70+ Crochet Headband Patterns


70+ Crochet Headband Patterns

Crochet a headband to add style to any look you're going for any time of year. These free crochet headband patterns are all so pretty!

70 Crochet Headband Patterns

Crochet headbands are the perfect little accessory that can tie together any look! What's really neat is you can obviously design them yourself, use only the colors you want, and get exactly what you're looking for. There are days when you might look in the mirror and think to yourself that your outfit is a little too plain or seems to be missing something.

That's where a pretty headband pattern comes in - it's the perfect thing to add a pop of color or a fun design that can be the focal point of your whole ensemble. Find all the best designs in this collection of 70+ Crochet Headband Patterns.

These hair accessories are great to have on hand as they usually work up quickly. They also make great gifts or stocking stuffers around the holidays. Who doesn't like a crochet accessory made by someone they know?

Below you'll find hairbands and crochet ear warmer patterns for both winter and warmer seasons, cute crochet baby headbands for your little ones, and even crochet flower crowns for when festival season rolls around.

Unique Crochet Headband Patterns

Pastel Pink Twist Headband

Headband patterns are great for those looking to work up easy projects. They are not only great for holding hair back, but they're also cute and stylish for those with short hair. You can even wear these headwraps with a simple updo or ponytail to spice up a casual look. 

These designs are quick to make and super easy to follow - you can learn how to crochet a headband in under half an hour! Make these headbands for your children, or make an adult version for yourself. From something cute and stylish like this Pastel Pink Twist Headband to adorable fox ears that are perfect for Halloween, you'll find your new favorite accessory here. 

Dread Head

Make a fun Dread Head headband for your little girl. It's light and airy perfect for summer-wear while it can still hold hair back. The flower is a fun embellishment you can add if you choose. That pattern is not included with this free crochet pattern.

15 Minute Headband

The only thing better than free crochet patterns are quick and easy crochet patterns, like this 15 Minute Headband. These make great homemade gift ideas for birthdays, graduations, or just because.

3 Strand Crochet Headband

Get away from the fat band fad by going back to basics with this 3 Strand Crochet Headband. It still has the same functionality and cute factor as the others, but instead has the skinny look with three different strands. 

Simple Chevron Headband

This Simple Chevron Headband works up super easily and beautifully. You can mix and match colors to make it for everyday wear or any special occasion. The pattern includes instructions for both toddler and adult sizes.

Springtime Aqua Headband

Kick those winter blues with this Springtime Aqua Headband. Work up two different sizes of this hair accessory pattern for children and adults so that you and your little girl can have matching DIY hair accessories.

Mom's Favorite 20 Minutes or Less Headband

Quick to make Mom's Favorite 20 Minutes or Less Headband can be made in any size and color. Embellish as you wish or leave it plain with the pretty edging for everyday wear. This crochet headband will become a favorite for you and your family!

Cheery Snowman Headband

Winter accessories don't have to just be boring and functional. The Cheery Snowman Headband keeps things fresh and exciting with a cute snowman pattern that will embrace the cold weather with style. 

Easy Elastic Headband

Give your headbands an updated look with this Easy Elastic Headband. The scalloped edging of this free crochet pattern turns your boring headbands into a cute and feminine accessory. Use any color yarn of your choice.

Peppermint Pom Pom Headband

The Peppermint Pom Pom Headband is the perfect accessory she needs for the holidays. This is an easy crochet pattern, and what little girl doesn't like crochet headbands? Make them in her school colors for spirit day!

Fox Ears Crochet Headband Pattern

It's time to highlight your foxy side with this adorable Fox Ears Crochet Headband Pattern. Animal ears are such a cute style right now, even for adults, but sometimes the full-on hat is just too much. 

Sassy Striped Crochet Headband

Any girl is sure to love wearing this Sassy Striped Crochet Headband around town. Not only is it super easy to crochet, but it's also fun to wear. Multicolored stripes create a fun design and the crocheted bow gives this DIY hair accessory the perfect feminine touch. 

