How to Make a Crochet Blanket Bigger or Smaller


How to Make a Crochet Blanket Bigger or Smaller

Crochet blanket sizes don't have to be black and white. Learn how to adjust measurements for crochet blankets with these tips.

How to Make a Crochet Blanket Bigger or Smaller

You've found the perfect pattern for a beautiful crochet blanket, and you can't wait to start the new project. The only wrinkle, though, is that the original pattern is not quite the size you need.

What's a crocheter to do?

Whatever you do, don't give up on the pattern! You can still create the crochet blanket of your dreams with a few adjustments to the pattern. With these 7 tips, you will learn how to make a crochet blanket bigger or smaller.

When it comes to crochet blanket sizes, understanding the math and crochet tools will help you understand how to adjust. We will walk you through it on this page, too! All you need to do is make a few modifications to the materials you plan to use. With a little bit of practice and patience, you can resize the original crochet blanket pattern to fit your needs.

Making the changes, however slight, is also a great way for you to incorporate your own take on the project. We at AllFreeCrochet have created a list of tips on how to resize a crochet afghan blanket to just the right dimensions. There's even a crochet blanket sizes chart for you to download. Bookmark, pin, or print this resource so that you can always have these guidelines on hand when starting a new crochet afghan project.

How To Change Crochet Blanket Dimensions

There are a lot of ways to adjust crochet blanket sizes but below, we are going over our top 7 tips for when you want to add onto a crochet blanket or make it smaller than the pattern states. Obviously, if you crochet tighter or looser, that will change the crochet blanket dimensions, too, so creating a swatch may be a great way to figure out what you need to customize before getting started. So, How to increase the size of a crochet blanket pattern? Take a look at the ideas and find one that works for you.

  1. Change Your Hook Size
    If you already have the yarn you love, then you can modify a pattern simply by using a hook that’s larger or smaller than the crochet hook size indicated in the original pattern. Remember that a smaller hook will result in smaller, tighter stitches, while a larger hook will result in — you guessed it — larger stitches. The size of the stitches will ultimately lengthen or shorten your crochet blanket.
  2. Change The Yarn Weight
    According to Toni Rexroat from Interweave, you can resize your crochet blanket by "substitute[ing] the yarn with a lighter or heavier weight yarn." If the original pattern calls for worsted weight, you can add some length and bulk to the final project by using bulky or even super bulky yarn. Conversely, you can make the blanket lighter and shorter with yarn of a lighter weight. Learn more by reading our page, Types of Yarn and Yarn Weight.
  3. Modify Your Granny Squares
    You found an adorable crochet afghan pattern that uses a stack of granny squares, but maybe you’d like the blanket to be a completely different size. One easy way to modify the crochet afghan is simply to add or subtract the number of crochet granny squares you will ultimately use. However, modifying the number of granny squares you plan to use may change the look of the finished blanket, especially if a certain color scheme is used. When in doubt, lay out your completed granny squares to determine if you have the right balance of colors.
  4. Frame Your Crochet Blanket In A Border
    Did you ever have a crochet afghan blanket that you wish was just a little bit bigger? If the crochet pattern you plan to use is almost the perfect size, then consider modifying the afghan with the use of a pretty border. Crocheting a border can add a few inches to the blanket all around and might be just the amount you need to reach the ideal size without needing to tinker with the pattern of the blanket. Feel free to get creative by including ruffles or simply using yarn in a different color or weight. Find the perfect border with our collection of crochet borders.

Crochet Borders: 30+ Crochet Edge Patterns and Tutorials

  1. Subtract Or Add Rows
    Here’s an easy way to resize your crochet afghan blanket. Consider making your blanket that much smaller by taking away a few rows or enlarging a warm lapghan by adding more rows, especially if the pattern consistently repeats throughout the blanket. Just keep in mind the rows that you add will result in a heavier blanket, which can make it difficult for someone with mobility issues to pick up.

  1. Take Notes
    You should make a notation any time you deviate from a pattern, and that’s certainly true if you are resizing afghan sizes. Writing down your modifications will help you replicate the blanket size for a particular pattern in the future, as well as help you figure out where something went wrong in your calculations.
  2. Know Your Blanket Sizes
    If you want to modify a baby blanket to make it smaller for a preemie or go all-out by creating a king-sized version of your favorite crochet afghan blanket, then it’s important to know the original size of the blanket as well as the intended final size of your modified project. Knowing the sizes can help you determine the number of stitches and rows you need to add or subtract, as well as how much more (or how much less) yarn you will require for the project.
Crochet Blanket Sizes
Lovey 14" x 17"
Security 14" x 17"
Baby/Stroller 30" x 35"
Receiving 40" x 40"
Toddler 42" x 52"
Swaddle 47" x 47"
Crib 45" x 60"
Throw 52" x 60"
Twin 66" x 90"
Double 90" x 108"
Queen 90" x 108"
King 108" x 108"

For a downloadable PDF version of this chart, click here!

What is your favorite way to resize crochet blankets?

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