A One Skein Wrap


Wrap yourself in warmth and style with A One Skein Wrap! A wrap is a nice accessory that every woman should have, especially when you don't want to wear a jacket or sweater when it's spring or summer. You only have to have one skein of yarn in order to make this gorgeous wrap, so don't think you can't make anything with just one skein. Make yours today with this free crochet pattern from Caron International! You'll love how easy it is to make this gorgeous crochet wrap, and you just might be able to complete it in one weekend. Consider setting aside time to crochet a wrap for your best friend, too.


Crochet HookN/15 or 10 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Materials List

  • 1 skein Caron International One Pound (100% acrylic; 16 oz/454 g, 812 yds/742 m skein) yarn in Soft Sage
  • US N-15 (10 mm) crochet hook, or size to obtain gauge
  • Yarn needle

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I would like to see a close up picture of this One Skein Wrap. So I can figure out the pattern. The written pattern is confusing me some, I'm not sure about # 1 and 2? Is it saying after you do the chain, you do row 1, then #2 says the same to then continue with Row 1. So I'm not really understanding it at all. Sorry, but it's just now working in my mind.. I do like the way it looks in the picture. Thanks anyways, I'll be back hoping someone can clear up my confusion on this pattern.

This One Skein Wrap is a real piece of art! I love the stitch design and I am sooo glad that it's been designated "easy" because it makes it so much more accessible to so many more of us! The one skein benefits us in that we don't have to be concerned about dye lots and it's a good bargain too just like Hippie Chick said. I also like that it can start off the good ole fashioned way-the foundation chain or with a row of foundation single stitch!

I really am enjoying all of the one-skein free patterns that I am finding on your site today. I am always buying extra yarn when I make a project just make sure I have enough or stock up when I find a really good bargain or sale. One-skein projects really help to bust the stash.

A One Skein Wrap is just right if you want a simple wrap like this one here. So if you want a wrap that is oversized - long, wide, bulky and with a lot of texture then you can actually do that using another pattern which will satisfy your passion of making complicated projects. But this one is cool, it is calming with the pastel used and so demure.

I found this lovely wrap as part of the One Skein Pattern Collection. However, the title of this project is a bit of a misnomer. When I think of a skein, the usual 4 ounce Red Heart or other brand comes to mind. Sure enough, it uses a One Pound variety instead. From personal experience, I would use the Lion Brand or other baby type yarn instead of the Caron. I love the Caron, but it tends to be a bit stiff.

Hi! As I like to review a pattern before I start on a project, and since I read some of the comments on here, there seems to be some confusion.When you instruct to do 3DCtog working over 4th ch from hook and next 2 ch, are you saying 1 dc in 4th chain from hook, leave loop on hook then 1 dc in next 2 ch leaving next 2 loops on hook, yo (yarn over) and pull through 3 loops and then chain 1? If you can clarify, this may make it easier than as easy as the pattern says it is. Thank you!

HI I love this pattern but really really new at crochet, do love a challenge though. Can anyone out there tell me the best way to find out what the stitches men, and where to go to learn them. I am determined to try this one so please any advise will be appreciated

Gloshei you should check out utube. Search for how to videos. Good luck. Otherwise investing in a good book of stitches will help with all projects.

Directions are not hard to follow, came out nice for me!

Wow, so beautiful and elegant looking! I am a shawl and wrap addict and can never have too many. The feel of a beautiful shawl around my shoulders always makes me feel like a million bucks and this one is certainly going to do that! The pattern looks quite complicated (even though it is rated Easy) so I did a small test piece and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually very easy so I will be off to my local yarn store first thing tomorrow morning, lol!

It could be the beautiful color that first caught my eye but I will be making this gorgeous wrap as my very next project! Our summer in South Africa will slowly be coming to an end soon and this looks like such a lovely light wrap for the cooling days and evenings as winter draws nearer. Now to get my head around foundation stitch . .lol

It's got a nice lacy stitch pattern going on. I'm not a fan of the pastel yellow, though. And usually, from what I have seen at the craft stores, the one pound skeins are mostly baby colors- the pastels. I think you can get a black and a wine color. Or, just buy 3-4 of the regular skeins and pick from many other color choices.