Simple One Skein Headband

This free crochet pattern can be worked up in a jiffy using less than one skein of worsted weight yarn. This Simple One Skein Headband is a great accessory to add to any outfit. Make one in every color. Personalize it with a cute embellishment such as a crocheted flower or button. 

Easy Crochet Flower Headband

This Easy Crochet Flower Headband is perfect for folks new to crochet. Crocheted with two worsted strands at the same time, it works up quickly. The increases and decreases are made in the middle of the crochet headband pattern instead of the ends, which makes for a more elegant taper overall. 

Bee Happy Spring Headband

When warm weather and rain are in the air, you know it's the right time for the Bee Happy Spring Headband. With a few thin strands and a bee applique, this pattern is absolutely adorable and quite bee-utiful.

Naturally Chic and Breezy Headband

This Naturally Chic and Breezy Headband uses only single crochet and minimal decreasing, so you know you will have a cute headband in no time at all. It's the perfect neutral, everyday piece for any time of the year.

Stylishly Simple Beginner Crochet Headband

Headbands are a great way to solve those in-between hair days: when it just isn't styling the way you want, but you don't want to cover up with a hat or messy bun. This fits the bill perfectly and is an elegant option. 

Tia Bow Headband

This Beginner Tia Bow Headband is so beautiful. A crocheter who knows basic crochet terminology and how to slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet can master this simple pattern. You can knock one out in under an hour.

Braided T-shirt Crochet Headband

The Braided T-shirt Crochet Headband is a stylish little accessory that anyone can make, and you have the material right in your closet. It's a great way to use up some clothes you might otherwise throw out. 

Super Simple Curly-Cue Headband

This quick Super Simple Curly-Cue Headband would be perfect for your Fourth of July parties and picnics. You can either make it in patriotic colors or any other color combination you like. 

Super Quick & Chunky Headband

This Super Quick & Chunky Headband takes little to no time to complete and would therefore be a great gift option to make in a batch. It's such a simple yet cute accessory. 

Thread Headband

The Thread Headband is not only pretty, but also comfy and practical to wear because of the hair tie at the back which makes it perfectly stretchy so it fits perfectly. 

Take a Hike Headband

BONUS! From the designer: "Take A Hike Headband is the perfect headband to wear on a fun hike on a cool spring/summer day or during Winter activities."

Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

Celtic Winters Ear Warmer

Crochet ear warmers are essential for the winter. They stay snug around your head and ears, unlike hats that can ride up in harsh winds. To double the warmth and effectiveness of these crochet ear warmer patterns, you can wear your hood up or throw a crochet hat on over your ear warmers.

These easy crochet patterns are fabulous one-night patterns - use your favorite colors and some cozy worsted or bulky yarn for some extra warmth.  You can add some buttons or bows for added effect, or work in some crochet cables to give it some extra texture. This Celtic Winters Ear Warmer pattern is just one option that is equally as stylish as it is comfy. 

Headband with Button

Find something fun and new to wear for the spring months. Using a free crochet pattern like this one you can make a headband with a button on it. Get in style with your new headband.

Bobble Headband Pattern

Get in style with this bobble headband pattern. It can keep your ears warm on a cold winter day, but it can also keep you in fashion during the summer. 

Criss-Cross Crochet Headband

When you walk in wearing this Criss-Cross Crochet Headband, the room will get a few degrees warmer. This rosy crochet ear warmer headband pattern is chic and original. When you wear it out to run errands or on an ice skating date, everyone will wonder, "Who is that?" 

Rosy Red Headband

Become the lady in red with this Rosy Red Headband. Of course, it's meant for those cold winter months, but it's never too early to start making your crocheted gifts for the holidays. A bright red crochet color like this can really make a bold statement, so you might as well gain the attention you deserve.

Mia Crochet Flower Headband

This pretty and detailed Mia Crochet Flower Headband is such a great way to add some style to any outfit, any time of the year. Even though it is a neutral grey color, the flower embellishment is such a special and fun finishing touch.

