Cable Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Ready to learn another fun and creative crochet stitch? This Cable Stitch… More

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Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag Pattern

The Groovy Berry Crochet Messenger Bag is an easy crochet bag pattern that… More

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Corner to Corner Crochet Stitch

This Corner to Corner Crochet Stitch tutorial is the perfect video… More

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How to Crochet a Star Stitch

Learn How to Crochet a Star Stitch. This is a new crochet stitch that will… More

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Candy Cane Beanie

"Just in time for the holidays- Candy Cane Beanie! I had originally… More

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9 Winter Crochet Hat Videos

I just love to crochet so much I really do enjoy it and I now know why the… More

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Crochet Star Ornament Tutorial

Make your own Crochet Star Ornament by watching this easy-to-follow… More

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DIY Crochet Phone Cozy

Who doesn't love their phone? Why not show it some appreciating by… More

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How to Make a Slip Knot

The first step in beginning your crochet pattern, after choosing your yarn… More

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How to Crochet Jacob's Ladder Stitch

If you have been on the hunt for a totally unique and different crochet… More

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Cozy Winter Crochet Headband

The chilly winter weather can really take a toll on your ears. This Cozy… More

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Weaving in Your Ends

We all know that when we finish a crochet project we want to show the… More

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DIY Doll Hair

Whether you're creating an amigurumi, an ornament, or a doll, this DIY… More

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How to Crochet a Chainless Foundation Using Half…

In this video tutorial, Connie Haney teaches you how to crochet a… More

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Gingerbread Man

"Here is a crochet gingerbread man appliqu pattern that comes with a free… More

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