This piece is gorgeous, but for the life of me, I can't make it work. Ive tried again and again. I make the starting chain, stop and count it before I move on, but though I get the chain count right, when I try the pattern rows it always comes out wrong. I am able to do advanced level patterns, but this one slays me! What am I doing wrong?

Hi blueraven, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this pattern! My suggestion would be to post on our Facebook wall to see what our friendly community of crocheters have to say, or you can contact Caron/Yarnspirations (the authors of the pattern) and see what their customer support can help you with. Thank you - and sorry for the inconvenience! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Okay, help me out here..."tr" is what? Triple crochet? Also, with dc7tog over next 7 ch I thought that dc7tog is 7 doubles in one chain. But then it says " over next 7 ch". I have no idea what that means. A legend of abbreviations would be VERY helpful...in English, not Martian. I've barely begun, and am completely stumped by how nebulous the instructions are. Help me out here.

I would assume that the 7 together over 7 ch means double crochet in each chain but don't complete final loop. After the 7 are done you would have 8 loops on your hook. Yarn around hook and pull through all 8 loops. Complete. Hope this helps

i was unable to find a way to download this pattern. i had to print screen it. Why post a pattern you don't want to share?

Put cursor over the P at top of screen (by notes...etc.) and select "print" -- you can then save as pdf rather than print. Select area you want to include first for smaller document.

Would someone who has successfully made this wrap, please, make a YouTube video? LOL to the comment about translated directly from Martian. ROFL

Would someone who has successfully made this wrap, please, make a YouTube video? LOL to the comment about translated directly from Martian. ROFL

So lovely but certainly not easy. I find the FSC thing much harder than just chaining and doing a row of single crochet. Is there a way to convert the fsc thing into just plain "chain number, turn, single stitch number and then start the pattern? Sometimes "improving" a pattern makes it doubly hard. I'd love to make this wrap, but will not with the fsc start.

I had no problem with the pattern, but I'd like to leave some tips for others. I did make the beginning chain loosely as directed, but still had some pull in the first row. I would suggest making your starting chain with the next size larger hook. I also added 24 stitches to make it longer, but wished I'd added another 12. I used an acrylic yarn because I had a lot of it, but would advise using a cotton blend as the acrylic doesn't hang as nicely as the picture. Overall, a lovely shawl. I'm debating on adding some small Irish roses here and there along the edges where the fringes are, we'll see.

Thanks for the tips!! :) The Irish rose addition sounds lovely ! Be sure to post a picture here of your finished project - we would love to see it! -editors of AllFreeCrochet

Homespun , We are allergic to wool would like a nice warm shall Pattern easy, for college student I bought the yarn we like Homespun Gothic Sylvialloyd@sbcglobal.com

Cannot find this shawl pattern. Impossible with all that you list!! It isn't the "One Skein Wrap" because a different pattern comes up. I've looked at Caron's link but almost impossible to find it there!

Dancing Cook - Thank you for alerting us to the problem. The link has been fixed and you should be able to find the pattern now. Happy crocheting! - Editor of AllFreeCrochet.com

I did this project 2 years ago as a beginner because I thought it was an "easy" pattern. It wasn't, but I did complete it and was proud of the product. I believe the pattern here is missing the "special terms" section of the pattern, which I fortunately downloaded at the time I did the project. The "special terms" section explains out to do the dc7tog, etc... I do have the pattern with the special terms on my blog (www.itchinforsomestitchin.com) or you can contact me at itchinforsomestitchin@gmail.com and I will be happy to pass them on to anyone who may need them. Best wishes.

I would very much appreciate it if you could send me your special terms. joycebloem@gmail.com thank you.

I am an experienced crocheter but am having problems with this pattern. Am assuming the "dc7tog over next 7 ch" should be in the same place, in each row where this stitch is used. In other words, these clusters should line up vertically. Unfortunately, I am finding that some do, while others don't. They are in more of an alternating, back and forth pattern, instead of lining up one on top the other. Am I making the wrong assumption? How can I get in touch with Marilyn Losee, the pattern designer? Thank you.

you need to go to the caron website to free patterns. then look at the special terms to know how to do the dc3tog , or the dc7tog. this pattern is not written very well to understand. even for an advanced crocheter.