Carly Headband

We adore the bright and beautiful colors in this Carly Headband. It's a great spring and summer alternative to a scarf pattern when you want to add an accessory to your sundress or tank top. 

Ladder Headband

This Ladder Headband is super easy and looks so warm and cozy for the winter months. The mix of colors and the button details give it even more of a comforting look and feel.

Textured Headband

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills crochet headband pattern, this Textured Headband is for you. It uses only basic stitches, making it great for beginner crocheters or even someone crocheting a batch of gifts.

Moonlight Ear Warmer

The Moonlight Ear Warmer is a great way to keep your ears toasty warm during the cold winter months. It uses under one skein of yarn and works up in less than an hour. 

Multicolored Headband

You won't believe how bright and bold the Multicolored Headband is. Both children and adults will love this headband, and two buttons at the back make it easy to adjust the size.

Diamond Trellis Headband

The texture and blush pink color of this Diamond Trellis Headband make this so, so gorgeous. It's chunky enough to add enough warmth on cold days without looking too large and bulky. 

Comfy Cozy Headband

This free headband pattern will keep your ears warm during Fall and Winter. The Comfy Cozy Headband has just the right amount of sparkle in it from the Red Heart Stardust yarn used to work it up, making it perfect for girls of all ages. 

Radiantly Reflective Crochet Headband

Be seen when you go running with this Radiantly Reflective Crochet Headband. Wear it in the winter to double as an ear warmer or fold it over in the summer as a shiny headband. Either way, learn how to make these designs so you can shine all year-round. 

Reflective Ear Warmer

Red Heart's Reflective yarn is used to work up this free crochet pattern. This particular yarn is so unique because, in normal lighting, it looks like your average worsted weight yarn, but it actually contains a reflective thread which makes it glow when you take a flash photo or when car headlights hit it. 

Stacked Shells Headband

The Stacked Shells Headband is your easy answer to bad hair days. The design is unique, and you can make it in the pretty purple color above or in your favorite color. It's one headband that all your girlfriends will ask you about.

Whimsical Warmth Headband

This Whimsical Warmth Headband is a marvelous crochet pattern, indeed. It's ridiculously easy and fast to work up, plus you only need one skein to make it! We repeat: one skein. 

Coral Candy Headband

The knotted Coral Candy Headband can be easily crocheted in one afternoon, using the Tunisian Knit Stitch. It's the perfect one-skein project that will liven up your winter wear. 

Unforgettable Cables Headband Ear Warmer

This Unforgettable Cables Headband Ear Warmer might be the coziest winter headband yet. The double-thick headband resembles knit cables on one side and is smooth on the other. 

Faux Purl Crocheted Headband

The super simple Faux Purl Crocheted Headband looks knit but is made with easy crocheted purl slip stitches. It's a great way to use up some of your yarn scraps and can be made in any size. 

Infinity Headband

The Infinity Headband is a quick pattern that you can make in one evening. It's a good way to use up smaller amounts of your most colorful yarn. It will keep you warm all winter long.

Best Friend Twisted Turban Headband

This Best Friend Twisted Turban Headband also has a matching scarf pattern. The blue colors are so gorgeous and calming. The twisted turban design takes this headband to the next level

Angelina Chunky Ear Warmer

The beginner Angelina Chunky Ear Warmer is a one-skein project that would be a great option if you're looking for a quick and easy gift to make. We adore the bright red color and chunky texture.

Football Headband Ear Warmer

This Football Headband Ear Warmer is such a fun way to cheer on your favorite football team, and the pattern includes sizes from baby to adult. You can add pompoms, buttons, appliques, and more. 

Basketweave Ear Warmer

If you love lots and lots of texture, the Basketweave Ear Warmer was made for you. It's made using a combination of front post and back post stitches. It's an intermediate pattern that is totally worth the effort. 

Sleek and Skinny Earwarmer

The Sleek and Skinny Earwarmer would make a wonderful and impressive stocking stuffer or craft fair project. The simple design makes it universally flattering, and it's designed to be slim and slender to the wearer.

