17 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns to Decorate and Enjoy


17 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns to Decorate and Enjoy


I know Christmas is on the brain for everyone even throughout the year, so I figured there is no reason not to make a great collection of free Christmas crochet patterns for us all to enjoy. Crochet Christmas wreaths will of course be included to spruce up your front door, because the outside deserves to be just as decorated as the inside. Don't you love having holiday visits with your friends and family only to be greeted with an amazing handmade crochet Christmas wreath? It just makes me smile.

You know what else makes me smile is all the other decorations you see in people's homes and all over the streets. Trees are adorned with ornaments and sparkly garland, while windows are decorated with dainty snowflakes. I love walking into my mom's house on Christmas Eve to smell the freshly cooked turkey and homemade cookies that are awaiting me. Didn't I paint a pretty holiday picture for you? Nowadays you'll see more and more people crocheting and crafting their decorations, since they are such easy, fun, and thrifty projects. Join me as we take a look at these fabulous projects that will look perfect in your home for the holidays.

17 Free Christmas Crochet Pattern to Decorate and Enjoy

Free Christmas Crochet Patterns Table of Contents:

Crochet Christmas Wreaths
Beautiful Snowflakes
Handmade Stockings and Ornaments

5 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns eBook


For more wreaths, you can download our free eBook, 5 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns: Crochet Christmas Wreaths eBook.




Crochet Christmas Wreaths

Crocheted Candy Cane Wreath

Get your home ready for the holidays by following some easy crochet instructions and making your own holiday decor. Crochet Christmas wreaths give off a nice welcoming feeling when your guests come over for that ham and turkey dinner. Even when you're done with the pattern you can throw in some actual ornaments or garland to add a bit more color and flair. 

Christmas Bells Crocheted Wreath

Christmas Wreath Pattern

Crocheted Candy Cane Wreath

Holiday Wreaths

Crocheted Christmas Wreath




Beautiful Snowflakes

Mug Inspired FlakeEvery winter as I walk past people's homes I see their frosted windows with the spray snowflakes painted on and I always think to myself, wouldn't it look so neat to have crocheted snowflakes on the window? Aside from the windows, I think it would be the neatest thing ever to see crocheted snowflakes also hanging from the trees outside. Add some glitter to your flakes and let your home and neighborhood shine!

Beautiful Snowflake Pattern

Mug Inspired Flake

Bamboo Snowflake

Lacy Snowflake Pattern

30 Minute Snowflake


Handmade Stockings and Ornaments

Lacy Crocheted Stocking

Handmade stockings and ornaments are really fun to receive as gifts for the holidays. Remember those silly ornaments we made when we were younger with our faces in the middle? Now you can crochet your own ornaments and be proud to have them smack dab on the front of the tree. Don't forget all the free Christmas crochet patterns for stockings too; those can turn out so nicely.

Lacy Crochet Stocking

Bright Star Ornament

Crochet Holly Stocking

Button Christmas Stocking

Ornament Cover

Santa Clause Tree Ornament

Jingle Bell Ornaments



Homemade Christmas Gifts: 20 Ways to Wrap With Yarn is the best collection of patterns that are perfect for your Christmas gift-wrapping needs!


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This collection is easy to navigate as its broken down into three sections wreaths, snowflakes, and stockings and ornaments. So if you only want to focus on one section, you dont have to scroll through several different patterns to find what you want. The patterns vary in difficulty, especially in the snowflake section. Some require lace or crochet thread and small steel hooks. These can be an issue if youre dealing with arthritis or diminished eyesight.

All of your Christmas Ornaments are Beautiful.

I also love them all, but I think I would have to pick the Holly Stocking! I think they would make wonderful gifts for my grandchildren!

I love all of them each and everyone of them would be lovely to have made them and give some as christmas gift. But the one I really like is the candy cane wreath/ the christmas wreath coaster. But you have made lovely patterens so thank you for sharing with us. Elizabeth Snelling

Hello! I'm Veronika from Hungary/Europe. I love this website! I speak just a little english - sorry! I learn now to crochet...it's really funny! I love it! This website is a treasure chest! Thank you for all the wonderfull patterns! Hugs from Hungary!

I love your website and Christmas is my favorite holiday season. I really like all the Christmas ideas you have in this collection, but my most favorite are the wreaths, and the candy cane wreath is adorable. Thank you for all the wonderful patterns you offer! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

i love your web page and all your pattern's but christmas is my favorite time of year and crocheting christmas items -- thank you for your pattern of the candy cane wreath i love it ,and will crochet one if i can find the time ----time is getting closer for christmas crocheters to begin ,bless you for your website -- it's wonderful

so many patterns are available. you can just about find anything you want.

a wonderful site

I love these patterns! I am going to make one of each because no snowflake is the same. Thanks! These are wonderful.

I love all of them but I am partial to the snowflakes and would not change them at all. I plan on making them very soon.

I love the snowflakes my mother made a lot of them when she still had a clear head she has dementia now. I want to make a lot for my granddaughters. I love all the other small ornament ones as well. I plan to make them also. Thanks for the patterns.

I love the both the snowflake patterns! They are beautiful quick gifts and package decorations! I like to use colored thread for them as well as white. Not as realistic, but just as beautiful. Thank you! Claudia

Hello, I love all these patterns but my favorite would have to be the snowflakes. They work up quick and make great last-minute gifts, for teacher, or for colleagues. They also make great bow substitutes on packages-two gifts in one! Thanks! Dawn

Absolutely loved the ornament cover.

Although I plan to make the great wreath coasters, it is the ornament cover that took my breath away. I live in a small city about 2 hours north of Toronto, with only one place to get yarns other than Wal-Mart and Zellers so I'm not sure I'll be able to find appropriate thread. Hopefully I'll be able to find it and make dozens.

I loved the christmas wreath coaster I really like all of them but if I have to pick just one it would be that one.

I love the crocheted candy cane wreath. Hopefully I will make a few of these to give as gifts to some teachers at my school.

I love the Lacy Crochet Stocking! I want to make one for everyone in the house.


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