Lego Block Crochet Pattern


Lego Block Crochet Pattern

Make several of these Lego blocks and then use them to create a fabulous Lego blanket!

Lego Block Pattern

This Lego Block Crochet Pattern continues to be really popular right now. Using the bobble stitch, you can make an adorable crochet blanket for yourself or a child.

Go back to childhood when you built fun buildings with your Lego blocks. This is a really neat crochet afghan pattern you'll have to try.

Once you learn how to crochet a brick blanket, you won't want to stop working them up. Use traditional block colors or get even more creative by using pastels or variegated yarn.

These blocks are the first step to building an easy crochet afghan to gift a loved one. Once you master this pattern, you're not going to want to stop "building" your crochet Lego creation.

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Bobble Stitch Video Tutorial:

Unfamiliar with the bobble stitch? Then be sure to watch our video tutorial right below! Learn how to crochet the bobble stitch with this video and be on the way to crocheting your own Lego block!

Pattern Notes and Materials Needed:

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials List:
Crochet Hook: I/9 or 5.5 mm hook
Yarn Weight: (4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)
Brightly Colored Yarn (primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue to match Lego blocks is recommended - amount depends on finished project)
Yarn Needle

Lego Block Crochet Pattern:

Chain 17.

Row 1: Single Crochet in the 2nd Chain from the hook, Single Crochet the rest of the chain. (15 stitches) Turn.

Row 2: Chain 3, Double Crochet the length of the row (15 stitches), Turn.

Row 3: Chain 2, Half Double Crochet in same stitch, 2 hdc, Bobble Stitch, 3 hdc, Bobble Stitch, 3 hdc, (15 stitches) Turn.

Row 4: Chain 3, Double Crochet the length of the row (15 stitches) Turn.

Row 5: Repeat Row 3, turn.

Row 6: Repeat Row 4, turn.

Row 7: Repeat Row 1.

Finish: Cut and Knot End. Bury ends with yarn needle.

Stitch together to make a cute child’s scarf, or stitch many and create a warm, snuggly blanket for your Lego lovers.

If you're unsure how to transform your pile of granny squares into a finished project, check out this tutorial for How to Whip Stitch Crochet that will teach you how to easily join your granny squares so you can create something like this Building Blocks Crochet Throw

Building Blocks Crochet Throw

Lego Block Crochet Pattern - Video Tutorial:

To all the visual learners out there, we also have a video tutorial for this crochet Lego block. You can also find it on YouTube here. This quick video walks you through the process of creating one of these blocks using the bobble stitch.

Since it can be a little difficult to "get" at first, this video is helpful to most trying to learn this stitch or this pattern. Watch the crochet Lego block tutorial video right below!

BONUS! How Well Do You Know LEGO?

We've used "Lego" in this pattern, but it's actually in all caps: LEGO (and doesn't ever have an "s" at the end)!

Think of LEGO, and you likely think of intricate designs and colorful bricks. But there’s more to the popular toy than that! Take a look at these fast facts about LEGO bricks.

  1. Got old LEGO bricks? All bricks created since 1958 can still interlock. You can dust off that old LEGO brick collection and start creating something new!
  2. DUPLO bricks were launched internationally in 1969. These larger interlocking bricks are the perfect size for smaller children to build their own creations.
  3. The company behind LEGO bricks originated in 1932 and initially had nothing to do with plastic bricks. When it was first established, the company manufactured an assortment of products that included ironing boards and wooden toys.
  4. What does LEGO mean, anyway? According to The LEGO Group, the name is formed from combining the Danish words “LEg” and “GOdt,” which mean “play well.”
  5. The first Minifigure was launched in the 1970s and included moveable arms and legs.
  6. You can find LEGO bricks almost anywhere, as the toys are sold in approximately 140 countries today.
  7. Have you ever wondered why stepping on a LEGO doesn’t break the brick? According to the BBC, a brick can stand a maximum force of approximately 950 pounds.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
Let us know in the comments!

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starting chain should be 16 in order to have 15 stitches, 17 makes it 16 or one stitch left over. 3 is incorrect, it should be ch2, 2 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc. That is how you would end up with 3 bobbles and no left over stitch at the end.

I have been getting request to make this Lego Block afghan this past week. So great timing on sharing this free pattern. After reading the written pattern, here on this page. It sounds easy enough to whip up. But I just wish it wasn't a block style pattern. I hate sewing them all together..LOL This is a great way to use up all the small amounts of yarn I have saved. The bobble stitch isn't too hard to make once you get it down. So good to see this one. Thank you so much for sharing this free crochet Lego Block pattern.

I have all my blocks completed. Could you please share the instructions for connecting the blocks? THanks so much.

What a cute idea! I know so many people who would love this.

Legos werent allowed in our house when I was growing up. Daddy was a fireman and on shift work, so one incident of stepping on the in the middle of the night was enough to get them banned forever. MY children, however, absolutely love the things. This is a wonderfully brief, well written pattern that works up in minutes. It calls for an I size hook, but Ive also worked them up in a G for a mini version.

Would be really nice to have included the bobble stitch instruction for those of us that don't know it by heart.