One Hour Boho Chic Crochet Ear Warmer

Let loose even in the dead of winter with the One Hour Boho Chic Crochet Ear Warmer. It's got the fun of Bohemian summer style and all the warmth of a cozy ear warmer headband. 

Baby Crochet Headbands

Scalloped Lace Heirloom Headband

Crochet baby headbands are so cute and so easy to make! These types of patterns can take far less time to make and can often be far cuter than adult headbands. Make big crochet bow headbands or simple little girl's crochet headbands for your little one and see what all the fuss is about.

These baby headband patterns are all easy and quick to make and are the best way to accessorize your little girl. Learn how to crochet an adorable pattern like this Scalloped Lace Heirloom Headband to use as photo props or for fancier occasions.

Any of these patterns would make a great baby shower gift or gift for any occasion. Moms would cherish having one of these baby headbands that will add a dose of cuteness to any baby romper, dress or pants set. You could even make every single one to have a headband pattern for each day of the month!

No Sew Ruffle Rose & Ribbed Headband

Are you looking for a no sew ruffle rose and ribbed headband? This free crochet pattern is an easy make that works up quickly using worsted weight yarn. Newborns to adult sizes are provided.

Baby Button Headband

Give your daughter the most adorable accessory with this Baby Button Headband crochet pattern. It is perfect for any baby and can be size-adjusted by simply measuring your baby's head. 

Seed Stitch Baby Headband

Instead of making bland headbands for your little girl try to add a bit of texture and crochet this Seed Stitch Baby Headband. The buttons on the headband allow you to adjust it to fit to size.

Double Bow Crochet Headband

Get in touch with your feminine side by making this cute and easy Double Bow Crochet Headband. The versatile design makes it easy for everyone to wear. You can make one for your baby and one for yourself, because nothing is cuter than wearing matching accessories. 

Spring Has Sprung Crochet Flower Headband

Once spring comes around, you just have to break out this Spring Has Sprung Crochet Flower Headband. It's surprisingly easy and would an adorable headpiece for a flower girl, or anyone of any age that loves floral patterns. It has a fun and cute boho feel that adds style to an outfit. 

Plum Dandy Simple Headband

The colors in this Plum Dandy Simple Headband are so stunning. It's fun to both make and wear and would make a great gift or stashbuster project. Any little girl would adore wearing this on a daily basis. It's so quick and easy to make. 

25 Minute Baby Headband

Baby items are just the cutest, and this 25 minute Baby Headband is no exception! It would make a great baby shower gift, especially because it works up so quickly that you could even make a few of them. 

Easy Crochet Baby Headband

This Easy Crochet Baby Headband is perfect for beginners because it only uses basic crochet stitches. It's such a simple pattern, but you can add buttons or bows to make it extra special. 

Baby's Favorite Flower Headband

Once you know how to work up this cute little crochet flower, you can tack it onto Baby's Favorite Flower Headband. In fact, you can put this crocheted flower on just about anything! In my opinion, a crochet baby headband is the cutest use you can get out of this flower design.

Crochet Baby Bow Headband

If flowers are not quite your thing, this Crochet Baby Bow Headband will be right up your alley! A bow is such a cute alternative embellishment that will make your baby look adorable. Each bow is created in two parts then sewn together in the middle and attached to a comfy elastic band. 

Petite Cabled Skirt and Headband Set

BONUS! From the designer: "This gorgeous free crochet baby skirt and headband pattern is girly, frilly, and cute. Features a six stitch cable pattern to make a beautiful texture along with a fun girly ruffle along the bottom. This pattern features five sizes up to toddler."

Crochet Flower Crown Patterns

Daisy Flower Crown Crochet Pattern

A unique take on crochet headband patterns is the flower crown! Once the warmer months roll around, you might want to tuck away your thicker headbands and ear warmers and switch them out for some crochet flower crown patterns.