Thanks! I thought it was me! Ripped it out 3 times! I agree it is not an "easy" Pattern, I have been crocheting for quite some time and it was confusing. Love the pattern though.

can you tell me what the sps mean in this row dc2tog over next 2 ch-1 sps single--------?????

sp means "space" sps, spaces.

as I am in the UK can you please tell me is the dc a double Crochet or a treble. Regards Sandra

dc is double crochet.

This is a beautiful pattern and I am anxious to try it. However I am not sure what 'Dc7tog, Dc3tog', etc. means. I have never seem this type of abbreviation. Can someone describe how these stitches are made?

Here's the explanation of those instructions from the original pattern at YarnInspirations: SPECIAL TERMS dc2tog: Double crochet 2 together[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 2 times, yarn over and draw through 3 loops on hook. dc3tog: Double crochet 3 together[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 3 times, yarn over and draw through 4 loops on hook. dc4tog: Double crochet 4 together[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 4 times, yarn over and draw through 5 loops on hook. dc7tog: Double crochet 7 together[Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook] 7 times, yarn over and draw through 8 loops on hook.

I've made 2 of these wraps and came out beautiful.

I have been wanting to try this pattern but after reading the comments I fear I will have the same problems. Can you please tell me if the problems with this pattern have been corrected? I have a June deadline for my niece's wedding. I thought this would make a lovely gift for her. Thank you.

Contact ghlvr923 0400103 above you and ask what, if any, modifications she made to pattern.

I saw this pattern a few years back on Caron Yarns website. I checked again tonight. Caron is now on Yarnspirations website. This pattern was designed by Marilyn Losee and is located on this website. The address is www.yarnspirations.com/pattern/crochet/one-skein-wrap. I hope this helps. I read your reviews and felt your frustration.

I am an experienced crocheter but this pattern has me very puzzled. the way it's written is not clear and after completing 2nd row I realized something was wrong (I thought so while working on it but kept going to the end of the row). It doesn't lay flat like in the picture and instructions didn't make sense. Can someone please send me any corrections to this pattern. Thanks in advance.

please my friend and I need your help with this easy one skein shawl. We both know how to crochet and the directions are very difficult for us to follow is there any help you can offer us. thanks maryann

7/7/13 I too have been working on this pattern and only got as far as the first row. The second row doesn't make any sense to me as written. I find that many have complained. Don't have access to You Tube or Face book, how about helping those who can use these sites. It is totally frustrating to want to use this pattern as a gift only to be ready to tear you hair out because it won't work. Has the correction made and posted so that we can get on with it. 5098783

I am a beginner for knitting and crocheting. Before the weight of the yarn, in the instructions, is a (4). Is that 4 skeins? Before the crochet hook is a N/15, 15 number for size of hook..what is N? Thanks!

The (4) also means the weight of the yarn. The yarn label sometimes have a picture of a skein of yarn with a number on it. This indicates the weight. The N/15 is the US measurement for hooks. Your hooks are labeled with the N/15 or N or 15. This link will take you to a pdf doc on the Craft Yarn Council. It has some great info. http://www.craftyarncouncil.jade-server.com/files/s-and-g.pdf Ronny

I am looking for pattern #RO46

I am a very busy grandma and mom. I do crochet for relaxation and have no interest at all in something I have to re-do endlessly and then discover that the directions were flawed, or were translations directly from Martian, and are therefore unintelligible to the average American needle artist! I agree with some of the previous posters. if YOU put a pattern up, when there are many inquiries about problems YOU should look into the matter and post the corrected or modified patterns! as far as my own work goes, I have now started to read the comments first. if they seem to be pointing out issues that are not corrected I just ignore the patterns and delete that email.

Good idea. I'm just getting started in crochet again. Last crochet was pre-internet invention, so haven't dealt with these things yet. I'll take your advice!!

I am a beginner and I would like very much to ask you to include with each project, a large picture of it. I am very visual and seeing the actual work will make reading the pattern more sense. Thank you...

I made one of these and it came out great, made a second and just couldn't get it right. I hope these instructions are easier to understand.

I am in the middle of making mine and it appears to be working, It does not look as pretty as the picture showing it but then again you can not really get a close look at how it is suposed to look. Found it to be a matter of counting the stitches - but not in 12's. In row 2 it is more like 11 and the 12th is the crochet 2 together. Found it looked best when putting the 1st dc on one side of the 7 cluster and the 2nd on the other side and then pulling yarn through 3 loops. .. Just my 2 cents worth.

