Crochet Tips Galore

Crochet Tips Galore

Phyllis has been kind enough to share her many tips with us. If you have questions about how to crochet something, what type of yarn to use, sizing your patterns and anything else then read it all here.

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I am looking for instructions on how to do a continuous round. Can you help me Please!

Maybe look for "Magic Circle".

Is there something I can spray doilies with to make them permanent

I find that when making a tunishian or AKA the afghan stitch it helps if you scrunch all of the loops on you're hook and then separating them a little bit when you are pulling the yarn through to complete a row

Muchas gracias por todo lo que comparten y ensean. Me interesa saber si hay algn video donde explique cmo hacer la 1a. vareta de una vuelta superior (sin ser las 3 cadenas habituales). Agradezco si pueden auxiliarme con ese dato.

i made a single crochet afghan too narrow, how can i widen it without ripping out the entire afghan, as i have already cross stitched on it already, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am confused here, this is what it says in the pattern "sc in each sc across, Inc in sc crochet from end. Ch 1, turn. Sc in last sc" I don't get how you can ch 1 turn then sc in last stitch but aren't you already on the next row if you have turned??? You would be starting on a new row right? Hope you can help me figure this out, I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!

I meant to say inc sc in second stitch from the end. then ch 1 and turn. sorry! I have trouble finding the right words to describe things!

I made my afghan too long...How can I shorten it. thanks

I am using an old pattern that calls for crocheting your stitches over 6 cut crochet strings that are 4 inches long. I do not know how to do that. Can someone help me?.

my pattern call for changing colors and then to drop the one color and changing to another but how do i pick up the first color when i go on in the samerow and need the color i dropped previosly. i am stuck. thank you. mary

Help, im use to reading old patterns from yeas ago . Where do I find how to read patterns with *[( what do these mean in a pettern. Is there a how to vidio , or help reading patterns.

hi, * this means that when the* appears you have to repeat the same instruction given to you before . every time you see* you repeat the same stiches again. . hope this helped you .

I am crocheting hats in a ring. How can I join rows that have an even join seam. Mine goes off to the side when finished.

this is what I do. you have to mark( with a safety pin or a strand of yarn) when you finish your first row and close with a slip stitch and every time you finish a row you close with a slip stitch. if you do not mark when you finish a row you'll get confuse where you mush finish in order to slip stitch.

I'm just starting and my hand towl keeps coming out as a triangle how do fix this?

You are probably missing the 1st stitch and the last stitch in each row. When you turn, be sure you work the last stitch of the last row. At the end of any row, be sure you work the very last stitch.

Where can I find out how to do fpdc--front post dbl crochet.?

Hi, defile. Here is a link to a video tutorial on our YouTube channel that might be of help to you: Good luck! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

go on youtube, you'll not only get what your looking for by thousands of tutorial on how to do what ever in the world you want to crochet it's the best thing ever. good luck

What does (RS) mean in a crochet pattern?

@lorimissjane64 9890314, 'RS' stands for 'right side' Some pieces have a right side and a wrong side; the right side refers to the side that will be displayed, and the wrong side refers to the back side that will not be displayed. I hope this helps! --editors of AllFreeCrochet

How is a question written down a tip I don;t get it

click on the green word " REPLY " at the bottom / under the question.

good questions. now I have one that is beyond silly. can you show me how to make an absolutely perfect LOOP to start the beginning chain?

On any crochet site, in the left hand column, locate Beginner's.

Hi, Dibbers. Here is a link to a video tutorial that includes how to crochet a "magic loop": Hope this helps! --Editors of AllFreeCrochet

I don't remember how to do the 'magic ring'. Help!

Help please! I haven't made booties since my daughter (who is now 32) was a baby. I am baffled about the instep in the pattern I'm working on. What is it and where do I attach to start an instep? I just finished the sole and sides to the booties. Thanks, MARIE

Help me please. I have a pattern for half double crochet.and for row 2 it says to make 1 hdc in the 2nd ch of the tch and turn. I need help with this to continue with the pattern

Make the hdc in the 2nd ch of the tch means....make 1 hdc in the 2nd ch of the TURNING CHAIN then turn your work and start the next row.

Hi, I ran across a pattern that says fpdc and fpdc below next chain on previous row. Does this mean to do 2 fpdc in the same chain?

When you do dc3tog.... is that when you double crochet 3 times in one stitch?

That would be increasing by 3 stitches. dc3tog means to draw up a strand of yarn in each of the next 3 stitches; you will have 4 loops on your hook. With hook, draw up strand of yarn and pull it through all 4 strands on the hook. You will have created a cluster.

Help, the sides on my afghans wave. I count my stitches and they come out the same but the darned things still turn out lumpy and I end up making a border all the way around to try to even it out. I've pulled out hours worth of crocheting trying to make it look good.

hi, go on you tube , write down booties and you'll get alot of style.

This happened to me yrs ago on my first knitting shawl. Crochet is the same. If sc, you must make 1 turn chain at the end of each row, then turn and be sure you work the first stitch [not the turn chain].

carmil to do a back lp is very easy. what you do is first look at the top of the chain where it looks like a "v", then just insert your hook in just the bottom part of the "v". its kinda like your going to do a sc but you just want to go under the back half of the "v " not the whole thing. and its the same for a front lp st as well you just go under the front half of the "v" instead. I hope this helps you. tonya

hi i need to know how to do back lps pls

hi i need help with a front post double crochet. there is a brief explanation, but its just not enough for me to really understand what to do, so if anyone knows this stitch and could explain it in a very step by step way that would be great. also in that same pattern it says row 2 and every WS rows, what does that mean? i noticed that all of the following even rows are not listed so am i just suppose to repeat row 2 for all those not listed?

I need some help with this cluster. Ch2 [yo and draw up a loop in the next dc, yo and draw through 2 loops] twice yo and draw through all three loops on hook ch 1 to close cluster. I have only 1 loop on needle when finished, what am I doing wrong?

I am confused about how to do 'flo' in a pattern. It says to do dc in flo for the next row. The previous row was all sc. Can you help me understand this? Thank you! Fran

Help! I need a little tip how to make branches lariat. i know how to do branches but not so sure how to do the branches from right to left and left to right by neat. Where should I put the needle through before go to the other side? Thank you much.

Help please I have a pattern that calls for a Foour Point Treble stitch but I have no idea what it is. Can anyone help, please? TIA

help I'm trying to do a Alternate Puff Stitch can anyone help thank you

I have a pattern for a baby sweater. I've changed it to make it fit a newborn (it was for 12 mos.) but am struggling with the collar. It says on the last row to work in rnds. How do you work in rounds if it is a straight line?

Mary Lulu, I hope this explanation is helpful to you: Double Chain Stitch.-- This is a stronger and firmer chain-stitch than the ordinary one; and as it resembles braid, is sometimes termed braid-stitch. When you have done two ordinary chain-stitches, besides the one on the needle, insert the hook in the first of those two, draw the thread at once through them both; then continue to insert the hook in the stitch just finished, as well as the loop on it already, and draw the thread through both.

Help! I have an afgan pattern that is calling for me to make an open pattern on each end, them attach fringe. To make the 3 rows of open work it is done using the Dch stitch (double chain). I have never heard of this before. It gave an explantion for it, but I can not seem to figure it out. Can you give me directions on how to make this Dch stitch? Thank you . Mary Lulu


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