Crochet flower crowns are such a simple way to add some elegance, prettiness, and style to any sundress or spring or summer outfit. Not to mention, flower crowns are such an essential piece of festival wear, and any of these patterns below would be the envy of all other festival-goers. 

This Daisy Flower Crown Crochet Pattern is an example of how beautiful flower crowns can truly be. You're going to feel so sweet and romantic whenever you wear this or any of the other flower crowns below. 

The Delia Flowers Crown is the perfect accessory for a tea party or summer soirée. It may be a flower crown, but you could even wear this as a scarf, necklace or belt. It features very basic crochet stitches and is easy to make. 

If you want a St. Patrick's Day accessory that is still pretty and classy, you're going to adore this Shamrock Flower Crown. The clover chain is continuous crochet so it's quick and easy to size as you go.

Whether you're attending a huge music festival or will be visiting a smaller event in your community, one thing is certain. You will want to stand out in the crowd! With the Floral Dream Crown, you can create an eye-catching design complete with crochet flowers in an assortment of colors. 

The Colourful Flowers Crown is something every girl absolutely needs during the spring and summer months. The flowers are super easy to make even though they look so detailed and intricate. This crochet flower crown is a simple way to add some fun and cheer to your summer outfits. 

Spring is finally here with this Daisy Woodland Crown. The new style these days is to use headbands over your hair rather than to keep your hair back, which makes this crochet headband pattern super fun and trendy.

This super easy Beginner Beaded Crochet Flower Headband will take you only 10 minutes to make, even though it looks like it takes far longer. You will only need to know how to make chains and crochet the slip stitch and single crochet stitch to make this cutie. 

Not only is this Crochet Flower Headband Pattern super cute, but it's also extremely comfortable to wear, as well. Because it features a fair amount of stretch, this crocheted headband can be made to fit kids of all ages.

This pretty Chain of Flowers Headband is the perfect scrapbuster pattern to make as a quick and easy gift or craft fair item. The flower section is made all in one piece, making this even easier than most headband patterns.

This versatile flower accessory can be a flower crown, hair barrette, or you could use only the flowers to decorate hats, bags, scarves and more. The possibilities are endless, and everyone will compliment this headband so much. 

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Wow, these are all gorgeous! I love the variety and the fact that there are patterns for adults and kids.

This is another of your great offerings. I crochet a lot of baby outfits and living in Florida some times the hats are just too hot for them to wear. Baby girls itch matching cute little head bands are just right. And now I have many from which to choose. Thank you.

What a collection! Im familiar with some of the patterns, but there are so many more that I hadnt seen yet. Everything from baby to adult patterns. Im especially excited about the various accessories. These will all be such a change from making winter hats. Most of them work up so quickly and with minimal supplies that theyre very cost effective for selling at craft fairs. I can see I need to set aside an hour or so just to properly explore this collection.

a fab collection of beginner patterns for headbands and hair accessories. There are some easy patterns to follow and lots of the tutorials have images with them so they are easy to make. Many of the headbands are really quick to make, use minimal yarn so are great for reducing that stash of leftovers from other projects and the majority are really easy to adapt to make for different head sizes. A great resource thank you.

I like to crochet and thats why I'm looking for easy patterns right now.

Headbands make quick and easy gifts for friends, thanks for all the great patterns!

I usually don't make clothing or accessories with crochet but these don't seem too difficult to start with. Appreciate the videos.

These are great patterns! I love making headbands for all my friends and sisters!


I have a big will it's not big big but I have a big bag it is yello and purple so I need to make lot's and lot's of headband's to sale and get money and my mom crochet lot's and lot's and lot's of hat's to sale my mom have 37 hat's and I got 14 headband's to sale for money and we are not good and this but I know that my hart is talling me something to do bu I don't know what.And this home I live have's my family and I love crocheting.

I clicked on hair bows and got headbands. What's with that?

It looks like the hair bow picture takes you to a crochet headband and accessories page. If you're looking for the bow project, it's listed as "Crocheted Hair Bows" under the "Other DIY Hair Accessories" heading on that page. Hope that helps!


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