Easy to make but row 3 is incorrect, it should be ch2, 2 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc, bobble, 3 hdc. This would make the 3 bobbles, if you follow the above instructions you would have stitches left over at the end of the row. This is a good design and the video is very clear showing how to do the bobble stitch which makes it easier for a beginner like me. This would make a fab throw for any Lego fan and is also a good way of using up your stash as the bricks can be made in any colour.

can i start the new color block of lego without stopping after row 7 - if so how do start the next block- do i do a single crochet or a double crochet

I would start the new colour at row 1 with single crochet otherwise I think the brick would look slightly smaller than the first one.

Hi Eva, I'm confused about row 1 sc 2nd ch then do 15 addt'l stchs. And on row 2 does ch 3 counts as a stch? Please clarify this part. I really like this pattern. Thank you.

Hi aperuvianqueen, When you single crochet row 1, you have to skip a stitch in order to turn, just like in any single crochet stitch pattern. For row 2 you chain three in order to turn and then you double crochet 15 stitches, all the way down the row. Remember, you'll also want to skip the first stitch, as with a normal double crochet stitch at the start of a row. Hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Hi. I am confused by the pattern as well as you say ch 17 and sc in second chain and you will have 15 stitches but you end up with 16 stitches. The chain 3 at the beginning of the double crochet rows leave a big gap and should really be chain 2.

Hi jacqueline, If chaining 2 looks better and is what you prefer then go for that - there are different theories on turning chains and how to make them blend in more with your work so I say do what suits you best. :) Julia, AFC editor

I too am confused about row 3 5. If done the way it is written you would only have 2 bobbles instead of 3 on rows 3 5. Has anyone got a written fix for this? I really want to make this blanket for my 4 yr old nephew who loves legos. If someone has a fix can You email me the fix at it would be appreciated. Thanks, Pam

Is it me or does the written pattern have you making only 2 Bobble stitches in rows 3 and 5 when there should be 3 bobbles? It's a bit confusing. I think the video has it correct.

Hi Annie, Yes, it does seem to look like that. You can either follow the video or adjust this pattern to make it longer and add another row of 2 bobbles. If you do it that way, you'll just be making the project working upwards (creating 2 bobbles per row for 3 rows) instead of lengthwise (3 bobbles per row for two rows). I hope that helps! Julia, editor for AllFreeCrochet

Shouldn't that say chain 16 instead of 17?

Not if it is single crochet. Because you skip a stitch. If it was 16, it would be uneven.

How much yarn should I buy? I want to make a twin size using three different colors for blocks and a fourth for the joining/border. How do I figure out how many blocks of ea. Color I should make?

Correction... four colors for blocks and a fifth for joining etch

I was going to make this with another pattern I found, but after looking at this video I like it better. I am trying to make it big enough for a twin bed for my grandson. After reading all the comments, I still did not see how all the pieces were joined together. Any suggestions?

Have you figured out how to join them? I'm almost finished the blocks for my sons but am unsure the best way to join them

Turned out awesome! It was the perfect project to do while recovering from surgery. My gson loves it!!! Thank you1

so sad I had just learned how to do the double crochet stitch when I found your video. but thanks for teaching me the bobble stitch . now I am off to finish learning the basic stitches

I made the blocks following the video. Now I need to know how to join the blocks together. I have searched on line and at Allfreecrochet. All I can find is videos for joining granny squares. these are blocks not granny squares. can you help me

I would like a copy of the lego crochet pattern, but cant find a print button to make a copy, could you please me, ty, Lynda Carter

Is there a video on how to join the Lego pieces, I want to start this right away but want to make sure I know how to join pieces first. Thank You So much and I hope you can help me with this. :)

cant wait to make this for my son!!

I don't know how to join the pieces. Is there a tutorial for that?

I'm having the same problem. Have you figured it out? If so, can you please explain how you joined the pieces together? Thank you.

Love this pattern, thanks.

Is Row 3 correct? Shouldn't there be another Bobble stitch and 3 hdc be mentioned?

The art of crocheting has been around longer than anyone here has been alive! I've sat right here in my chair and made up my own patterns only to find identical ones for sale years later. Who stole from whom? Just because theirs is newer does not mean they stole from me! Get over it. Unless you're using technology that is newly created, there is really no way to prove who came up with what...

Lego blanket is darling. Would enjoy making it for my kiddos. all this talk about copyright is ignoring the fact that Lego's is a licensed trademark.

I purchased the Lego Blanket pattern from Andrea on Etsy and I didn't mind paying for it as she put work into creating and documenting it. After watching the video of this pattern I agree that it is different and I fully believe more than one person can come up the with the same or similar idea. I modified Andrea's pattern a bit so it would fit my needs and skill level. I needed a twin size blanket so I am creating squares with 8 legos each in a pattern then I will combine them to make a Lego blanket for my grandson. I wish you all success with you crochet projects. P.S. CASJ1961-I love your idea of honoring your husband with the "Donate Life" blanket, God Bless!

