40 Crochet Doll Patterns (+ Clothing and Accessories)


40 Crochet Doll Patterns (+ Clothing and Accessories)

Learn how to make crochet dolls along with DIY clothing and accessories. Your dolls will be the most stylish in the neighborhood.


40 Crochet Doll Patterns

Live like a child again and play with your crocheted dolls. With this collection of 40 Crochet Doll Patterns (+ Clothing and Accessories), you can make these crocheted dolls for yourself or give them to a child.

You'll find easy crochet doll patterns that are simple enough for beginners, but there are also some more advanced crochet doll patterns to choose from, as well. In addition to crochet doll patterns, there are also some cute doll-sized crochet accessories to choose from, as well, such as doll clothes crochet patterns. Scroll down for miniature crochet scarves, crochet slippers, wearables, and more.

It's so fun to be a kid again no matter how old or young you are. I used to play with my dolls long after my friends stopped playing with them because I understood that your dolls need some love and attention every once in a while.

These patterns are neat because you can actually crochet the doll itself or just crochet the clothes to go on the doll. There are even accessories for your doll and your dollhouse that will make playtime even more enjoyable.

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Crochet Doll Patterns

Crochet doll patterns are a unique way to give someone a homemade gift they'll love. Instead of buying a stuffed animal or toy at the store, why not make your own? Crochet dolls and amigurumi patterns are small and easy to make - simply use the single crochet and work in the round!

Some patterns might require light seaming and sewing if you have arms and legs or ears to attach, but this can easily be done with a handy yarn needle. 

Prince and Princess Amigurumi

Make a royal couple with this prince and princess amigurumi patterns.

Grey Totoro

Totoro may be one of the cutest cartoons ever and this little crochet doll pattern lets you make a version for yourself!

Bella Ballerina Amigurumi Doll

Aspiring or professional ballerinas are going to love a doll version of themselves. Change up the hair and dress color to match.

Quick and Easy Crochet Doll

This mermaid-inspired doll has fun blue hair and a friendly face. Make this for your little girl or boy today!

Springtime Amigurumi Doll

It's Mother Nature in doll form! When the flowers bloom and birds start singing again, you can create a matching doll.

Autumn Doll

As the leaves turn and the weather gets chillier, this sweet fall-friendly crochet doll will help you transition.

Kelly Girl Amigurumi Doll

Kelly is obsessed with everything green, especially frogs. You'll love her green dress and frog hat!

Baby's First Doll

This is a simple doll that's perfect for babies. It doesn't have a lot going on so there's no worry about baby ripping arms or legs off.

Crochet Mood Doll Pattern

One of the most creative ideas ever, this mood doll can be happy or sad with the flip of the dress. Kids will love it!

Free Crochet Doll Accessories

Does your child have a favorite doll they seem to take everywhere? Why not make it some accessories? Instead of trying to replace a beloved toy, why not crochet something handmade that only adds to the doll.

From portable purse/bassinets for your little one to carry her doll around to scarves and doll house rugs, these crochet doll accessories are sure to please. 

Winter Poms Doll Hat

Get your doll ready for winter with this fun pom-pom hat. Make it in her favorite color, too.

American Girl Doll Hat

Your doll will be the most stylish in the playroom when she dons this crochet floral hat.

My Favorite Beanie for 18" Dolls

Looking for crochet 18 inch doll clothes? Then you are going to love this free pattern for a sweet beanie.

18" Doll Slippers

These cute 18" Doll Slippers will make any doll feel comfortable at home. They're quick and easy to make!

Suzie's Bassinet Purse

Take your doll anywhere with this bassinet purse. It's such a cute way to take the dolly for a stroll.

Doll Scarf

Make a doll scarf quickly with this free pattern. When it comes to accessories, this is one of the easiest to make.

Doll Pillow

Add a level of comfort for your doll by making this comfy doll pillow. It gives her a special place to sit while not in play.

Doll House Rug

No more hardwood floors in the dollhouse! This rug is perfect for most doll's homes and works up quickly.

Crochet Doll Clothes Patterns

Doll clothes are shockingly expensive for something so tiny, so why not make your own custom fashions? Learn how to crochet a summer dress, hat, hoodie or even a bikini for your doll to really spice them up!

Abby's Dolly & Me Poncho

How charming is this matching kid and doll poncho set? There will be no doubts about whose doll it is when wearing these.

Team Spirit Hat for American Girl Doll

Go, team, go! Make this fun team spirit hat in your doll's favorite sports team's colors and she'll be ready to cheer.

American Girl Wrap Sweater Dress and Headband

We want these in adult sizes! These beyond delightful wrap sweater dresses are just what dolly needs.

Mermaid Crochet Doll Dress

Turn your doll into a fashionable mermaid-esque creature with this mermaid dress design. She's ready for land or sea.

American Girl Doll Dress Pattern

Save money with your American Girl doll and make a crochet dress for her instead of buying one. It's dreamy!

American Girl Doll Lace Summer Dress

A delicate and lightweight design, this lacy crochet dress is perfect for warmer weather, especially summer.

Fashion Doll Strapless Flared Dress

She'll be the belle of any ball with this stylish dress pattern. This crochet doll dress pattern is the epitome of high fashion!

Doll Bikini

Taking your doll to the beach? Then get her ready for fun in the sun with this crochet bikini pattern. Make it in any color, too.

Doll Spring Poncho

This doll poncho is a creative accessory that works well in spring and summer. Adorned with pretty flowers, it's too cute.

Doll Hoodie 18" Doll

If your 18 inch doll is in need of some new clothes, then be sure to bookmark this poncho pattern.

