33+ Crochet Potholder Patterns (Free)


33+ Crochet Potholder Patterns (Free)

Looking for a crochet trivet pattern? How about a hot pad? This page is full of free crochet potholder patterns that will transform your table.


33 Crochet Potholder Patterns Free

Your kitchen accessories can add excitement to your cooking environment. A great way to liven up the routine of making dinner is with these 33+ Crochet Potholder Patterns (Free). Get out the hooks and learn how to make potholders by crocheting every one of these pretty designs.

Potholder patterns can be traditional or innovative. Either way, there are enough free crochet patterns for everyone's interests. Not only are potholders and hot pads necessities for your day-to-day cooking adventures, but they're fun to make if done right.

Crochet hot pads and potholders are a way to save money. Instead of buying a plain potholder, crochet a memorable pattern to show your creative side. Colorful crochet potholder patterns are frequently overlooked, but they have a lot of potential for being not only functional but cute! 

Make any one of these free crochet patterns for the kitchen and jazz up your drawers today. Be sure to also check out all of our free crochet coaster patterns, as well.

If you're a seasoned cook, you know how important it is to have a good quality hot pad to protect your hands, and if it's cute enough to lift your spirits, so much the better! We've organized this list into categories to help you navigate and make your pattern selections, so pick out some yarn and have some fun before your next baking day!

PLUS! Did you know that crocheting up a hexagon can provide you with a unique new coaster, trivet, or hot pad to use in your kitchen or dining room? It's a creative and simple idea to add an extra bit of flair to your dining. Watch this video tutorial to learn How to Crochet a Hexagon from our friend Heidi in our crochet studio.

Unique and Cute Crochet Potholder Patterns

These crochet potholder patterns are also easy to make and can be crocheted within an afternoon, making these patterns an excellent last-minute gift idea for any housewarming party on your calendar.

From holiday designs to bold and colorful motifs, you'll want to get these crochet potholder patterns in your kitchen right away. Grab some yarn and your favorite crochet hook, because you'll want to make the crochet potholders, trivets, and hot pad patterns included in this section.

(Not Your) Mum's Hotpad

If you're sick of traditional potholder patterns, try this crochet pattern to spice up your collection. A beautiful flower complements many kitchen accessories!

Moody Monkey Potholders

Who says you can't monkey around in the kitchen? This free crochet potholder pattern features three different monkeys with different facial expressions. A set of these would make an excellent housewarming or hostess gift!

Sweet Cupcake Coasters

These are the perfect coasters to put out during a party - they're super sweet and adorable AND are zero calories. What beats that?

Heart Shaped Trivet

Use any color worsted weight yarn to make this lovely crochet trivet for someone you love. It's so cute and sweet that anyone would appreciate this design in their home.

Coffee Cup Hot Pad

Coffee fanatics, this is the perfect potholder pattern for you. It's even in the shape of a coffee cup so it's basically an art piece that you set on your table or countertop.

Mr. Claus Potholder Pattern

You'll love using this adorable crochet potholder during the holidays! Just keep in mind this pattern is ideal for crocheters at the intermediate level. 

Dancing Sheep Potholder

This pattern is too cute to pass up! You'll love the whimsical addition of sheep to a crochet potholder. Plus, the colors are so inviting and gorgeous.

Super Simple Granny Square Potholder

Although this crochet potholder pattern is easy to make, it comprises four granny squares joined together. The result? A cute and colorful potholder that will look good on your kitchen table.

Bobble Heart Potholder

This design is perfect if you want to add some whimsy and texture to your typical potholder. Keep this crochet potholder pattern in mind the next time you need a quick gift idea for Valentine's Day!

Fruity Trivets And Potholders

Easy to make and colorful, too, these fruity trivets and potholders are almost good enough to eat. Perfect for summer but also great for when you're reminiscing about those warmer months.

Cheerful Sunflower Potholder

With its bold design and deep, rich colors, this crochet potholder pattern will be a sunny addition to your kitchen accessories.

Vintage Crochet Trivet & Hot Pad Patterns

You'll love these easy-to-make crochet potholders that are made in circles and squares. Even though they are mostly traditional but many are still unique, too! These creative, colorful, and fun crochet potholders, trivets, and hot pads will add a splash of color and style to any kitchen. These potholders are almost too pretty to cover up with a casserole dish!

Best of all, many of these crochet patterns do not require much yarn, so you could learn how to crochet a potholder simply by using what's available in your overflowing yarn stash

Old Fashioned Potholders

If you're looking for more of the classic potholders, try making some of these stunning potholders that will remind you of Grandma's house. Bring back that homey feel to your own kitchen with these.