This is different than most of the people that are making blankets, scarfs, children's things etc I was driven to the beauty of this blanket as it fits the colors for the "Donate Life" my husband died unexpentently 10-1-12 of a brain aneurysm so to honor him I wanted to do something unique and colorful. So in honor of my husband at the young age 52 I am going to make this blanket. I will be able to wrap myself in his memory of all the lives he saved,Thanks for listening to me.

Thank You very much my daughter is crazy about legos I wil be making her a blanket.

I want to put in my 2 cents in about stealing patterns. Just because a couple of people came out with the same pattern does not mean they stole it. I had a couple of ideas for patterns. Didn't do any thing with the ideas. A year or two later some one came out with the same idea. With so many people in the world it is not surprising that not more people come out with the same idea working independently of each other.

The border looks like the wrong side of the single crochet stitch.

well I have a question?. What is this stitch called that she uses as a border.and what stitch is used to join all these blocks together.can anyone help me.

So, it's not possible for more than one person to come up with the same idea? Get over it. If Andrea isn't upset by this being here then you shouldn't be. Remember, before her pattern was for sale in her Etsy shop it was offered for free on her blog. That being said I like the looks of this blanket and I will be making one for my little boy using this free pattern that may or may not have been based on another pattern. May God bless you all.

I completely agree I think it's very inappropriate to lash out in such a way In fact before I ever found this site this pattern or the other Lego themed patterns out there I had actually come up with my very own I had some Legos with bumps some with some with and some with I put them all together for one big Lego themed afghan BEFORE I even knew this was here or any others So it isn't fair at all to assume that this is stolen or any type of copyright infringement what so ever And yes it is possible for more than one person in all the world to have this same idea I think these accusations and assumptions are not only cruel and ridiculous but very immature to say the least We're all here to learn and find great patterns Furthermore just because a similar pattern isRead More found elsewhere for sale rather than free doesn't necessarily mean that's where it originally came from anyhow There's no true way to ever know what patterns originate where and how and who from But honestly does it really matter It's a crochet pattern Not a da Vinci painting

Well I don't think it is appropriate to lash out at somebody on here We are all here to learn I must say that I made up some lego blocks for my son a banket because there weren't any patterns out there Now I am happy to see that others have thought up the same idea I know that without computer access I had to just figure stuff out with trial and error I have found out now that several of MY IDEAS were thought up by others too I don't get mad I think it is neat that so many people are creative enough to figure out new patterns Some patterns I have used and I have made changes to them I still give credit to that person that I adapted their pattern to fit my style that is all I don't take others work as my own I amRead More very sure that I am not the only one However there are those that steal others work Those are few Please let's just cheer each other on So what if this pattern is similar to the other I haven't seen that pattern just pics Neither one of these patterns is exactly the same or like mine I know there weren't any of these patterns when I made up mine mine is all different sized legos All this to say there is no reason to lash out at anyone on here We are all here to learn and find new ideas to create

It's not only about the pattern. It's the work you put into a project. I hate to say how many patterns I've purchased and then modifies because the pattern did not work for me. In the end it's the work put into the project. I've been knitting and crocheting for over 55 years and I design my own pieces or work with patterns from others. Now I weave on a tri-loom because it suits my purpose, but I finish the project with knit or crochet. We should be supportive of each other, not knit-picky. To read some of these discussions would turn a newcomer off.

Actually this was my first time to this site. I was shocked at a couple of the "lashing out" messages. I agree that we all need to be supportive of each other. Is this site not full of people that are sharing their own patterns on here? And "see what I did, let me show you how" kind of attitudes. I have a binder containing patterns that I have written. They came about by someone asking me, "Hey, can you make me...." I am happy that others share their work. I say, thank-you!

To ElisaHunt: Just because they both depict LEGO blocks, they are not necessarily the same, and you should look closely before accusing someone of stealing someone else's work. The pattern on allthingsbrightandbeautiful shows 8 bumps on each block. Count the bumps on this one.

Oh wow, are you really trying to say that because this pattern is EVER so slightly different that it cant be a stolen idea. Well .. its STOLEN. just admit that its a stolen pattern, Seriously you have no idea what the copyright laws state if you think that it ISNT a stolen pattern. Do your research, your dumb. If the owner of the pattern on allthingsbrightandbeautiful took this matter to court she would win.

ElisaHunt - it's "you're dumb", rather than "your dumb".

I often buy patterns from esty. And then I find them free on real sites. like lion brand gives free patterns and then women sell them on esty. what gives. when you buy a pattern, it becomes yours. all free would not post it if it was not everywhere.

This pattern is copy right of Andrea over at I find it extremely rude of people to try and pass things off as their own when someone else has put a lot of hard work and time into creating something super cute. This pattern iis for sale in Andreas etsy shop.

How big does each block come out to be?

Hi just love this pattern :) To do a baby blanket in this, how many chain would l need to do? ( Just do chain of 15 until is the length l want )???

This pattern will make one block - you would just make as many blocks as you need to make the blanket the size you want. Hope this helps.

I love this pattern, will be trying to do it soon. thanks for sharing it!

Absolutely adore this pattern....will be doing this one when I finish UFO's....gosh, I need more time in a day!! How bout you?!?!?!?! LOL


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