Baby Doll Dress

Pretty in pink! This is one of the loveliest free crochet doll dress patterns available for dolls. It can be worn over a shirt, too.

Adorable Doll Pumpkin Costume

If you want to dress your doll up for Halloween, then you are going to love this festive pumpkin costume!

Snazzy Baby Doll Dress

Wow, is this dress an eye-catching combo of colors with a delightful design. Your doll will look amazing in this outfit.

American Girl Doll Dress

Your doll will love this bright yellow crochet dress pattern! With an adorable rainbow hat and trim, your doll will be ready for summer.

Fresh as a Daisy Doll Dress

Is she on her way to a fashion show? It sure looks like it when she's in this spring-tastic dress and matching purse.

Mickey Mouse Ears for American Girl Doll

Disney fans are going to go crazy for these crochet mouse ears. Your doll can match your adoration with this accessory.

PLUS! Holiday Crochet Dolls

Add some holiday spirit with these adorably unique holiday crochet dolls!

Whether you want to make your own version of the popular Elf on a Shelf, or you just want to make some Halloween pumpkins or get a crochet witch doll pattern, you'll find your new festive friends right here! 

Plump Pumpkin Doll

Celebrate Halloween with this half-doll, half-pumpkin crochet creation. Make it for a kiddo in the fall or use it to decorate.

Which Witchie Doll

You won't find a cooler crochet witch doll pattern than this! She's more cute than scary, which means she's a fun gift for children.

Elf on a Bookshelf

Don't spend money on the commercial elf when this one is just as fun to play with. He'll gladly sit on any shelf or cause some mischief.

Olaf the Snowman Crochet Pattern

If your little one is a fan of Frozen (and who isn't?) then they will love carrying around this adorable Olaf doll year-round.

Friendly Crochet Zombie Doll

Does your child love Halloween? Well, crochet this adorable Friendly Zombie Doll for them! It's a fun and easy project to make for anyone who loves spooky Halloween crafts.

Santa's Favorite Helper

Make the holidays more magical with this adorable crochet elf doll pattern! It's a quick and easy project for anyone who loves winter crochet projects.

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Even though I rarely played with dolls, Ive always been intrigued by making them. I think I made them out of just about every material available including some pretty strange substances. Ive already worked up several of the examples in this collection. I havent made the mood doll, but it reminds me of a Red Riding Hood/Grandma Wolf doll that was a favorite of my oldest daughter.

When I saw that mood doll, I remembered one of my favorite toys growing up. It was a similar design but it was for the story Little Red Riding Hood. One side was Little Red and then you'd flip over the dress and find grandma. Then you'd move grandma's bonnet to find the evil wolf! It was so fun to play with.

I actually worked up one of those Red Riding Hood dolls. It was one of several convertable/flippable doll patterns I had at the time.

You are never too old to love dolls. When I was young my family couldn't afford to buy me dolls so many were hand made. Maybe that's why I have such a soft spot for the crochet ones. I make most for my grand daughter but I do have some bed dolls of my own. With all these great free patterns my collection is going to really grow.thank you

Patterns are beautiful can't wait to stsrt on one thanks. Slm43 @icloud.com

I am looking for a pattern for a 16 in doll with clothes from early seventies, one was black and one white came with several out fits. br Can anyone help. Thanks! appleaud

can i copy this tutorial and sell the product that i have made

I am finding that no matter how i do it the 17 dolls : how to make cute dolls and accessories pattern will not allow you to save the pattern .... if you can fix this problem could you please email me and let me know as i really like this pattern and my stepdaughter would love them .... thankyou ... cathy .... email : faffy08@ gmail.com

the doll is very cute

The doll in the red dress is the "Lilly doll" and the doll in the last picture holding the pink flower is the "Mother Nature" doll. Both are from the website http://www.sugarncream.com/. I'm still searching for the first doll, hope this helps.

Why do you show Crochet and it's not FREE in this ALL FREE CROCHET SITE?

Where is the pattern for the doll pictured in the newsletter. I could not find it anywhere in the newsletter or in this list.

HOw can I get the sunshine baby doll pattern? It is so adorable and my grandaughter would love it....

@heavensunshine5 7322155, I'm sorry, this is not a pattern on our site but was posted on our Facebook page by Joyce Antons. If you click on the picture, you will be directed to the photo on the AllFreeCrochet Facebook page. You can then follow through to Joyce's Facebook page to inquire about this pattern. Hope this helps! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

stinkpot64 4073650: You will need to contact Joyce Antons directly for more information about these patterns. If you click on each of her photos, you will be taken to the photos Joyce posted on the AllFreeCrochet Facebook page. If you are a member of Facebook, you may contact Joyce via her Facebook page. Hope this helps! -- Editor of AllFreeCrochet

I would like to know how to get the patterns for the sunflower and angel doll outfits from Joyce Antons?

These look like the dolls from Annie's Attic. They are 5" and unfortunately when you order in group it is impossible to select faces. I agree the yellow sunflower doll has a strange face....much like "Chuckie".....

These are so cute, too bad I don't have any little girls.

Hi cherylcleo 5266569, All you have to do is click on the links to get to the patterns. Thanks! Editors of AllFreeCrochet

Joyce Antons, please contact me if there is any way for me to get patterns for the doll clothes on this page. Thank you. They are adorable!

The yellow sunflower type doll is just creepy!

I have made a couple of these dolls and the patterns are easy to follow as well as you can tweek the pattern a bit to your liking and add your own personal touch to the dolls. I made one of the dolls for a friends 3 year old and she is rough with her stuff (5 older brothers), and this doll has stood the test beautifully. As for the hair, go with whatever makes you happy, I made curls and crochet them in, turned out so cute


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