The Best Crocheted Potholder

The name says it all! A free crochet potholder pattern that is timeless. This no-frills traditional crochet potholder pattern is ideal for pulling out hot items from the oven or setting that hot dish on so that your table stays beautiful.

Ripple Potholder

Old fashioned crochet meets new-age decor with these beautiful potholders! Aren't they pretty? Think of all the color options and delicate center designs you can create. These are almost too beautiful to use - you may want to frame these beauties.

Dutch Skies Potholders

Cool and calming, these potholders are worked up in cool shades of blue in a traditional circular pattern. The ombre blue look and brilliant dark curved edges look amazing but any color combination would be equally charming.

Double Wheels Potholder

Spin this little number and you might get dizzy, but that could just be your happiness, too. Whether you look at this and see wheels, a stovetop, or simply a delightful design, this functional yet artistic trivet will keep you company while you cook.

Retro Ring Trivet

This design features interlocking circles in some bold colors that take you back to the '70s. It's a rich and standout design that will bring you back to Mom's dinners when you were a kid. With a pretty crochet trivet pattern like this, you'll also have a gift idea for friends and family who love that retro style.

Potholder Pattern

Look at all these potholder designs! The diagonal stripes on these lovely holders are fun to make and fun to use. Plus, with this crochet hot pad pattern, you have so many options for customization and style that will work for your home.

Roll Stitch Hot Pad

Roll stitching sets this round crochet potholder pattern apart, and versatility makes it a necessary addition to your kitchen. This specific stitch results in a remarkable appearance with texture and class that you'll want in your kitchen. 

Thick and Bumpy Potholder

Simple squares meet some texture designs for a traditional and casual design. The texture can help grab or stabilize your food dishes and the look when not in use can easily blend in with any kitchen decor. 

Easy Peasy Potholder

Do you need a potholder in a hurry? Then you'll want to keep this quick and stylish crochet potholder pattern at your fingertips. Easy, easy, easy and attractive to boot. This one is a must-make. 

Vintage Inspired Crochet Potholder

You'll love this elegant and sleek design in this crochet potholder! Your friends will love receiving a duplicate for a housewarming gift, too.

Simple & Nature-Inspired Crocheted Potholder Patterns

You don't have to look far to find inspiration for crochet potholder patterns! This selection offers plenty of flower power, as well as additional designs inspired by nature. These colorful crochet patterns would make great gift ideas, too. We also have a few simple and chic designs mixed in as well.

If you're just learning to cook, you have to make sure you have the right accessories and supplies, and these free crochet potholder patterns are perfect for outfitting your new kitchen.

Kid Sized Potholder

Whether they're using their imaginations or breaking out the easy bake oven, any kid with an interest in cooking needs this to jump-start their hobbies!

Hexagon Crochet Bee Free Pattern

Been searching for simple crochet patterns? Here's your first step to decking out your kitchen accessories with the help of your hooks.

Stitch Perfect Potholders

Here's a free crochet pattern that has endless possibilities, simple enough to pick up and essential to whatever your crocheting needs are- kitchen accessories or otherwise! 

Moon Star Motif

Now this is truly a work of art. This looks like the sun, moon, stars, and flowers.

Sunny Skies Hotpad

Brighten up your kitchen with this cute hotpad pattern - it's one of the sweetest round crochet potholder patterns you'll fine!

Acorn Potholder

Easy to make, this crochet potholder pattern is the perfect way to add a qiurky look to your kitchen.

Flowers in Springtime Potholder

What a cute way to welcome spring! Consider using yarn in an assortment of colors when making this pattern.

Stir Me Up Potholders

They're easy crochet patterns that are fun and simple enough to make a stash to get you through your busy baking days.

Blooming Flower Coaster

Create an easy, oversized flower to decorate your table with this simple pattern. 

BONUS! Crochet Cozy Patterns for the Kitchen

Along with our 33+ crochet potholder patterns above, you can add a little more fun energy and brightness to your kitchen supplies with crochet cozies for everything in your kitchen. Make jar cozies, slow cooker cozies, wine bottle cozies, teapot cozies, and more!

The reason we knew we had to include these crochet cozies is that these are drop-dead gorgeous and fun. You will love adding more crochet pieces to your kitchen with any of these designs. They also make amazing gifts.

Scallop Tea Cozy

Use this scallop tea cozy pattern for a unique design for your coffee pot or teapot. There are instructions for English and Australian so be sure you follow the correct instructions. You have to love easy crochet patterns like this.

