43 Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers


43 Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers

This feline-inspired collection of crochet cat patterns includes scarves, hats, amigurumi, and more!


Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Lovers

Cat ladies (and gents!) of the crochet world, we have a collection of free crochet patterns for cat lovers that are absolutely purr-fect. If you crochet daily, you are surely always looking for unique and creative crochet patterns to work up. These definitely fit the bill! After all, it only makes sense that cat lovers would combine their love for their furry felines with their love of crochet.

Make something cat-themed to wear so that the whole world will be witness to your obsession, like a cat ear crochet pattern or a fun scarf with a kitty head on it. If you prefer to make something that you can display in your home or give to a little one in your life to pass down a preference for cats, a cat amigurumi crochet pattern is a great option. But no collection of free crochet cat patterns would be complete without a crochet cat bed or crocheted cat toys among the mix. Your kitty will be so happy and feel so loved if you make them any of the crochet patterns below. 

At the end of the day, dogs are great, but cats hold a special place in the hearts of many crocheters. There's just something about the way they sometimes curl up on your lap while you're sitting on the couch with a crochet project in your hands. Make those moments even more special by crocheting something made especially for them. 

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Cat Ear Hat Crochet Patterns

Purrfect Cat Ears Hat

Crochet hats are so special because they often let you combine your need for warmth and coziness with a more fun aspect of your personality or interests. You can make a hat to express your favorite food, color, holiday, and even... your favorite animal! Since we know cats are yours, we bet you'll love a cat ear hat crochet pattern that you can wear around Halloween or all year round. 

This Purrfect Cat Ears Hat is a gorgeous option that looks so warm and cozy. The metallic yarn gives it a sparkly look for a little extra glam. You'll find plenty more amazing options below, including patterns for kids, headbands, and crochet hoods. 

Kitty Cat Beanie Hat

This Adorable Kitty Cat Beanie Hat is a beginner-friendly pattern that any cat lover will adore. It is really just a giant rectangle that is manipulated and sewn into place to form the cat shape. You'll love how simple it is. 

Black Cat Crochet Hat

Don't worry, you won't have any bad luck if the Black Cat Crochet Hat crosses your path. This sassy crochet hat pattern is perfect for Halloween. Wear this crochet Halloween pattern everywhere in October. 

Glam Black Cat Hat

One of the most popular Halloween costumes for girls is being a cat. Help her be one this year by working up the Glam Black Cat Hat. Not only is it the perfect accessory to a homemade Halloween costume, but it can also be worn later in the year as it stays rather chilly outside. 

Black Cat Hat

You'll be lucky when this Black Cat Hat pattern crosses your path! This cute kitty cat hat is one of the cutest hats we've ever seen. If you're a cat lover, you'll love the simple cat-tastic look of this free crochet hat pattern. From the yellow eyes to the cute whiskers, this crochet hat is purr-fect. 

Reflective Bike Helmet Cover

Add an extra element of safety to your bike rides with this free crochet pattern. The Reflective Bike Helmet Cover is especially perfect for nighttime bike riding because of the reflective thread that is woven into the yarn. Work up this cute cat-inspired crochet pattern for your children's bike helmet today and keep them extra safe. 

Kitty Cat Hat

Meow! This adorable Kitty Cat Hat is too cute for words. Plus, it's super easy to crochet and quick to work up using Bernat Softee Baby yarn. This free crochet hat pattern is not only fun to wear, but also easy to wash. The ears are crocheted separately and then later sewn onto the hat. 

Cat Ear Headband

This quick and easy Cat Ear Headband is so fun and playful. You only need to know basic crochet stitches like single crochet and how to make a magic ring and chain. This last-minute Halloween idea will take you only 30 minutes to make. 

Pussy Cat Hat Pattern 4 in Yarn Weights

This Pussy Cat Hat Pattern was inspired by the women attending the Women’s March on Washington, as part of the Pussy Hat Project. There are patterns for four different weights of yarn, so you can use any yarn in your stash. 

Cheshire Cat Hood

If you've ever wanted to spend time exploring the wonderful and whimsical world of Wonderland, then here's a crochet pattern for you. The Cheshire Cat Hood is a bright and colorful take on the traditional hood that children of all ages will love. From the top of the cat ears to the braids on either side, you'll love wearing this hood while trick-or-treating.

Cute and Easy Crochet Cat Hat

When a standard crochet winter hat just won't do, try working up the Cute and Easy Crochet Cat Hat instead. This crochet hat pattern is worked up in much the same way as a typical hat, but with the extra addition of crochet earflaps that also tie to keep your head and ears super warm against the cold wind. 

