Crochet Hook Travel Case


Are you on the go, but want to bring your crochet project with you? Try your hand at the Crochet Hook Travel Case. This is an easy crochet pattern that will protect your hooks and keep you organized while you travel. Add a fun ribbon to give it that finished look.


Crochet HookH/8 or 5 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)

Crochet Hook Travel Case

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This is useful and cute. To top it all off its easy to make. And it will easily fit in my suitcase. I can toss in yarn and this and take it along. I don't even need the yarn, I can buy some at my destination, but I don't need new hooks. Thank you for giving me a neat way to take them along!

I think I like this project not only for the organization but so that I can determine the size of the hook. I know that the hooks are color coded but I can't remember that either. Here I can indicate the size of the hooks and I will most of the time know what hook I have in my hand.

Great idea and a great pattern. This doesnt have to be limited to traveling though. This is a great crochet hook organizer for home also. I lose or misplace a lot of my hooks without even leaving the house. Most of the time they are just lying on the floor in a pile.

I have been looking at commercial crochet hook keepers and I not found one I really like. I happened upon this pattern and I believe I will make this to house my crochet hooks and not just for traveling. Thank you for the easy crochet keeper pattern.

How very disappointing and frustrating! The "Crochet Hook Travel Case" pattern is so adorable. The link took me to Tried to search for the pattern. message returned was "pattern not found". Has anyone had success in downloading the pattern?

If you wanted the crochet hook travel case? Here's the link to go to and get the pattern. http// == ml

Had no problems accessing or printing the pattern as a pdf. Make sure you click on the link that says "Click Here For Crochet Pattern" and not on one of the ads or popups.

I love this pattern but I do have one question. What do you mean by repeat 2? It's in two parts of the pattern but I am not sure what it means. Thank you in advance for your pattern and your help.

I believe she means repeat Row 2

Very easy directions to follow. Looks wonderful. Thank you for the pattern!

I consider myself still a beginner to crochet having made only a prayer shawl and a few scarves and may be missing the obvious. How do you get the strip across and how do you create the sleeves to hold the hooks? Are those instructions there and I just don't understand them?

There isnt actually an extra strip. You just put your hooks inbetween the stitches.You would push one end through like maybe row 11 and then push it back up through however many rows below it you'd like. I know it sounds confusing and I really hope that makes sense, but I swear it isn't as hard as it sounds.

How can I get the meanings of the shorthand? I am trying to get in on doing different things and it's hard understanding the shorthand. Thank you so very much.

Been searching for the perfect fix...found it. Perfect, love the touches of color. Thank you

I made one for my many hooks. I have a large number of hooks and it works really well. I made a tie by chaining and then doing one row of single crochet. It matches the middle row. Very nice and all organized.

you don't have to do any of the copy/paste or download. There is a link on the page below the first two pictures to print the instructions.

I cannot get the pattern page. My screen goes to craftown and has no lead to the pattern. Marie

Hi Esther, I am crocheting the crochet hook travel case....just have a couple of questions. Do I pick up the back loop only or both? And if both, where do I place the hooks so they do not show on the other side? I love the pattern.

I find that when I try to download several popup ads appear and get in the way of seeing the page with the instructions. I have to close those ads and it is a pain. I have my browser set to not have any popups so I don't understand why this happens. Thanks for the tip on just copying and pasting, but you still have to click on the link and then when the second page opens all the popups appear.

block your popups in the control panel

very good for a learner to practise with, and learn to read pattern. finished product very useable

For those people who have commented about not wanting to download, you don't have to or print it either. Just "copy" the instructions and "paste" them to a blank word document. Just highlight the instructions, right click the mouse and select "copy." Then go to a blank "Word" document and either click on "paste" on the tool bar or right click mouse and select "paste." It is easy and then you can organize your patterns from all that you have collected in "Word." Set up folders for each type of pattern and label them. All of your baby patterns can be collected in a folder labeled "baby", all of your scarf patterns in a folder labeled "scarves", etc.

Would love to have this pattern but won't download anything to get this pattern. I don't understand why we have to go thru all the ads and have to download it anyway. Sorry for this site but guess I have to decline all emails now as I can't stand to see all the lovely patterns I can't get.

You don't have to download to see the pattern. This site is basically a compilation site that puts together free patterns throughout the internet. You have to click the pattern link to the actual site of the pattern. This is because the pattern is owned by someone else and usually they only want you to share the link to their site. It has nothing to do with all free crochet.

I agree with a previous post. With all the ads, it very hard to navigate and I still can't print this pattern. Too bad, I like it and the construction looks simple.


You don't have to download it at all - that is an ad for a pdf reader. Once you get to the pattern, there is a small box in the right corner that says print. You will only be printing the pattern.

Think I'll stick with my zippered case for travel. Something about finding hooks all loose inside my luggage.....

Brilliant idea, did not realize we could take crochet hooks on board

downloaded it awhile ago , made and have gotten loads of compliments on it

You don't have to download the pattern ,but the instructions for the middle stripe is not complete 11

The middle strip is not separate from the rest of the case. It is all one piece and you are inserting the hooks through the stitches in the body of the case.

There is a problem with the pattern download. It doesn't work.

Everytime I try to download this pattern I get a tape about corporate espionoge. I have tried to download it several times and finally gave up

Hi, lschwab8 6757041. You do not have to download anything to access the pattern. Ignore the large download buttons! :) Simply click the purple arrow that says "Next Step" to see the pattern instructions. Hope this helps!

I'm also confused about the instructions for the centre strip that holds the hooks in place. It appears to be a separate piece attached to the main body of the case but there doesn't seem to be any instructions for it or how to attach it. I've decided to make a strip slightly wider than the case to allow for the size of the hooks, with 4 rows of SC including the coloured stripe, & to hand or machine stitch the divisions for the hooks to the main body, before finishing the edge row. I'll let you know If this works out OK.

The middle strip is not separate from the rest of the case. It is all one piece and you are inserting the hooks through the stitches in the body of the case.

It was very confusing. When I first went to the link that was supposed to take me to the pattern, it wanted me to download this thing. And what is CC to... I can't remember what it said. Anyone want to explain? I am a beginner, so I have no idea. Sorry.

Hi Angela yes was very confusing to click the links and be taken all over the world just to get the pattern, CC means Contrasting Colour which when used in respect of this pattern CC = White. Hope that helps :)

I don't think the instructions for the middle strip are very clear. The instructions make it appear to just continue to make the obvious flat piece that the main piece obviously is. There doesn't appear to be a way to ask the designer on the website to clarify this. It would make more sense to make the middle strip that holds the hooks as a separate piece, but the instructions are written as if it's all one piece. There are no different stitch patterns involved in the strip that holds the hooks, but the picture looks as if there should be.

The hooks are just stuck through the spaces made by the single crochet stitch. This holds the hooks tightly in place.


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