How to Knook: Leisure Arts Knooking Instructions for Beginners


How to Knook: Leisure Arts Knooking Instructions for Beginners

Learn to Knook with these video tutorials showing you how it's done.

How to Knook Leisure Arts Knooking Instructions for Beginners

The Knook is a specialized hook developed by Leisure Arts. It looks similar to your average crochet hook but it has a unique feature - a small hole at the bottom. This hole allows for you to string a cord through. Then you can use this hook to knit!

If you are a crocheter who wants to get into knitting or even someone who hasn't tried either craft, then you will love this innovation. The Knook combines knit and crochet techniques and stitches in one tool. This one-of-a-kind crochet hook holds all the stitches so you don't have to worry about dropping them.

According to Leisure Arts, "One tool—a new & unique specialized bamboo crochet hook—replaces the traditional needles, so no more dropped stitches to chase after! Hook & cord keep them secure." This is why it's such a great accessory for beginners.

In order to help you out even more, Leisure Arts has created a series of video tutorials to walk you through the basics: Knooking a foundation chain, picking up stitches on the chain, the knit stitch, and the purl stitch. Plus, we'll go over the details of the hook first and provide a few tips after the videos.

What is The Knook and Knooking?

The Knook is one of the most innovative inventions in the world of crochet...AND knitting! Crochet hooks and knitting needles haven't changed too much since their development so people focused on coming up with new stitches and ways to work with the tools that existed.

Leisure Arts took the initiative to create something unique and new to complement the hook and needles that existed. That invention was The Knook. This slick bamboo knitting hook can be used left- or right-handed and mimics knitting with two needles without two tools.

The Knook has a traditional crochet hook on one side and a hole on the opposite side. That is the difference between this and other hooks. The tiny hole at the base is the key to this entire Knooking process. You will thread a thin cord through the hole and that will be your pseudo second needle.

To use a Knook, you will simply need your yarn and The Knook kit, which comes with the tool and the cord.

What is The Knook and Knooking?

How to Knook a Foundation Chain

You will start Knooking in the same style as you would with the traditional tools: creating a foundation chain. This video from Leisure Arts shows you exactly how to Knook a foundation chain with your new tool. This is for a right-handed person but it's easy to understand if you're left handed as well. You would simply reverse. There is even a video for left-handers if you need it.

How to Pick Up Stitches on the Chain Using a Knook

Now that you have a chain, you will learn how to pick up stitches from your chain. This video from Leisure Arts shows you how to do that with The Knook. It's a simple process and you'll start seeing how easy it will be to create something beautiful with this tool.

How to Knook a Knit Stitch

The knit stitch is not easy to do with your crochet hook but with The Knook, it's possible! This video tutorial for creating the knit stitch from Leisure Arts walks you through this beautiful stitch so that you can create anything you would with knitting needles, but with only this one tool and it's accessories. Because The Knook has the crochet-style hook, the movements are not exactly the same as knitting but it's very similar, as you will see.

How to Knook a Purl Stitch

Once again, the purl stitch is something that is usually reserved for a pair of knitting needles but can be done easily with The Knook. It is so easy and fun to purl on your Knook. Watch this video from Leisure Arts to see exactly what you need to do to make the purl stitch on The Knook.

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