Pineapple Crochet Scarf


If you're looking for a fun, unique crochet scarf pattern then look no further. This Pineapple Crochet Scarf is not only beautiful, but it's easy to crochet. It can be worked up in just a few hours using plain or textured worsted weight yarn. This is a great accessory for your spring or summer outfit.


Crochet HookF/5 or 3.75 mm hook

Yarn Weight(4) Medium Weight/Worsted Weight and Aran (16-20 stitches to 4 inches)


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Well, this is really frustrating. I keep going to the link and all Im getting is a blank page. No error message, nothing. I even Googled the main webpage mylittlecitygirl and got the exact same result. This scarf is just so charming that I may try to replicate it myself. I hope the photo is going to be enough to guesstimate how to work this out. Has anyone else there been successful in finding this pattern or something similar?

Oh this is so adorable! I love keyhole scarves and this one is just so cute. I love the little crocheted pineapple button. I wish it had been included in the pattern. I will have to look around and see if I can find it anywhere. It really does make the scarf that much nicer.

Unfortunately this pattern could not be viewed on the designers site. The directions are only available to see via a pdf download. I like to look at pattern instructions before I actually save or download a pdf file to save space on my computer. This would not be viewable from my phone which I usually have handy when I am away from my laptop. Also where can I get the pineapple embellishment?

This is a beautiful Pineapple Crochet Scarf. The pattern is very well written and so great to whip up in no time! There is a free PDF link that works for downloading the pattern. I like the chart she has on the bottom as well. I'm looking forward to crocheting this beautiful scarf that is so different then just a plain scarf. Thank you for this free pattern.

I have tried to download this pattern but doesn't ever work.

This is a great looking scarf! I knit more than crochet but I love the Pineapple stitch & I need a small scarf like this for warmth & decoration.

My friend's mother taught me the basic knitting stitches when I was about 10 yrs. old; I love the "look" of knitted items, but just can't seem to get over the awkwardness of trying to make stitches with two needles! Give me my crochet hook any day!!!! I've been crocheting for over 45 years - it's my sanity-saver!! Love the pineapple scarf pattern - printed it out and hope to make one for myself!

I love pineapples!!!

Love this it is beautiful

I love to crochet!

Crochet is much faster. I like to see results right away. For instance: last night I decided I needed a pray shawl for a Bride (this week) . Watched the Olympic Closing ceremony and finished the shawl this morning.

Crochet all the way. Knitting takes too much time. I need something I can whip up.

definitely crochet. Love the scarf!

Love crochet... anytime, anything!!!

I find crochet easier on my arthritic hands and works up quicker than knitting.

Cute pattern. I like both crochet & knitting for different purposes.

I can crochet better than I can knit, and also faster than I can knit, so I know I like it best. I'd love to learn to knit better, too, though. Room for both. :)

I've crocheted most of my life, but don't know how to knit. I love crochet so that's what I'd vote for... I see patterns or things made by knitting and think I would like to try it though. ;)

Crochet WINS for me every time.

Crochet wins for me. Love crochet.

I like both but if I want to relax and unwind crochet wins hands down!

Crochet wins out with me!

Being a man, can crocheting give me an excuse for being a "crochet-y" old man? :-)

LOL If you insist!

I like all kinds of crochet fisherman especially...I like manipulating the yard into cozy confy items.

crocheting is so much more fun to do... I also knit but love to crochet

Beautiful scarf!

Crocheting for me is better than knitting, because I am not ambidextrous.

Hooray for crochet!!

Crochet RULES!

I crochet because it is relaxing and faster then knitting. Although I am wanting to do some knitting of socks, slippers, and baby sweaters now that I have some babies to knit for.

Crochet, I only knit if I really have to. Which isn't very often.

Crochet!!! I had learned to knit before I learned to crochet.. haven't knitted in so long I forget how!! I love crochet!!


Crochet, without a doubt!

CROCHET, naturally!!!! I'm 65 and just learned; I'm completely addicted to the point I'm have a clearance sale of all my fabrics and sewing's that for love?

I can do both, but I prefer crochet because it is faster and easier on my arthritic hands.

Cute scarf. I could see keeping a few of these on hand for last minute gifts.

The pineapple scarf is pretty. I usually make bigger things, but might give it a try. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 10. I've been enjoying it the last 50 or so years.

This is a very pretty scarf. I love the pineapple pattern in other crocheted items also!

I love this! I favor pineapple patterns also. I recently completed a runner for my coffee table that is nothing but pineapples in a long row and then the rows are joined together. I'm sooo gonna make this!

I like both, but crochet is my favorite!!

Crochet all the way.

Crochet any day!!!

crochet over knit any day!!!!!!!!!

<3 to crochet!!

Crochet has been a lifesaver for me. I have panic attacks and crocheting help me to not panic. I carry a project with me everywhere! I even keep a ball of yarn and a hook in my car in case there is a time I am not prepared. I crochet so much that I usually work on baby/children's afghans for a childrens hospital near me. Know how to knit but my crochet fingers just don't work well enough in the knit position. LOVE CROCHET!!!

What do I think? I like to knit but crocheting is like breathing to me. Without it, I don't think I would exist. Pattern is downloaded and I am getting ready to commence to begin to get started on this scarf that incorporates the pineapple which is such a part of my southern heritage! Thanks!

Crochet! All the way!

Love my crochet items so much. It is so relaxing for me and therapeutic...

crochet all the way! i love crochet.

I love crochet especially making stuffed animals.

Crochet all the way baby!! - I have been crocheting since I was 11 yrs old - back when I first started it was just fun knowing I could create something with yarn, a hook, and my hands - now it is not only that but very relaxing as well - love that I can take it pretty much anywhere - my kids love the creations I make them and of course they are my best advertisers for my products ;-) and I love this scarf!!

I simply love to crochet. This is the activity that I take with me whenever I anticipate that I am going to be waiting for awhile somewhere like a doctor's appointment, etc. This helps to keep me busy, be creative, and earn extra money along the way. I have supported my family with my creative endeavors for 20+ years.

So fresh! What a lovely pattern. A must do for a trip to Hawaii.

Crochet is my passion or as my family says my constructive obsession.scarf looks elegantly antigue and very stylish

I love this pattern. I learned to crochet from my grandma. I am learning to knit, but am much more comfortable with crochet.

Crochet is my thing... helps me relax and be less stressed. :)

Most definitely crochet. Pretty pattern, too.

Crochet! This scarf look beautiful, I am going to give it a try.

I vote for crochet. I saw this earlier and I can't wait to try this pineapple scarf.

Crochet! Has my vote.

I love crocheting and can't wait to try this pattern.

Printed this one out earlier this week - great quick gift for my sis!

Crochet all the way-I am a Happy Hooker! Love this pattern.

Of course - crochet rocks!

Love this! So beautiful!! Crochet all the way!

I love crocheting! That's my vote!

I love this piece. The color is gorgeous.

Love pineapple stitch - I have a shirt made from it as well!

I love all that is pineapple....This is one of the first designs that my Grandmother taught me as I advanced in learning to crochet.

Never saw a Pineapple Stitch I didn't like. Tried and true, always charming. I will try to make this one. Thank you.

It's so beautiful, but.....I couldn't download it. Is it just me?

This looks beautiful, but I'm wondering how to get that fuzzy look in just certain places. I would also like a pattern for the brooch.

I am unable to get this pattern by clicking on the link as directed; I get a "run time error." Has anyone else had this difficulty?

I just downloaded it very successfully. Sometimes when there's a lot of traffic on the Internet or activity at a certain website, you'll get that message. Please try again.


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