Eve the Christmas Tree

"The holidays are here and that means so is Christmas! Learn how to get… More

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Little Big Sapling with Flower Pot

"This guy is the brand new version of our Little Pink Dude, and he comes… More

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Cookie Critters

"Fun little critters for littles to snuggle with! You can make them with… More

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Easy Crocheted Owl

This Easy Crocheted Owl is a hoot! Make this little guy in any colors you… More

(16 Votes)

Crocheted Sixtopus

"Crocheted Sixtopus is a handmade stuffed animal toy for a newborn baby.… More

(1 Votes)

Sweet Baby Doll Stuffie

"This is an easy baby doll pattern that would make a great gift for a… More

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Wishing Star Crochet Pattern

You know what they say... when you wish upon a star, your dreams come… More

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Amigurumi Chocolate Fountain

Who wouldn't want an amigurumi chocolate fountain? It's looks just as… More

(4 Votes)

Baby Monkey

"This cute baby crochet monkey is easy-to-crochet and can be made in just… More

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Rearview Mirror Hanging Dice

"This pattern is same as on my old pattern Amigurumi Dice. Ive reduced the… More

(1 Votes)

Your Own Crochet Frog Prince

Your Own Crochet Frog Prince is a super creative way to work up a crochet… More

(1 Votes)

Two Little Monkey

"Meet two little monkey brother and sister , they are fun to be around and… More

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Perfectly Plump Crocheted Pumpkins

"These crocheted pumpkins are made in two sizes. The larger size is about… More

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Crochet Pumpkins that Look Knit

"These pumpkins look knit but they are actually crochet. They are pretty… More

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Easy & Quick Halloween Spider Amigurumi

"This is a super easy quick spider pattern. Beginner-friendly! Perfect… More

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