Crochet Doilies

Crochet doilies are some of the most classic crochet projects you can find. For that vintage and delicate look that everyone can appreciate, peruse these free crochet doily patterns. There are so many beautiful and unusual free crochet doilies you can use to decorate your home. Take a look and make a beautiful lace doily today.

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Round Doily

Decorate your dining table, occassional table or sideboards with this… More

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Crochet Jar Cover

Create beautiful and delicate doilies with this free crochet doily/jar… More

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Crochet Tablecloth Round Doily

"Aren't doily patterns complex to make? Well, most of the time, yes! Guess… More

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Star Doily Placemat

Handmade Crochet Placemats are always a fun and awesome crocheting… More

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Crochet Swirly Doily Pattern

Doilies have so many uses round the home, you can decorate your dining… More

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Whirlpool Crochet Flower Doily Pattern

Crochet Doilies make lovely addition to your home decor. Crocheted doily… More

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Easy Round Lace Doily

Create a beautiful lace doily with this free crochet pattern and add a… More

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Kinship Mandala

Many years ago, when I first starting blogging online, I met another… More

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The Star Spangled Ruffled Doily

This vintage star spangled ruffled doily pattern, which was originally… More

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Pretty Petal Doily

This Pretty Petal Doily has multiple options to choose from along with its… More

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Aureole Mandala

Who doesn’t love a beautiful mandala? They are not only visually… More

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My First Doily

This doily might look a bit daunting, but never fear. These free crochet… More

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Crochet Spiral Motif

Spiral crochet styles appearance remarkable and are eye-alluring.… More

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Shell Doily

Doily’s are always very popular and can come in various shapes and… More

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Crochet Candle Holder

Everybody loves candles. Work up this pretty Crochet Candle Holder to add… More

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