This is one of the BADEST one I;ve yet the One Skein wrap.

Hi, everyone. Carrie Carpenter offers this advice: "I just tested this pattern and it appears okay. The pattern repeat is in multiples of 12. Add 3 to the beginning chain. The 13 pattern repeats at the end of row 1 is a row count to help ensure accuracy. It is letting you know that when you finish row 1, you should have 13 pattern repeats (assuming you are working from the patterns beginning chain of 159." Perhaps this might clear up some confusion! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I made this wrap and it turned out perfect and just beautiful. Thanks for a great pattern!

Since you have been successful with this pattern, would you be so kind as to let the rest of us know how you were able to complete this project? Several of us find that there is something wrong with the directions and we can't get anyone to provide either a corrected pattern, advice or comment on our question. Thanks for the help.


OK, so it's February now. Do we have the right instructions for this wrap???

I have been working on this pattern and it is not easy. I counted stitches over and over. It is not an easy pattern. If someone figures out the solution please let me know.

So glad I read these...I printed out the instructions, and now hope you send the corrections to all of us subscribers so we know we have the corrected one

Looks so soft and cuddly!

Hello everyone, Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are currently looking into the problem and will hopefully be able to provide updated instructions soon! We apologize for any inconvenience. - Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Have you posted hte corrected instructions? I'm glad I read these, I've taken the work our many times and almost gave up. I'm willing to give it one more try if I can get the corrections.

Since you seem to be unsuccessful in obtaining "updated" instructions, may I suggest you REMOVE THIS PATTERN FROM THE WEB until such time as you are able to provide correct instructions. Is that too much to ask? Helen Dearing

Something is sooooo wrong with the instructions. I tried for hours. I'll make a diiferent one, I give up and I don't give up easily. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks something is wrong!!!

I, too am having trouble with this pattern. If you follow the pattern as written, it will start making a circle. Have there been any corrections made to this pattern? What a shame, as it looks so pretty, and I was looking forward to making this as a gift. Back to the drawing board!

@llherrmann 7234286, I'm sorry to hear of your trouble. I have two options for you: 1. You can contact the pattern designer directly for help. The designer is specified in the byline. 2. I might also suggest that you try posting your question to our sites Facebook page. It is monitored by the editor and is a great resource for helpful tips and suggestions from our Facebook friends; perhaps they can offer some guidance! Here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/AllFreeCrochet --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

May I suggest that YOU contact YOUR pattern designer and get her/him to furnish a correction. We trust you and your website to publish patterns that can be worked. You have a lot of people out her frustrated by YOUR publishing this pattern.

To Member 0146272 I have the same problem, I've torn it out more than a few times....and I would really like to get it right. Can anyone help.

@Elrine, Yes, we can help! Here is the link to download the eBook you are looking for: http://www.favecrafts.com/Crochet-Afghans/Weve-Got-You-Covered-25-Crochet-and-Knit-Throws-free-eBook-from-Red-Heart-Yarns/ Enjoy!! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

This just gets worse and worse. I downloaded AND PRINTED this book and the one skein wrap is not in it.

I am looking for the ebook "25 afghans and throws" or something like that - can you help?

We've changed the link to the yarn company. This should make it easier to print. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Apparently not. I went to Michael's page and still only got the picture thru step 5. How can I get the rest of the instructions?

This is the most confusing pattern ever! It won't show up unless you copy & paste it to a word document, and then there are 'Step numbers" and "Round numbers" that don't correspond all through it. Maybe my brain just isn't in gear but i think it needs to be re-formatted or something.

The directions are there, but the last page wouldn't print. I copied into Word and then printed it that way. Hope this helps.

I do not see the pattern only step 1,2,3 and list of materials needed. There is no directions on how to crochet this pretty wrap or edge it like in the picture. Can you please post them or email them to me thanks.

Thanks for calling that to our attention. This has been fixed.

file error no pattern

I tried this pattern. I was not satisfied with it. I think it has errors. When I got the end, and started the next row, it did not work out right. I tore it out several times and I still ended up short on stitches on the end. I was very disappointed with it and would very much like to make it for the chemo patients at my hosptial, but unless I can get a correct pattern, I cannot do it.


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