders for blankets can really set your design apart from others, even with the simplest of crochet stitch patterns. Display your beautiful artwork for all to see. Sometimes the best part about adding a crochet blanket border is in the crochet colors that you choose.

If the blanket is a plain, neutral color, add a pop of color for the border and really make it stand out. Adding crochet afghan borders is another way to extend the size of your afghan by just a bit and to give it that final something. 

Monster Fleece Lovey Blankets

Monster Fleece Lovey Blankets make great gifts for children. They're super easy crochet patterns as you're just adding a crocheted edging. Once you find the perfect fleece design, you just have to work up the head, arms, and legs. This pattern is an adorable friend for your little one.

Surprisingly Simple Christmas Afghan Border

This free crochet pattern from Red Heart is actually only for the pom pom edging, which you simply sew onto a festive fleece blanket. This semi-homemade crochet afghan pattern is a fast and easy way to decorate your home for the holidays without spending much time, effort, or money.

Ruffled Edge Baby Blanket

Ruffled edging makes this crocheted afghan ideal for precious baby girls, but boys will appreciate the unique ruffled texture, as well. This free pattern includes seven different sizing options. Make this easy afghan for your own little bundle of joy, or for an expectant friend.

Quick and Easy Crocheted Blanket Edging Patterns

Add the finishing touch to any blanket with any one of these Quick and Easy Crocheted Blanket Edging Patterns. There are three easy crochet patterns to choose from. You could even add these edgings to any simple fleece, flannel, or receiving blanket.

Crochet Picot Stitch (Video + Written Instructions)

The picot stitch can seem complicated, but it's really quite simple when you practice it since it's just a combination of single crochet stitches and chain stitches. The picot stitch makes a fantastically simple border for crochet afghans and a wonderful edging for the hems of sweaters and top patterns. 

Windows Border

This Windows Border is a simple two-round border that is best for bordering squares or blocks that have been joined by one of the "loopy" methods where chain loops are made all the way around the square. You'll love how the modern and graphic style adds a unique touch to any blanket you make. So pretty, unique, and awesome!

Crochet Border Patterns for Home Decor

Sometimes a tiny bit of flair added to your home can really make your home cozy and warm. Adding a border is a great way to do that, especially for those frilly projects for young girls. They are a great way to add that finishing touch to any items you want to display in your home. 

Lace Napkin Edging

Add your own special touch to your napkins with these this Lace Napkin Edging pattern! This easy crochet pattern is a great way to spice up your boring-looking linens. Use Bernat crochet thread to complete this pattern.

Pillow Edgings

Give your pillows a makeover with these pretty Pillow Edgings! This intermediate crochet pattern features four different edging options: picot, tassel, ruffle, and lace. Use a steel crochet hook and Bernat crochet cotton to complete these patterns.

Crochet Room Wall Decor

Perfect for your little girl's room is this Crochet Room Wall Decor. Make the letter of her first name to help decorate her room. This can also be made for baby boys. Baby crochet patterns really add that personal touch. This would make such a thoughtful baby shower gift. 

Time for Tea Towels Crochet Edging

Take your kitchen towels from average to angelic. Instantly upgrade basic towels by learning this edging pattern. Choose yarn that matches your towels and add a lace-like border to add femininity and style to this basic kitchen item. This border idea helps with gift towels, too.

Pretty Crochet Edging

BONUS! This simple crochet border pattern is ideal for adding a bit of something extra to your sewing or crochet piece. Add this border to any item in your house and help it become the home you strive for.

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I have a strange problem someone gave a friend a box filled with crocheted panels. He wants me to join them for a blanket. Problem is the panels are of varying colors and lengths. I have them joined, but now I need the get them to the same length. Should I just crochet across the "open" space, catching in the sides of neighboring panels? I have assorted amounts and colors of yarn.br /H-E-L-P!!!

I found a beautiful trim for a baby blanket I made for a friend

Shell stitch is my favorite to go around borders.

I use shell stitch for borders

Depends on the project.

Shamrock border.

I like to use a simple border for afghans that I make, to help it look finished. A pretty shell, or sometimes just a couple of rounds of single crochet.

I like to do a row of 5 chain stiches over every fourth stitch than a tow of shell stitches over the chains...especially nice on baby blankets as it looks like a fluffy ruffle.

I like to use the Windows Border and the Criss Cross Edging the most.

Shell border and single crochet

I like simple , easy borders. A shell is the best.

I use a simple shell pattern after going around with a single crochet... (ch1, sc, ch2, 2dc),sk 2sc, in next sc (sc, ch2, 2dc)rep from around, join with a sl st to beg ch-1 I like it because it isn't too bulky but adds a nice finished edge, especially good because it isn't too "girly" if making a boy blanket.

I like simple borders like DC or shell!

Adding my own crochet border personalizes the pattern for me. I have a book of borders that I search through for the perfect border, but I am partial to the reverse single crochet edging for its simplicity.

Thank you for this excellent collection of edgings and borders. It will save me a lot of time and often, frustration when trying to decide how to finish a project.

I really appreciate this contribution. There are so many times when you finish a project and it still lacks something. If only you could add a little panache and turn a plain project into something spectacular! Heres where this wonderful set of links come in handy. From basic to elaborate, you can always find something to complete your project. Thanks for tracking these down!

Another great tutorial on the basics that are really very interesting no matter how long one has been crocheting. It can often be quite difficult to know which edging or border will look good with whatever it is we are making. Or perhaps we are just looking for an idea of something different. This tutorial makes it all so much easier plus there are detailed patterns on how to do each one.

If you take the time to learn a few of these, you will have it made in the shade. Then you can whip thru an afghan ,doing it in single or half double stitches( my favorite) and just fancy it up with a pretty trim. People will only notice that trim and you can take all the credit for making such a pretty item.


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