Hemp Mason Jar Cozy

his is a great way to keep your drink cool in the summer and your hands dry, too. The lightweight yarn and spacious stitches make this design ideal for a cozy. It's super cute as well.

Cupcake Slow Cooker Cozy

The pattern is written to fit a 1.5-quart slow cooker, but includes instructions on how to customize it to fit your own slow cooker.

Wise Owl Cozy

Slip this simple cozy on your mug and enjoy some company with your morning coffee.

One Hour Wine Bottle Cozy

Heading off to a party and in need of a hostess gift? Crochet this little cozy for a simple bottle of wine for a sure hit.

Teapot Cozy Daisy Pattern

Dress up your teapot with this darling striped tea cozy - complete with a daisy on top!

Holiday Greetings Crochet Teapot Cozy

Make pouring a lukewarm cuppa a thing of the past when you give the tea drinker in your life this Holiday Greetings Crochet Teapot Cozy. The result is a special teapot cozy that the recipient will look forward to using on a cold afternoon during the holidays.

Corelle Bowl Cozy

How great is this? Keep your dishes warm while the rest of your dinner finishes up with this lovely little dish cozy. Nothing is better than a functional crochet pattern that also adds some style to your table.

Beer Growler Cozy

BONUS! From the designer: "The Beer Growler Cozy makes a great gift for beer lovers, summer or winter - you might just have to make a few of these once your friends see yours! A growler is (usually) a glass jug used to transport draft beer - and keeping it cold until it gets home can be a challenge."

What is your favorite item in your kitchen?
Let us know!

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I am looking for a free pattern for a towel topper using straight across stitches, with 2 button hole tabs on each end.

looking for a chicken pot holder pattern

What a great find. I am always looking for quick cute patterns for presents. I like sending them to my friends and family up north and these are very inexpensive to mail and I never have to worry about them breaking. Thank you so much for offering all of these great ideas.

This is the perfect collection for when youre needing some inspiration. There are so many different styles, motifs, methods and stitches that these will keep you busy for a month or more. Youre bound to find something that will appeal to you. Put down your yarn and hook, and treat yourself to a little fantasy time. Just imagine the colors and textures youll use for these projects!

Here's another free potholder pattern to add to the list! Crochet Flower Potholder Pattern.... http//vintageinfo.net/crochet-flower-p == otholder-pattern/

The link to the crochet Stained Glass Flower Potdholder doesn't work. Any suggestions? Can't access it through the search function either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can't find pattern for stained glass flower potholder , doesn't go to correct page when I click on it.would really like to see it. Love the coffee cup hotpad

I am looking for a potholder pattern that uses a washcloth or kitchen design cloth that has the crotchet edging. The washcloth is not the typical fold. I have only seen one, but it was easy to wash and was decorative.

Does anyone know of an Owl potholder pattern? Been looking all over the interweb and can't find one I like. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



i like the patterns but the one i cannot locate is the one which looks like a shell stitch which is shown up above. i looked through all the patterns for hot pads. anyone know where this one is ?

It's the (Not Your) Mum's Hotpad If you click at the picture the pattern will be open.

I am looking for a potholder pattern that I found and printed the potholder with the owl on it but did not get the instructions. I would like to get this. Would you be able to send it to me at hunie590@yahoo.com? Thank you and you have a nice site. Margaret

to fancey

I just finished the Starburst Hotpad, I had a really hard time putting all 5 petals together or at least the final piece of yarn sewn in just a certain way to make the petals. I never mastered this step but like I do alot I put my own spin on it and accomplished the same look. I think the original instructions would have made it something I would make more or, but since I had to take more time working it together I will move on to another pattern and try to conquer it. I'm self taught and still teaching myself, but there are so many videos or how to do things it makes the process of learning easier. Thank you.

looking for pot scrubber pattern that i can print out on my printer/ thanks

This starburst hotpad is really pretty and it's easy to do. Well worth the time and easy to carry with you to have handy when you have a few minutes to wait for an appointment.

@msdonnaerlarson 2292663: I have just tested the links and they seem to be working properly. You may notice that the links at the top of the page link to categories of patterns further down on the page. You will need to click on the links for specific patterns further down on the page in order to open the pattern pages. Hope this helps! -- Editor of AllFreeCrochet

How do you get the pattern??? I have clicked the links nothing is happening. I would love to make these pop holders. Thanks for your time in this matter. D

@e4264317 7368982: If you would like to see free patterns by e-mail, please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter using the "My Newsletters" tab at the top of this page. Hope this helps! -- Editor of AllFreeCrochet

how do you received free patterns

does anyone know how to do a germany crazy stitch diagonal scalope edging


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