Free Crochet Cat Scarf Patterns

Cuddly Hooded Cat Cowl

Another great way to express your love for your feline friends is by working up a crochet cat scarf. These scarves will make getting dressed during the winter months to face the cold outside a little more bearable. 

One option we can't get enough of lately is the Cuddly Hooded Cat Cowl. Your little one will be the talk of the school when they walk through the doors wearing this adorable crochet scarf. But don't worry, the fun isn't only for kids! There are gorgeous crochet scarf patterns below that any adult cat lover would be thrilled to wear, whether they include a bold cat design or something a little more subtle. 

Kitty Crochet Scarf Pattern

This Kitty Crochet Scarf Pattern is simply the cat's meow. It shows you how to crochet, as well as being quick, versatile, and a great way to use those extra skeins of gray, white, brown, or black yarn. It's a perfect must-have and DIY project for any cat lover.

Make It Right Meow Hooded Scarf

When we say this Make It Right Meow Hooded Scarf is purr-fect, we mean it. Just look at those adorable cat ears, and try not to smile. Learn how to crochet a hooded scarf with lots of charm. Any cat lover in your life would be thrilled if you made them this hooded scarf crochet pattern. 

Kittens in a Row Scarf

Cat lovers, get ready for the cutest crochet scarf pattern you've ever seen. Use any three colors of worsted weight yarn you want for this cute Kittens in a Row Scarf. It's an easy to intermediate crochet pattern that measures approximately 6 inches wide by 51 inches long. These crocheted cats will keep you great company every time you wear this homemade scarf.

Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf

Meow! This Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf is a fun and playful scarf pattern that adults and kids will both love to wear. This free crochet pattern includes directions for both children and adults. It would make an excellent holiday gift for anyone on your list. The cat ears and pockets make this scarf stand out from the crowd. Use any color yarn you prefer to complete this crochet pattern.

Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Sweetheart Cat Ami

If wearing your love for cats is not really your thing, an amigurumi cat pattern might be the way to go. Amigurumi crochet patterns are so fun because you can make them as crazy and detailed as you want without having to worry about looking a little too obsessed out in public. Plus, you can even make an amigurumi cat that is more themed for Halloween or based off your favorite famous cat from popular culture. 

Cat ladies everywhere are adoring this Sweetheart Cat Ami. It would be perfect to make around Valentine's Day and display in your home or gift to a fellow cat lover. Each of the free amigurumi crochet patterns below is unique in its own special way. Your home is going to be filled with amigurumi cats after you see how cute each of them is. 

Crabby Cat Crochet Pattern

It has been a long time since someone so grumpy could make so many people so happy like Grumpy Cat. This Crabby Cat Crochet Pattern looks just like the feline internet celebrity. Working up to be just over a foot tall, this adorable free crochet pattern would make an amazing gift for grumpy friend. 

Jenny the Crochet Cat

This Jenny the Crochet Cat pattern is the perfect pattern for cat lovers everywhere. It will use up under one skein of yarn, making it a great scrapbuster. Make this cat amigurumi crochet pattern for a child, and they will play with it for hours on end.

Free Crochet Cat Pillow Pattern

If you like crochet pillow patterns and you love cats, then this Free Crochet Cat Pillow Pattern was made for you. You will love snuggling up with this cat pillow, and it's sure to put a smile on your face with its silliness. It's a fun take on your usual crochet cat pattern.

Patchwork Cat

How fun and interesting is this Patchwork Cat? It's designed in the style of a classic quilt block, and you can use planned colors or make it from your scraps. This is a cat pattern that Grandma would love to have sitting on her couch. 

Juju Cats

If you're a cat lover, you will love carrying them around with you in the form of these Juju Cats. These cute little keychains can be made to resemble the cats in your life so you can always be reminded of how much you love them. 

Amigurumi Scarecrow Cat and Crow

This Amigurumi Scarecrow Cat and Crow is the perfect way to decorate your home for the fall months. These cuties don't take too long to make even though they look like they took hours and hours to make. 

Crochet Cat Bus

Children's movies are making a comeback with this adorable Totoro Crochet Cat Bus. It doesn't get more unique than this. This is a one of a kind crochet design with step by step crochet instructions for you to follow. The kids will go nuts for it.

Mr. Fluffs Crocheted Kitty

Both kids and adults will love playing with this Mr. Fluffs Crocheted Kitty! He measures approximately 9.25 inches tall. The shiny bow completes his dashing outfit. Use black yarn and an orange bow for a spooky Halloween decoration.

Clyde the Golden Crochet Cat

Have your very own pet that will be there whenever you need it. Crochet a cat with a free crochet pattern. Worsted weight yarn makes this cat nice and sturdy.

Mew Plushie

Is it a cat? A panther? An alien? It's up to you to decide! This Mew Plushie looks like the pink panther, and kids will love to play with this original crochet toy.

Adorable Cat Amigurumi

This is an Adorable Cat Amigurumi modeled after the designer's cat, Mochi. This pattern is super easy, so you can have your own little kitty in no time! This little guy would also be the perfect gift for any cat lover in your life.

Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat

This sweet little Amigurumi Halloween Black Cat is a fun decoration to have in your home for the month of October. Black cats will always be associated with Halloween so this pattern is an essential. It's such a detailed and adorable version of a classic.

Coraline Cat

The stealthy cat from the movie 'Coraline' turns out amazing in crochet form. Along with the Coraline Cat pattern, you can find photo and video tutorials on how to assemble this intricate amigurumi pattern. 

A Blue Crochet Kitty

Use this free crochet pattern to make an adorable blue kitty for your child. It makes for a great birthday gift. This pattern calls for an F hook and worsted weight yarn.

Crochet Cat Toys and More

Blue Bells Cat Toy

Would you really be a true cat lover if you didn't make something for your own feline? Whether your pet is in need of a new crochet cat bed, crochet cat toy, or crochet cat sweater, you're sure to find something below that they would love. 

This Blue Bells Cat Toy is one quick and easy pattern that will keep them amused for hours. After all, why buy expensive pet toys when you can crochet your own and personalize them to your kitty? Make any of these patterns for your pet and they're sure to become extra cuddly for days to come. 

Tabby Chic Cat Bed

This Tabby Chic Cat Bed is the perfect thing to make your cat feel nice and cozy. It's super easy to make and will soon be your kitty's favorite place to take naps. If your cat is part of your family, this is one pattern they definitely deserve. 

Catnip Pouch Crochet Cat Toy

This quick and easy Catnip Pouch Crochet Cat Toy is a fabulous pattern that will keep your cat healthy and entertained. Playtime is important for relieving their anxiety, strengthening their bodies, and more. 

Cat Paw Christmas Stocking

You'll be kitty's best friend if you work up this Cat Paw Christmas Stocking. They'll be so distracted by the fishy on the outside that they'll forget there are presents inside! You can get new treats and a collar for your furry friend this holiday season, all by having a nice, new crochet Christmas stocking to put them in. 

Simple Crocheted Cat Bed

This free crochet pattern is an absolute must-have for anybody who has a feline member of their family. Worked up in two colors, this Simple Crocheted Cat Bed will quickly become your kitty's favorite place to lounge. If you're a bit of a neat freak, you could work this bed up in a yarn similar to your cat's fur color so your kitty's shedding isn't as visible. 

Itty Bitty Mouse Toy

Make this Itty Bitty Mouse Toy today. This particular crochet pattern was designed to be a cat toy, but it would also make an excellent DIY home decor item for the holidays. Add a cute crocheted Santa hat and you've got an instant Christmas mouse decoration. 

Decorative Apple Animal Headpiece

This Decorative Apple Animal Headpiece is such a unique pattern that will have your cat Instagram-ready! It's perfect for fall and would make a great Halloween costume for your kitty. Plus, it works up fast and is a great use for your yarn scraps. 

Cheeky Mice

Your cat will get hours of entertainment out of these adorable Cheeky Mice. You can make a few of these tiny little toys in a short amount of time. They're easy to crochet and the only separate pieces are the ears. Make them in your favorite color. 

Comforting Kitty Afghan

If there's a cat in your house, then you're going to love this Comforting Kitty Afghan (and so will your cat!)  This blanket can be used as a throw on the couch, or even placed in your kitty's bed or favorite spot on the sofa. 

Halloween Cat Toy

Make an adorable Halloween Cat Toy for your puuurfect friend to play with this year. You can crochet a Halloween pumpkin pattern, a cat or a ghost. Catnip is stuffed inside these cat toys, so your kitty will surely chase them all around the house.

Sunshine's New Toy

Let your cat play and have fun with this simple crochet pattern. It should bring just as much enjoyment to you, as it will to your cat. The sound of the jingle bells in it will let you know when your cat is at play.

Muffin's Cat Ball

Cats can have crazy fun playing with this simple crochet pattern ball for hours. There is no cat-nip in it, but you could easily add some if you'd like. Let your cat shake, rattle, and roll with this ball!

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